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Master Energy Intuitive, educator and a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine

Option #1:

Youthing System: a 12-week AltWaters™ System

It has taken four decades of Research and Development to bring to the Planet the next generation of the newly rediscovered medical astronomy. Now there is a very real possibility of breaking through the limits of bio-molecular medicine/western medicine. With the subtle frequencies of the AltWaters™ System we are now able to reach the most subtle levels of the human body, the Atomic and Subatomic levels, and beyond never before dealt with because we didn’t know they existed. This is true deep cellular cleansing.

DigitalPollution… This first formula clears 100% of the harmful digital electronic frequencies from your computer brain, the Control Center of the human body, before beginning StepOne. It’s important to prevent recontamination after this 3-week jumpstart. The AltWaters™ Maltese Medallion is 100% guaranteed to do that for you!

StepOnetargets the Vital Signs (respiration, blood pressure, heart rate/pulse, core temperature). The root cause of much of the malfunctioning of the human system! As your vital signs normalize, your body will be able to gain the strength to accomplish the rest of the repair/regeneration process.

StepTwo… a shift towards improved focus and grounding begins to take place as your body’s subtle harmonic electrical system amps up. Now work begins on your digestion, joints, sleep issues, and the stabilization of your energy system. Low-level inflammation begins to clear.

StepThree through StepSix… are the expansion formulas designed to take the hyper/ultra-sensitive constitution through the System at a slower, gentler, pace: StepThree-clearing buried emotions StepFour-improving thinking processes StepFive-dealing with psychological hang-ups StepSix-continuing the physical aspects of “healing”.

StepSeven… addresses more subtle levels beyond the cellular. Now your body’s specific need for vitamins, minerals, etc. is met with this formula for fine-tuned improvement of function. Most importantly, the acidic pH can revert back to close to its normal alkaline base where no disease can live. The frequencies of thousands of herbs and other “naturals” in this one formula are used to accomplish reaching the molecular level of the body.

StepEight… digs even deeper to heal (cleanse/repair/regenerate) and neutralize at the extremely subtle levels of the atomic and subatomic structure of the human body. It is very important to know, that cellular memory is also cleared to prevent the reoccurrence of symptomology.

WellFutureis in the last place before beginning your Preventive Maintenance formulas. This power formula was designed to “seek-and-find” each individual’s “Healthprint”, your unique set of health issues brought on by everything that ever happened to you—as unique as your fingerprint. Cellular regeneration is now at work—not always a comfortable process, as the bone marrow’s new stem cells begin to differentiate into new cells for those damaged beyond the normal regeneration process! You have an amazing body that was designed to self-repair once the “root cause” of your health issues is discovered and returned to wellness! Now your JOB is to keep it at peak performance. Your Preventive Maintenance, used daily will help you do that!

Power 1 & Power 2 Preventive Maintenance for Life! The Power formulas can only be used by those who have completed the 12-week System. Power 1 is a new concept in supplementation that makes it easy to stay healthy upon completion of the 12-week AltWaters™ System. Power 2 reaches beyond the SubAtomic level to the SubAtomic layers where all the diseases reside that have “no known cause, no known cure“ plus the toxic medications used to mask the symptoms. This is the beginning of your ongoing Preventive Maintenance, the forever way to be sure you’ll be forever well!

Option #2:

Healing the Sensitive/
Ultra Sensitive and Empath
~Body, Mind and Spirit

with Altwaters™ 5-Week SUSE System
(that’s “SooSee”)

There are only 10% of Sensitive Personas—and 1% of them are “SooSees”—on the Planet. The other 90% have a Strong Persona and don’t have a clue about all that makes up an Ultra Sensitive Person — what makes you “tick”, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Just surviving has been tough. You are about to get some answers. Real answers. It’s all in these special waters by Altwaters™ that cleans to the Atomic and SubAtomic layers, where real healing happens.

