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Abundance Healing and Empowerment for the Sensitive Soul

The Collective

Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan


“Abundance Healing and Empowerment for the Sensitive Soul” program


Package A + Private 30min Channeling Session with the Collective


Package A provides you with . . .

  • 7 Guided Abundance Meditations and an Empowered Abundance Prayer/Declaration to readjust your etheric and mental/emotional patterns, and assist you in releasing all Abundance blockages
  • A Channeled Answer to a Question you have on any life issue—recorded and sent to you as an MP3
  • 3 Abundance Ebooks full of practical higher wisdom, workable techniques, and Abundance energies
  • 3 Energy Activations MP3s to open up and heal those parts of your spirit and psyche burdened by current and past life trauma, false teachings, a small sense of self, and other blockages
  • 3 Recent Abundance Group Call MP3s that dispel false teachings about money and Abundance, and assist Lightworkers in releasing Abundance blocks and learning how to consciously manifest

All videos, ebooks, and MP3s hold embedded higher energies and Light codes to assist your mind, spirit, and subconscious receive healing, enlightenment, and an empowering connection to your soul and higher self

Part One – Empowering Guided Meditations

Allowing Abundance to Flow in Every Area of Your Life

Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Format
Length: 22 minutes

In this journey, beliefs and experiences of lack, scarcity, and struggle are healed and lifted to a higher level.

The Collective work with you to help you to dissolve the energy blocks created by painful or limiting experiences in this life and past lives, and to accept greater abundance in every part of your life.

You’ll find it easier to flow with life, and to move into fifth dimensional concepts, feelings, and experiences that offer a higher level of inner peace, good health, and fulfilling relationships, helping you to joyfully live out your life purpose.

Working With Energy: Manifesting into Outer Form

Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Format
Length: 15 minutes

In this simple but powerful meditation / manifestation tool, the Collective lead you into the higher realms, where the things you wish to create already exist as pure energy.

You’ll work with the energy of what you want to create, concentrating on the qualities and characteristics you want it to have.

You’ll then raise your vibration to match the energy of that vision, birthing it into outer form in ways that serve your higher good now and in future.

“I received the Abundance meditations, and WOW! They are powerful! Well worth any money you spend.” ~Karen M., Amazon Reviewer for the Collective’s book Abundance For All

Co-Creating with Your Future Self

Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Format
Length: 15 minutes

In this journey, your guides, Angels, and higher self, will give you the energy lifts and alignments you need to start living your higher vision for your life.

You’ll visit your future self to gain more guidance and direction on creating your ideal life, while lifting to a higher vibration.

Each time you go through this meditation, experiencing and imaging this new life, you’ll become a greater vibrational match to it, so that you can create it more joyfully and easily.

“I ordered and began doing the Abundance Series MP3s last Monday, and I’ve done one of the meditations at least once or twice a day since. On Wednesday, I started getting jobs and calls coming out of the blue! And it’s continued on through today. I clearly was finally ready to receive and utilize your abundance meditations. Big thanks!” ~Bodhi, Hawaii

Releasing Unconscious Abundance Blocks

Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Format
Length: 14 minutes

This meditation works to dissolve your unconscious fears about abundance, such as:

  • “Receiving means taking what someone else needs”
  • “It’s selfish to be abundant”
  • “Others would disapprove of me or envy me”
  • “I don’t deserve Abundance”

The Collective speak to this smaller self, helping them understand that it is safe and OK for you to have an Abundant life—that you are already Abundant, and are completely loved.

“I am adding your meditations and ebooks to my self-care daily practice – all very helpful for my growth and for the growth of my future clients! Thank you again! I feel re-energized with new energy from your Collective. Blessings to you!” ~Terry, Light Coach

The Empowered Abundance Prayer: Your Daily Declaration of Abundance

Individual Prayer/Declaration – MP3 Format & PDF
Length: 8 minutes

Exercise your own innate higher power to create by remembering and reclaiming your ability to manifest Abundance as part of your everyday life.

