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Intuitive Channel, Divine Self Activator, a High Vibrational Healer and an Energetic Creation Coach, Guide and Teacher

Divine Love Frequency Activations and Guided Journeying plus Private One on One Session

Experience a New Level of Love

Everyone wants to be and feel loved!

The Old Way has been through Separation

You have felt the pain of a broken heart, of being abandoned and rejected, and it hurts. It has left you scarred and believing that finding the love you seek, the love your heart deeply longs for, is out of reach.

You have settled for the love others are willing to give you, even if it is fleeting and filled with unfulfillable expectations.

Being in this human experience has you feeling lost and lonely. You search for a love that will fulfill you, one that will “complete” you, and you look for it outside of yourself.

I am totally with you on feeling this way. I, too, have experienced the heartache of loving someone who didn’t love me the same in return.

We want to believe in the fairy tale that tells us to look for an unattainable version of love that doesn’t exist in that falsely fantasized form anyway.

Since this journey is all too familiar for me, I wanted to change how I experienced love for myself and with others.

It has taken me time, and both the pleasure and pain that comes with loving others, to get to this place where I can offer you an alternative to the old beliefs of how love should be.

My journey of sharing love with others has been a roller coaster at times. Even more so, it has been challenging to connect with the deep level of self-love that I heard was possible and necessary to feel whole.

“Love yourself,” the spiritual mentors and teachers say, and who hasn’t tried to do that, but something still seemed to be missing from that equation and how to more easily accomplish it.

With the help of higher guidance, I finally had the breakthrough in the love connection I had been looking for my whole life. I have achieved different levels of it within my own experiences with loving myself and others, but there was still something that felt like there could be more to it.

Before I share more about that, know that at soul level, you are love, and your soul exists in the energy of love. It is your true nature, but part of why your soul chose to have this human experience was to live in the contrast and variations of emotions that are available here and to “find” its way back to the love from which it came.

The human experience is a lovely thing, and your soul is tickled by being able to experience it; however, from a human level perspective, it can be challenging, sometimes more so than you want it to be.

The New Way is through Connection

Now is the time in the collective energy that we can more easily and consciously choose to move back into the energy of love and experience it from a heightened level of awareness of what we are feeling in any given moment.

This awareness is amazing and beautiful in the possibilities it offers for the next level of growth and expansion that is available to us.

We are coming into a time when it is no longer necessary for all the struggle, stress, and chaos to be a prevalent part of our lives individually or collectively.

In receiving this level of understanding from Divine Source Consciousness, I have intuitively channeled ways to help support this journey into higher-level experiences with more ease and speed than before. This process allows your soul to receive the fullness of the experiences and satisfaction in their completion that it intended.

To assist you along your journey of love, I have created a unique package of guided audios that easily help you to experience the highest levels of love and connection that are available to you.

It is time for you to experience this high level of love connection. Your soul wants you to be present in the process of what you create from your new understanding, awareness, and consciousness levels of it.

Remember that this journey is a process, and we are all at a different place along that journey. Allow it to be what it is and allow yourself to enjoy it. Be observant of how it unfolds for you, how your life changes as you allow yourself to be in this feeling, and how you cultivate, nurture, and are connected with it.

The package I’m offering to you includes nine guided audio Activations, using my propriety energy method of Polar Harmonics™, to switch your vibration into one that is open to receiving higher frequency energies and experiences.

These Activations help prepare you to move into the high level of divine connection and love that you will experience through The Divine Enfolding™ technique.

The Divine Enfolding™ is my propriety energetic technique that takes you on a journey into a new level of connection and love with Divine Source Consciousness that expands beyond any kind love you’ve experienced before.

This technique is a two-part guided audio that shares the process and why it is being offered now, along with the exercise as a separate audio so you can easily listen to it.

To help you in best utilizing this material, you’ll receive instructions on what order to listen to the audios and what you can expect to experience from listening to them. I also share how you can continue to use them for the best results.

