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Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Global Speaker, Podcaster and an Author

Quantum Body Awakening

Find Freedom from Curses, Black Magic, Entities, and Implants Immediately

Do You Know What Hidden Entities Are
Secretly Clinging To You?

Psychic attacks such as curses, black magic, entities, and implants have been known to occur all around the world for 1000’s of years.

As human beings have evolved and new light energies present themselves on earth, psychic attacks have become more prevalent.

However, these energies were always there but due to the increased sensitivity and awareness of consciousness they are not a thing of the past.

The Question Is… Are You Being Attacked By Them?

These Dark Energies can hinder growth in many areas of your life… if they haven’t already.
Most souls (including pets and children) are being psychically attacked whether or not they’re aware of it.

You don’t have to continue being a victim of psychic attacks!

Here’s The Reality About Dark Energies

  • Over 97% of us and our environment are extremely prone to psychic attacks
  • Most people aren’t aware they’re being affected by Dark Energies (and that helps to keeps them in denial)
  • All empaths and sensitive souls want to be there to help and take on these energies
  • But no matter how much shielding a person does… it’s usually not helping to protect you
  • Most people are attacked at night when the body is less dense
  • Today’s circumstances with the pandemic is showing us that more people are being attacked than ever before leaving you feeling depressed, sad and worthless

Dipal’s own daughter suffered from 8 entities that were causing 5-6 dizzy spells for 2 months, leaving her in need of a doctor.

However with Dipal’s expertise on clearing entities she was able to clear all 8 of them within just One Session!!!

Immediately her daughter’s life changed and yours can too.

And You Can Experience The Same Freedom Just As Quickly!

Dipal’s Psychic Clearing is so powerful, you’ll INSTANTLY notice a difference in your whole being.

She uses a technique called Quantum Body Awakening that will clear any Dark Energy very quickly.

She has also come to understand the true nature of these forces that just don’t want to leave by using an Ancient Secret of Speaking their language and bringing in powerful Angelic Light Language to lower their vibrations and clear them for good.

Are You Ready For A NEW BEGINNING?

It’s time to…

  • Quickly & Easily eliminate ALL the Dark Energies you’ve picked up for yourself and your loved ones
  • Clear out all the Dark Energies that you’ve been carrying for years (you can finally get rid of them for Good!)
  • Clear the Dark Energy blockages that are hanging out within and around your Health, Relationships and Finances so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about
  • Clear all Ancestral ties to psychic attacks so you can let go of your hidden past
  • Clear Psychic attacks from other Healers who’ve been holding you back without your knowledge
  • Clear out “Rapist Psychic Attack”

Here’s What Others Have Already Experienced With Dipal

“I never realized how sick I was because of a past life curse, can’t believe I have finally released it”

“I am in tears, I can feel the ecstacy from the healing”

“Wow, amazing session, after releasing 4 entities I feel like myself again”

“I can’t say enough, I am not sure what to say except I am ALIVE”

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to let go the nasty curse from childhood”

“Within 24 hours of clearing I found the place of my dreams”

“I can’t thank you enough, You have changed my life and family”

“The energy left my body so quickly I couldn’t believe it”

“My body felt this surge of energy as if the entity jolted out of me, leaving me with so much peace”

“I have never had a healer bring in such bright light and take me to such levels and depths of healing my body”

“My house feels like it’s mine”

“OMG, my migraines are gone”

“After releasing this implant I finally lost weight, I feel lighter in my body”

“I sold my house immediately after the clearing”

“I couldn’t believe that I got a promotion that I had been waiting for”

“My Soul has come back”

“I finally found the motivation I was looking for”

“I know I was helped by the healings I got from you and your team”

I have had some feedback from other healers that admitting to feeling cursed can be considered a passive / victim stance, and there are no victims. I choose not to feel ashamed of my impression, but I do still feel a little uncomfortable with that feedback and putting myself out there admitting this is how I feel and what I experienced. I was able to have a conversation with that mom I felt cursed by and did not have my usual defensiveness so I know I was helped by the healings I got from you and your team; it was not just in my head or victim-y.


“After one session with Dipal the house was cleared of all the entities and spirits.”

I have a parent whose home was pretty much infested with lower energies. My parent had been a hoarder and things there literally went bump bump thump in the night. My parent in the past had conversations with a controlling and pain inflicting entity in the back bedroom. Whenever I would go there I would wind up getting sick. I really hated going there not just because of the house, but because of issues with family and the town. But my parent is elderly and needs caretaking.

