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Shamanic Healer, Altomesayok, Intuitive

Shamanic Magic Retrieval

Item 1: Shamanic Healing Session with Miriam Katz

Format: live via phone or skype
Length of Session: 90 minutes

In this session, Miriam will:

  • Open sacred space
  • Summon your helping spirits to provide insight and channel healing
  • Read your energy body and report on work being done in real time
  • Release limiting emotions
  • Remove energetic obstructions such as spiritual parasites, cords, energetic objects
  • Restore missing pieces to you, which may include soul parts, power animals and magical objects
  • Raise your frequency

Item 2: Christ Crown Activation

Format: 1 MP3
Length of Program: 14 minutes

Receive the golden crown of Christ, a high impact tool that supports you in releasing old energetic baggage, raising your vibration, expanding your consciousness and enabling high-level downloads.

Item 3: Past Life Release

Format: 1 MP3
Length of Program: 13 minutes

A quantum tool to journey into your personal history, whether a current or past life, explore the source of your trauma or pain, receive its gifts, and release it from the source outwards. The process enables you to shift your energy in a powerful and lasting way. This empowering tool can be used again and again to release multiple issues from their source. It provides a potent experience of you as the creator of your life. Channeled from the lords of karma.

You will receive:

Shamanic Magic Retrieval:

  • 90min Shamanic Healing Session with Miriam Katz – ($280 Value)
  • Christ Crown Activation – ($88 Value)
  • Past Life Release – ($88 Value)

Value: $456

Discount: 45% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $249

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Personal Session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Miriam Katz

I’ve worked with many coaches to heal inner blocks, but no one cuts to the heart of the issue as quickly and effectively as you do. You consistently guide me ten steps ahead of where I might have anticipated. Our results have been mind-blowing.

~Rachel de Almeida

I had a most powerful session with Miriam, who is skilled and gifted healer. She knew just the right entry point to use to begin exploring my challenge, and she supportively held space for me during the session, whilst masterfully mapping out the contours of each issue that came up. After uncovering the root causes of my challenge, she connected me with powerful internal resources that cleared my obstacles, and left me feeling empowered and complete again. I highly recommend her work.

~Tony Fonderson

To put it concisely, Miriam pretty much rocked my world.
She has done several readings for me, and the most in-depth one cleared up so many oddities and unusual behaviors that had come upon me in recent years that I could not previously make sense of. What was especially amazing about her work was that she followed up with me and did residual clearing, which was, to me, what distinguished her from other energy healers I have worked with in the past. Her interest was my well-being, and her efforts and amazing explanations of the work she was doing gave me ways to understand the transitions I underwent as a result. It was AWESOME. I’ve recommended her to friends around the country, and everyone has had equally positive experiences. I feel so fortunate to be a recipient of her talents and passion for her work.

~Danielle Gottesman

I had the pleasure of being guided through a series of shamanic coaching sessions by Miriam via phone. She helped me go places in my psyche using an intuitive process that was more powerful than any others I had previously experienced. Her kind and compassionate ways made me feel safe and comfortable during our explorations. I have worked with many others to facilitate my healing, but Miriam radiates genuine authenticity. She is the real deal. She helped me to expose my vulnerabilities and connect with deeper layers of myself. I am more deeply in touch with the reasoning and fears surrounding my dysfunctional behaviors, and am confidently on the path to healing. I feel blessed to be working with someone so powerful, so talented, so genuinely authentic that you can feel the love pouring from her.W

~Anthony Cappello

Wow, thanks to your reading now I totally understand the bits and pieces I’ve been learning about my life purpose! You could not have explained it all any better. Finally my life makes sense! You really are so good. I would never have found the information on the web about any of this, ever. You gave me all the answers I’ve been looking for my whole life! I’m feeling so blessed now.

Wow, Miriam! Your Archangel reading brought tears to my eyes. I felt it so deeply. Every word you said is so true. That message was so truthful, it is exactly like me. It touched my heart so much I had tears rolling down my face. Amazing. You are the only person in the world who can read me like this and speak so much truth! This gift of yours is incredible! I really needed to hear the message you shared with me today.

~Stephanie Summer

Meeting with Miriam was one of the most healing experiences I have ever had. Whether you are familiar and well versed with energy healing or brand new, her words and her presence will move you. Miriam brought me peace and connection at a time in my life that felt quite challenging. She helped me to tune into my intuition and used her incredible gifts to guide and support me on my journey on a soul level. She has had a profound impact on me, and I highly recommend others to come see her!

~Gabriela DeMarco

My experience with Miriam was more than I could have ever hoped for or expected. She addressed, coached me through and cleared up many different emotions and feelings I was having a hard time with and didn’t understand. I feel more myself, more at peace and all around better mentally and physically since my visit with her. Miriam was verbalizing almost everything that I was seeing/feeling seconds after it was happening which I found pretty incredible. I have recommended her to friends and family and will continue to do so to anyone who is interested. I can’t wait to see what my next visit holds. Thank you Miriam for the most amazing session, you are truly gifted and a kind, warm soul.

~Megan Mallgraf

About Miriam Katz

Miriam J. Katz is a Shamanic Healer who taps into the power of nature and the cosmos using ritual, divination and facilitation to help her clients release emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual blocks to joy and fulfillment.

As an intuitive, she is deeply attuned to others’ energy, and has a strong connection with the spirit world. Miriam connects with the essence of energy, the core spark that lies at the core of trauma or wounding, to transform energetic obstructions into sources of personal power. Her authentic presence and gentle guidance facilitate transformation and release.

Miriam is an initiated Altomesayok, carrying the lineage of master shamans in the Andean Q’ero tradition. She was certified as a teacher of Jaguar Yoga, an infusion of yoga and Peruvian Shamanism. Miriam was certified as a Professional Coach in 2009 through iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master who has practiced energy healing since 2003. Tested and certified as a Clairvoyant by the AFCPM, Miriam has also completed certifications in Past Life Regression and Realm Reading. A member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and Energy Medicine Professional Association, she received her BA in Psychology from Clark University, and an MBA in Nonprofit Management from Boston University. Miriam is co-author of The Other Baby Book: a Natural Approach to Baby’s First Year.

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