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Intuitive energy healer that identifies and clears non-beneficial energies keeping people, animals, and places “stuck” with health and well-being issues

Daily Energetic Hygiene for Your Optimal Health and Well-Being

Mark Hernandez is an intuitive energy healer that helps people animals, and places that have “hit the wall” with health and well-being issues. He uses his intuition and non-invasive energy-medicine modalities and tools to help his clients experience change in a gentle and safe fashion. At times they experience changes immediately, and in other instances, over time.

He is especially gifted at identifying and clearing the root causes of people’s long-standing and mysterious pains that have not been resolved through Western medicine, alternative therapies, and other approaches. He is certified in The Body Code, The Emotion Code, and Advanced ASHWork. Mark has talked about and demonstrated his holistic work on online radio shows, podcasts, telesummits, and his own show, The People and Pets Show.

Day by day people are choosing to assume a greater role in their own health and well-being. Mark’s work helps people experience more health, happiness, joy and freedom in their everyday lives.

Having been a healer and intuitive for decades, there are only a hand full of people in the world that I let work on me, and Mark is one of them.

He has been on my radio show and his work is deep and FAST. You don’t need to know everything he’s saying and every nuance of what he’s doing. Just go with it. You’ll notice the difference.

~Jimmy Mack, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, and Creator of My Liquid Fish®

While listening to the mp3 package created by Mark Hernandez, I have experienced a tremendous shift of physical energy and peace as well.

It really helps me calm my mind in times of stress and experience a deep feeling of happiness.

It has been put in a format so easy to have access to, at any time of the day, anywhere! All you have to do is listen and enjoy the energy that emanates from the recordings.

Thank you, Mark, for creating such a powerful tool. This is so needed in the times we are living in!

~Davia from Florida

I came across People and Pets Energetics by accident and am I glad! I’d been dealing a with chronic and mysterious Achilles/heel issue that was resistant to physical therapy and medicine. I had one session with Mark. I was a total skeptic. I’m an engineer and scientist but was open to the experience–and really at the end of my rope with this pain. Mark worked on my issue intensely and identified some others that I hadn’t told him about. I felt immediately lighter. Then about 4 hours later I was completely amazed to find my pain had reduced by at least 90%. Wow! I felt like hugging him to ribbons. What a difference it makes in my quality of life. My secondary issue is abating as well. It’s astonishing 🙂 not sure how, but it works. I’m definitely going back for a second session or more!

~Melanie McCalmont, Chicago, IL


Mark’s Daily Energetic Hygiene Audios


PACKAGE A + Private 1-1 Healing Session with Mark

Package A

Mark’s Daily Energetic Hygiene Audios

These audios help you maintain a clear, clean, and sovereign energy field so that you experience optimal health and well-being.

Track #1: Be Present in Your Body

When we wake up in the morning, we often have travelled to other dimensions and planes while we were “sleeping.” At times, we are still in other realms when we wake up and are not fully in our physical body.

This mp3 will get your spirit fully in your body and ground you into the Now. In order to heal our physical body and manifest our dreams we must be in our body.

Track #2: Divine Hydration

At night when we’re asleep, we often get dehydrated. We wake up in the morning, and our mouths are dry and feel like cotton.

This mp3 is energetically encoded with frequencies to divinely hydrate your body, from the cellular membrane to the mitochondria. It removes all blockages to your optimal absorption and processing of this divine water. It also provides an infusion of super oxygenation and super hydration to support you throughout the day.

Play this mp3 to charge a glass, a gallon, or more of water. Drink it throughout your day.

Track #3: Open Your Connection to the Divine

In addition to being present in our body, “healing” (being whole and energetically balanced) comes from above—THE DIVINE. This mp3 will optimize your connection to the Divine so that you will heal on all layers, levels, dimensions, realities and non-realities.

Track #4: Happy Chakras

The chakras are the energy portals that impact the overall health and integrity of your energy field. This mp3 will clear, cleanse, balance and revitalize the seven major chakras (both the front and back side) and all others that need a tune up. It also will clear and clean your Hara line and meridians. 

Track #5: Afternoon Delight Energy Booster

As we go through our day, we can absorb non-beneficial energies—from people, our environment, and more. These energies can lower our overall vibration and make us feel tired, sluggish or lethargic.

This mp3 provides an afternoon energy pick-me-upper and is programmed to dissolve and un-create non-beneficial energies that you have absorbed.

You will feel re-energized and refreshed, ready and available for the rest of your day!