You’ll also receive my Polar Harmonics™ guide that explains more of what this energy method is, how it came about, and how to use it to support you on your specific journey.

I share all of this with immense heartfelt love for you and your journey in this lifetime with me.


Polar Harmonics™ Activations + The Divine Enfolding™ Guided Exercise + Expanding Your Consciousness Guided Journey


Package A + a 50min Private One on One Polar Harmonics™ Session

Package A

Polar Harmonics™ Energy Method

9 Audios

Polar Harmonics™ is a proprietary energetic method of polarity shifting activations that switch you from a lower vibrational focal point into its polar opposite higher vibrational focal point, releasing the remaining imbalances in your energy field and body related to it, to expand you into the desirable, high level experiences you want to have more easily and quickly in your life.

These Activations assist you in moving into higher vibrational energy and frequencies to prepare you for accessing the energetic level of The Divine Enfolding™ technique exercise.

Polar Harmonics™ Activations Include:

1. Remembering Your Divine Self Connection

This Activation switches you into remembering that you are part of the Divine Universal Consciousness that creates all things. Allowing yourself to tune into that connection, opens the space for you to experience more of the truth of who you really are and why you chose to come into this physical, human reality. You’ll feel a deep connection and part of the source from which you came.

2. Being Receptive to Higher Levels of Consciousness

This Activation switches you into opening yourself up to being receptive to what is available at higher vibrational levels of consciousness, allowing your perception and reception of what is in your life, and available to you, to expand. You’ll receive expanded levels of consciousness and higher awarenesses that allow you to better understand the human experience from a divine perspective.

3. Being Open to Receive Love

This Activation switches you into allowing yourself to receive new expanded levels of love and opens you up to experiencing love in ways you have limited it before. You’ll be able to openly and freely allow more love to flow in and for you to graciously receive it.

4. Balance of the Human and Spiritual Sides of your Being

This Activation switches you into allowing balance in the spiritual being side of who you are in truth and the human being side of who you are while incarnated in this physical reality. You’ll feel whole and balanced in your connection with your higher self and higher energies as well as feeling grounded and embrace living in your physical reality too.

5. Connecting with Your Value and Worthiness

This Activation switches you into knowing your value and worth as the divine being you are to experience the best in your life and have that reflected in your heightened state of deserving and receiving it. You’ll tune into your value and be able to allow the things that are equivalent to that to come into your life with ease, grace, and flow.

6. Loving Yourself for Being Enough

This Activation switches you into falling in love with and accepting yourself fully as the amazing, magnificent and beautiful being you are and always have been. You’ll know that you are more than enough and accept yourself as such because you are so incredible and unique, and you deserve all the good that is waiting for you to receive it.

7. Resetting Your Birth Energy

This Activation switches you into resetting the energy of your gestation to birth with love, peace, calm, and enthusiasm for all that is available through this human experience. The 9-month gestation and birth process are to prepare you for being in human form. You’ll reset your entry into this physical world with joy and love for the exciting adventure and journey your soul intended it to be.

8. Opening Your Heart to Love

This Activation switches you into allowing the walls you have created around your heart to fall way. You’ll finally let the walls around your heart come down and open yourself up to receiving deeper and greater love into your life and flowing through all of your relationships.

9. Being able to Access Higher Vibrational Frequencies with Ease

This Activation switches you into being able to access higher frequencies by tuning your vibration, both energetically and physically, into these high-level energies to connect with them more easily and smoothly. You’ll be able to raise your vibration to be in resonance with higher energies, beings, and frequencies to easily access them and receive what they share with you.

Mike M. shares about his experience with the Polar Harmonics™ Energy Method…

“In a Polar Harmonics session with Tammy, we focused on my finances and relationship with money. My retirement account had experienced a significant decrease that I was not feeling good about, and I was concerned over the losses it was having. The new belief we focused on was one of overflowing prosperity and having a clean slate when it comes to my level of finances. I could feel the energy of my old belief around money actually move away from me as she did her process on me. I felt lighter afterward. After the session, I could feel it was working, and my feelings about my prosperity were improving. About two weeks later, I received a notice that my retirement account was back up this quarter by 13%, which recovered most of the dip from last year that had created a decrease in my overall balance. Pretty awesome! Thanks!”

