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Multidimensional SEER & light weaver, bridger of realms & Spiritual midwife for progressive Awakening, personal freedom and transcendence from 3D to 12D and beyond

The Book of Choices , The Tree of Life & the Lightworker’s Sanctuary 

A higher Calliber of Self Care & Building blocks on YOUR FREEDOM PATH

A LIVE Series 

3 Recordings of the Previous Calls

+ 2 LIVE calls on November 9, and November 15

5 live interactive extended webinars and a FREE 15 minute one on one energy assessment for how to promote greater self care, Ignite the power of manifestation/embodiment through your solar plexus and opening & surrendering to divine will with the Book of Choices, The Tree of Life and the Lightworker’s Sanctuary
This is a not be missed opportunity to step into Superconsciousness, enhance your Lightworkers’ knowledge base, develop your personal power & learn to use quantum awareness as you explore the Freedom Path in New Earth!!

The Book of Choices, The tree of Life, and the Cloud realm offers us Sanctuary as it teaches us the hows and whys of A Higher Caliber of Self Care and embodiment bringing you into greater alignment with the new human blueprint, your own Divine will as it also increases your quantum awareness and enhances your Lightworker’s skills.

Be sure to stay until the end for Lanna’s powerful SUPERGRADE Initiation that Activates the Tree of Life energies within you as it also supports Igniting your Personal Power in the world.

“We are Stepping into a new timeline in new Earth which comes with greater awareness, greater responsibility, and also necessitates that we quickly learn a Higher caliber of self care on the quantum level.

In this moment I have never been so certain or so excited by the information that Spirit has taught me and asked me to share with you as I do right now as we shift into a new timeline from awakening, endless clearing to Emergence through the expression of Divine will” ~Lanna Spencer

What is happening en-masse

We are moving into greater integrity and flow with the New Wave of Human Being as embodied spirits along with some of the hows and whys we are being offered greater gifts, deeper and more profound Initiations into service work as we learn engage with the wisdom of the Tree of Life (Higher knowledge of What was, what IS, and what WILL ever be) , The Book of Choices (Our Freedom Path) and learn to take refuge in the healing light of the Lightworker’s Sanctuary (The Cloud Realm).

At this time we are en-masse navigating through a powerful cosmic transfiguration process which takes us through Ascension, rapid expansion into the experience of a death without dying (Spiritual Emergency) and into Emergence through the full expression of our Divinity. In order for this to occur we must step fully into our Superconsciousness, igniting the full presence and power of divine will and expressing this in our lives

Meeting the Need for Higher Caliber of Self-Care

As we expand our knowledge and ability to open to our multidimensionality we as Lightworkers require more self-care and attention to our inner life than the average person.

Lightworker’s experience an accelerated rate of growth and personal development, often feeling as though they have lived multiple lifetimes in one or are constantly processing energy and information. This is a part of the experience of becoming a lightworker.

The role of channeling light on a daily basis, also requires a special form of higher support and the ability to renew oneself quickly.

Keeping up with the demands of rapid vibrational changes, learning to process and use energy at a higher level without becoming affected or worn out over time by the constant mental and emotional requires that we continually work on ourselves and learn to provide the proper self-care as we continue to expand into our gifts.

Your ego may say that you should be able to handle the shifts on your own or that you simply do not have the time or money to invest for self-care.

If you do not want to eventually experieince burn- out or compassion fatigue, the right type of down time is essential for you to be effective, happy and healthy.

And when you learn of ways to rapidly restore yourself with a higher caliber of down time, you’ll find you can be more efficient and effective in your daily busy life.

In fact, in her soon to be released 2019 book “Lightworker Instruction Manual” shamanic practitioner Octavia Brooks says

“It’s really an illusion that self-care adds to your plate, it actually saves time” (p.88).

As we open to higher and higher levels of light and learn to operate within new dimensional frameworks we also have access to higher dimensional places of renewal where we can go that will provide you with the ability to rest and restore more quickly and that also provides you with an expanded view of your own origins, purpose; a place of tremendous power, wisdom and healing.

What is The Book of Choices?

