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Vibrational Genetics

Healing and Wellness Package

This package offered by Jeilene is designed to bring you into your heart awareness, boost your immunity, help your body maintain longevity and vitality, and create coherence with your PRIME State of Being. Each channeled meditation includes tones to bring shifts and alignment to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

4 Channeled meditations with tones and support materials

  • Heart Centering and Expansion
  • Adapting Your Immunity to the New Environment
  • Longevity and Vitality with the Bowhead Whales
  • Super-Charge Your PRIME 5 Movements Practice  ~ with pdf description of movements.

2 Months free membership to the Light Vibes Learning Community

The LVLC is a place to gather, learn, and connect with others on your healing and expansion journey. New channeled information is posted each month from Jeilene’s guides, the Mantis and Earth Logos Collectives, along with a live webcast.

Healing and Wellness Package

  • 4 Channeled meditations with tones and support materials
  • 2 Months free membership to the Light Vibes Learning Community

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $79

What others are saying about Jeilene Tracey

I received a lab test in Dec confirming info from our session – cortisol levels were elevated just you as said (too high in the morning and in the evening). The HPA supplement you recommended has been working wonders and an added bonus I lost 6 pounds that I’ve been trying to lose for five years.

~Nancy Bates

I have had many physical and emotional changes since our session, but the one thing for sure I wanted to share was that my ear is better, it changed immediately. I would describe it as drier and overall, not uncomfortable. This has been hugely helpful. I can’t thank you enough! Also on my walk, I shared my appreciation to the Mantids for their attention to the Earth, it’s been absolutely exciting to work with you!

~C. Soubasis

Jeilene is a wonderful healer. Her work is clear, unique, and very powerful. I came to her extremely symptomatic after surgery after my endocrine system. Immediately after my first session with her, I felt relief and a deeper understanding of my healing process. I benefited greatly from several sessions with her which allowed us to work through the layers as they were ready to be released. I highly recommend her amazing work.

~Laura Torpey

I’ve been seeing Jeilene Tracey for healing and psychic guidance for a number of years now. I have gut issues and she’s always been able to tell me the reason for my problem and how best to remedy it as well as doing her vibrational healing. Her work is very thorough and accurate. I walk away feeling better and continue to feel better as her work integrates into my body and energetic field. Her psychic work is spot in and her guidance gives me a deep understanding into whatever is going on in my life. Jeilene is a master healer.

~Rachel Pfotenhauer

Jeilene has been an integral part of both my spiritual journey as an energy practitioner and my personal health journey for the past several years. She offers a very sacred, safe space for her expansive work whether it is Theta Healing, Body Talk, a psychic reading or her beautiful, healing vibrational tones.

Jeilene has an authenticity and compassion to her that immediately brings you in and comforts you. Her knowledge of the body and the microbiome along with her intuition and guidance has been invaluable to me and I always leave her presence with a deeper level of clarity, lightness, and self-awareness. I know I will continue my work with Jeilene and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical healing or psychic guidance.

~E Denise Sutter

About Jeilene Tracey

Jeilene Tracey uses light-coded sound and energy to heal, soothe, and balance the emotional, mental, and physical body down to the molecular level. She developed and practices the modality Vibrational Genetics drawing on her training in molecular biology, Reiki, BodyTalk, ThetaHealing and Shamanism. Combining aspects of each of these methods, Jeilene offers a uniquely grounded metaphysical healing experience that is transformative, effective and empowers you to create changes in your life for lasting health and vitality.

The Vibrational Genetics modality was developed by Jeilene during her work with clients as a BodyTalk practitioner when she began to connect with several multidimensional beings who offered their help and guidance during healing sessions. It first came as a surprise, but after many validating experiences, she began to trust this source of information and guidance. The relationship Jeilene has fostered with these beings led to her use of sound as a means of shifting patterns of DNA expression, cell communication, energy body upgrades and amplification of dormant potentials within the body.

Through Jeilene’s healing work, she has also reawakened her deep connection to the Earth and its transformative healing power. As we are an integral part of the whole Gaian system, humans function best when in an active relationship with Earth and the Web of Life. Gaia represents a key component to our healing, longevity, and well-being; knowledge that indigenous and ancient peoples all across our globe have understood for thousands of years. Through this Earth connection, Jeilene has learned how to channel the song of the Earth to bring healing, guidance and DNA re-alignment to a higher resonance.

Jeilene received her degree in Biology from Smith College with an emphasis on Molecular Biology and spent 15 years in the biotech industry working for cutting edge start-ups focused on revolutionizing healthcare through novel ways of understanding human genetics and the microbiome. At the age of 39, she began her awakening journey, sparked by several personal aspects of her life that created the need for growth and expansion of consciousness. This began a multi-year discovery process of the metaphysical world that led to a complete shift in every aspect of her life and continues to this day. Jeilene has studied several healing modalities such as Reiki, ThetaHealing, Shamanism, and BodyTalk. Her sessions are inspired by these practices and she uses aspects of each when appropriate to offer the highest potential for healing and change.

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