~Mike M.

The Divine Enfolding™ Technique

2 Audios

The Divine Enfolding™ is a proprietary energetic technique that allows you to connect with Divine Unconditional Love to bring you back to the Oneness from which we all originate. Once connected with this highest frequency of love, you allow it to permeate all of you, and you fall in love with yourself in new and deeper ways. From this level, you love everything and everyone unconditionally and just as they are. All of this brings you back to the truth of the connectedness, and the illusion of separation falls away.

By using this technique, your life changes in ways that open you up to looking at all things through the eyes of love. You have a deeper level of compassion, forgiveness, and love for your life and everything you experience in it. You live in a calm, peaceful state that is unshakable by the world around you. You have the power of love on your side, and you know how to tap into it, so you feel the fullness in how much you are loved, never needing to look for it anywhere else but within yourself and your connection with the Divine.


Expanding Your Consciousness: Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Physical

2 Audios

What if you could travel beyond your physical body to experience yourself in an expanded way? To be able to have a “meta” view of the world so you can connect more with everything?

The idea is that you are a soul within a physical body and are limited to this planet we call earth. That is not so. You are an infinite being with much more of you beyond your body than in it.

Now, you can discover how to expand your consciousness to view your personal world, the entire world, the solar system, and beyond in ways you may have only dreamed of.

You’ll travel to a place where you work in the energy of creation and access higher vibrational energy to create your experience the way you want it to be. You’ll also have access to communicating with higher beings, Ascended Masters, or whomever you desire to invite in.

There are no limitations except those you believe there are.

This work opens your intuitive senses more as well as making you hypersensitive in your physical senses. You experience everything at a heightened level, which allows you to receive much more in the way of subtle energy and higher messages.

Robin G. shares about her experience with the Expanding Your Consciousness guided journey process…

“The Expanding Your Consciousness exercise is great, and I really resonate with what Tammy shares! I plan to keep using the exercise to expand my consciousness even more. I used the special energy of creation exercise she teaches to sell my home quickly so I could move to be with my husband at his job in another state. I am continuing to use it to create more of what I desire. I really appreciated how Tammy shares the information and leads you through the exercises and what is possible by expanding your consciousness in a conscious way. I had a lot of fun and, with having worked with other teachers and mentors, I would definitely recommend the way Tammy teaches, shares and guides you through the information. You just feel comfortable and in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore, expand, ask questions, and discover new parts of yourself and what you can experience. Thank you, Tammy, for offering this information to us now!”

~Robin G.


You will receive:

  • Polar Harmonics™ Activations  (9) Audios
  • The Divine Enfolding™ Guided Exercise – (2) Audios
  • Bonus: Expanding Your Consciousness Guided Journey – (2) Audios

Value: $500

71% Discount

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A

+ a 50min Private One on One Polar Harmonics™ Session

You’ll receive all the audios plus a private session with Tammy using the Polar Harmonics™ energy method specific to what you are experiencing in your life to create the changes you want now and move you from your low-level experiences to new, higher-level ones. It will be one of the most profound and transformation sessions you’ll ever have!

*You’ll receive an audio recording of your session to access the high vibrational energy and information that it will to continue to offer to you.


You will receive:

  • 50min Private One on One Polar Harmonics™ Session
  • Polar Harmonics™ Activations  (9) Audios
  • The Divine Enfolding™ Guided Exercise – (2) Audios
  • Bonus: Expanding Your Consciousness Guided Journey – (2) Audios

Value: $800

67% Discount

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $267

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.

