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Galactic BEing of Light, Catalyst for Expansion, Teacher, Divine Transmitter, Soul Guide in Collaboration with The Council of Light


With Omaji and The Council of Light as an Honorary member of Expanding New Ways of Being Bi-monthly infusions of Light

(one month of membership for June OR July 2019)

Omaji and The Council of Light will support you in going beyond the illusion of limitation into Remembering your Divine Essence and abiding in the Truth of your Being.
Are you ready to Fully EMBRACE more Joy, Harmony and Abundance in all areas of your life?
Allow the distortions to lift so that you can BE in the experience of your Divine Self as Love and Light.

* Your one month membership Includes TWO LIVE 60 minute group sessions– and One of the calls is Interactive so you have the opportunity to ask questions and participate LIVE with Omaji and The Council of Light. Also includes access to the private Facebook Group where you can interact with the Embracing The Infinite Community.

(One month of Expanding New Ways of Being LIVE Transmissions: $87 Value)

“Living in Possibility” Series of Light Transmissions and Activations

Omaji and The Council of Light share Attunements, Activations and Transmissions of Light to Awaken and Remind you of your Infinite Capacities to LIVE in Possibility as A Way of Being – Inviting the Highest Outcomes in every moment with every breath.

What would your daily life look like if you allow yourself to BE the version of you that KNOWS itself as Infinite?

This Series includes:

  • One hour Light Activation “Activate Possibility as A Way of Being”
  • Two hour Transmission of Light to Elevate and Support you in Remembering the Multidimensional YOU that has access to Infinite Possibilities and Resources.
  • Two hour Transmission of Light to Remember and Recognize the YOU that is a Unique Expression of Divine Perfection Valued beyond measure.
  • Two hour Transmission of Light to connect to and Activate the Remembering of KNOWING yourSelf as an Abundant, Connected, Supported BEing of LIGHT.
  • BONUS 3:33 Attunement to listen throughout the series and beyond to support you in the Alignment with your Knowing AS an INFINITE BEing with Infinite Resources.

What if you could completely Transform your experience of yourself and your life in such a way that everything is improved and elevated in phenomenal and miraculous ways?

In each session, Omaji and The Council of Light share Energetic Upgrades and Activations to support you in Opening to your Divine Inheritance as an Empowered extension of Infinite Source.

Other aspects of this offering include the downloads and energetic bridges to:

  • Release fears and reframe past history
  • Liberate yourself from perceived limitations
  • Gain insights and Remembering regarding Living AS your Divine Self in the FLOW of Infinite Resources
  • Remember the frequencies that Welcome the manifestation of Heaven on Earth as your Experience
  • Transcend old paradigms and programs that perpetuate separation consciousness and UPGRADE into Unity Consciousness Ways of Being
  • Bask in the Vibrations of your KNOWING that you are Safe Supported Loved in the Embodiment of your Mastery

You ARE Infinitely Loved and Supported- It is time to Remember your Value and Fully Embrace your Infinite Potential!
Will you give yourself the Gift of this Expansion into your Infinite Nature?
All of these mp3 Downloads continue to support you in a Multidimensional way each time you listen, and can be utilized as you are guided to deepen each time you listen.

(Living in Possibility Series Recordings: $333 Value)

What people are saying about these Transmissions of Light:

I am truly in my knowing now. It is always available to me. I just have to let it in, open up to it, or ask for it and I am there. I’m home . . . where I belong, I have always belonged and will always be welcome. It really is that easy. There is no judgement, no pain, no concerns. I just am . . . allowed to just be . . . just be me and play my note. What else is possible? So Grateful to Omaji and The Council of Light!

~Joyce L., USA

This series is wonderful… I’m noticing some palpable shifts!

~Michelle A., Australia

Thank you for facilitating the elevation of the layers of distortion that were clearly reflecting (for me) as escalation of a tooth (pain) so they could be re-interpreted. I knew there must be even more connected to it as I had done this years before & was able to move through it with oils and self-help (prior to this recurrence). These sessions helped me go to the next level and have recognizable shifts and synchronicities, and I feel like it has brought it to completion now with comfort, grace & ease. Thank You for your service and for Being YOU!

~Vicki A., USA

You will receive:

  • TWO LIVE GROUP SESSIONS with Omaji and The Council of Light as an Honorary member of Expanding New Ways of Being Bi-monthly infusions of Light (one month of membership for June OR July 2019)
  • “Living in Possibility” Series of Light Transmissions and Activations

Total value = $420

70% OFF

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $127

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About Omaji Andaria

Omaji is a Catalyst for Expansion pioneering the birth of “New Ways of Being” into this realm. She lovingly serves to remind you of what you really are beyond the limitations that you are currently perceiving, so that you can remember your Infinite Self and your Infinite capacity to choose. In collaboration with The Council of Light and your Higher Self, Omaji holds a sacred space to lift lifetimes of distortions including emotional trauma and misperceptions of self and others, so that Truth can be restored on a conscious and unconscious level. She facilitates Transmissions of Light, Activations and Vibrational Alignment to harmonize, uplift and restore you to your Natural State. As these distorted frequencies and false perceptions are transcended, the result is a greater sense of Peace, Empowerment, Freedom and connection to Source.

Omaji is committed to supporting the Evolution of Consciousness in the most harmonious way. She serves as an instrument and witness for healing, teaching and inspiring alignment with Divine Truth, sharing all of her offerings and services with the intention of supporting you in the Remembering of your True Self, and Expanding beyond the experience of limitation and lack.

Omaji is the founder of Embracing the Infinite™, and currently offers private sessions, Personal Vibrational Transformation Intensives, Monthly group sessions, and annual week-long Vibrational Elevation Immersions, all with the intention to support and facilitate Alignment with Truth and the Remembering of the True Self.

Vibrational Support and Transmissions are also available through her audio recordings -mp3 downloads of meditations and recordings from live events are available in her online store. All digital recordings contain Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations and are powerful transformational tools that are intended to support you in choosing Truth over Illusion.

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