After one session with Dipal the house was cleared of all the entities and spirits. Not only that but I was cleared too, so much so that I no longer felt oppressed by the house, family or town. After a second session with Dipal, the energy that had been stuck for decades suddenly shifted – a sibling became inspired to move my parent into their home. We were able to clear out the house and multiple storage lockers in record time. And what is truly SO AMAZING is that I now feel so comfortable in this house that I am considering living here! There is not a trace left of the darkness that was here before. My parent is happy and comfortable and no longer haunted. Caring for them now is no difficulty.

I use Dipal’s mp3s every day (and night) to keep the vibrations high. I had worked before with a well known shaman who was never able to shift the darkness for long, but now I feel safe.

I am So Grateful 🙏to Dipal. She has changed my life for the much better.



6 Powerful Quantum Body Awakening MP3s + 2 Bonuses


Package A + 25min Psychic Clearing Session + 30min Silent Remote Healing + 2 bonus Group Call Replays

Do You Feel The Negative Energies?

Many people are feeling the Dark Energies around their homes, workspace, properties and other spaces. In addition they feel these low forces affecting their finances and relationships with friends, families and loved ones. And some people feel nothing at all… just that life isn’t quite working out as planned.

These dark forces can get stronger over time if you don’t do anything about them.They’ll eventually leave you feeling sick and can often make you feel like you’re leading a meaningless life. You will feel all the joy sucked out and your energy drained.

This is not the way to live and you don’t have to anymore!!! There is help now…

You Could Be Experiencing A Psychic Attack From…

  • A parallel life (experiences in another dimension within this life)
  • A past life (experiences during many lifetimes and dimensions… including from ancestors)
  • A present life (experiences from in the womb and from childhood)

Here are some of the symptoms that people have been experiencing when psychic attacks have occured.

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Nightmares or frightening and unpleasant dreams waking you up
  • Triggers from your attacker(s)
  • Fatigue and feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly, for no reason
  • Feeling pain or having aches in the same place on a regular basis
  • Feeling as if someone or Something else is in control of your body
  • Feeling pain or having aches in the same place and time on a regular basis
  • Feeling weakness or experiencing illness or pains in areas of weakness that the attacker is aware of
  • A lack of concentration and laziness regarding daily tasks
  • Feeling indecisive and doubtful.
  • Questioning or doubting direction in life, even after having been aware of direction beforehand
  • Sensing that you are being watched
  • Feeling suicidal, depressed, anxious, and sad
  • Feeling like you are having a heart attack
    Feeling like you have lost all joy in your life
  • Finding yourself lying all the time
  • Observing that your business is not making money
  • Cannot find love or happiness in any relationship
  • Self-sabotaging your progress consistently
  • Having persistent health, financial, and other setbacks
  • Hearing voices or an inner voice that constantly criticizes you
  • Having repeating patterns of behaviors
  • Having anxiety or panic attacks
  • Consistently irritated and having irrational bouts of fear, anger, sadness or guilt
  • Addictive behaviors, including addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex or gambling
  • illnesses that will not respond to treatment or are of an unknown cause
  • Someone is in your home besides you and your family members

“Found The Home of My Dreams Within Days of my Session”

I felt stuck in my buisness and where I lived. I have been in same place and I don’t know where I want to move the business. Thank you so much Dipal, the healing was so powerful. I found the home of my dreams and what I had envisioned for a long time and perfect practice.. everything was beautiful and found something in a small town it was open.


“Relief of Pressure and Able to Function Normally Again”

During my appointment I shared that I was dealing with some sort of attachment issue of a healer I had worked with some time ago. You saw it as having picked up some of his/her energy but I guess I still see it as attachment because after clearings with you I felt a great amount of relief in my head area, the pressure, buzzing in ears. My brain felt more clear, my memory and focus was better my ability to study and function more like I normally do. I also felt more of my natural sense of peace, joy and happiness.

Thank you for your work!


Have You Ever Wondered If There’s Someone
Playing With Your Psyche?

Well there is! And psychic attacks usually happen when you’re most vulnerable.

They enter through your most sensitive spots such as holes, tears or portals in your field and further enter into the body attaching to glands, organs and systems very easily.

