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International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, Speaker and Coach

Soul Purpose


Soul Purpose program: 9 MP3s and 1 workbook


PACKAGE A 1on1 60min Soul Energy Map Session

Package A


Divine Source Activation

Multidimensional Accelerator – God on Speed Dial

Are you feeling stuck, alone or disconnected from your team of angels, Light Beings, and Higher Self? In this Divinely Guided audio, Anne Deidre and her Divine Team facilitate energetic opening up of your Etheric chakras, your galactic gateway and portals to connect with your Divine team and deepen your connection to Mother Father God Source energy. She also includes her signature training for how to channel your Higher Self through speaking and writing.

In this audio Anne will Guide you through the Etheric Chakras above the head-
Opening Your Multidimensional Channels, Galactic Gateways and Connection to Your Higher Self and Divine Source.

Yesterday was my weekly session with Anne and we went through and cleared my chakras. It was totally amazing for me. The opening of my crown and feeling of euphoria was something I will NEVER forget. I highly recommend this!

~Amanda M., California



Crystal Clear Aura Cleanse with DIVINITY CODES Activation

Do you know what is in your aura?

If you are not experiencing absolute clarity, feeling on purpose, aligned with your relationships than something is off in your energy field and your aura is broadcasting that into the Universe. Are you saying energetically what you want to be saying to the Universe to receive abundantly to experience joy? It is often difficult to detect our own energy but as a psychic energy reader and healer, Anne will clear and activate your energy centers and aura into Higher Dimensional frequency as she brings in Mother Father God, Cosmic Christ, Buddha, St Germaine, Archangel Michael and The Mary’s Frequency to amp up your Aura with Divine Light.


  • Clearing energetic disturbances, false programming, negativity
  • Amps up your Light Quotient
  • Allows cellular regeneration
  • Transmits Encodements of Consciousness and DNA Activation


Manifestation Mastery

Speak Into Being

Are you experiencing joy in living your purpose, being in a great relationship and feeling health and well-being? All this is what you are here to experience as karma is over and cosmic connection is what is happening. This is the live your great life lifetime! When it comes to manifesting the Law of Alignment works with the Law of Attraction. In this powerful audio Anne Deidre and her Divine Team facilitate energy transformation that includes recalibrating to Divine Alignment, connecting your Divine Will with your Divine Expression.


  • Clearing of Stuck Energy
  • Anne’s Signature Creation Template to Manifest True Love, Ideal Career, Soul Purpose
  • Switch on Your Master Creator Potential as Infinite Being
  • Activates Self Realization to Self Actualizing Expression


6 Simple Steps To Creating Intuitive Wealth for your Six Figure and Beyond Business

Featuring Anne Deidre’s Signature Business Creation Method Home Study Workbook and 6 audios.


1. Anne’s Signature Business Creation Method Home Study Workbook

2. Activating Your Entrepreneurial Energy Audio

Personal life changing meditation channeled from ascended masters allowing you to access your Divine consciousness

3. Clear and Activate Chakra Power Audio

This audio will help clear and align chakras 1-7 for your business. Only Anne goes past the lower 7 chakras, moving up to 8 and 9 clearing your dormant gifts and abilities.

4. Clarity on Message Audio

Whether you know it or not, you have been living your own unique purpose every day of your life. Your own experience validates you for the teacher you are and the message you have to share. This audio clarifies your message (for example, you are not depressed, you are a teacher for clearing depression).

5. Intuitive Business Creation Method Audio

As an entrepreneur, there is a Higher Energy required , to go from the mundane, work day world to creating something unique to you. This audio is a manifesting template to be able to work energetically as an entrepreneur. It facilitates the shift that allows you to be exhilarated with the uncertainty of this process.

6. Develop Intuitive Gifts Audio

This audio develops user’s specific intuitive gifts. The one they have come into this world with and are their own Divine connection. Whether it is to animals, medicine, angels, food, or any other unique experience in life. Anne’s audio works with you to develop your specific gift.

