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Astrojewel Your Astrology Charm Aries to Pisces


90min Harness Your Miracle State Hypnosis Session


90min Step Into Your Stardust Hypnosis Session + Natal Astrology Chart

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Astrojewel – Your Astrology Charm Aries to Pisces

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Astrojewels connect you to the power of the stars in the constellation which is your sun sign (Aries to Pisces). If you know your astrology you can also buy for your zodical moon and rising signs.

Worn on the wrist, these wraps six times around your wrist with a shamballa cord to open (different to picture).

Sizes: medium and large.


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You will receive:

Astrojewel – Your Astrology Charm

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $50

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2x Astrojewels – Your Astrology Charm

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $95

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Harness Your Miracle State Hypnosis Session

LENGTH : 1.5 hour by zoom — (Local phone numbers available)

Harness your miracle state using deep trance to connect with this Future Now state and bridge your perfect future with the present You.

This session uses deep trance to help you manifest the state of miracles. You will be supported with deep visualising and using the deepest state of trance available to you.

Carmelle will guide you to create an energetic bridge through the Quantum matrix, linking your mind’s picture with elevated emotions such as love, gratitude, joy, happiness, freedom and consciousness.

This is powerful change work where you can be supported to move beyond manifesting roadblocks, by learning to energetically FEEL and bridge the desired miracle state into your body and your powerful electro-magnetic field. Learn to use the power of your heart, your major energy centres and your mind as a portal to the power of the Quantum.


You will receive:


1.5 hour by Zoom (Local phone numbers available)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $120

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page


Step Into Your Stardust Hypnosis Session

LENGTH : 1.5 hour by zoom — (Local phone numbers available)

Connect with your stars, your star ancestors and starseed resources
The power of your blood, your cells, your DNA and RNA are filled with the residue of star-particles from our amazing evolutionary journey on earth. As you opened your eyes as baby and took your first breath, above were the heavens and below was the earth where you were birthed.

The celestial bodies (stars, and planets and all of the energies of deep space) were aligned in a specific combination that is woven into your human or soul destiny.

Since antiquity the planets aligning have foretold of famous births, yet stars sit in all our charts, and much of this ancient knowledge remains lost to humanity in general. Most people know a little bit about their Sun sign (which makes horoscopes so unreliable) or maybe even the position of their Sun in the constellation of stars that constitute each Zodiac sign, but what more can be found?

As your awareness of these cosmic resources expands, so too can your opportunities to make better use of that stardust.

You can connect with the guiding planets and stars guide that may help you to make sense of your earthly purpose.

Are you an innovator, a communicator, a mediator, or the rock in your family or community?

Birth charts can reveal the inner and outer challenges we need to focus on more in this lifetime. Connecting with a guiding planet or star can give you a greater awareness of powerful resources that are ‘above and beyond’ the daily challenges.



You will receive:


1.5 hour by Zoom (Local phone numbers available)

Includes your Natal Astrology Chart

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $130

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page


You will receive:

Natal Astrology Chart with 6 key fixed stars


Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $15

About Carmelle Riley

Carmelle supports clients with change work using deep trance and energy healing. She works with people who want to find, connect and use their unlimited inner and divine resources to unwind limiting beliefs, conditions, stories and programs, re-generate positive new states for self- change.

Letting go and clearing limiting and negative emotions formed in childhood, along with personal and intergenerational trauma are the start She then guides a client to connect with future goals that are visualised, mapped and energetically connected with.

To manifest powerful self-change, Carmelle guides her clients with hypnosis, quantum touch, and guided meditations, and woven into this is connecting people to their star-guides, their crystalline star-gates through deep-space astrology. Carmelle is guided by the stars Hine-takurua (Sirius) and Aōtahi (Canopus) and she loves to work with others to find their tāwhiti tipuna.

Carmelle emerged out of a childhood where division, violence, abuse, fear, neglect, cultural and whānau disconnection shaped much of her early years. Her life-mission has been about sharing light, creating positive change and connecting with others in their divine light. Carmelle practised as a commercial lawyer till 2000 till she realised a legal career didn’t align with her passion for serving humanity and the collective consciousness…. so she moved into coaching start-up innovations and now, individuals.

What can you expect in a trance-work session with Carmelle?

Re-generative Hypnosis
Carmelle is a certified NZ Hypnotherapy Professional who practices modern hypnotherapy focused on the client’s internal experiences, understandings and intuition to support paradigm shifts and positive self-development. Her practice follows a Neo-Ericksonian maternal style based on the client’s self-actualised change. Carmelle is registered with NZ’s largest professional hypnotherapy association Hypnosis New Zealand and abides with the HNZ Code of Ethics. She has a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and is currently training to full certification as a Simpson Protocol Practitioner

Quantum Touch
Quantum-Touch is a powerful quantum healing technique that works with Mauri or Life Force Energy (the flow of energy that sustains all life on earth), and links with the body’s innate intelligence, to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness. A Quantum touch session will help to focus, amplify, and direct life force energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results. Quantum touch can be performed face to face or remotely. You will learn a lot about breathing. You can work with current, past or future issues.

Quantum touch is used for reducing back pain , realigning structure, balancing organs, glands and systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, healing burns, and so much more.

Carmelle is a certified quantum touch practitioner. A big part of her practice is connecting you to the huge power of your heart and training you to re-use heart energy to reduce pain, and for huge impact in your life.

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