The Book of Choices represents our Freedom path and is a New Higher Order of Akashic Records that is supports living from the vantage point of Superconsciousness

The Biggest difference is that the entries are made by you from the vantage point of the Unity field and are the co-conscious creation of the participant initiate and the Buddha and ascended masters and allow us to change the trajectory of our lives

Where is the Book located?

Located in the etheric plane, high in the Himalayas, Vibrating at the level of enlightenment (frequency 1000+) is a spiritual plane, and Lightworker’s Sanctuary that was hidden for many thousands of years known and is now available to all awakened souls. There you will meet the Buddha and other ascended masters who are there to facilitate your spiritual education and also to offer techniques and spiritual energies of renewal for Lightworkers through readings and energy work on your

Tree of Life and healing within the Sacred Cloud Realm.

Tree of Life

Divine will and full expression/embodiment of our Superconsciousness occurs through opening up corridors of light connected to our solar plexus through a symbiotic process of engaging with pure source consciousness and our divine blueprint. By sitting in presence with the tree of life you are transformed and able to receive wisdom both ancient and new as this beautiful tree is the most ancient and sacred living expression of divinity, wisdom, and oneness on the planet. Sitting in presence with the Tree of Light opens the corridors of light within and around you, so that you understand on a very deep level the meaning of surrender to divine will and what you need to do to ignite the power of your Solar plexus in order to change the trajectory of your life , spiritual practice, or service work with others.

What is the Cloud Realm?

The Cloud Realm Is a powerful Lightworker’s Sanctuary that provides an advantage point outside of time. A powerful place of rest and restoration where we are held within a pure vessel of love and we can return to equilibrium and the perspective that everything every experieince is here to strengthen us in becoming one point within the divine will and flow of the universe as light bringers and radiant teachers of truth, peace, benevolence, beauty and higher order thinking and being for humanity.

Between, liminal places and spaces of becoming superconscious. You THINK because you mind has this concept that you KNOW and this is entirely different.

Here in this higher healing place we are naturally Unravelling from the judgment that limits us and ravages our joy and presence and actually allows Divine will to be brought in and shine through, to have the space in your life for positive changes to manifest.

How does this help us to renew ourselves?

The resonance of the energy field of enlightenment is 1000 hz and higher.

Our journey there allows us to transcend our own perceived physical limitations and learn to use more of the non-physical gifts & wisdom of our innate intelligence.

The Cloud realm is adjacent to the Sacred cave of the Buddha and the Tree of Life as is especially for Lightworkers and those who need to re-build, re-balance, and restore themselves.

As you journey there you will examine your own Tree of life and receive messages of wisdom, healing and grace.

The tree of knowledge is an ancient vibrational representation of your soul’s journey and expresson into form. Within this sacred space the Buddha examines for health, gives guidance and blessings via a spiritual transmission to invigorate the tree, takes you to the Cloud Realm for deeper healing.

5 Live SuperGrade Interactive Webinars

5 Saturdays in a row beginning October 19th with recorded replays available upon request.

October 19th, 26th, November 2nd, 9th, 15th at 2 p.m. pacific time, 4 p.m. CST, 5 pm EST

If you aren’t in the US then Use this url to find the time for your area: www.thetimezoneconverter.com 

Call #1 Super Grade Angelic Rose Ray

Archangelic frequencies of the purest Love on the planet to open, soften, and enhance the process of bringing your light into form. Can you allow this to be your primary dwelling place even when you notice fluctuations in your vibration, mood or mental state? When there is a stable awarenesss of this field anchored within the solar region then you can course correct and explore as needed and interface with spirit on all levels using focused awareness, allowance, presence and intention.

Call #2 Super grade Ruby Ray

Divine Relationships. Supports the elevating & manifestation of beauty and higher expression of relating on all levels. This Supergrade is necessary in order to heal our families and improve relationships on all levels as well as for human beings to learn to co-create as a collective spirit and to bring oneness to the planet

Call #3 Super grade Diamond White Ray

Strength & Fortification.

Initiation into the Dragon realm and the New Human Lemurian Interstellar Galactic Temple of Light. Provides tremendous fortification & Soul support for awakened souls and bringers of Light and Wayshowers for the New Wave of Superconscious human.