7. Virtual Website Channeling and Building Audio

Anne’s channels how to create a website that is unique to you and effective in the virtual market.

You will receive:

  • Item 1: Divine Source Activation – Multidimensional Accelerator – God on Speed Dial
  • Item 2: AURA POWER – Crystal Clear Aura Cleanse with DIVINITY CODES Activation
  • Item 3: Manifestation Mastery – Speak Into Being
  • Item 4: 6 Simple Steps To Creating Intuitive Wealth for your Six Figure and Beyond Business

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in PACKAGE A




  • One Full Hour!
  • Past, Present, Future Soul Reading, Clearing and Activating
  • You will make peace with the past to have power in the now and future
  • Amplify, Accelerate Your Dreams Into Reality
  • Find Out What is in Your Divine Energy Blueprint
  • Complete Energy Center, Aura Scan and Divinity Code Activation Included

Work privately, one-on-one with Anne Deidre — Modern Seer, Prophet and Visionary!

Let Anne Actualize Your Soul Map Energy Blueprint for Your Life and Your Life’s Work Mastery!

You will receive:

  • 60min 1 on 1 private SOUL ENERGY MAP Session with Anne
  • Item 1: Divine Source Activation – Multidimensional Accelerator – God on Speed Dial
  • Item 2: AURA POWER – Crystal Clear Aura Cleanse with DIVINITY CODES Activation
  • Item 3: Manifestation Mastery – Speak Into Being
  • Item 4: 6 Simple Steps To Creating Intuitive Wealth for your Six Figure and Beyond Business

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your private session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Anne Deidre…

Anne’s Intuitive gifts along with her writing skill has drawn out of me new gifts, and given me voice through the written word. Anne is a true gift to the world.

~Brenda Pearce

CEO E Factor Network

I have met Anne Deidre about a year ago and I can tell you she has completely changed my life. With Anne’s ability of being an Intuitive Life Coach, she has helped me find my hidden talents and strengths, which include being Psychic, very Intuitive and without Anne’s guidance, I would of never have known that I am an Animal Communicator. When she talks to you, you know that she is in the present moment and listens to all of your questions and concerns, which was very important to me… Anne has a huge heart and it shows and she was very supportive and gave me the confidence I needed in myself. I would highly recommend Anne as an Intuitive Life Coach. You will learn so much from her and also have fun at the same time.

~Gina P.

It was not until I was united with Anne Deidre by Divine providence that I was able to create the right ingredients to open my unique talents and gifts. Anne is amazing! With complete ease Anne was able to look into my soul and see my Divine purpose. With mystic grace, Anne then was able to open my channel to creativity and other hidden talents. What a WOW!! Let me say that again… WOW! Because to my surprise, I found out that I am talented intuitive photographer and writer. My whole life has changed in the most marvelous ways. My heart sings with love and joy. I now have inner peace, happiness and clarity. A gift that is priceless. At last! I am on the highway to Heaven and all my dreams are manifesting into reality now! Endless gratitude to you Anne! Your love and compassion and spiritual gifts have transformed my life forever. Love you with all my heart. All my dreams are coming true today!

~Laura J, Florida

This is one class you won’t want to miss out on. I completed this class last year and it was AMAZING. My life has changed for the better and so has others because of it. ♥ Much love and thanks to you Anne for being so brilliant!!!

~Luanna A, New Hampshire

I am soooo looking forward to this teleclass. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous offering, more than I ever expected! It was ‘leaps and bounds’ beyond others I’ve participated in with different facilitators.

~Anna N., Massachusetts

I met Anne last year fall for an intuitive reading and I was absolutely amazed by the experience. Her loving presence made it so easy to feel comfortable and safe with her. Her energy and chakra clearing brought powerful healing that penetrated my very being and life in a way I never expected to experience. She is now my Intuitive Coach. As my Intuitive Coach, Anne has helped me to feel so much better about myself and my own intuitive abilities. With the tools she provides she also helped me to take ownership of my own life. Having Anne as my intuitive coach has proven to be a powerful asset, especially when you need support in your spiritual journey. Anne genuinely and lovingly wants to help you. With all of her knowledge, insight, understanding and her powerful abilities you won’t be disappointed. She can help you bring back love and laughter into your life. I highly recommend her to everyone. Anne, you are truly amazing and a blessing to all. May you have many blessing to you and yours.

