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Intuitive Energy Healer & Teacher. She helps people & children release lower vibrational emotions, trauma, and thought processes on a DNA level




PACKAGE A + 30-minute Private Session

Package A


These tracks are incredibly powerful; you will be shifting on a deep level. Be sure to be easy with yourself and drink lots of pure blessed water. I would recommend only listening to one track a day until you have gone through all of them, allowing the first round of frequencies to embed into your energy field. After that, feel free to play them as often as you’d like. Each time you play them, your body can absorb higher frequency codes. Playing these tracks in the background on silent is beautiful as the codes that are embedded in the frequencies will permeate the room and uplift the consciousness that is present there.

Begin to tell a new story as you listen to these tracks. You may wish to keep a journal of what limitations come up for you as you listen to these tracks, and be willingly to look at them differently. These activations will help you release the densities in your identity that have been keeping you in lack and help you restructure your body’s DNA and subconscious to a higher-level consciousness. The work that is required of you is to build new neuropathways to match these higher frequencies. As you listen to these tracks rewrite your story and remind yourself of your new story throughout the day until those neuropathways are built into your subconscious and it is your new normal.”

The light language activations I recorded with the angelic realm and Ascended Masters including Jesus, are creating a pathway to bring heaven to earth in your body in physical form. We open doorways to pull those experiences those incredible frequencies into the physical body while releasing and unraveling densities that are standing in the way of you receiving them. As you listen to them, you will learn how to manifest in physical form, bringing the frequency of what you wish to experience into the body. We also open a conversation between the soul & body so they can begin to build a trusting relationship where trust has been lacking because of past experiences. We open a pathway for energy to flow through the body so it releases the fear & resistance of thinking it can’t handle the higher ascension frequencies. You begin to observe the mind, body, & soul through the filter of compassion.””

During these tracks the angelic realm is lifting and attuning you to higher and higher frequencies (dimensional realms) in the background. You may notice there are pauses when it seems like nothing is happening, know that in those pauses your entire being, is being attuned to frequencies that most of us have not yet fully been able to receive and embody here.” Pure source energy is embedded into each one of these journeys, activating a closer connection with source energy throughout your mind, body, and soul.”

1 – Heart Coherence Meditation

DURATION: 12 minutes!

This is my most requested mediation after I work with clients!

In this meditation we focus on breath, running energy, and bringing coherence to the body’s heart center which then filters out to the rest of your body and energy fields.

Listen to this in the AM, PM or during your lunch hour and it will easily guide you into the dimensions of peace and harmony, bringing coherence to your mind, body, and soul.

2 – Receiving Divine Love Activation

DURATION: 22 minutes

This is my most asked for activation. Jesus walks you through a journey of opening up to receiving Divine Love. He invites you to rest back into his arms as he brings in codes to release the densities of unworthiness to receive love.


  • experience love like never before as he wraps you in his white cloak embedding his energy of infinite divine love into your being
  • open the doors to receiving divine love, change your subconscious beliefs around being worthy to receive all the good the universe wishes to bring you

3 – Clearing Distortion Energies Activation

DURATION: 39 minutes

In this activation, I explain how dark entities are formed along with other lower vibrational energies and how they attach to your energy field.

As I explain how they are formed, the Angels begin to release them from your energy fields. They are working in the background helping you to raise your vibrations allowing them to help you release lower vibrational energies on a deeper level.


  • how to release other people’s negative thoughts, energies, and emotions from your energy field
  • how to release dark entities, earthbound spirits, and soul fragments from your energy fields
  • how to revoke all contracts, vows, oaths, and agreements you may have unknowingly made with others

4 – Soul Body Fusion Activation

DURATION: 22 minutes

In this activation, we introduce the body to the spirit.

Your body has its own consciousness; it is a beautiful temple that was gifted to you to house our spirit. When you begin to uplift and honor the body, it relaxes and more of the spirit can come into the body.

Arch Angel Uriel is brilliant at fusing these two parts of ourselves to work together in harmony.


  • how to bring your body & soul into harmony so you can embody higher, more harmonious frequencies
  • how to speak and see your body consciousness to change your relationship with your body into one of divine love

5 – 5th Dimensional Upgrade Activation

DURATION: 32 minutes!

