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Self taught, Internationally known; Master Manifestor, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler

Virtual Vacation From Stress

I invite you to join me on a Virtual Vacation from Stress.

Believe me, no one deserves this more than You do right now!

This is My Gift to You. Please accept it as it comes from My Heart and Soul.

And I can’t wait to share this Incredible Peace with you!

I know you would really benefit from My Daily Relaxation and Meditations.

Your Entire Body will Thank You

Each audio and video is like stepping into an Amazing Luxury Bath full of all the essential oils and fragrances You’ve longed for.

From the moment You tune in and begin Your Daily Meditation, Your Mind will relax and Your Spirit will awaken.

In addition:
  • You can clear up all the fear and confusion and come back to Your Center. Gain Clarity and Empowerment
  • Learn how to Simply release and let it all go. Focus on the Music and the sound of My healing voice.
  • You will be unplugging from the world and focusing on You. I know You have been giving out all your time and energy and it is time to reset and be rejuvenated!

This is Exclusively for you. Escape from everyone and everything anytime you choose.


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See What My Clients Are Saying About Theirs!

I have to tell you, since I’ve been playing Your Audios at home and at work, I am so much more relaxed. The children in the class were so unruly that everyone else quit as I told you. They even asked me, when I was going to quit. And they were acting up more to see if that would get rid of me. lol But I did as you advised and started playing the Relaxation audios and guess what? Two of the kids were removed from my class, my headaches stopped and now the kids are actually sitting down and starting to cooperate! I am ever so grateful for You and what you are doing. If anyone wants to get a break from stress use Marlenea’s audios! These work! I absolutely can give a positive testimonial here.
Thank you,


Marlenea, last night I was able to sleep the night without getting up.

I woke up (maybe 1:45 am) and went right back to sleep.

Woke up again at 4 am; I also went back to sleep but took me half an hour. (I usually have nite urination but didn’t get out of bed).

I spoke verbally that I don’t have hives anymore and I can sleep through the night.
This is a million dollar sleep that I owe you!! Hallelujah!


Hi this is James. I wanted to send a shout out to you. Somewhere I had lost sight of Who I was. I bought into everyone elses ideas. I began listening to your audios Thursday night after a long hard day.

After about 10 minutes or so, My mind finally relaxed and I began feeling something come upon me like Angels. A sudden rush of energy went through my entire being. I fell asleep and woke several hours later. Your voice was still playing in my ears. I sat up and saw more clearer colors, if that makes sense. I know something changed inside me because I feel amazingly well. I can think clearly for and about myself now. Can I say, Thank you a million times over!

I will be telling my friends and family to definitely buy this product. Grateful,


I invite you to:

Daily Relaxation and Meditations Exclusively For You

Your Virtual Vacation Package includes:

I will be taking care of you now. Please put down all your heavy suitcases as you will no longer be needing them.

Follow me to Your Luxury Suite…

I have given you an Ocean View Suite.


Video + Audio versions included

Autumn Song To My Heart

Relax and Unwind as I gently play An Autumn Song To Your Heart

Virtual Vacation From All Obligations

Angel Drops of Gold-Song and message

Sacred Angel Transmission

Opening Your Heart to Love

Harmonic Love Activation

Protection Shield

Song From Nature (MP3)

Relax and Unwind (MP3)

Experience the Magic Beautiful Chakras Meditation

Bonus Tracks

  • 99 Reasons To Awaken-Energy Music
  • 99 Reasons to Thrive
  • MONEY MUSIC: Play this track daily to boost your money manifesting vibration.
    Just a few minutes a day is all it takes.

You wil receive:


1 Video + 12 Tracks

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

What others are saying about Marlenea Johnson…

Marlena is a warm,caring and supportive healer who excels in clearing emotional wounds and ancestral energies. She does this with a combination of humour and thoroughness. Working with her healing guides she also channels shamanic solutions to help you manifest your dreams.

~RB, London

How do I begin? I have listened to several calls where Marlenea was on. I saved up the money and bought her package. After a few days, I began noticing people were acting differently towards me. I got a free lunch at work from a coworker. My boss was smiling at me which was a switch. My spouse wanted to talk and help around the house. My entire mood changed. I felt good about myself. I guess when my vibration changed it switched in other people too. What a change in my life! Buying her package was my greatest investment in myself.