1st DigitalPlus: Clears ALL Digital and “chaotic” Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) that causes scarring of the cells, there for cell hydration and cell self-repair, is impaired.

2nd Purify: Cells are cleansed of ALL poisons and systemic infections, the cause of inflammation and resulting pain! Auto-toxification is also addressed.

3rd Enlighten: The body’s Innate Healing System is reactivated with the healing of all trauma from Past and Present lifetimes, plus repair of the Aura’s protective influence. Now Stem Cells begin the regeneration process and the vibrational body can merge with its Divine Blueprint.

— PLUS —

Two Preventive Maintenance formulas
to keep you at peak performance for a lifetime!

Do 4th Power 2! Puts the finishing touches on DigitalPlus and Purify at the deepest LAYERS of cellular cleansing, the Atomic and SubAtomic.
—TROUBLE? This is your Go-To formula!—

Do 5th Power 1: Your Aura formula accesses the deepest LAYERS of healing — past, present and future. This is where miracles happen as the vibrational body merges with its DIVINE BluePrint…Plus TOTAL NUTRITION!

Amazing results with just 1 drop per day of each of these 5 vibrational energy formulas!


“Emergency” the last formula designed for crisis intervention!

Use any time/any CRISIS situation—physical or mental trauma including heart attack/struck by lighting or a rattle snake bite!

Option #3:

The Maltese Medallion Therapeutic Jewelry

This beautiful handcrafted sterling silver Maltese Medallion has been charged to provide protection from the negative effects of the frequencies associated with magnetics and electric.

Harmful frequencies are virtually impossible to avoid: ELF waves, electrical power lines, air travel, X-rays, MRIs, microwaves, electrical appliances, TVs, computers, cell phones, cell towers, streaming WIFI and harmful underground currents and now the new sun’s radiation.

The Maltese Medallion is the only piece of therapeutic jewelry that we know of that actually deflects electric, radiation, EMR’s and geopathic stress and therefore is “clean” forever. Other pieces accumulate the above and therefore may, after a short time, not be protective, giving a false sense of security.

Because the Medallion deflects, it therefore protects. IT DOES NOT clear the accumulated effects of electropollution already in the body. To neutralize this type of cellular damage can be accomplished with the AltWatersTM Systems, which among other things, neutralized electrical overload. The Medallion will prevent any future accumulation.

For complete protection, the pendant should be worn either over or under clothing at the heart level (heart chakra). It may also be pinned on a piece of clothing over the heart — a tee-shirt pocket.

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Once your Medallion is received, purchase a good sturdy chain. The silk cord provided is only temporary. Use a square knot to prevent the knot from slipping and loss of the Medallion.

The Maltese Medallion is known to be a symbol of protection and a badge of honor for humanitarian workers.

This symbol has been adopted by many civic organizations including firefighters and ambulance services for use as a badge to represent strength and commitment in aiding one’s fellow man.

Option #4:

AltWaters™ “Forgiveness Assist” mini-kit

Includes a Before & After Progress Report with a 15 minute consult with carol upon completion.

Using this mini-kit before or after either of the AltWaters™ Systems enhances the results from 90% to beyond 100% or off the chart/OTC

Are you stuck in old memories and thoughts, perhaps lodged in your subconscious mind? Releasing negativity from your Harmonic Energy Field, helps you achieve total wellness and the glorious gift of giving yourself access to your true Soul – the “Divine Blueprint” of who you really are and were always meant to be, lifetime after lifetime!

Step 1: MemoryPlus – Accessing/releasing painful, negative, untruthful beliefs (past and present) about self. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, you automatically experience your life positively. As a bonus, it also works to improve everyday functional memory/recall!

Step 2: Stabilizer – Gain a strong self-image, achieve a balanced feeling, centered/focused daily life. Foster positive reactions to life, releasing anger/resentment, grudges, and depression/anxiety.

Step 3: Braveheart – Promotes courage, strength, determination when facing fear. Releases negative beliefs, past life fears.