This is not “prayer” as most religions teach them. It is a powerful daily affirmation/declaration, imbued with Abundance and Manifestation energies.

This recording carries Divine Creation and Manifestation Energies to work with your soul’s power to shift your money and Abundance frequency from one of lack, limitation, and struggle, into the power of your Divine co-Creational abilities.

As you speak this prayer daily—on your own, or with the MP3 recording that comes with it—you will be commanding and drawing forth your rightful Divine Inheritance of Abundance on all levels of life.

Claim your fifth dimensional power to create, as the memory of your own higher manifesting abilities returns to you.

“I have been using the Empowered Abundance Prayer for several days now, and feel a strong shift in vibration. Two days ago, I received an email from a client who was so pleased with her session, that she purchased a gift certificate for her niece! Of course, this raised my vibration even further. I will continue to use this prayer for empowerment, and abundance in all aspects of my life. Thank you for co-creating this reminder that we are the creators of our abundance in all its magnificent forms!” ~Lynne, New York City

Healing Your Smaller Self: Allowing Fifth Dimensional Abundance

Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Format
Length: 20 minutes

In this journey, the Collective and your support team lead you to fifth dimensional Earth, where you’ll experience being your fifth dimensional self.

You’ll lift your Earth self to a higher level by:

  • Absorbing the healing energies transmitted from Abundance crystals
  • Releasing limiting beliefs and conditions that keep you experiencing fear and doubt about money and Abundance
  • Keeping the wisdom of old thoughts, emotions, and experiences, without vibrating on that level—releasing third dimensional financial conditions

These powerful energies lift your vibration so that you can begin anchoring fifth dimensional Abundance into your everyday thoughts, emotions, and finances.

Creating Peace of Mind About Finances

Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Format
Length: 13 minutes

In this journey, the Collective and your support team again lead you into the beauty, peacefulness, and Abundance of fifth dimensional Earth.

You’ll be led to:

  • Release the energy blockages that hold back money and other Abundance from flowing easily to you
  • Release any uncertainties, doubts, or fears you may have regarding money—what you deserve, or what you are able to create
  • Absorb the energy of the peace and beauty of the higher realms
  • Release worry and vibrate at a level of calm and serenity, so that can be your default position in life

“Over the past many months since I first “discovered” you, you and the Collective have helped me immensely to connect with my own Spirit Team and to find greater peace, understanding, and acceptance of my current life circumstances, so that I am much more aware of my co-Creator connections and abilities.” ~Rebecca, Lightworker, Italy

Healing Your Relationship with Money

Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Format
Length: 17 minutes

Here you’ll travel with your guides, Angels, and higher self into the beauty of fifth dimensional Earth. You’ll meet with a very high being — a Master of Manifesting who is here to help you move to the next level.

You’ll absorb the energies of this Wise Being and their Abundance crystal as you:

  • Rinse your energies clear of belief in lack and scarcity
  • Release the intergenerational beliefs from all the families you have ever been part of, in all directions of time, that have stopped you from demonstrating Abundance
  • Connect energetically with the wisdom and Abundance consciousness of this Wise Being
  • Forgive money for whatever you have blamed it for
  • Bond with the energies of Abundance

Background music on all MP3s is by Thaddeus, an Angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman. Used by permission.

Part Two – The “Just One Question” Channeling

A very helpful, quick alternative to a full channeling session, the Just One Question channeling offers you the chance to ask the Collective a single question on any issue in your life.

The Collective’s answer will be sent to you as an MP3 recording within one week of your sending in your question. Their answers are substantial — the recording can be anywhere from 12 to 15 minutes long, or longer.

This is a great way to get clear insight and energy work (embedded in the recording) for a troubling issue, or something about your life path that you need more clarity and wisdom on.

What people are saying about channelings from the Collective . . .