This leaves you feeling like your whole being is under attack and playing with your psyche.

It’s not planned and it’s not fair… but you can do something about it right now!

Don’t Let Something Else Control Your Life!

More and more people on the planet, especially sensitive souls (lightworker, healers, pets and children) are having a difficult time surviving and staying balanced and centered.

Psychic attacks can cause a lot of interference and so-called “setbacks” even when we don’t know what’s causing it.

But you can get back into the driver’s seat of your life quickly and easily!

Here is what you may be experiencing within Your Body:

  • Hearing Problems
  • Loss of Soul
  • Loss of joy
  • Hearing Voices
  • Reproductive Problems
  • Memory Issues
  • Alcoholism
  • Depression
  • Hearing Voices
  • Kidney Problems
  • Constant back pain
  • Eyesight Problems
  • Mulitiple Personalities
  • Unexplained illness
  • Heart Problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Drug Addiction
  • Thyroid Issues /Hormonal Imbalance
  • Ringing in Ears

“No Longer Walking Wobbly After 1 Session”

I was having horrible knee issues and balance was an issue. The surgery I had went well and repaired what was torn in the knee, but the amazing part is that whereas my balance had been increasingly “wobbly” and unsteady for 5 years, after our session working on my second chakra my balance is radically improved. My p/t is amazed at the difference. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued powerful work, especially bringing my attn to the root of where I need to be focusing.


“Wow, Eyes Can Finally Open”

I had an aweful migraine and couldn’t even open my eyes when we started the session. By the end the headache feels better, eyes can open now. My eyes are open suddenly, Wow this is amazing. I could feel the energy moving the whole time Dipal was working on me.


Here is what you may be experiencing within Your Home:

  • Constant fighting
  • Things moving around
  • Home won’t sell
  • Feel like someone is in your home other than those who live there
  • Can’t find a perfect place
  • Psychic attacks on your home from other homes
  • Lack of Finances
  • Feeling of dampness within the home
  • Cold areas of the home
  • Lack of Unity amongs family members
  • Distress amongs members
  • Lack of energy flowing in the home
  • Constant sickness with you or a family member
  • Multiple Deaths occuring one after another
  • Cluttered areas of the home

“Family Death Curse Lifted”

I discovered Dipal’s gift of healing last summer and I have really resonated with her healing energy ever since. I find Dipal to be one of the kindest healers with a gentle soul and a giving, generous heart. She is a very talented healer. I recently have experienced one death after another within 6 months. I was so scared and wasn’t sure what was going on. I knew there was an energy that I couldn’ t pinpoint but what was it. I had a session with Dipal and she could see right away that there was black magic involved and a curse. It was ancestoral. She cleared it immediately. I felt so much calmer and felt a knowing that everyone in my family will be just fine from this day forward.


“Finally Things Stopped Moving in My Home”

I had experienced things moving around in my home and things getting lost. I would blame the kids and my husband. I wasn’t aware that it could be another type of energy until Dipal explained it to me. As she worked through my entire home I just sat there thinking to myself how could this be happening. There were energies under the soil of my home that was doing all this. There is no way I could explain this to anyone nor would they believe me.

I also had a child that was sick all the time. I would take her to the doctor every month and they couldn’t give me answers. I just kept her drugged with prescription drugs and other over the counter meds.

Thank you for my session. I love your compassion, you are so sweet and your sessions are gentle, respectful and I am so grateful for you clearing my home and everyone in it. Not only did my home feel clearer but things stopped moving.

You are #1 on my healer list.


Here is what you may be experiencing within Your Career:

  • Lack of Direction
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Worthlessness
  • Not moving up the ladder
  • Project not moving forward
  • Can’t find a Job
  • Lack of Wealth
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Proposals not going through
  • Lack of Focus
  • Stuck in the Job you hate

“Feels Amazing and Less Stuffier in My Home”

A few weeks ago, I had a session with Dipal. I told her something was just not right in my home. I was sick and felt sick everytime I had to come back home from a vacation or from visiting my parents. I moved to this new home about 5 years ago and my husband collects antiques. He furnished and cluttered up the entire home with antique furniture. I was constantly having migraines and unexplained mood swings. I couldn’t focus. Dipal cleared all the energies that were coming from all the things in my home leaving me sick. I felt so amazing after the clearing, it just felt less stuffier, she even taught me a few ways to keep this energy clear.