Step 4: SoulPower – A trauma-shattered Soul made whole. Knowing your higher power/achieving connection to your authentic self!

Step 5: StressLess – All-natural way to neutralize stress from today’s society —demands of family, job performance, placing undue challenges from what life throws at us.

Option #5:

AltWaters™ “Regain Positive Body Image” mini-kit

Includes a Before & After Progress Report with a 15 minute consult with carol upon completion.

Using this mini-kit before or after either of the AltWaters™ Systems enhances the results from 90% to beyond 100% or off the chart/OTC

We are all concerned about looking our best not only each morning, but throughout the day. Looking good makes us feel good, ready and able to take on life’s challenges. All kinds of things affect our looks —poor eating habits, stress, medications, and now the new sun’s dangerous radiation —and much, much more!.

Step 1: OneStep – Across-the-board impact upon your body’s needs. Helps remove cellular waste plus dissolves bad fats/oil in diet, a catalyst to improve the digestive process. Reduces stress/emotional overwhelm, brain fatigue, addictions/cravings. Begins cellular repair for “cell communication.”

Step 2: GreatSkin – The largest organ of the body, your skin is an excellent barometer of your health. Stimulates internal cleansing through special detoxifiers to reduce cellulite, dark spots and refine pores, to name just a few of its benefits.

Step 3: GreatHair – Begins restoration process for your hair’s health/vitality by restoring follicle function and regrowth of lost or thinning hair due to stress, chemo, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

Step 4: Zzzz’s – Release of nervous energy, racing thoughts, emotional overwhelm that leads to difficulty getting/staying asleep all night —the time when most healing happens.

Step 5: LookingGood – Helps to achieve your good body image from the inside out. Formulated to compliment all the formulas in your kit.

Option #6:

AltWaters™ “Vet-in-a-Bottle” mini-kit

Plus FREE “PetScan 2020” Wellness Report and 15 minute Consultation with Carol upon completion.

WellPet Formulas – Seven formulas in one; great nutrition booster, plus powerful detoxifiers, anti-microbial, worms, calcification, inflammation and even “personality problems”.

Emergency – When a crisis hits, this is the formula to have on hand, whether it’s a disease, high temperature, breathing problems, emotional trauma or even a snake or poisonous insect bite! Because Emergency restores the body’s vital signs, it literally saves lives!

NoPainNoItch – PAIN, whether from injury or disease, surgery or drugs that are toxic to the body. Now you can use a non-toxic formula to either take the place of pain medications (including morphine), or allow you to use less medication.

StressLess – Now an all-natural way to neutralize stress has been designed to assist us in modern day society constantly demanding performance under duress.

Option #7:

AltWaters™ “Survival” mini-kit

Plus one FREE 15 minute consult with Carol when needed

Emergency – When a crisis hits, this is the formula to have on hand, whether at home, work or vacation, and especially outdoors. Because Emergency restores the body’s vital signs, it literally saves lives.

Inflammation – A unique formula that contains the frequencies of multiple herbs and other “naturals” that are known to clear the inflammation that causes pain.

NoPainNoItch PAIN, whether from injury, disease, burns, surgery, toothaches, sports — in the past we would have used aspirin, rub-on ointment or drugs that are poisonous to the body. Now you can use a non-toxic formula to either take the place of pain medications (including morphine), or allow you to use less medication.

StressLess – Now an all-natural way to neutralize stress has been designed to assist us in modern day society constantly demanding performance under duress.

WaterPure – Purification of water from a less than pristine source.