Tammy’s clients share their experiences in working with her…

I was elated to get the opportunity of finding Tammy! She is so friendly. She listens. She’s coaching you to make your decisions by your gut feeling and good sense. She has made me aware of how we can find opportunities to make our dreams reality. No matter how little or BIG. We must have a mindset of what we want and the determination to pursue it whether it be financial, health, relationships, etc. Focus on the benefits presenting themselves, and Voilà! Tammy is a very talented soul.

~Bette R.

Tammy is one of those special people that comes around once in a lifetime!

~Charles B.

You are wonderful and have incredible healing skills. When we spoke, you helped me release the emotions I was holding onto about my mother, which was 17 years of misery that I didn’t have to live with. I didn’t know that was one of my issues when I spoke with you, but you helped me to understand that it was and helped me to let her go. That changed my life and understanding of everything. I would recommend that others use your services to heal their issues that are holding them back too.

~Tracy B.

I connected with Tammy when I took her college class and find what she shares to be valuable and interesting information. Things she has shared with me have brought new insight into my life and have improved the quality and experiences of it. I feel more centered; have more peace of mind; noticing what’s not best for me is moving out of my life; I haven’t had any disagreements with anyone; feel more positive; I am re-thinking my life with the very best in mind for me. I do believe my life has changed for the better from working with Tammy and I would recommend her work for everyone who wants to be more centered in their life. And who wouldn’t? Thank you very much, Tammy, for your life-changing processes!

~Sandra H.

You’ve helped me immensely, Tammy. There is a real difference in the love that I feel for myself, the gratitude I feel every day, and my willingness to do the work necessary to move forward, and consequently, move up. It’s become so very obvious to me when I’m thinking, seeing, and acting on a higher energy level than someone else in my life. It’s changed my perception, attitude and the way I react to someone making choices based in fear. You’ve helped me to see this. You’ve helped me to make choices that have created positive change in my life. Little by little (and sometimes in grand leaps), I am changing in positive ways. You have a gift. You can truly help people to think and see better things in themselves and others around them. I’m so thankful for the work you’ve done with me. You’ve helped to move me from a place of fear, indecision, and longing to a place where I can honestly see myself. I can (and have begun) to do the work a little more every day. I leave behind the feelings of despair and overwhelming thoughts and move to a place of clarity, health, and abundance. I’m making time to meditate, to focus on what is truly important to me. You’ve given me that gift. Thank you from my heart.

~Tracy T.

After working with Tammy for over two years, it has been an amazing and awesome journey. We have done clearing and healing work in my past lives; identifying and releasing emotions from my past that have been keeping me from receiving and experiencing more of what I want in my life; and intuited and channeled insights and guidance, specifically for me, that have helped direct my path in new and exciting ways. Each and every session offers new information and new things to be shifted. Looking back to the past, it is amazing how I have been able to expand my awareness in such profound ways. I don’t know exactly how I got here because the shifts were subtle, but the work we have done together has been exciting, profound, deep and transformative. I have had the most wonderful and amazing realizations, adventures, insights, and inspirations with her.

~Putri S.


Polar Harmonics™ Activations + The Divine Enfolding™ Guided Exercise + Expanding Your Consciousness Guided Journey

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page



+ a Private One on One Polar Harmonics™ Session

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $267

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.

About Tammy Braswell 

Tammy Braswell has been sensitive to energy and the unseen planes of existence since she was a young child. She is highly connected to Spirit, higher energies, and the unlimited consciousness of Source itself, which she channels as ALL THAT IS. She understands how energy moves and our role in creating from the vibrational level we are at.

Through her own experiences, she knows the value of having support, which for many years she did not have, so she assists others along a similar path in their journey to navigate through all the unknowns, unseen and unfamiliar. In this way, they may embrace who they really are by stepping into their truth to experience and express their unique gifts, abilities, and connection in ways that serve them and the collective whole, as their soul intended.

Tammy’s work is her proprietary blend of all that she has studied, intuited, channeled, and experienced firsthand in her own life, as the intuitive channel, high-vibrational healer, Energetic Creation coach/guide/teacher, and creator of new energy methods, she shares now.

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