“Proposals and Projects Move Through Immediately”

I have worked with Dipal on many occassions for different areas of my business. She is brilliant the way she works her magic. She picks up exactly how I feel and the energy that I need to boost a sale, move things along or even helping me release my stress. We get on the call and she clears all the energy that are in the way of moving forward in different areas of my business. I have had proposals and projects move through immediately because of my work with her. I would recommend her to anyone looking to increase their growth or clear blockages within their business.


Here is what you may be experiencing spiritually:

  • Stuck in your healing ability
  • Dark Energies coming through
  • Fear of Meditation
  • Fear of opening Third Eye
  • Fear of Dark Energies
  • Fear of connecting with your Guides
  • Fear of opening up to spirituality
  • Fear of expanding your energy field/aura
  • Always having to form a shield of protection

“The Portal is Closed From Psychic Attacks”

I was so scared to meditate because one time I tried and had horrible demonic energies come through. I never meditated again after that. Then I had a healer tell me never to meditate. I therefore never did until I met Dipal. All I wanted was to connect with my guides and be the healer I was. Dipal explained to me exactly what was happening, and that a portal was open which gave dark energies access to my vibration. She made me feel so much more at ease and confident about meditation. She reassured me that I will no longer have these beings come in contact with me again since the portal was closed. Thank you Dipal for everything you do. I am so happy that I found you and your guides.


“Pulled out of the Darkeness From In Womb Trauma”

I have lots of anxiety all my life. My mom went through trauma while I was in womb. All my life I feel like I’m not in body and not deserving of it. I couldn’t believe how ungrounded and unconsicously I was living until my session with Dipal. I was listening to our session replay and I usually see black when I close my eyes. But not today. I kept seeing green light. Bright golden but greenish colors most of the time. Then it would switch to all the rainbow colors, but mostly green. I was so excited to be able to see anything besides black! Pretty awesome!! While experiencing and feeling the energy stronger then ever. Then I listened to a video you kindly made for us and OMG! The green light was so much brighter. My body was moving as if I was on my Chiropractor’s table. It was weird but awesome. Magic. I was just watching.

Then when you started cleaning our energy field. My body started uncontrollably moving, shaking. It was Amazing. I now understand I have work to do and it needs to be done daily. I now have motivation to want to do it instead of me making myself. I can’t stop smiling. I’m crying happy tears. I wanted to share this with you. Thank you from the bottom of heart. I love you and all you do. I want to be like you when I grow up. Have a great day!!


Psychic attacks in any part of your life can leave you feeling:

  • Regretful
  • Fearful
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Imprisoned
  • Angry
  • Grief
  • Alone
  • Scared
  • Ashamed
  • Guilty
  • Resentment
  • Emotionally drained
  • Negative
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Brain Fog
  • Judgemental and critical of self
  • Total Confusion
  • Lack of Self Confidence
  • Lack of motivation
  • Constant Negative thinking
  • Lack of Spiritual growth
  • Invisible force holding you back

“Cleared the Implant From My Hair Follicles”

I am 36 years old and my biggest concern was that my hair was falling out and thinning. I could feel pins and needles in my scalp but the doctors couldn’t tell me what was going on. I know I have some hormonal issues going on, they have been for along time, but I wanted to see if Dipal can help at this point. I heard Dipal on her last package and couldn’t help but buy a package. I’m so glad I did. Dipal cleansed the energy in my hair and then clearned an implant in the hair follicles that she found. I could feel her working through my scalp and hair follicles. This was Awesome…


“Psychic Energies Cleared With My Ancestors Was God sent!”

Strangely, when I was pregnant with my daughter, in 9th month, the running motorcycle hit my stomach, so hard I was happy I didn’t loose my child on the spot. I wonder if the entity could jump to her at this moment, as my entity got into me at the time of my concussion…

When Dipal worked with my belly, I felt such lightness of my intestines; also clearing the psychic energies and cords with my ancestors were God sent! I sent my beloved dad and his dad to the Light… with such a pleasure.

The heart clearing also was wonderful! Thank you so much for all of this. Yes, I am aware I was nursing a hard wall around my heart, since I went through lots of heartache with my daughter, and I needed to protect myself to keep my own sanity working.