This activation begins by clearing your energy fields with the violet flame to make space for you to step into the higher dimensional realities of peace, joy, and love.

We then tap into those aspects of you that reside in these higher dimensions already, alongside the ascended masters and angels.

Lastly, we bring those aspects of you back into the human body and fuse those aspects of yourself with your body, anchoring all aspects of you into your body into this now moment.


  • how to expand out into the 5th Dimension at any time.
  • how to step into the observer role anytime you feel out of alignment and bring yourself back into the higher dimensional realities of Joy, peace, abundance, and love

6 – Step Into Your Power Activation

DURATION: 32 minutes

This activation begins by first pulling everyone & everything out of your energy fields that isn’t you. This allows you to become clear on who you are and what you want without any outside influences clouding your inner knowing.

Then we move into your Solar Plexus, bringing in frequencies to upgrade this center and attune it to the new frequencies. We guide you through this center to begin to manifest the life you wish to create.


  • how you’ve given your power out and bring your power back to you.
  • how to step onto the golden path of creation, use I am statements, and manifest the You, you want to become and experience.

7 – Open Your Telepathic Channel Activation

DURATION: 36 minutes

Kuan Yin and the Arch Angels guide you through an activation journey to increase your ability to communicate telepathically.

The Angels carry you to the higher realms of the 9th and 12th dimensions and then help you pull those vibrations back down into the physical body helping to attune it even more.


  • how to activate your pineal gland with light codes and connect it to your third eye
  • how to release limiting beliefs around being able to communicate telepathically, allowing for a beautiful flow of giving and receiving information to come into you
  • how to clear heart blocks allowing for greater access and expansion into the quantum field

8 – Call in The Frequency of Money Activation

DURATION: 35 minutes

Join the Arch Angels as they help you release subconscious beliefs around what money is and isn’t. As they guide incoherent subconscious beliefs out, they then begin to bring in new coherent pathways.


  • how to release oaths and old contracts you may have made with money in other lifetimes.
  • how to embed the frequency of money into your bio-field of energy, helping you become a money magnet!

Package A

You will receive:


  • Heart Coherence Meditation — 12 minutes
  • Receiving Divine Love Activation — 22 minutes
  • Clearing Distortion Energies Activation — 39 minutes
  • Soul Body Fusion Activation — 22 minutes
  • 5th Dimensional Upgrade Activation — 32 minutes
  • Step Into Your Power Activation — 32 minutes
  • Open Your Telepathic Channel Activation — 36 minutes
  • Call in The Frequency of Money Activation — 35 minutes

Normally offered at: $176

44% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A +

A 30-minute private session

In this 30-minute session I can dive into any questions you may be seeking intuitive guidance on, bring in specific codes that your team of light sees that you may need, or connect you with your child etc. Come with a clear intention of what you would like to receive!

Package B

You will receive:

A 30-minute Private Session



  • Heart Coherence Meditation — 12 minutes
  • Receiving Divine Love Activation — 22 minutes
  • Clearing Distortion Energies Activation — 39 minutes
  • Soul Body Fusion Activation — 22 minutes
  • 5th Dimensional Upgrade Activation — 32 minutes
  • Step Into Your Power Activation — 32 minutes
  • Open Your Telepathic Channel Activation — 36 minutes
  • Call in The Frequency of Money Activation — 35 minutes

Normally offered at: $251

49% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $127

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Private Session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Erica VanEaton

Erica is an exceptionally gentle, patient and compassionate guide. She has a gift for creating and holding safe space by meeting her clients exactly where they are in their journey. In just a few sessions, Erica and I have released and healed layers upon layers of deep limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that have held me back from my true self for many years. After each session with Erica I feel more embodied and more aligned with my Soul’s truth. She is so gracefully supporting me in the journey of remembering who I am and who I’ve always been, and I am beyond grateful for her support, light and love.

