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Certified Master Crystologist, Energy Practitioner, Reverend, Teacher, Reiki Master, Mystic, and healing innovator

The Magic of Crystalline Transmissions- Accelerate Your Ascension with Assistance from the Mineral Kingdom and Angelia LaRue

Are you Aligned to Your Crystalline Soul?

Connect and Fall in Love With

Your True Self, Your True Passion and Your Life Purpose!

Discover How Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Can Step

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of Self-Love, Freedom and Wellness!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the new energies, then you need to know about Crystologist Angelia LaRue’s work with her Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed and Crystal Arrays. For years, she has been supporting clients worldwide with magical healing sessions utilizing crystal circuitry that restores damaged blueprints in the body and energy systems to their original, perfect state. Remarkable transformations occur in each client’s physical, spiritual, and mental lives after having a session with her.

Now you can experience the benefits as well, when you listen to these customized Crystalline Transmissions.

Crystals have been used and revered since the dawning of human civilization. The Christian Bible refers to crystals over 200 times! Crystalline structures have been found in the ruins of Babylonia and in the ancient tombs of Egyptian and Chinese rulers. Not only are crystals beautiful, they are powerful transmitters of electricity. As part of the mineral kingdom, they connect the user to universal energies from the cosmos. This is the reason that crystals and other minerals must only be used through the highest consciousness of the individual. Properly focused, right intention during use of the crystal or mineral array further stimulates the melding of one’s personal energy with light, love, and higher consciousness for the good of all.

Not only do you get the benefit of this high energy therapy bed and crystal arrays, you also benefit from several groups of higher frequency Beings that support Angelia and her clients during sessions. You will hear her mention them in her transmissions, asking for their assistance to support your journey to an expanded consciousness. These transmissions are very powerful!

Each transmission was recorded with Angelia on the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed using by a specific high frequency Crystal Array.

The custom Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed offers:

  • A specially designed one of a kind bed made specifically for doing crystal grids and arrays around a person, with fold-out and slide-outs to accommodate the crystals
  • The frequencies of a giant Orgone Generator
  • Very specific frequencies to clean and detox vital organs, boost your immune system and repair damaged and torn tissue and ligaments

This is the only bed of its kind in the world. You can access the Orgone Generator Crystal Bio Bed energy in these recordings to upgrade your life.

You will be experiencing the healing benefits of the bed, the crystal arrays and Angelia’s magical connection in each recording. Each guided meditation drops you into a state of grace to realign you to your Higher Soul connection. Once you experience these higher frequencies, you can live a life of happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, and love.

If You Want Wellness, Joy & Success In All Areas of Your Life With Grace & Ease, then read further …


12 Transmissions + Self-Love Grid PDF


PACKAGE A + 60 minute Private Session with Angelia LaRue

Package A

Angelia has created a package of 12 Crystalline Transmissions that will support you to be in the flow with the new energies. These powerful meditations shift your frequencies to gently align to your true being.

12 powerful Crystalline Transmissions, Instructions, and one PDF.

Do you want to truly love yourself? This recording will assist you to embrace and appreciate yourself on all levels. You will experience a sense of joy, grace and peace like never before. It establishes the way of the heart in personal relationships with yourself and others. It connects you to an inflow of love frequencies from your Higher Self and the Universe. You will also receive a copy of a grid that you can print and use with your photo inside to anchor the energies.

This powerful Crystalline Transmission can be done daily.

If you are ready to receive magical blessings and positive attraction, then you will love Fortuna. This guided meditation transmission can be used every 9 days and will cleanse and open your chakras so you can be receptive to all the positivity that is available to you from source. It can help you learn the lessons you need to discover in order to turn problems into fortune without the negative impact on your emotional or physical self. This is an ideal way to positively process soul agreements involving others.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

You maybe familiar with the YinYang Symbol. It looks like two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and yang are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition, it’s unchanging and complete. So, when you split something into two halves – yin/yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. Both halves are chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other.