~Sandy C., Fort Myers, FL

Working with Anne has helped me go beyond my boundaries, look at my talents and where my passion lies. She uses her intuition to light up the parts of me that have been in the shadows and are ready to come forward. Thank you Anne, I am so grateful to be working with you 🙂

~Saskia C., Massachusetts

I had no idea I would come away with all this in just one hour. Your work is a miracle.

~Chris T., New Hampshire

Anne’s knowledge and support has been instrumental in helping me take my business to the next level. Her kind, gentle encouragement is a blessing.

~Evergreen A., Wisconsin

Anne is a truly gifted intuitive and heart-centered coach. Her ability to “energetically see” and “intuitively know” what her clients need most to help them manifest their authentic passion and purpose is unparalleled and unique. She is an angel on earth helping make dreams come true.

~Dana S, California

About Anne Deidre

Anne Deidre is an International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, Speaker and Coach. She has been featured on ABC and NBC TV, on The CW TV Network, HuffPost Live, also a FOX News Radio Contributor, on NPR, CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio, and many print publications such as Examiner.com, Beliefnet and Aspire Magazine.

Anne’s transformational gifts allow her to intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her clients energy system and illuminate their hidden and or dormant gifts and talents that their soul is here to share. Her unique and powerful gifts allow her to shift energetic patterns, heal trauma, and create new patterns so that they can bring their divine gifts to the world.

Anne’s access to higher realms began 20 years ago as an Intuitive Artist. Later in 2005, after a ‘dark night of the soul”, she was initiated into the Christ Consciousness during meditation which you can read about in her book Miraculous: How My Spiritual Awakening Cured My Depression, Inspired My Purpose and Ignited the Intuitive Powers Within.

Anne energetically imprints her healing energy into all of her books, artwork and Intuitive Development products which along with the above title includes the books Extreme Intuitive Makeover: 55 Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness which was endorsed by Eldon Taylor and Peter Calhoun, as well as Inner Visions: The Healing Path of Art which integrates her extraordinary artwork with her spiritual wisdom. Now as Founder and CEO of Inner Visions Publishing Anne works with authors to publish their spiritual books. Her first and second group book Inner Circle Chronicles- Intuitive Women Leaders of the New Economy Transforming Lives and Businesses with Soul and Spirit became bestsellers. She is publishing Books 3 and 4 currently.

Anne’s other visionary products include Home Study Programs~ Your Intuitive Life Makeover Collection~Spiritual Tools for Intuitive Living. She also is the author of Your Intuitive Life Makeover: Chakra Healing ecourse, Spiritual Enlightenment Oracle Cards: A Toolkit for Creating Divine Magic and Miracles in Your Life and the Soul’s Purpose Now Workbook.

Her online course, Spend More Time Doing What You Love is a popular Daily Om favorite and hit the Top 10 in its first week. Anne has been invited to contribute her Divine wisdom with numerous high-profile sites including Dr. Laura, BeliefNet, eHarmony and Aspire Magazine to name a few. She is a sought after telesummit guest and has appeared on Inspired Living Secrets, Sacred Living Telesummit , The Healthy Wealthy Evolution Summit and many more. Anne was featured on HuffPost Live as a Guest Expert on a new study on Spirituality and Depression, how Faith and Spirituality can protect against depression. She has also been a FOX Radio contributor and been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX Television as well as NPR and CBS Radio. Anne’s art is featured on the Laguna Beach Gallery, California website. She is a frequent guest on radio and has hosted her own radio shows and television show The Intuitive Millionaire Coach show on cable TV.

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