~Adrianne — Houston, Texas

Yesterday, I took a great leap, actually, I’m still a bit up in the air, but I was able to let go of many false beliefs because of the many times I used/worked with your divine love and money meditations. I laid down with your divine love meditation, and this time, my heart cracked open and I saw a long scroll of paper unraveling itself. The paper was covered with all my misbeliefs: shame, self-loathing, original sin, you name it, I had it. Please know that your work is powerful and deeply appreciated. I listened, and continue to listen over and over again.

~Julie — Florida

Thank you for the amazing healing I received yesterday. I’m so grateful for the healing and clarity that always comes from working with you, Erica. The transmission was powerful and opened awareness in me that I’ve been asking for. Your humility, authenticity and courage to be on the cutting edge of healing and wellness are powerful healing tools. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

~Kim — Houston Texas

Erica, Thank you for the wonderful experience. I felt safe and empowered by the experience. My vibration has been high since this session and I felt heavy burdens release. The light codes are oddly familiar and I hope they continue to help me open up.

~Brian — New Hampshire

Erica is a truly gifted healer. We have tried many different approaches, but Erica’s skills and intuition helped us get to the heart of what was going on for our son. I am understanding him better than I ever have and see him in a positive new light. It has helped us reconnect and we now experience a peaceful, relaxed relationship. It is wonderful to see him experiencing life with ease. Highly recommend Erica!

~Maria — North Carolina

In the short time that I have known Erica, she has helped awaken me to what has been in front of me always. She has given me tools to reach my children that work, when other methods have not. She has not only been working with us to heal our son, but our family.

Her guided meditations are very precise and even easy for beginners like us to go into meditation. Her knowledge is expansive, and she explains everything so well. Erica is truly a beautiful positive person. She not only teaches a way of living intentionally, but lives what she teaches. She is an angel living among us!

~The Sampsons — The Woodlands, Texas

In my first session with Erica, the feedback from John was that “the drums were clutter” in the house. I had to laugh, because we have been remodeling; the second-hand drum set I bought in pieces was still in pieces after many weeks. He was right. After my 2nd session with Erica, John told me “Thank you” when I woke him up to use the toilet before I went to bed. He was in the usual sleep stupor, and it was the first time he ever said that. I have been able to visualize both a more peaceful John and Mom.

~Gayle Fisher — The Woodlands, Texas

Erica is such a beautiful soul. I was actually at work when she worked on me and I could feel the pain in my shoulder and head melt away! I highly recommend working with Erica!

I had Erica Work with my daughter and I am happy to say that I have seen some positive changes! She has been a little social butterfly. I am looking forward to working more with Erica. I highly recommend working with her!

~Tristan — Derby Kansas

Mere words cannot explain the spiritual connection Erica made with me and my daughter. She was able to give us peace and knowledge on how to connect spiritually. She taught us how to release negative energy and to have better communication.

Everything she was able to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ spiritually was true both personally and medically. I cannot express my gratitude for her and her ability to help others!

~Shannon — Wichita, Kansas

Energy has been new to me and I originally began working with another healer just for my own healing. I had mentioned to the other healer I was having difficulty with my grandson that is on the Autism spectrum. She recommended me to work with Erica. Erica taught me how to connect with him in a completely different way and communicate with him on a spirit level. This created profound shifts not only in our relationship, but the behavior problems he was experiencing at school and home stopped. He started participating in school, helping around the house, and looking at me in the eyes when we spoke. I was able to see his brilliance instead of the disability and he was able to understand himself in this way too. I’ve started using this form of communication with my granddaughter as well who is becoming a teenager and it has made improvements with our relationship! Erica is a truly gifted healer, I highly recommend her work!

~Jane P. — Houston Texas

About Erica VanEaton

Erica is an intuitive energy healer that uses multidimensional techniques to heal the whole person from a mind, body, soul perspective. By integrating sound, light, and playing within the quantum filed of realities she is able to pull together those aspects of her clients that have not been realized or fully integrated. This approaches allows for a being to heal on all levels of being down to the level of the DNA and beyond. This integrative approach also allows for those on the Autism spectrum to heal and be seen sometimes for the first time. Erica helps those with Autism understand themselves be understood on a soul level. Erica teaches her clients how to communicate on a soul level with these beautiful beings helping all to be completely seen and heard.

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