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Founder of Cosmic Light Codes. Intuitive Soul Expansion Coach & Therapist, Energy Healing Teacher

1 hour Personal Expansion Session with Philippa

The session can help you to experience deep shifts on all levels. To move forward with a deeper sense of clarity, connection and inner peace within yourself, about your cosmic origins and about your path. Allowing you to remember, free, fully express and embody your true multi-dimensional self and your gifts. If you are ready to move forward and create change, then this deep and powerful work can allow you to access your inner wisdom, heal and integrate lost and wounded parts of yourself, move beyond old traumas, limitations and restrictions from all times and realities to become divinely whole again.

A Session can help with, but are not limited to….

  • Accessing your intuitive, healing and psychic gifts
  • Moving beyonds old traums and limiting patterns
  • Aligning with your inner light and divine self
  • Creating more inner peace, self love and well-being
  • Overcoming procrastination, self critism, low self-worth and doubts
  • Creating better health, success and abundance in your life
  • Connecting with your guides and soul support team
  • Aligning with your path
  • Creating more balance within yourself and your life
  • Overcoming addictions and self destructive habits
  • Deepening your connection with the source energy within you
  • Healing past lives (from other dimensions and realities
  • Integrating with your multi-dimensional light body
  • Connecting with your home planets and star sysytems
  • Finding direction when your feel lost
  • Getting unstuck
  • Healing the roots of relationship, money, health and success issues
  • Freeing yourself to express your true-self
  • Public speaking
  • Clearing spells, curses, implants, contracts, vows, attachments

What happens during a session

During a session, you will be held in a safe energetic space, supported by the highest and best guides.

We will set an intention for the session of the changes that you would like to create within yourself or your life.

I will then work intuitively with your whole energetic system, golden grids, cosmic light codes, source energy and my guides to align you more deeply with your inner wisdom, intergrating you more fully with your light, your multi-dimensional self, your cosmic origins and transmuting any blocks, traumas or disruptions from all timelines and realities, that have been preventing the changes you want to create and aligning your energy with your true self, dreams, gifts and desires.

You may expierence a feeling deeply relaxed, a range of emotions, different sensations throughout your body and energy fields and deep insights into yourself, your path and why certain patterns have been present in your life as we work with the wisdom of your cells and your higher self.

How is the Session Held

The session are held by Zoom private video or audio link, telephone or Skype.

Because energy is not limited by time or distance, sessions are just as if we are working in the same room together.

After you book a session, you will be sent a private zoom link for your session.

You will receive:

1 hour Personal Expansion Session with Philippa

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $98

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Refunds are not available once your Private Session is conducted.

What others are saying about Philippa King

I’ve known Pip for a few years, after attending some of her energy healing classes. As a well-established psychotherapist and energy healer, I am quite selective in who I choose to work with for my own healing. I love working with Pip, because she always works very deeply and directly, discovering multidimensional layers and transforming them quickly and safely. I feel the shifts immediately, but it after the sessions that they really show up in my life. I would highly recommend Pip and her healing work for anyone wanting to clear life blocks and evolve personally.

Susan Kennard

Spiritual Scientist, Author, Speaker

At first I just got a fantastic sense of inner peace and harmony but in just a few days the whole of my life got a boost. I was feeling as if I were on a runway, ready to take off. I did not know my destination, but a lot of things happened in just a few weeks, completely changing my life. Now I can’t wait to work more deeply with Philippa, a fantastic healer! Sharing my journey and experiences with her has been really great, she is helpful and patient, her positive energy flows all around. Thank you.

Alessandro Razze

Healer and Coach

I’ve known Pip for a few years, after attending some of her energy healing classes. As a well established psychotherapist and energy healer, I am quite selective in who I choose to work with for my own healing. I love working with Pip, because she always works very deeply and directly, discovering multidimensional layers and transforming them quickly and safely. I feel the shifts immediately, but it after the sessions that they really show up in my life. I would highly recommend Pip and her healing work for anyone wanting to clear life blocks and evolve personally.

