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Awakening into Freedom

Awaken and Free yourself to live your True Authentic Life, the Life you came here to live! As we go about our life on a daily basis, 95% of our actions, our thoughts, what we’re feeling, are unconscious. We primarily live our life from our unconscious conditioning.

You’re not here to fix yourself, you were never broken. As a child, you developed coping strategies that supported you as you were growing into your adult years. When you continue to automatically default to the coping patterns you created as a child, you can often set yourself up for a life of struggle and limitation.

You’re here to Awaken from the default conditioning and coping strategies that, while they supported you as a child, are now keeping you a prisoner of your limitations. The “Awaken into Freedom” program dives deep into your unconscious conditioning and releases those childhood coping strategies and default programming that are no longer supporting you in living a fulfilling, creative, passionate life!


The Awakening into Freedom Program


PACKAGE A + Your Peronalized Remote Freedom Clearing

Package A

“The Awakening into Freedom” Program

1. Releasing Mother issues – 16 minutes

In the first few minutes of this recording, we focus on how our unconscious conditioning is created and how, from that point, we then create our stories and become emotionally attached to them. We then go into releasing the unconscious conditioning and patterns you received from your mother or whoever represented your mother to you. We complete this recording with a nurturing, loving meditation.

2. Releasing Father issues – 17 minutes

This will support you in releasing those default beliefs that were created from the relationship you had with your father (or father figure) in childhood. Let yourself be who YOU choose to BE!

3. Clearing & Activating for Financial Freedom – 15 minutes

This money clearing has 2 parts. We’ll first release core beliefs such as ‘not enough’ and not worthy, all beliefs and thoughts which prevent you from allowing yourself to be in the Flow of Money. In Part 2, we release the belief that “I’m not supposed to receive money doing what I love, what makes my Heart and Soul sing.”

4. Embodying Freedom – 16 minutes

Are you choosing Freedom or Restriction? Chances are you would like to live a life of freedom but continue to unconsciously resonate with living a restricted life. Do you feel life is a struggle? That it’s not fair? Everybody else is doing better and yet you’re stuck?+ On some unconcsious level you’re choosing to life a restricted life. Listen to this audio to Embody Freedom!

5. Being in the Flow of Giving and Receiving – 15 minutes

Are you better at giving than receiving? Many people are but what happens when we focus on giving and don’t allow ourselves to receive? We stop the flow of energy. When we block the flow and don’t allow ourselves to receive, we can get stuck in struggle, self sabotage, it can appear as if simply surviving is hard. It’s time for you to allow yourself to become the flow of energy, the flow of Giving and Receiving!

6. Having Fun – 14 minutes

Fun = Flow = Creating the Life of your Dreams! – When we’re having fun, we’re in the Flow. We’re not thinking about whether we’re getting it right or what others think of us. We’re having FUN!!!! Open up to fun and open up to creating YOUR desired Life!

7. Allowing Happiness – 17 minutes

Happiness is a vibration that will support you in having ‘more’ in your life. When you’re feeling happy, you’re in a vibrant, expansive vibration; a vibration that creates the space for effortless ease to flow within your Being and your life. Have you ever felt that ‘happy for no reason’ feeling? When you’re feeling happy, you trust that everything is going to work out ok, that all is happening just the way it’s supposed to. It’s that vibration of ease, trust and happiness that will magnetize your desires and wants to you.

8. Relationships…. It’s Possible – 17 minutes

Whether you’re in a relationship or would like to be in one, it’s never too late to decide to create a happy, healthy, loving, supportive relationship!

9. Do you choose to be Happy or Right? – 15 minutes

Most of us will say “I choose Happiness’. Yet, often the unconscious conditioned mind will choose to be right. When we’re convinced our point of view is right, that the way we’re doing it is the ‘right’ and only way it should be done, we’re often coming from a ‘right’ energy and that keeps us in struggle and a survival consciousness. Allow yourself to move into Happiness and expansion.

10. Knowing your Worthiness – 15 minutes

Feeling worthless can rob us of our energy, vitality and certainly, our dreams and desires. Energize yourself by acknowledging and connecting with the Worthiness with you. Let yourself radiate with the Truth of “I Am Worthy and I Allow that Worthiness to Embrace and Radiate from me’.