This Crystalline Transmission assists you to embrace opposites to balance the masculine/feminine, the creative/receptive and the stable/volatile. We can use these frequencies to balance ourselves to create our lives from a new balanced perspective. Once you experience wholeness and balance, you can transcend disparities and be more available for a loving relationship.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

If you would like support in your love relationships, you will benefit from the Ankh Venus Triumph. This Crystalline Transmission can also be used with your Self-Love Array to bring remarkable love and beauty energies into your life. It cleanses the heart and solar plexus chakras and can assist you to attract people, creative experiences, or objects that will assist you in your soul’s growth.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

This powerful array eradicates the obstacles to you courageously fulfilling your soul’s mission. It helps you connect to your higher self in a calm and balanced way. Once your doubts are calmed, you will find that your courage to go forward is activated. It also can help you integrate your past-life lessons, if they are affecting your progress in this incarnation.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

Wouldn’t it be great to have more cooperation with everyone in your life?

This powerful Crystalline Transmission of Cooperation acts to stimulate initiation or renewal of relationships and partnerships. It instills the adaptability to changing circumstances so you can adapt with current life changes. It assists you to pause and become the witness with grace and ease. It will also support, open and cleanse your chakras, especially your Solar Plexus chakra, helping you to act and move forward. Once all your chakras are balanced, you have a better sense of well-being.

This program has been used to awaken automatic writing capabilities for those that were involved in the construction and use of the Egyptian pyramids.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

The Sun Medicine Crystalline Transmission is one of the earliest known sacred teachings. The sun is a circle that includes qualities of strength, knowledge, wisdom, illumination, spiritual growth, courage, and self-expression. This transmission will enhance your capability to experience and nurture your self-worth. It will also facilitate you to be reliant, independent, and self-sufficient. If you are looking for a pathway to connect to your Higher Self, the Sun Medicine Crystalline Transmission is perfect for you.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

In mythology, Pallas was the Goddess of wisdom, business, and the arts. She also was a powerful mediator of conflicts. If you need help with a positive “win-win” resolution to a conflict, this Crystalline Transmission can help you.

This activation will allow you to see the big picture of the business or personal issue at hand. It helps balance the yin/yang qualities of your emotions and mind, while helping you access your divine knowing for guidance to your best next step. This information will help you create an original solution for a universally beneficial venture.

This is an advanced activation- only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

Do you have a desire to co-create with the Universe? If so, then this Crystalline Transmission is the perfect tool for you! Vesta was the goddess of the hearth and life giving hearth fire. Like Vesta, this activation has a lot of energy to stimulate frequencies to give you perseverance, stamina and fortitude. It also helps you to live according to the doctrine of love for yourself and others while being in focused conscious action throughout your day.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

The Potentate Crystalline Transmission is one of the strongest arrays in our offering. If you want to connect and anchor in that connection with divine truth, this is the transmission for you. It contains a variety of ecstatic transfusions of a divine essence experience. Potentate encourages the pursuit of the deepest connection of one’s inner being and a true union with the divine. Sometimes an experience with the ancient masters occurs that transcends ordinary human knowledge. For those that are ready, it is a journey from the mundane to the sacred.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days.

This Crystalline Transmission is called Charm and Ease because it enhances one’s charm, gracefulness, popularity, charisma, and lightness of spirit. It also helps you with creative problem solving and meeting tight work deadlines. Many people also find that it brings good fortune in increasing cash flow and business opportunities. Another benefit of this array is great wisdom is imparted which opens access to intuitive capabilities and high regard from your peers.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days

Are you ready for more flow in your life? The Uranus Crystalline Transmission can help you experience moving forward in perfect timing. It also stimulates spontaneity and encourages discovery. In decision making, it helps you remain detached as an observer so you can discern the best decision for yourself and others. Uranus is a wonderful transmission to use during physical travel, encouraging you to have courage to experience new things while being understanding of others.

