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Spiritual Teacher, Sound and Energy Healer and Intuitive Guide


Choosing from the Heart” Video Course + 2 extra methods of connecting with Truth


Package A + 50min individual personal online Session with Anushree


Package A + 1 Day Individual online Retreat: 3x 1 hour personal Satsang Healing Session

Package A

“Choosing from the Heart”

65 minutes downloadable video course (comes also in mp3 format for your convenience)

This course is a transformational healing journey to the depth of your Heart, where you learn how to ask questions and receive “yes” and “no” answers from your own innate wisdom.

In this course Anushree guides you through sound healing with her beautiful voice and at times also using the light language, which comes through her, to the depth of your being.

There she shares how you can check in with your heart and get answers about decisions you want to make along your path.

The aim of this course is to learn how to make decisions based on the heart’s wisdom instead of the mind.

The mind can be a very useful tool for certain things, but in her experience, it definitely doesn’t know what happiness is (it has a lot of concepts about it, but these will very often not lead to true happiness…)

In this workshop she will help you deepen your connection with your own heart through guided meditation and healing sounds. You can think of it like a meditative musical healing journey to the center of your being.

This method has helped herself over the last decades to really make the necessary steps towards awakening and fully realizing her true Nature and she wants to share it now with you.

In her opinion it is so important to act from Truth, to speak from Truth and to be (in) Truth.

This course consists of:

  • 1 pdf “how to use the course material”
  • 1 pdf “Choosing from the Heart” (What does it mean to choose from the Truth of your Heart.)
  • 1 video (65 minutes) specially recorded for you to have a gentle yet very deep way of connecting with your own heart. In this place of Truth you will be shown an easy exercise how you can find out how Truth feels specifically for you. Then you will learn how to ask questions in this place of Truth.
  • 2 bonus videos, of 6 minutes each, with 2 other methods how you can access your Truth.
  • Additionally, you receive the whole course material also in mp3 (All the 3 videos are converted also to mp3 format for your convenience. These are 3 mp3 with the exact audio of the 3 videos.)

There is no difference in efficiency between the videos and the audios, as the energies and healing frequencies are embedded in the audio.

It is your choice whether you prefer to just listen to just the audio, or if you prefer to watch the video (with the same audio).

For some people it might be nice to watch the video, as it can give you more of a feeling of being in an in-person workshop with Anushree, for others it might be more comfortable to just listen to the audios. That’s why there are both options included in the package.

You also receive the following mp3s:

These mp3s are parts of the 65 minutes course, but Anushree decided to offer these parts also separately for your convenience.

You can use these after you have enjoyed the full course in order to:

still deepen your connection with your Heart, listen to them when you are sitting with a challenging question after the course
or just to enjoy some special time with your beautiful Heart.

  • MP3 1:  “Diving deep” (healing sounds and light language to help you go deep to the Truth of your Heart)
  • MP3 2: “Just listen to your Heart’s wisdom” (healing sounds and light language to help you go deep to the Truth of your Heart)
  • MP3 3: “Whenever I’m insecure” (Song by Anushree with guitar and voice)
  • MP3 4: “I ask my Heart” (healing sounds to thank your beautiful Heart for its wisdom)


You will receive:

“Choosing from the Heart”:

  • 65 minutes Downloadable video course
  • comes also in MP3 format
  • + 2 extra methods of connecting with Truth

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $54

Package B

Everything in PACKAGE A Plus…

50 minutes Individual Personal Online Session with Anushree

Every individual session can be quite different.

Anushree works very intuitively, being guided by the flow of life, there is no such thing as a standard session.

  • You could come for example with a specific wish or theme you want support with, be it emotional, physical, mental or spiritual, and this might lead to diving deeply into the uncovering and dissolving of old or new layers, childhood traumas or any other deep-rooted conditioning.
  • Or you could come with the wish to just be with what is, and then Anushree can be and work with you moment by moment with what is arising – being open to where this will lead.