After working with Marlene, someone delivered a car into my front yard, totally FREE for my family. I thank God for leading me to her. Now we are able to get to work and have more money. It works! Magic and Miracles for sure.


WOOOSH! Is the word here. My Wealth Vibration shifted quickly and I received $10,000! Incredible Marlenea, Love


$720.00 money order showed up, a new business idea and I met a great guy! Your Wealth Esteem program works!


My life drastically changed. I am still blown away! Marlenea, you have no idea what you have done for me. I was blocked mentally which stopped me from receiving money. I could not hold a job, I sabatoged myself. I blamed everyone else for my problems. I looked to you for help. I bought several of your packages and each one got better and better! The Wealth Esteem Pkg. broke through my brain and brought in the truth. I suddenly manifested a great paying job! They love me and I love this job! I got a check from my Mom which covered my rent and electric bills. I manifested a Smile on my face today! Thank you, Very Happy in Seattle.

OMG! Is all I can say. I finally succeeded in starting up my business!!! Marlenea, you are definitely for real. I do not know exactly what you cleared out of me that had me stuck and in fear of my future, but it caused me to take action. I now have a website and actual buyers for my art! I am looking forward to waking up everyday now! Wow! What a shift. Thank you 1 million times over!

~Jules, London

My story has changed! I’d like to Thank you for assisting me with the drama and karma clearing you did for me during our recent session. I am a man that was always feeling less than everybody else. My family was very abusive and drank like fish. I was the oddball. I had a dream of being somebody. I was told you’re no good, you’ll never amount to nothing. And no matter what I did, those words kept haunting me. They stopped me from even believing in myself. Til the other day, all that changed! During our session, you did the Miraculous! Suddenly I am free! I feel absolutely incredible! I am smiling, singing, whistling. I am ready to jump into my today! This was the best session I’ve ever had! Incredible you are, Marlenea Thank you.

~Christopher, California

MIRACLE MONEY: I am so estatic! I have been using your mp3’s daily. The results are amazing. It’s like someone turned on a money waterfall in my life. Everyday I am receiving money. I started my own business. I moved. All my old fears have vanished. I stepped out of my old stuck sabatoging mindset and into the real me. Whatever you did, I can not explain. All I know is it worked! And if worked for me it will work for anyone. Blessings for all you do !!


FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT: Its like someone turned on the lights. I didn’t know how it would work, as simple as it is. I’m a single mom that was living in fear everyday. I happened upon a video and found Marlenea. I contacted her and was determined to see results. I used her 24k G.and my life drastically changed. My fear suddenly left. I got a great paying job and my bills are paid with money left over. I see the light now!

~N. Moore, Brooklyn, NY

FROM ALMOST HOMELESS TO HOMEOWNER! — My family and I were on the outs for years. I was about to be homeless. I contacted Marlenea. After a few sessions clearing family patterns, forgiveness work, and using her mp3’s, my dad contacted me. He told me that he was giving me a home, totally free! THIS IS AMAZING! Everyone looking for the real deal, look no further!


About Marlenea Johnson

Marlenea Johnson is internationally known as a Master Manifestor and Your Dream Life Activator.

You will find her Speaking on Global platforms, Hosting Her own Radio show, Producing Music, Teaching and Training individuals and large groups of people daily.

She is the creator of her Own Universe!

Helping thousands of conscious beings manifest the life of their dreams through an array of “Her Golden Key” energetic processes.

Marlenea has assisted over 20,000 people worldwide.

She meets them on the level they are at and elevates them at the speed they are ready to experience. The goal is to empower them to easily “Manifest their hearts desires and Thrive” living a life of infinite possibilities

Recently, she was guided to share her “COSMIC CONNECTION MODALITY”. She received the divine instructions to create PERSONAL CONNECTION ATTUNEMENTS for her clients during a meditation and channeling session. Since then, Marlenea has used them primarily for her healing practice. Which has massively helped her clients manifest their dream lives!

She has worked with her Angel Team, Guides and Source to bring energetic healings and to bring back their Divine flow.

You may experience The Energy of Lakshmi, “The Goddess of Wealth” It flows 24/7 wherever Marlenea is. People have experienced high energy shifts just from being on calls or walking by her. She radiates an energy of pure radiant love which magically flows out and shifts the vibration to a Joy frequency. And as she says, Money follows Joy! And Joy follows Marlenea! HER INITIALS SPELL IT OUT “M.J.” Marlenea’s Joy…

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