Only use this powerful transmission every 9 days

And don’t forget your Self-Love Grid PDF!

Your Self-Love Array PDF helps you feel self-love – like an Intravenous drip of LOVE 24 hours a day!

Print it out on cardstock, put your Photo inside and this image will keep sending you love energy for as long as you want. It is a remarkable support and works beautifully together with the Self-Love Array Crystalline Transmission. Like the Self-Love Array recording, this can be used daily.

Package A

You will receive:

12 Transmissions

Self-Love Grid PDF

Value: $2200

91% OFF

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $197

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

Everything in Package A

Plus a “60 minute” Private Session with Angelia LaRue on phone, Skype or Zoom.

Package B

You will receive:

 60 minute session on phone, Skype or Zoom 

– 12 Transmissions

Self-Love Grid PDF

Value: $2400

88% OFF

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $297

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the private session–whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Angelia LaRue

I recently received the YinYang Balance Crystal Array Transmission. This array is designed to balance different aspects of our being, such as our emotions and our energy field. I have received in-person Crystal Array sessions with Angie before, and I noted the similarities with this remote transmission. She calls on the Higher Frequency Beings, leads you through breathing exercises and the beautiful guided meditation. But the most convincing similarity, was the actual energetic effects I experienced during this remote session. The relaxing guided meditation soon led to a powerful, unmistakable realignment of my energy field. For instance, at one point, I felt a strong surge of energy move from my base chakra up through the crown. This had some similarities to other experiences I’ve had in the past, working with Kundalini energy sessions. Afterwards, I felt quite balanced, realigned and refreshed. I have had extensive training and experience with a variety of energy healing modalities, and I have to say I was very impressed with this transmission. I’m looking forward to trying more of them!

~Rob Bowe

I really enjoyed the experience! I feel radiant. I’m sharing the energy remotely with my son Michael. My wife and I listened together, and we benefited too!

~Scott Macinnis

I have been listening to the Self-Love Array for two weeks and I feel so different! I am amazed at the transformation in my thought processes and my actions after using this array for such a short time. Thank you Angie – I look forward to using all of the arrays- they are so powerful! Bless you!

~Kathy Mason

Angie LaRue has opened my eyes and heart to the true potential of my soul, what it can do, and who I really am. Her energy is full of love and bright lights, she is truly a mystical person. She has performed reiki on me from thousands of miles away, and has done energy work on my late dog which I believed prolonged her life just long enough for her to say goodbye to me. The people Angie loves and cares about all feel her energy flow through them every time they think of her. She will always be very dear to me, and she has a lot to give to the world with her talents.

~Arthur Nguyen

I’ve known Ms. LaRue for many years and have witnessed her vast talents first hand. She is very intuitive and has a charming personality, well suited for advising and counseling. I know from personal experience that her talents with readings are extraordinary, whether using cards, crystals, internet psychometry, remote viewing and healing, or simply taking requests for aid. Ms. LaRue has demonstrated her abilities in my presence many, many times. I know a number of people she has helped in many countries, and have observed her performing counseling for those unable to find solutions elsewhere.

I know of lives saved, wounds healed, and mysteries solved due to her psychic abilities. She has a great deal of talent that should be used in the service of others. I’ve seen her spend countless hours helping others, and enjoy observing her in action. She is a very dedicated individual with a spiritual purity that inspires others to make positive changes in their lives and find their own way on the spiritual path. Ms. LaRue has truly been an inspiration in my own life to follow my spiritual path, and she’s helped me in my quest to become a more enlightened individual. Charisma and grace flow from her out into the world, bringing light to the darkest corners, and helping individuals find solutions to their troubles. She brings joy and peace to all those she interacts with.

~Earl Sanders

Angie LaRue is very personable, caring and compassionate. Her desire to help people has been priority over making money. She is always seeking to provide information that will help someone get to the root cause of a situation. Her readings are clear, detailed and accurate. She gives encouraging words regarding her readings and helps you to understand. She has many experiences helping people become healed physically, mentally and spiritually. She takes her work very seriously and speaks genuinely.

