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Return to the beginning: Guided meditations with Gong Sound Bath


Package A + 60min Personal Session + “The Quickening” Album


Package A&B + 15min Personal Gong Sound Bath Track


Return To The Beginning

Cleanse and soothe your being, bringing you back into balance and replenishing your soul. You will be taken to places that existed on Lemuria, whether you’re a Lemurian or not, these gentle energies may touch the deepest part of your being. Combined with Gong Sound Bath, you are taken to deeper levels on a journey of self-love.

In these meditations you will experience unique and powerful journeys to reconnect with your balance and harmony that existed on Lemuria. You will experience beautiful energies to reconnect with aspects of your Divine being, your expression in a higher vibration, as well as a cleansing, balancing, healing, activations and messages where you will be taken back in time to the peace and harmony that was the island paradise of Le-MU-ria.

Each meditation is accompanied by a gong sound bath and has its own frequency and the total combined are more than the sum of their parts. Each meditation was channelled with the guidance from the Star Mothers who are here to guide humanity through this phase of our journey on planet Earth. Includes the six Lemurian Lessons – guided meditations and explanations of what each aspect, each concept is about, combined with Gong Sound Bath. In Lemuria there was an understanding about these lessons, that there is no hierarchy and that they represent the lessons of the Oneness of everything. You will find parts of one lesson in parts of the others… this is the way of Oneness.


Guided meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 – 33:33 minutes

Entering Lemuria, you are taken to the gentle cleansing waters, where all stress and irritations can be washed away as you feel the supportive and nurturing energy of the “Mother”. Self-nurturing is an important part of self-care, and meditation is a great way to manage stress levels to bring you back home to yourself.


Guided Meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 – 40:00 minutes

Creating a balance of energies, this gentle meditation allows you to come back to a state of balance, where the life force of the Universe may flow through you. When energies are balanced, there is an allowance, a connection to the heart, without collapsing into emotions or agendas of others.


Guided Meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 – 47:14 minutes

Activating the original blueprint within you, the original gift of the Goddess can bring online aspects of your being that are ready to serve you. What else would you like to create in your life? Replenish your soul and begin to design the life you’ve always wanted to live.


Guided meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 – 34:00 minutes

The Oneness itself. I AM THAT I AM. This is the centre for everything. Just as we graduated from being a child to a teenager, then to an adult, we must now also change our perspective of how we perceive the Creative Force of the Universe.


Guided meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 – 32:20 minutes

Time is not linear, in fact it’s a large circle. When we see the bigger picture, we can understand that everything around us moves in cycles. In the moment of completion of a cycle, what do you choose to do?


Guided meditation with Gong Sound Bath – MP3 – 37:11 minutes

Nothing in the Universe is separate from the human on the planet. So many benevolent systems are in place to assist you.


Guided meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 36:36 minutes

You ARE sacred! There is no separation, the Oneness is all, and all are in Oneness! Drop the illusion that you are separate from everything, including the Creation itself.


Guided meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 32:32 minutes

You are part of a much bigger picture! How do you view your relationship with others, with the planet, with the galaxy?


Guided meditation with Gong Sound Bath MP3 33:44 minutes

The innocence of a life lived fully has a quality of wisdom and acceptance of the ever-changing wonder of life. Do you still find joy in your life?

1 x 60 minute group session

May 12th 2019 – 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET

May 13th 2019 – 2am CET / 8am AWST (Australia)

Access to Private Facebook Group

Access to my private Face Book group for further interaction, support and learning.

Studio album “Awakening Waters”


45 minutes of a Beautiful Meditation with the Gongs. Relaxing and soothing, the resonance gently moves through you, and may awaken your heart, original DNA blueprint and purpose with the element of water, for the New Human Consciousness era.

Thank you so much for this wonderful emails. I have taken everything on board that you told me and I also purchased the Awakening Waters download. I use the Charkra Journey CD one to 3 times a week. It has helped clear me so much. It’s been a process over 2 month’s. But gosh it definitely has brought me so much internal cleansing. Hope you are well. Lots of love.

~Renata Riger, Australia

I first discovered Maya through a radio interview, and was drawn to further connect with her. Reaching out, I found Maya immediately warm and responsive, which was the case in all our subsequent Zoom calls as well. The same depth, warmth, clarity and responsiveness to my concerns was consistent throughout our visits.

In addition to our coaching calls, I have three guided meditations and a studio album Maya created. I found each of them so beautiful, meaningful and resonant that I return to them again and again. Having made professional recordings myself, I could tell Maya had put a great deal of care and attention into her work.

Also her Facebook group provides a sweet and resonant global community I’ve found to be a rich resource as well.

As heartening, clarifying and supportive I’ve found all this to be, perhaps most meaningful is the personal gong track that Maya channelled for me. It is unlike anything I have every heard, and utterly transportive. I use it daily, and find myself drawn into a resonant frequency that feels like coming home to my true Self. Best of all, I’m sensing a shift that brings hope this frequency is becoming more my ‘home base’ as I walk through my days. In gratitude.