“I just went through the recording of the reading. It’s like listening to a symphony. The words, so soothing. I feel them and my whole being relaxes and softens. A beautiful reading! I particularly appreciated the affirmations, and comments about guides. Words cannot describe my gratitude to you and the Collective. My heart is open! So much love and gratitude!” ~Rosie, Australia

I have been feeling so peaceful since the channeling that you and the Collective did last week for me. I feel like I received a healing!” ~Melissa, North Carolina

Many thanks to you and the Collective for such a complete answer to my question. It does shed Light on my path, and resonates with me at a very deep level.” ~Michaela, California

Part Three – Abundance Ebooks

Three-Chapter Excerpt from the Collective’s Amazon Bestseller Abundance For All

Ebook #1 – PDF format

This three-chapter excerpt offers Chapters 4, 5 and 6 of the Collective’s popular book Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth. (These are different chapters from the ones offered as an email sign-up gift at Caroline’s website.)

Practical and empowering, it is full of higher energies and the insights of the higher realms.

With complete understanding of human life and its daily challenges, each chapter offers much-needed higher insights, wisdom, and practical direction on issues such as:

  • Changing Your Abundance Blueprint
  • Releasing “Struggle and Hard Work” Programming
  • The “Haves and Have Nots”

Join the Collective on this enlightening journey into fifth dimensional living. It’s time to experience true wealth, as we transform financial life on this planet.

“This book is miracle-producing. A heartwarming remedy for those suffering financially.” ~E.S. Sazer, Intuitive Life Coach

“The Collective give a deep invitation to finally free ourselves from the illusion of lack and hard work programming.” ~Moncef Afkir, Telesummit Host

“A must-read for awakening into the higher vibrational frequencies and mastering the tools of the 5th dimension.” ~Patty Malek, Publisher, Soul Life Media

“Heartfelt gratitude for this amazing, Soul-awakening manual . . . tears of joy, remembering Who I Am and why I’m here.” ~Mari, Lightworker, Arizona

“An enlightening read which clearly explains why there is no such thing as ‘lack,’ that abundance is everywhere, and how to attain and create it.” ~Michael, Lightworker, Connecticut

“The book is filled with high vibrational advice channelled from the Collective of wise beings. I have been diligently practicing the advice given for a week or so, and already I am seeing an improvement in my level of abundance.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“[Abundance For All] is the detailed explanation that “The Secret” did not quite reveal. This book is the key to what, how and why. I feel like I have jumped the biggest hurdle in my journey where there are finally NO LIMITS. My favorite parts, besides releasing the false notion that “working for rewards” is “godliness” are the amazing affirmations to release ourselves from any contracts we have created consciously, subconsciously, physically, etherically about abundance or poverty. This book should be in every social institution in this world to break the cycle of poverty conscious and all the misconceptions about abundance!! ~Nora, Amazon Reviewer

“Having worked with these principles and ideas for several months now, I can attest to a noticeable improvement in my abundance consciousness, a release of fear of scarcity and constriction financially. I used the methods proposed, along with a 40-day abundance book meditation process, and have experienced an increase in income and ease financially. As someone who’s been struggling with building a business, this has been invaluable. I’m now enjoying more consistent income—about 1/3 more than previous. Will continue to expand this.” ~LDL, Amazon Reviewer

Listening to and Acting on Your Intuition

Ebook #2 – PDF format

Discover the Collective’s steps for tapping into your intuition or heart-mind, so that you always make the wisest decisions, choosing only what is for your higher good.

Understand why it is vital to move your reasoning from your head to the high-heart, and why left-brain logic can’t compare to the power and insight of intuitive wisdom.

Includes Practical Steps that reveal easy ways to get immediate answers from your intuition—the voice of your higher self.

The Collective Speak on Healing and Expanding Our Abundance Vibration – Part One

Ebook #3 – PDF format

Based on live channelings from the Collective’s Abundance Group conference calls, this enjoyable new ebook is full of practical affirmations, visualizations, and explanations on how to move your Abundance vibration and consciousness to where co-Creation is natural and joyful.

The Collective offer healing meditations, imaging, ongoing energy work (present in this ebook as well as in the live and recorded calls), and activations to assist us on our path.