She knows how to lovingly explain things to people who are dealing with a sensitive situation. I believe Love is her first priority when dealing with others.

~Debbie Krasowski

Angie is a very loving and gentle fairy who helps others to recognize their spiritual talents. I worked with Angie in energy healing, Animal Whispering/Tree and plant connections, and spiritual counseling using both Tarot and Angel cards. One of the first one-on-one sessions was working with the mineral kingdom to cleanse and clear. After the session I was able to better understand my loving crystals, their need for sunlight, and how to best interact with them. I also learned the importance of programming clear crystal quartz because of their nature to intensify the energy around them. Another of the most amazing gifts she possesses is the ability to turn learning into play, which makes the spiritual connection much easier to experience. During one of our sessions, we were able to connect with plant fairies, and I was able to see energy flowing between the plant and trees. Finally, she was able to provide accurate spiritual counseling using both Tarot and Angel cards during several of our sessions. Angie is a great mentor and has been a critical part of my spiritual growth. I highly recommend her as a spiritual counselor and reader.

~Erika Martinez

Angelia is a healer extraordinaire! I am so grateful. She has been helping me tremendously on so many levels to heal my body, mind and spirit! I bought her Selenite Elixir, which is good for skin issues and put a few drops of it on a boil I had in my ear that I had for years, and it disappeared! I also had blistering on my face from a peel recently, and she asked her divine guidance if I could put the Selenite Elixir on it (in a coconut oil base) and she got a resounding “yes!”. I took her advice and also washed my face using water ionized by an Orgone Generator I bought from her, and the blistering disappeared overnight!! Angelia has performed three Crystal Array healing sessions on me, and they have lifted my spirits so much that I have been able to phase-out my medicine!! Now when I feel triggered by anything, I meditate holding her healing creations-Singing Stones, Selenite tower, Crystals, and I reach a state of Nirvana!

~Miranda Ravin

Over the past decade I have engaged the services of many established psychics, astrologers, and channelers. Angie’s abilities are on par with the best of them. My experience with her has included several means of working with spirits and guides towards higher guidance and spiritual understanding. With each session I sense how she opens up to the energies around us and in the process she is moving her own ideas aside so that highest good can come through. As the sessions progress, the messages that come through have a clear tone and quality to them, and as with any such message there are various interpretations. Angie does well when offering the original message and possible meanings as it relates to me specifically. In each case, the messages offered feel directly in line with what I am curious about or questioning and resonate well with me, leaving me with more insight towards a path forward.

~Jake Zmrhal

It has been an honor and a privilege having Angie at my side as a friend and mentor for the past 22 years. We have spent much of our time traveling and exploring the World. We have always relied on Angie’s insight to direct our next movement or action. Her ability to see the future, even before we formally recognized it as such, has always been dependable and therefore heavily relied upon. In the past several years her gifts have taken a major upswing that can only be described as miraculous. It is no longer a question in anyone’s mind whether Angie can see into the future or heal with focused energy. I live a very active lifestyle and am injured quite often. Whether it be a mountain bike crash, climbing accident, or common illness, Angie has always been there to facilitate rapid healings. Angie is a kind and loving individual that always puts others before herself and has a temperament well suited for working with others in their quest for truths.

~Jeffrey Johnson

Why is Angelia LaRue Unique?

Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist, Energy Practitioner, Reverend, Teacher, Reiki Master, Mystic, and healing innovator. She uses knowledge from masters like Nicola Tesla and Wilheim Reich to access and share subtle energy for increasing well-being and the evolution of consciousness.

She has been working with Spirit since her awakening in 2011. She receives clear guidance from higher consciousness to support her clients to experience life fully while restoring them energetically to their original blueprint.

Her clients are supported locally in Boulder, CO and also internationally over Skype, Zoom, or phone. Please look at the success stories below.

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