All her sessions are ultimately aimed at supporting you on your path towards awakening and embodying, to help you realize the truth that we are not separate and that the whole story of the “I” is ultimately a story.

She wants to support you, your true Self, in becoming freer, less separate, and to experience true happiness.

Not in the sense of making you happier and more comfortable inside of your story, but to actually let the whole story of the separate me gently and lovingly just fall away – be it through healing it, or be it through realizing the untruth of it…

Her heart’s wish is for you to see real Beauty and to realize your true Self beyond any story and form.

All sessions purchased must be redeemed by the 31st of December 2020.


You will receive:

50 minutes Individual Personal Online Session with Anushree


“Choosing from the Heart”:

  • 65 minutes Downloadable video course
  • comes also in MP3 format
  • + 2 extra methods of connecting with Truth

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $108

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Private Session – whichever comes first.

Package C

Everything in PACKAGE A Plus…

1 Day Individual online Retreat:

3x 1 hour personal Satsang Healing Session with Anushree

This is an individual meditation & healing retreat tailored exactly to your needs in the moment, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

These 3 hours of being together during a 24 hour time period can be structured like a healing session, a question and answer time or a sitting in nurturing and cleansing silence with Truth.

You can bring any theme you would want to focus on this day, or there can be just the intention to awaken, establish and embody more in Truth – dissolving anything which might be in the way of fully experiencing and living your true Nature.

3 1-hour sessions will be scheduled with you during these 24 hours and the energy field will be held also in between the 3 sessions, deepening the whole process and helping you to integrate in between.

There has to be at least a 2-hour gap in between each 1-hour session, because Anushree wants you to really experience how it is to be for a longer time immersed in Truth.

This might intensify the experience but will help facilitate an even deeper process of letting go, an even more complete healing and embracing of what you truly are.

In the first few minutes of the first 1-hour Satsang Healing Session you can share with her, if you maybe have a specific intention or theme for this retreat. (you can write her about that beforehand as well, if you want to, but in her experience, this could also still change and she wants to honor what is really present on the retreat day.)

Therefore, in the moment of officially starting the retreat there will be a space held for setting the intention in this very moment.

The whole 3 hours will be tailored exactly to what you need in every moment. You can receive more healing, or more integration and grounding, or have time to ask any questions you might have all in tune with your specific needs on that particular day.

Often in our busy lives there is so much going on that “just” silence can maybe seem to be not enough, but in Anushree’s presence silence can be experienced as truly nurturing and centering, a real pointer towards Truth.

Her healing voice, sound and energy work will support you throughout the whole retreat day giving you a profound, yet loving and soothing experience of a deep transformative time with your Self.

If it is possible for you, Anushree recommends to take this time off of work (to not work in between the single Satsang Healing Sessions) and also to not engage in too much social activity along the whole retreat day. But if this is not possible for you, she completely understands, as our life in modern society can be quite demanding. The energy field, which will be held for you in between the sessions, will help you to still be more aware inside of your work or inside of your social encounters.

Please be aware that Anushree lives in Andalusia, Spain.

(That is depending on summer or winter time: CET or CEST / CET is for example 6 hours ahead of EST and 9 hours ahead of PST)

All the 3 Satsang Healing Sessions will be scheduled within 24 hours, but depending on in which time zone you are, they might not be on the same calendar day.

Here are some examples:

  • One session could be in your late evening and 2 on the following day, one in the morning and one around your lunchtime.
  • Or they could be your early morning, lunch and early afternoon.
    They don’t have to be spread out over the full 24 hours.
Anushree is very happy to make an effort so the times work for the both of you and looks very much forward to hosting this very special personal online retreat for you.

All retreat days purchased must be redeemed by the 31st of December 2020.