Note: Use WaterPure in plastic/glass container only (metal scrambles the frequencies of vibrational formulas)

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Original 12-Week AltWaters™ System 2020 for Sensitives & Strong Personas

+ FREE “EnerygScan 2020”—includes a 45 min Wellness Report Consultation with Carol upon completion, and one Follow-up Scan, plus Educational Materials

Total Value $760

35% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $497 + Shipping


AltWaters™ 5-Week SUSE System for Sensitive, UltraSensitive, Empath

+ FREE “EnerygScan 2020”—includes a 45 min Wellness Report Consultation with Carol upon completion, and one Follow-up Scan, plus Educational Materials

Total Value $305

51% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $150 + Shipping


Maltese Medallion, Sterling Silver EMR deflecting Therapeutic Jewelry

Total Value $150

20% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $120 + Shipping


If purchased with a System

33% Discount


AltWaters™ “Forgiveness Assist” mini-kit

+ FREE Before and After Progress Report and 15 minute Consult with Carol upon completion

Total Value $210

36% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $135 + shipping


AltWaters™ “Regain Positive Body Image” mini-kit

+ FREE Before and After Progress Report and 15 minute Consult with Carol upon completion

Regular Price $210

36% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $135 + Shipping


AltWaters™ “Vet-in-a-Bottle” mini-kit

+ FREE “PetScan”—includes a 15 minute Consult with Carol upon completion

Total Value $210

36% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $135 + Shipping


AltWaters™ “Survival”…”First Aid the Safe and Natural Way” mini-kit

+ FREE 15 minute Consult with Carol when needed!

Total Value $210

36% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $135 + shipping

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase of unopened bottles

What others are saying about Carol Keppler

12-Week System

Before starting the 12-Week System, I spent a few years searching for a way to feel better. I had severe brain fog (could not focus), weight gain, insomnia, depression, overwhelm (I could seriously go on and on….). I went to M.D.’s, holistic doctors, had Bio-feedback done, etc. I spent a crazy amount of money to receive a crazy amount of diagnosis’s…it was draining to get my hopes up with sooo many “remedies” that failed. The focus was always on the secondary issues, nothing was hitting the “root” issue(s)…none of the doctors even knew what that was. I had a Scan done from Carol, which amazed me! Among other health issues, Carol told me I was a “Sensitive” and had electric poisoning. After the 21 days on ElectroPollution I noticed a HUGE difference in my clarity, my nervous system, and I could sleep! I just finished the System and started the Preventive Maintenance 🙂 I am SO HAPPY I found AltWaters and my Miracle Worker, Carol! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

KS in Arizona

SUSE System

I’ve known Carol and I have heard success stories about her Formulas for 20 years. I am a holistic life wellness coach helping Carol Keppler launch her dream project…AltWaters™ Center for Life & Living, a de-aging project for Seniors whose time has come! I am a sensitive soul. I am empathic, I sense energy and I can feel other people’s energy and emotions. I trust my body and my intuition, which is exactly what I did when I was almost poisoned to death. My body is a virgin to medication, and I intend to keep it that way! I could feel the poison running through my veins and it immediately came to me to get on Carol’s formulas. Although it was scary at the time, I didn’t tell anyone and focused on keeping my mindset positive by continuously claiming my well-being, I completed the SUSE System and will be on the preventive maintenance for life! It keeps my body alkaline, where disease cannot survive. I am aligning with my Divine Blueprint with the intention to reach my highest potential in this lifetime and I’m approaching 60, alive and thriving with a biological age of 16! How does it get any better than that?

S.W.t, Phoenix, AZ

SUSE System

“I noticed my 5 year old daughter developing a motor tic and over a period of 9 months they kept getting worse. I took her to the doctor and they wanted to refer her to a neurologist…it was a 2 week wait for her to be seen..They had gotten pretty severe. It was very overwhelming for her and school was getting ready to start. So while waiting for her appt I decided to call Carol and get her started on her formulas right away! Carol started her on the Suse kit and within DAYS the tics were completely gone! She has been doing maintenance drops and continues to be free of motor tics! This has been such a blessing! My daughter now asks for her “Magic Water” every morning (Our nick name for it)”