11. Change – 15 minutes

Do you sometimes struggle to take action, to decide what your next step in, to move forward in life? When we’re afraid of change and resistance to embracing our power and the full Glory of who we are, we can get stuck in a rut. Doing and getting the same thing over and over again. When you embrace Change and Power within you, you allow and embrace Freedom

12. Bringing your Ideas into Reality – 20 minutes

Have you ever had an inspired idea, maybe even taken action on it? But then you stop part way through and there the idea stays, just an idea? What if you could take that idea and see it all the way through so that you brought it into physical reality?! In this audio, we start with the seventh chakra and clear each chakra as we go down, in the same direction as your ideas flow. From the In Spirit of the 7th chakra to the Grounding into Reality of the 1st chakra.

13. Awakening to Creativity – 14 minutes

If you know that there’s a part of you that’s wanting to open up to your creative side but you’re feeling blocked and resistant to awakening to the Brilliance within you, this audio is for you!

14. Awakening to your Inner Child meditation – 11 minutes

Let go of fixing, protecting, saving. Awakening is the process of allowing the True, Authentic, Amazing you to emerge from the shadows. Listen to this journey and connect with the Brilliance of the Inner Child within you.

15. Awakening to your Purpose – 18 minutes

As we go through each of the seven main chakras, starting with the Root chakra, we release what’s been preventing you from recognizing your true worth and activate Your Radiant Self!


You will receive:

“The Awakening into Freedom” Program

***15 MP3s***

Value: $490

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $127

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A



18 – 23 minutes

Personalized Remote Freedom Clearing

Each of Joy’s Personalized Remote Freedom Clearings is as unique as the individual receiving it and can range from a simple tune-up to a life-changing awakening. Your Freedom Clearing will consist of a powerful laser-focused scan of your entire being based on a single issue, question, or area of your life where you feel stuck or limited.

Joy will tune in to your specific frequency and speak with you on the etheric level to address and clear deep-seated, limiting core beliefs, blocks, programs and or relationship dynamics so that your true Radiance can be activated as you move into a state of renewed Freedom & Expansion!

After doing hundreds of Freedom Clearings, Joy has found that it takes 18 to 23 minutes to deeply clear the specific block or limitation which you’ve identified and would like cleared. You’ll receive an audio recording that you can listen to anytime and as many times as you like. Each time you listen to it energies will be cleared at a deeper level and you’ll receive even more value from your recorded Freedom Clearing. Clients have frequently reported new insights and deeper revelations with each review of their session.

All Joy needs to do your personalized Freedom Clearing & Activation is an email with your issue or area of concern and your picture. Joy will then be able to read the energy signature within your words and the energy contained within your picture to identify what is no longer working for you and that is ready to be released at an unconscious level.

As stagnant emotions (emotions = Energy in Motion) are cleared out, emotions such as happiness, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, etc. awaken within you and are brought to your conscious awareness to initiate the Activation.

Since your session is done from your picture and specified issue, it is not necessary for you to be present or to set up a time to have this done. An audio recording of your session will be sent you to you via email, which you can then listen to at any time…the ultimate in convenience!


You will receive:

Your Personalized Remote Freedom Clearing (18-23 minutes)


“The Awakening into Freedom” Program

***15 MP3s***

Value: $630

77% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “Remote Freedom Clearing” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Joy Baker

I just wanted to let you know how well our family’s frequencies have worked out for us. It did take a little bit of time, but my son is a completely different person now. He’s back to being my little loving boy again. There was seriously so much anger in him that it was affecting the entire family on a daily basis. I ended up playing his frequency for him as much as I could over a one-month period (all night long, many times), and his anger seems to have just melted away and dissipated. Every once in a while, I feel compelled to bring out his frequency, but nothing like before. We are truly so grateful to you.

~Deborah Puku, Livermore, CA

Oh my gosh Joy, I am speechless after listening to the clearing you did for me! How on Earth could you know something about me that happened 63 years ago?! Amazing! Not only was the clearing specific and precise and not just some general information, it confirmed and RELEASED the blocks I had suspected around receiving. After listening to the clearing, I literally fell to pieces (in a good way!), overjoyed, laughing, crying and feeling as last, there is HOPE!

~D.B., Chicago

WOW Joy! That took me right back to being in my crib and feeling like I was loved and cared for only was when I was sick. That was soooo deep seated and releasing the rage from feeling unloved by the people who were suppose to love me the most…….. that was SO powerful!

The pain in my heart area had felt like a huge steel wall and having it pulled out of my chest was a very strange sensation. I thought this was stuff I had dealt with….guess not! I actually felt the loop as you were clearing it, it was going incredibly fast like it didn’t want to be caught and released….wild ride! It felt so good though once it was cleared!!! A totally amazing, powerful clearing and activation Joy! This was a gift I gave myself and I”m so glad I did, I feel such lightness now!