Areas addressed include:

  • Dissolving Abundance blocks
  • Lifting our financial “ceiling amount” to increase our monthly income
  • Being at Peace with allowing in more Abundance (despite inherited family traits, childhood training, current or past life trauma regarding money, etc),
  • Energy clearings, and other energy work that is vital to accepting grater levels of Abundance in every area of our lives

Part Four – Abundance Activations

Activation #1 – Lifting and Transforming Your Overall Abundance Vibration

Individual Spoken Word Activation – MP3 Format
Length: 14 minutes

This short and soothing activation from the Collective will assist you in opening your energies for healing and transmutation of all that holds you back from experiencing the Abundance your higher self desires for you.

Activation #2 – Accepting an Empowered, Abundant Self-Image

Individual Spoken Word Activation – MP3 Format
Length: 9 minutes

In this activation, the Collective assist in building up your self-esteem to accept that as a co-Creator in this Universe, you are able to view yourself not as someone in need, but as someone capable of creating any good thing that is in alignment with their and others’ higher good.

Activation #3 – Transmuting Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Beliefs to Open to Greater Abundance

Individual Spoken Word Activation – MP3 Format
Length: 11 minutes

Because your conscious and subconscious thoughts and expectations create your reality, this activation from the Collective shifts your mental/emotional orientation to a higher level—one that invites in more Abundance instead of holding it at a distance.

Part Five – Recordings of Live Abundance Group Calls

Individual Recorded Calls – MP3 Format
Length: 60 minutes

These three MP3s are recent recordings of the Collective’s live Abundance Group conference calls, which are held twice a month to support Lightworkers in creating a higher Abundance vibration and greater ease in manifesting.

On each call, we use proven Abundance methods such as mantras, affirmations, tapping, and visualizing, while magnifying each person’s intentions with the power of the combined group focus.

The Collective then guide us through one or two short healing meditations and energy activations that shift and expand our energies, so that we can accept a whole new level of Abundance.

Right from the start, the Collective send healing, uplifting, empowering energies to everyone listening, live or on replay.

These recordings are not available elsewhere (generally received only by subscribing Abundance Group members).

The response to these conference calls has been tremendous, with many people saying how much they’ve been helped and inspired by them . . .

“My deepest gratitude for the loving encouragement, expansive wisdom, and Highly Aligned guided meditations on the Abundance calls. I am so grateful for this Divine Support. The more I trust the process, the more money is flowing into my life. The value of this experience? Priceless!” ~Maureen, Colorado

“Caroline, the session tonight was Awesome!! Since I started your sessions earlier this year I have experienced wonderful breakthroughs. Thank you and the Collective!” ~Ahalya, New York

“It was great listening to the call again. Such a beautiful relaxing flow of energy emanating from the group. We are all very grateful to have you amongst us with your ability to bring forth the wonderful vibrations, lessons and energies of the Collective. Thank you!” ~Marshall, Nevada

“Your last Abundance Call was Ultra Powerful! I listen to it over and over.” ~MK, Utah

You will receive:

“Abundance Healing and Empowerment for the Sensitive Soul” program:

  • 7 Guided Abundance Meditations and an Empowered Abundance Prayer/Declaration
  • A Channeled Answer to a Question
  • 3 Abundance Ebooks
  • 3 Energy Activations MP3s
  • 3 Recent Abundance Group Call MP3s

Value: $375

Discount: 74% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page


Everything in Package A PLUS . . .

A Private 30-minute Channeling Session with the Collective

($110 Value)

A private session with the Collective—a group of higher beings that includes the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, Angelic legions, the Faery elders, the Earth elementals, and other beautiful higher being—can help you get greater clarity and breakthrough insights on a range of issues and challenges.

At the start of the session, they will invite in your Spirit team of Angelic guardians, spirit guides, and higher self. For each question you ask, the Collective will relay your Spirt team’s insights and wisdom as well as contributing their own.

They do this to create a stronger bridge of communication between you and your Spirit team, so that you can turn to your team at any time, with any question you have about your life path.

In addition to the higher wisdom they share, all of the Collective’s messages and insights, both live and recorded, carry positive, empowering energies to support and encourage you on your path.