Forever Grateful -Baileigh & Family

Urbano, OH

Vet-in-a-Bottle kit

A few weeks ago we had a tragedy turned Miracle!! I can’t describe how GRATEFUL we are for the WellPet Kit! Our lil 20lb baby girl (jack russell mix) was ran over by a car — it was horrific!! We don’t have a vet hospital near us and her head was swelling on one side along with blood and swelling of mouth same side. Used EMERGENCY, and about 45 minutes later I noticed the swelling went down!! We continued with the WellPet and NoPain (and the Divine Prayer Carol suggested). She was sore for a couple days, but back to biting my slippers and running around like a maniac 3 days later…I have NEVER been more impressed! I’m not sure if it’s related to the waters, but she oddly has no fear from the “incident” — it’s like it never happened. I think EVERYONE with a pet should have this kit in case of emergencies like that!!!

C.M. in Phoenix, AZ

Vet-in-a-Bottle kit

We started using Emergency with our dog Jax about a year ago. Jax was diagnosed with epilepsy and while the medications were keeping his “cluster” seizures under control, he was still having a seizure every few weeks. After a seizure, Jax would spend 5-10 minutes regaining control of his body, sight and breath. He would spend the next 2 ½ to 3 hours pacing the house, wanting in and out the back door. It was exhausting when he would have them in the middle of the night. We gave him Emergency once he stopped convulsing and within 15 minutes, his breathing had regulated, he wasn’t pacing at all and was back to sleep within 45 minutes. From that day forward I recommend Emergency to everyone for everything!

A.M Glendale, AZ

Survival Kit

Everyone should have this on hand! I was out off-roading in the middle of the desert and stung by something…I didn’t see what it was but pulled out a stinger…and it was right over my heart. It was developing little bumps all around it and the pain was spreading across my chest. I only had a little bit of Emergency, so I took 2 half-droppers by mouth (normally would have taken 5 h.d.) and rubbed some topically on the sting. I applied topically every 10 min or so. The swelling, bumps and pain went away within 20 min! I took one more h.d. and applied topically, looked at it about an hour later (unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of it gone) and couldn’t even tell I was stung! Amazing!

KAS, Peoria, AZ

About Carol Keppler

Master Energy Intuitive, educator and a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine

Carol Keppler started her search for a natural and harm-free way to heal her body when at age 50, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. It has taken almost 40 years using what Carol calls “intuited research” to pull together the literally thousands of pieces that have become this System and the AltWaters™ product line. She believes it has been sent to help heal the Planet with water, not cut, burn and poison.

Because she has no scientific background, Carol gives all praise and glory to the Creator of these magnificently designed bodies whose 75 trillion cells, once cleansed, have the power to self-repair. Carol’s discovery of using frequency-infused water to neutralize accumulated toxins at the atomic and subatomic levels of the body is cutting edge technology.

Carol’s crystal-clear intuition has helped thousands of clients as she scans their cellular energy to discover blocks to wellness. Moreover, she always shares the miracle of the water formulas, which so effectively neutralize these blocks, giving hope to even those who are considered “incurable”. She has a knowingness that there is nothing in the body that can’t self-repair once the cells are cleansed, given sufficient water and manifest time. She has given us answers where there were none ¬— and hope!

Carol’s passion for sharing health and healing has been geared to teaching how the wisdom of the body works as it interacts with the water formulas for true cell regeneration–and wellness for life. At 85 she is a pioneer in the wide-open field of electroceuticals, the new energy medicine. Her most recent discoveries are in the area of “chaotic electric” and its damage to the human body. When our frequencies are out of harmony we experience dis-ease and a scramble to design even more powerful drugs to mask the symptoms. We are not, as reported, living longer — we are dying longer. It’s time for us to be the game-changers, the leaders in the movement to heal the Planet with water — not cut, burn and poison.

And maybe, just maybe, the use of toxic drugs to treat dis-ease will one day be considered outdated. In the meantime, we here at AltWaters™, consider all of you who resonate with these ideas as members of the AltWaters™ family. You have been willing to think “out of the box” and become the messengers of health and wholeness, the safe and natural way.

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