You will receive:

1 Day Individual online Retreat:

  • 3x 1 hour personal Satsang Healing Session with Anushree


“Choosing from the Heart”:

  • 65 minutes Downloadable video course
  • comes also in MP3 format
  • + 2 extra methods of connecting with Truth

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $180

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Individual Retreat – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Anushree

Anushree’s pure love knows no distance. Whether participating In-Person or Satsang Online, the connection is just the same. Love, light and peace radiate from Anushree. Her beautiful singing reverberates soul to soul and helps to calm the mind and soothe and heal. If you have a longing to know your heart, she can help guide you towards it.


One of the best things that happened to me was finding Anushree. She is deeply dedicated to helping people in both healing and finding the experience of their own divine nature. Whether at her Satsangs, or in one to one work, with loving words, lovely song, and insights collected from a lifetime of practice she creates a space for people to check in with their own heart. Anushree lives what she teaches, and is one of the most receptive and loving people I have met. When she listens to you, you feel deeply heard, and her being brings out the soft contours of your own. Her authenticity and open heart inspire a trust and sharing that is the foundation for the chance at a depth of exploration and inquiry that is rare.

Nathan Schechter

Founder, The New Mind Body Literacy

I feel humbled and blessed to have been guided by a friend to Anushree. I regularly tune in to her online satsangs and luckily live close by so am able to attend satsang with her in person. Anushree is a truly wonderful guide for transformation and healing. She provides space to honor yourself and deepen your connection, being in the presence of all that is, in every moment, you will feel Anushrees strong energy surrounding and holding you. I look forward to furthering my path towards truth alongside her.


Anushree is one of those extremely rare and stunningly beauty-full souls who’s heart is not only one of the kindest, most generous and compassionate I’ve come across, but whose commitment and devotion to serving the Divine, the greater good of all, is apparent in how she lives and everything she does. This depth of integrity, intelligence and commitment cannot help but translate in the work she does and it is one of the reasons why working with her is so incredibly powerful and life changing. Moreover, Anushree has the ability to see clearly in a way many healing arts practitioners do not, and she isn’t afraid to call out where things are out of balance or lacking understanding or integrity. She does so however in a very kind, gentle and palatable way, that allows for deep shifts to occur.

Anushree also has a gift to transmit healing and balancing frequencies through her voice. When I was working with her on things that deeply wobbled me, her beautiful, inwardly inspired songs and singing are incredibly soothing as healing and really helped me to transform my self negation patterns quickly!


About Anushree

Anushree is a spiritual teacher, sound and energy healer and intuitive guide. In her sound healings she also uses the light language, which she calls “language of the stars”, which came to her in the beginning of 2009.

Anushree’s heart’s desire is to help people who want to reconnect with their own true Essence, to support them in finding their way back home – to this loving stillness within.

Her loving and compassionate presence creates a field, in which you can resonate again with your own true Nature, that what you are beyond the world of the separate person. Saying that, also the individual aspect of divinity expressing in human form is completely and utterly loved, respected and actually encouraged to be lived in a fully grounded and integrated way.

She is holding space for you, no matter where you stand on your path right now, cutting through any mental or emotional overlaying thoughts and concepts down to that innermost Heart of yours.
Since her childhood her own deep connection with the Divine has always expressed in her deep love for music.

In 2001 she started to travel for several years through India and lived for some time in the ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi Ma (Ammaji). There she started to practice yoga and energy healing, discovered the world of mantras and its healing power and understood the immensity and at the same time nothingness of silence. Here she received her name – “anu” as a prefix meaning “the one, who has the consciousness of” and “shree” being an old name for Lakshmi, the Goddess of material and spiritual wealth. “Anu” by itself stands for “sound” – her teacher having seen her musical gift way before she got in contact with how the Divine wants to express through her.

She uses her voice as medium to represent the unspeakable beauty and love of the One in this physical realm.

Throughout her whole life she has experienced many profound realizations, one of them, which for her was especially life changing, was the event when in December 2004 the Tsunami hit the Indian cost where she lived…

For more information you can visit www.beingsatsang.com

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