Questions can address any area of life. They might be long-term challenges from this or past lives you’ve lived, or shorter-term situations you are dealing with right now.

Sessions can address areas such as:

  • Family, friendships, and romantic relationships
  • Your general health and well-being, including diet and issues such as addictions
  • Life work, day jobs, and life purpose
  • Money and Abundance issues
  • Any other issues that are troubling you

Sessions can also bring you:

  • Direct messages from your Spirit team
  • Messages from loved ones or anyone you are having a problem with, whether they have passed or are still on the Earth — the Collective is able to bring in their spirit and speak to them directly
  • Messages from your twin flame and soul family
  • Information on soul growth, including increased soul integration and infusion of your soul’s energies and power into your everyday life

**Please Note: The Collective do not make medical diagnoses, give medical advice, or suggest treatments for any disorder, symptom, or illness of any kind. Please see a qualified health practitioner for medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment. The Collective are able to offer possible energetic reasons for a physical condition, and to offer Light and energy for healing and improved well-being.

What people are saying about sessions with the Collective …

“Caroline, I thank you, thank you, thank you and the Collective from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me in this most recent session. And a big Thank You to you and the Collective for the MP3 activations, most especially the one raising my vibration. Words cannot express my gratitude!” ~David, Ohio

“Thank you, and the Collective, for your answer. It was very comforting indeed … sometimes there is too much fog that prevents me to see the TRUTH! Thank you so much!! I feel better already!” ~Tepi, Greece

“Thank you very much — very helpful and uplifting! I’m very glad that I’ve done this reading.” ~Cem, Netherlands

“My outlook has really changed after my reading from the Collective. It’s a gift for sure to be able to connect with them in this way.” ~Stephanie, Australia

“Thank you So Much. Your messages from the Collective have reassured me greatly that what I have perceived and experienced is TRUTH. It is easy to get discouraged and your timely email has lifted my spirit immensely.” ~Cathy, New Hampshire

“Dearest Caroline, you have blessed me beyond imagination. Thank you from all of my being.” ~Mayra, New York City

“Wow! What a powerful channeling you and the Collective gave to my questions. I wanted to thank you from my heart and soul.” ~Lynne, New York

“I wish to say a beautiful thank you for the Gift that you offer. The answer has been most enlightening and humbling, that there will be a new path for me.” ~Janice, Australia

“Thank you for the profound and healing group call! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. Much love and gratitude.” ~Lynn, Texas

“Thank you so much for the reading! I can see what you mean about the embedded energies. I could feel it. The info that came through was wonderful, and I’m so grateful for the insights it’s given me.” ~Candice, Australia

“I really enjoyed the session! I couldn’t stop smiling after it . . . I felt so excited about our future and feel so empowered now! Thank you!” ~Brenda, Ohio

You will receive:

  • A Private 30-minute Channeling Session with the Collective
  • “Abundance Healing and Empowerment for the Sensitive Soul” program:
    • 7 Guided Abundance Meditations and an Empowered Abundance Prayer/Declaration
    • A Channeled Answer to a Question
    • 3 Abundance Ebooks
    • 3 Energy Activations MP3s
    • 3 Recent Abundance Group Call MP3s

Value: $485

Discount: 68% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $157

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Personal Session – whichever comes first.

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, channeler, and host of The Empowered Lightworker podcast.

She has channeled information from Angels and spirit guides since childhood, and currently channels the Divine wisdom and higher energies of the Collective—a group of higher beings that includes the Ascended Masters, legions of Angels and the Archangels, Faery elders, Earth elementals, Galactic family members, and other higher guides who are here to support us as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Caroline is the author of five books channeled from the Collective: The Ascension Manual – Parts One and Two, Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth, Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship, and Earth Life Challenges: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes.

Caroline provides group and individual channeling sessions to people from around the world, and facilitates the Abundance Group, a community of Lightworkers looking to expand their Abundance vibration and manifestation abilities.

She holds an MA in intercultural education and theological studies from the Union Theological Seminary in New York, and currently lives in Arizona.

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