~Marilyn M., USA

Maya… thanks to you for the welcoming gong meditation mp3 which blew me away!

~David Anderson, Colorado

Maya’s understanding of sound vibration is magical and I can feel the sounds still in my cells doing the spiritual work. Thank you for a unique experience!

~Asil Toksal, Singapore

I recently had a personal session via email with Maya. After trying countless physical treatments I decided to try this to help with my health problems. I found that Maya was able to show me what I was missing and what I needed to do to cure my health problems. Since the session I have made more progress in the last few days than I have in months. Maya taught me that there is much more to health than just the physical, and I needed to also consider the spiritual and emotional, which is what I ignored. One advantage of doing the personal session by email is that I am able to go back and re-read the information any time I need to.

~Nicole Hooton, Mandurah

You will receive:

Return To The Beginning Program:

  • 9 guided meditations with Gong Sound Bath
  • 60 minute group session
  • Access the the private Facebook group
  • Studio album “Awakening Waters” (MP3)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page


Everything in Package A PLUS:

1 x 60 minute Personal Coaching Session with Maya

Studio album “The Quickening”


“The Quickening” is over 45 min of a beautiful meditation with the gongs, vocals and Light Language. It contains two tracks:

Track 1. Restoration:

Allow yourself to be cleared of all that does not resonate with you now, as you see the layers peeling away. Set down the burden of karma, as it is no longer required, and step into your form renewed and refreshed, as if you were just born.

Track 2. Center Return:

The wheel turns and time is in a circle. All must return to the center from whence it came. The Void of Creation, where all is nothing and yet is everything, all at the same time. Where you are one with the Oneness of everything, everything is there within you, ready for you to give it your creative energy.

This album was created from distant memories of past lives, including my past life in Lemuria. The healing sounds take you on a journey, to a time and place not of this world. A place where you were whole and complete, balanced and rejuvenated. Float on the timeless sounds to remember who you truly are, a Divine Being of Light, remembering your Divinity.

I noticed a centering and an increase in Light into the Energy field of the Body.

I was aware of my heart area and outer energy field/aura, and a lifting up in awareness to Higher Energy/Cosmic Energy. Feeling centered and connected.

The Quantic Healing Group of Higher Creational Beings I work with also did some healing work. At the Quatic Level, you can be brought up into the sensing instruments of the Higher Creational Quantum Beings or what we call Arachai, the group above the Archangels. After the healing work they did this.

From this perspective I could see that Light from the Cosmic Energy had come into the Heart, Soul SB-SB Soul Path, and Universal Callibration Lattice. They said the music was bringing Light into these energy pathways from the Cosmic.

The Christ Energy is the Bringer or Carrier of Light from the Creator. And Light is information.

The track is mystical and moving, and your voice was so etherial, so beautiful.

~Dr Wendy Rowley, Developer of Quatic Healing, Connecticut

I listened… while I did my spiritual practice last night. And just for a comparison I’ve listened to a couple of the musical selections on (mentions a particular website by name)(and there is a ton of them.)

But, they’re just music. Yours is power. I particularly like when the voice is a higher pitch. At one point when the voice is almost like a whisper, it was kind of scary. But then the mood changed. It’s a beautiful experience, the sacred, mystic, celestial flows through it. You definitely should share your recordings on (mentions website by name)and other meditation apps that are open like it. Your soundscapes are quite unique and empowering.

~Skywalker Payne, Alaska

You will receive:

  • 60min Personal Coaching Session with Maya
  • Studio album “The Quickening” (MP3)
  • Return To The Beginning Program:
    • 9 guided meditations with Gong Sound Bath
    • 60 minute group session
    • Access the the private Facebook group
    • Studio album “Awakening Waters” (MP3)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Personal Session – whichever comes first.


Everything in Package A + Package B PLUS:

1 x 15 minute Personal Gong Sound Bath Track

1 x 15 minute Personal Gong Sound Bath Track, especially created for you by Maya. Maya can create your very own personal and unique, 15 minute Gong Sound Bath track! Guaranteed to not be shorter than 15 minutes, but can be longer, depends on what Maya is guided to do for you!

These personal tracks are verbal transmissions of Light Codes and frequencies that can enable people to awaken to their Divine Light within and remember their multi-dimensional nature.

Created especially for you, to assist you through your challenges, each track is as unique as you! Let Maya know what you would like her to focus on and she will create your unique and personal gong sound bath track – yours to keep forever!

Your track will be sent to you in the form of an MP3 file.

This activation is very potent and many have experienced an awakening and transformation in their lives, which has enabled them to live a passionate and purposeful life. With dedication and self-love, it may take some time to fully integrate the energy and Light Codes, as you design and craft the life you have always wanted.

