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Author, Speaker and Chaldean Mathematician
(Chaldean Numerology)

This special offer is a powerful cutting-edge toolset designed for amazing purpose discovery and seeing the big picture of who you are.

Accelerate your success today by understanding Your Divine Blueprint written in the form of an Owner’s Manual

The most important journey you will ever take first begins with understanding yourself.

You will discover exactly what your hidden talents and obstacles are so you can:

  • End struggles and uncertainty — see the bigger picture
  • Know the potential roadblocks along your journey
  • Determine if you are on or off track
  • Reach your life’s purpose

Exclusive Offer:

  • Comprehensive 40-page Blueprint/Report (Owner’s Manual)
  • 60-minute reading/consultation

Value $349

43% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $199


  • Report is written as a story about you and how you are wired from the “inside-out” and comes with a 60-minute recorded, live reading with Joanne.
  • Upon receipt of order, Purchaser will receive email requesting personal information to generate report(s), then report(s) are emailed back in PDF format – electronically delivered (via email).
  • For your consultation, you will be contacted on a First-Come, First-Served Basis to schedule your reading. US/Canadian calls are placed to you and International calls are placed through SKYPE. Audios are recorded in MP3 format and are delivered electronically after the consultation. Consultations will be scheduled as soon as possible.

If you have “legally” changed your name — you will need two reports (birth/legal). If this is the case, the 2nd report will be gifted to you.

What others are saying about Joanne Justis

I know and can surely impress in all of you a good reason to meet Joanne Justis, 15 yrs ago she and her reading help me stay the course as a Humanitarian and an Empath with Divine Intuition I didn’t felt that I was of use in this world and Yes she began to point out what I was here to do — Now I am at leaving my Journey to a spectacular new reality — Thank You Joanne Justis as I am certain you have done the same for many.

~Andie DePass

Eye Opening Self-Knowledge

What an eye opener. Self-knowledge is the most important knowledge! Thanks for your divine work and doing so with so much honesty. You are gifted.


Recommended to the Universe

I was totally impressed by your service today. Thank you for going the extra mile to answer my questions. I appreciate that you made sure I understood your explanations and you made me see where I need to improve on and grow. I would recommend you to the universe!


Mind-blowing Accurate and Illuminating

Thank you, Joanne for your reading. It was mind-blowing accurate and illuminating. Thank you for the light, I was searching for answers for quite some time. I am really grateful for our time together.


Excited About My Possibilities

Thank you so much Joanne for the amazing report and the wonderful consultation. I look forward to listening to it many times over. This information is invaluable and I will use it to better my life enormously. I feel so much more positive and excited about my possibilities than I have for many, many years.


Information Totally Correct

Everything you said was right out of my head, some things I even stated as recently as yesterday. Your information is totally correct on what I am experiencing.


About Joanne Justis

Author, speaker and Chaldean mathematician, Joanne Justis is a gifted intuitive thinker who proved that a coded mathematical algorithm containing the imprint of your entire life does exist. After studying Chaldean mathematics for decades, Joanne identified and solved missing sound equations, ultimately creating a computerized analysis of the science for accuracy and ease of use. She took Chaldean mathematics, an esoteric science, and developed algorithms and wrote them into her software program. Using technology has allowed Joanne to produce unique dynamic personal development reports with precise accuracy. Joanne is dedicated to assisting individuals in their personal growth and self-improvement journey. She is a worldwide authority in this ancient science.

Joanne has been conducting personal readings to help clients better understand themselves, growth potential and compatibility with others for decades. She has amassed well over twenty thousand life-changing personal consultations and published two books on the subject.

If you are looking for a successful system of improving your life by knowing yourself, and wish to master self-understanding, increase your self-esteem, and take control of your life, then you will want to unlock your full potential – your Life’s Coded Blueprint assigned to you at birth. It all starts with understanding your personal assessment and character analysis, which is a prerequisite on your journey to self-discovery.

Everything in the Universe is named, numbered, and influenced by mathematics. Mathematics are measurable and predictable. www.NumbersRU.com

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