Track #6: Unwinding from Your Day

It’s time to unwind from your day and ease into your evening. This mp3 puts you into a state of peace and stillness and removes residual non-beneficial energies from the day. It also re-grounds you to be present and prepares your body for a night of restful and rejuvenating sleep, including checking the healthy boundaries of your protective shield when you are awake and asleep. This mp3 also dissolves non-beneficial frequencies, such as EMFs, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity, cell phone radiation, 5G, geopathic stress, and more.

Track #7: Divine Sleep

Restful sleep is an essential time when your physical body heals, re-charges, and regenerates itself. This mp3 will prepare you for divine sleep!

Track #8: Spiritual Protection for Lightworkers and Healers

While everyone benefits from daily spiritual protection, it is essential for lightworkers and healers to practice excellent self-care, and more importantly, air-tight spiritual protection.

Lightworkers and healers can become the targets of spiritual and psychic attacks from low-vibrational entities that are seeking to
impede their work and the ascension of our planet. They also, despite their best efforts, can absorb traces of trauma and other energetic gunk from the clients whom they serve.

This mp3 is designed to identify and remove spiritual energetic gunk and strengthen their protection. It will remove the visible gunk as well as the other spiritual gunk that is often masked, hidden, disguised, and cloaked.


You will receive:

Mark’s Daily Energetic Hygiene Audios

8 Tracks

Value: $320

70% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A


Private 1-1 Healing Session for You

(30 minutes via phone or Skype)

This private healing session is especially beneficial if you are…

  • Stuck” with a health/well-being issue(s) after exhausting 90-95% of the low-hanging solutions that help most people
  • Are in significant discomfort with issue(s) that are adversely impacting the quality of your everyday life

There will be an audio recording of the session, and you will receive a copy of the recording. There is no need to replay / play on a loop as the energetic session is complete. You can re-listen to specific segments if you would like to review something that came up during the session.

As always, energy healing is not a substitute for excellent medical care. It is something that enhances and amplifies all the great things you already are doing to take care of yourself!


You will receive:

30min Private 1-1 Healing Session for You


Mark’s Daily Energetic Hygiene Audios

8 Tracks

Value: $430

59% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $177

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your 1on1 Session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Mark Hernandez

I love the music. I wasn’t expecting it to all have such beautiful sound! The most incredible experience I had was having a great wave of purple light & really feeling the energy when listening to Track #6 for the first time I listened.

Regarding Track #7, recently I had a kinda bad day, listened to that at bedtime & awoke the next day–very shiny & new & in a great mood.

I most often listen to Tracks #1, #6 & #7 since they are good to start & end the day. I really like them all. I noticed I am definitely remembering my dreams much more since listening. Thank you for your amazing work, Mark!

~Jill Wachter- New York

Hi Mark, I wanted to sincerely thank you for the Body Code session I received from you recently. The session was SPOT ON!! I have seen many Body Code sessions with different practitioners, but I have to say yours is on another level! The feedback you were able to provide me with and how incredibly accurate it was, I was shocked! My hip pain was not only gone but my legs felt so light! During the session I felt one of my meridians tingling, and I felt like something was lifted off my head and chest! The next day I felt really good and I looked calmer, my family even commented that I look so relaxed and my face looked calm and happy. I am so grateful I met you and that you helped me clear my path on a multidimensional level! Thank you so much! I will forever be grateful! Many thanks!

~Anna Wilewska, IL

I have had two sessions with Mark and People and Pets Energetics, and they have been very successful. The first time I called we had some negative experiences with employees and my 3-year-old was having night terrors. He was able to remove the negative energy from our business to make room for new awesome energy and employees, it was like a dark cloud left the building. Which was fantastic. More importantly, the work he did for my 3-year-old was truly a miracle, she has NEVER had another night terror since talking to Mark about it and it’s been months and months!!

Two days ago, I had a second session to work on myself. Ever since having kids I felt kind of stuck. My focus changed and I needed to get unclogged so I could focus on myself, my family and my business. I also needed to release bad mojo left over from toxic relationships and I was in the middle of a weeklong migraine that had a very cloudy/foggy component. It’s only been a couple days, but I feel energized and excited about my life and business. It’s definitely easier to focus on the positive and I am amped to move forward on work projects.

My migraine is better and this morning, for the first time in 10 days I feel like I can focus. It is such a relief to have so much weight lifted off me. My head feels much less numb and foggy.

Thank you, Mark, for the work that you do. I will definitely be calling again.

~Lola Crane

Green Dog Kennels, San Antonio, Texas

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