Each song is as unique and individual as you are. You will be able to let Maya know during your personal session, what you would like her to focus on while she is creating your personal gong track. This activation is very potent and many have experienced transformation and have gone on to create the life they always dreamed. It may take some time to clear the attachments and to open to allowing the process to fully integrate.

My own personal gong sound track created by Maya has brought me serenity , peace of mind and most of all “letting go” of so many issues in my life that I no longer needed.

Each time I listen to the track, not only do I learn more about myself but how this amazing gong sound really hits the core of your issues and leaves you feeling so much lighter within.

Thank you Maya for your love and deep understanding of our emotions on this earthly plane and how to eliminate them layer by layer with your wonderful sound creation…

~Shirley Newman, Australia

Thanks for my gong sound bath track . It feels empowering to me. My sense of self becomes more powerful each time I listen to it. At first I see myself in my healing cave being healed and now I see myself becoming the mystic herself. The mystics voice is intriguing.

~Colleen Martin, Harvey

I personally recommend Maya’s custom gong healing recordings. Very unique and wonderful. I LOVE mine and work with it frequently. Thank you so much Maya…..

~Laya Stettler, California

You will receive:

  • 15min Personal Gong Sound Bath Track
  • 60min Personal Coaching Session with Maya
  • Studio album “The Quickening” (MP3)
  • Return To The Beginning Program:
    • 9 guided meditations with Gong Sound Bath
    • 60 minute group session
    • Access the the private Facebook group
    • Studio album “Awakening Waters” (MP3)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $187

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Personal Session or Personal Gong Sound Bath Track – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Maya Boston

The gong sound bath was extremely emotional for me. In the beginning I felt such a familiarity to the sounds and language. Then I felt sad about how much I missed those lifetimes. Every cell in my body was abuzz. Both hands trembled esp my right hand… This first listening was an awakening I believe. Were you channelling the Star Mother you spoke of? Those parts were deeply potent for me. At one point, I interpreted the language as saying ~ “It’s time for you to wake up for you have much work to do. Wake up!”

I cannot thank you enough for this very significant Gong Sound Bath. The vibrations from the gongs are incredible. I’m not really had anything like this before. I’m anxious to see what I receive from it in future listens…

~Nancy, USA

Although I have been more than 15 years on a shaman path with a wonderful teacher from Brasil who is very much connected in love with Divine Mother, and although I myself are in love with mother Earth I cannot remember being touched sooo deeply and being nurtured and loved and nurtured by female energy I have been receiving through you Maya and the Mother, wonderful!!!

~Annelie, Germany

I am totally blown away. The energy in my body is moving at an amazingly high frequency. I can feel my throat chakra releasing and energy getting to my thyroid. My body is coming back online in a big way. I can not thank you enough. I will be making this sound bath a part of daily practice. Probably twice a day. This is Exactly what I have been asking the Universe for. Blessing to you, Dear One.

~Donna, USA

When I first heard Maya interviewed I intuitively knew I had been introduced to someone I really needed to meet. Her Loving Lemurian energy and the Presence of the Star Mother emanates from her as she gives the Circle of Oneness master classes, and during her guided meditations and CD’s. I have remembered some amazing Lemurian experiences and had other memories confirmed for me. Maya and the Light Language she channels from the Star Mother have connected me in profound ways with my Lemurian ancestry. Maya has created my own personal Gong Sound Bath. To immerse myself in this amazing soundscape, unique to me, is an absolutely sublime experience and I can feel and sense more understandings stirring within me each time I bathe in these frequencies…… Mmmmmmm. This has been the most wonderful blessing. Thank you Beloved Star Sister.

~Sue, Australia

About Maya Boston

Based near Perth Western Australia, Maya is an international Light Language Channel, Speaker and Teacher in practise for over 13 years.

Facilitating workshops around the world, her work is focused on the Lessons From Lemuria and self-love. Combining with her unique skills as a Gong Practitioner and Light Language Channel, she is empowering people to open up to more of who they truly are.

During her Gong Sound Bath sessions, Maya channels Light Language and translates it into sound, harmonising her three gongs to create a multi-dimensional soundscape. These sounds, together with the Light Codes, help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember the multi-dimensional nature of our being.

Soulful and exquisitely beautiful, the harmonic sounds of the gongs and Maya’s voice weave a gentle yet powerful energy around and through you, releasing, balancing and illuminating the deepest part of your being.

Trusting her intuition, Maya has followed her heart to Master Teachers and Healers, as well as sacred sites around the world, where she received activations for the many gifts she has incorporated into her work. These experiences from Teachers and Mother Gai’ha, through the process of self-love, awakened an inner knowing to reveal lifetimes of soul memory and a passion for her life’s purpose as an Alchemist of Light and Sound.

Memories of the Lessons From Lemuria and the priestess Alel’ha are currently the focus of Maya’s work. Maya acknowledges you are a Master in your own right, as she holds you in the Oneness of all of creation to remind humanity that we are capable of living in harmony, peace and love with each other and with our beloved planet.

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