~Georgia, AZ USA

WOW! What a Freedom session! There were so many issues I was consciously aware of and several that I was not (but felt deep down inside!) There was a major issue with me not believing I was allowed or deserving of being happy – this has affected most areas of my life. Now that that has been identified and released, I feel so much lighter!

~Carrie, Ohio

You really know how to go to the core of things, Joy… and I mean core!!! I cannot believe how much was identified and released with a pattern I had that I knew was not serving me, yet I never would have linked to a family member and our current and past life dynamics. This was really deep and intense but wow, I can feel the truth of what came through and I am so grateful for your objective, unbiased, and compassionate work. I am not sure how I would have ever got to the bottom of my weird issue of having a hard time waking up each day without your help and divine insight.

I am so grateful to have had this session and amazing clearing to end the year with, so I can really have a fresh start in 2019! This would be a great gift of love to get for someone you care about.

~Monica K., British Columbia

Joy, Thank you for the Freedom clearing, you hit the nail on the head! Even though it was exactly what I didn’t want to hear, it was true, I have been focusing on the struggle. It was nice to have that pointed out to me so now I can make adjustments to my thoughts and actions.

~Kevin - BC Canada

Since my clearing at the beginning of January I have begun to feel lighter and happier. A sense of excitement, yes excitement!, ripples across my heart chakra like butterfly wings and I don’t even have to induce the state by jumping up and down and going crazy. Isn’t that something! You really transformed a lot of dense energy within me, so thank you again. I am so much more in touch with my heart.

~Pamela Woeller, Hessen, Germany

Thank you Joy, that was very powerful. I started to listen to it a few days ago and every time I got very tired the first few minutes and had to stop. I decided to let it go for a few days and today I could finally listen to the whole recording. The subconscious played real tricks on me the first few times, it didn’t want me to see how attached I was to this shame. Thank you so much. That was a new way for me of looking at an issue.

~Helga Wells, Asheville, NC.

Thank you so much for the Freedom Clearing and suggestions!! My God, I’m so grateful for you and the clearing you did! It’s so wonderful to hear what my Higher Self said to you, I resonated with everything you said. It makes so much sense about the inflammation and anger. I really appreciate everything you included in this mini session. I feel like it’s something I really needed!

~Sonia H., Chicago, Illinois

I’ve been addicted to sugar most of my life. Yesterday, we bought some cookies and I did not have the irresistible urge to eat them immediately. In the past, I would eat my share rather quickly while my husband ate his over a few days. I was able to eat two with dinner and then leave them alone. Before, I would have seen them in the kitchen and gone ahead and eaten another one or two. Last night when I went into the kitchen, I saw them and realized I didn’t need to eat another one. Thank You so very much Joy, for the clearing you did for me!!!!!!

~Diane, Albuquerque, New Mexico

About Joy Baker

During her 25 years of training horses, Joy found she had the ability to easily connect with those that had been abused or were labelled mean by others. However, once she realized that any further career options in the horse industry were limited, she made a life altering decision and choose to focus all her time and efforts into her emotional growth. She walked away from her life with horses over 20 years ago and began her journey of Self discovery and inner healing. It was during this time that she realized her ease at connecting with and understanding abused horses was a gift that she could offer to support and inspire humanity.

After years of soul searching and inner work, Joy has developed the ability to read the emotional energies we each carry within us and now offers remote energy clearings. . Since we’re rarely taught as children how to process and let go of emotions that are limiting us, those emotions can become stuck in our bodies at a cellular level. If you’ve ever gone through any trauma in your life such as a car accident, relationship break up, loved ones dying, loss of employment, physical, sexual, emotional abuse or more, chances are you haven’t known how to deal with the emotional aftermath of those events. Those emotions then become stored in your body. Once that happens, you can develop attachments to those limiting feelings and unconsciously create scenarios in your life that can cause feelings such as anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger, overwhelm etc to repeat over and over. We become addicts; addicted to the very feelings that are limiting us. The first step to becoming Self Empowered is awareness. Once you become aware of what’s limiting you, then it can be released and cleared.

Simply by reading the energy signature found within your written words and the picture of yourself, disempowering core beliefs are identified and stagnant emotions & patterns cleared from your energy field. Joy has received feedback from several clients stating that after listening to their focused Freedom clearing, they feel liberated from core beliefs and patterns that, in many cases, has caused them distress their entire lives.

Each remote Freedom Clearing is as unique as the individual receiving it and can range from a simple tune up to a life changing awakening. If you’re ready to step forward into living an Empowered Life, could NOW be the time to take action and begin living your True Potential?!

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