Call #4 Super grade Diamond and Sapphire Rays

Aligning, opening and surrendering to Divine Will and the Flower of Life Activation.

Clearing your Path, Clarity on the path.

Call #5 Supergrade Emerald Ray

Before your can fully open up healing and balance must be restored. Experience the purest form of healing energy as it exists on the planet today for your body, mind, and spirit.

One on one session

15 minute one on one Assessment & practice suggestions with Lanna to build the Solar plexus area.

This is a fantastic and fully loaded introductory session with Lanna that assesses the shape, color, health, % of function of solar plexus and details the corridors of light and Supergrade rays that will open up and allow you to step fully into your superconsciousness, use quantum awareness, and help others.

Sessions must be booked within 30 days of purchase and used within 90 days. No exceptions. Non transferable.

You will receive:

Building Corridors of Light YOUR FREEDOM PATH:

5 live interactive extended webinars and a FREE 15 minute one on one energy assessment for how to promote greater self care, Ignite the power of manifestation/embodiment through your solar plexus and opening & surrendering to divine will with the Book of Choices, The Tree of Life and the Lightworker’s Sanctuary

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What others are saying about Lanna Spencer

Lanna showered me how to raise my frequency & enter quantum awareness where we then entered the Buddha’s cave. The Book of Choices and the Tree of Life were sitting on a low wooden table where we sat across from the Buddha. I felt a calmness and stillness completely envelope my body in a tranquil blanket of beautiful shades of blue and purple light. We were then met and blessed by many sacred beings; including angels, archangels, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Yogananda (, the Sisterhood of the Rose and many other spiritual guides. I had been having a lot of pain in my lower back, neck, hands and head for the last two days, but when we started working with the guides and angels, the pain just left me. Those beautiful beings that worked on my body with Lanna started by igniting my solar plexus and went to my nerve pathways to show them new paths to follow that were pain-free. What started as a pain filled, depressive day ended as a joyful, pain-free day. I remain pain-free today and I am so grateful for the many blessings I received that day and every day in working with Lanna.

~RM, California

Before my session I felt lazy, inertia, can’t move forward, always feeling blocked. After: Into flow, sacred space, gentle beauty ad natural energy new Vivaxis point-Tahiti-south pole which is also feels like a stronger anchoring energy and so much more useful Thank you!


Before session: overly emotional, struggling to rise above mental illness and an autoimmune disorder, and dependent upon multiple medications. After several sessions: My doctor helped me wean off the medications and I am feeling much more stable with an equanimity of mind and emotions


Working with the Book of Choices and the Tree of Life Energies produced a mind blowing clarity about how to see and sense from my Superconsciousness with more and more blissful flow with my Guides and my own inner knowing and there was also feelings of deep connectedness and focus on how to apply my gifts. I am so grateful!!!

~JE, New Jersey

About Lanna Spencer

“One of the essence energies that I can hold for you is FREEDOM. Freedom to be your true self; freedom to express your uniqueness; freedom to be clear of the shackles of time and space and move more deeply in to the ability to function as a Superconsciousness being, and how to use your quantum awareness in your everyday life.” ~Lanna Spencer

Lanna Spencer was born in 1960 with her continuity of consciousness intact and a soul recall of her many lifetimes and fully awakened psychic abilities. She holds degrees in human services and nursing and has a detailed knowledge of body systems.

Lanna describes herself as a multidimensional SEER & light weaver, bridger of realms & Spiritual midwife for progressive Awakening, personal freedom and transcendence from 3D to 12D and beyond, ushering in the New Wave of Human Being™© from birth to death and all stages in between.

Lanna teaches individuals how to become fully embodied representatives and ambassadors of the Light, step into their Superconsciousness and how to begin using quantum awareness as agents of change in the world. She works in concert with the spiritual wisdom & mentoring of the Angels, Lemuria, many Ascended Masters & Galactic councils & Realms, Sacred Temple sites & Mystery Schools while she supports their personal path and biophotonic evolution into the full manifestation of the Unity field.

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