I worked with Pippa at different intervals over a period of several years after being impressed by the quality of healing training I received with her. I had always enjoyed her humour and down-to-earth attitude, and she made our sessions feel fun, even when we were working through heavy issues. I have always found her insights very helpful and it was one of the reasons I stayed working with her for so long as she helped me through a major life transition. Two experiences stand out: the first, after a session to help with my adrenal fatigue when my cells felt like they were actually ‘dancing and singing’ the next day – a sublime boost to my well-being and energy. Secondly, a time when I was having a lot of difficulty relaxing and grounding, I felt very tense and on edge and this was causing problems. The day following our session I felt extremely grounded, calm and safe – super chilled out – and a complete reversal of how I had been feeling on a physical level. These are just two examples of Pippa’s remote healing powers. If you are looking for a healer and guide on your journey, someone knowledgeable who can support and inspire you towards more freedom and to realise your dreams, Pippa is a perfect companion.

Amy Garner

Life Coach

I have had regular sessions with Pip for the last 5 years. She has an amazing ability to tune in. She starts at my “now point of expanded awareness” and finds the path for the next step in my soul growth and evolution. It has been a gift to have such a dedicated support in my awakening and re-connection to cosmic consciousness. Her work has helped me uncover more talents and gifts and gain more clarity for my future path. …recommended to all that want to go beyond the ordinary!

Elisenda Kirshmyer

Multidimensional Business Coach

I lay in a very comfortable chair while Pip asked me questions, guided me in how to self heal and brought her own magical energy (and soothing voice) in to accelerate any clearing out the old and making space for the new. The theme we were working on was money and some energetic patterns and beliefs about what it represents, my relationship with it, how it comes and goes, self worth and reward issues and a whole host of unexpected patterns my soul and energy system had been carrying about it. The session was very relaxing, very revealing and left me with several new thoughts, ideas and habits. I am able to see clearly how I respond to money, challenge my patterns and be open to new ways of thinking and acting in relation to money. I hear some of the phrases Pip shared echoing in my mind and it helps keep things clear. Since the session I have felt the freedom to start a project I have been planning for 2 years and feel much lighter when money challenges arise, not falling into the drama but seeing the bigger picture and not fixating on how it might turn out. A very talented therapist, teacher and all round angel. Thanks Pip, look forward to working together in the future

Cat Moyle

Energy Body Worker

Philippa King is an amazing channel for light. This healing works deeply at the core of the soul transmuting old energies that hold you back. During the session I actually felt old energy leaving from my head and experienced deep calm as light returned. It is really powerful as following the sessions I felt many shifts and joy return. I am now able o complete tasks which I felt blocked in. Thanks Philippa I will be booking more sessions

Sarah Hampton

Author and Healer

The greatest quality about working with Philippa is great trust she exudes, instantly allowing you to feel at ease within her company. In particular with Cosmic Light Codes I experienced many heavy lifetimes experiences that still remained within my auric field, this enabled that residual of energy to be shifted through releasing old collective suffering in a fast non traumatic way. Which enabled my system to be free of the old stagnant energy. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an experienced reputable healer whom has been given a great gift on such a path due to her intuitive spiritual dedication allowing her to be a clear channel to assist as a facilitator to such wonderful energies..

Lucy Lee-Alliston

Healer and Teacher

I came across Philippa when I was in deep need of help as my therapist was away for a while…. ever since my first visit Philippa has helped me out a lot with the issues that have arisen and helped heal them 😇 I am very grateful for all the hard work and heart that Philippa puts in. No other therapy can match what Philippa offers, her approach is just so different and very unique and involves a lot of experience from her part, while at the same time making it easy for me to release what needs to be dealt with in a delicate manner. Thank you Pip, your work is not easy and I don’t know how you make me feel so relaxed…. Love and Hugs, Anna.

Anna Galka

About Philippa King

Master Intuitive Energy Healer and Teacher, Spiritual & Personal Growth Facilitator

Hi, I’ve been working Internationally as an intuitive therapist, energy healing and personal growth teacher for 20 years.

Having also been though my own journey of the confusion, fatigue and challenges that being energy sensitive brings, along with my own old traumas, patterns and paradigms to move beyond, I understand the physical, mental, emotional and energetic challenges that we can experience when we are aligning with our true-selves and our path. I know that you hold the keys to you own healing and ascension within you, I can you help you to reconnect with your inner light, integrate more deeply with your multidimensional-self, divine guidance and spiritual gifts. Freeing your system from dense vibrations, traumas, patterns and blocks to align with your path and live a fulfilling life that honours and contributes to you, your dreams, your purpose and the new earth.I work mostly on Zoom, Skype and telephone allowing distance to be no barrier.

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