During the healing I had lots of sensations of changed temperature, yawning, crying, tearing, and nose running. These are my ways of clearing – but these were very intense!!!

I am soooo grateful for all the amazing work you did just for me! I can’t express it!!


Here’s Why Dipal Shah Is Unique

Dipal is an Author, Master healer, and Medical intuit with over 15 years of experience in the medical field and energetic realms.

She’s worked with over 4,000 clients from around the world and has healed various diseases, ailments, relationships, careers and more.

She’s also found and cleared Dark Energies out of 99% of her clients since 2015 (and most didn’t realize they were there).

She’s learned exactly what clears them permanently that other healers fail to do. She can speak their language!!!

Dipal’s Powerful Healing Will Help You…

  • Reclaim your Life by Clearing All Implants, Curses, Blackmagic, and Entities
  • Be free of all ancestoral curses and blackmagic
  • Discover your healing gifts again
  • Reconnect to your Soul
  • Release Attackers Energy
  • Release all the psychic attacks in this lifetime from other lifetimes
  • Clear attached entities for once and for all
  • Release victim energy
  • Find love for yourself and others
  • Lead a meaningful life that you dreamed of
  • Live a Pain Free Life
  • Experience Divine Enlightenment
  • Increase the Prana within you

Can You Imagine Your Life With…

  • Better Flow of energy within home
  • Happier family members in the home
  • Healthier people and pets
  • Increased energy
  • Increased clarity
  • Decreased or eliminated physical symptoms
  • Increased Money Flow
  • Harmony within relationships
  • Joyful, cheerful, happier

“Finally Open to Speaking My Truth”

A few days ago I had a wonderful session with Dipal. We worked on speaking up and expressing my true self to others without fear of what they will think or say. I’ve had problems with this for as long as I can remember. Dipal helped slice a big chunk of fear around this issue in just one session. I am forever thankful to her. I was able to speak up and discuss some unresolved feelings with my boyfriend so we can have a better relationship. I can honestly say I feel a little freer in speaking my truth and sharing the feelings that have been stuck in me for so long. Little by Little my life is turning into what I want and envision for myself. This makes me truly happy. I know many people are in need of this work and Dipal is an admired healer and will help you with exactly you ask for. I love how she takes to time to listen and hold a space of compassion and empathy for me. Forever Grateful!! Thank you so much Dipal Shah.


“After So Many Years I Can Breathe!”

The aches and pains you worked on particularly in my back shoulder blades and my legs, knees and feet have greatly reduced and my chest feels less heavy. It seems after many months (years even), I can Breathe!

Many thanks for your time and healing. God bless you and the work you do with others always.


This program offers so much that words
cannot explain the depth of it!

This program will help clear what is in the awareness of your conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

It’ll clear the Whole Being of Psychic Attachments such as curses, blackmagic, entities, and implants.

Package A is packed full of everything you need to clear Dark Energies from your life and keep them gone with 24/7 protection.

Package B adds a 25-minute session with Dipal to clear you personally plus the people, animals and items around you in your everyday life.

Get ready to experience INSTANT SHIFTS as the Dark Energies are removed!


6 Powerful Quantum Body Awakening MP3s + 2 Bonuses


Package A + 25min Psychic Clearing Session + 30min Silent Remote Healing + 2 bonus Group Call Replays

Package A


(value $90)

Retain and sustain the wellbeing of your energy fields.

Unhealed holes and tears in the energy field can have a long-term impact on a person’s physical health, along with serious consequences. Holes and Tears greatly increases the risk of attachment of negative entities.

This MP3 will make the biggest difference in your overall health and well being as it repairs the holes & tears in your energy field.


(value $120)

Clear psychic attacks from this lifetime and other lifetimes.

No matter how old or how new these dark energies are this MP3 will clear them as we open up the Nervous System and other channels to clear them.

Wherever these dark energies reside this MP3 will clear you and your loved ones.


(value $120)
  • Clear all Ancestral curses and black magic that sit within the cells, genes, and DNA
  • Replenish all old cells with new clean cells
  • Bring in earth energy to help replenish the new cells in your body
  • Clear all Ancestral curses and black magic that have affected your loved ones and your home as well as other spaces


(value $120)

Curses, implants, entities and black magic can reside within the body systems, glands and organs.

These psychic attacks can cause problems with the body as they manipulate the frequency and vibration of the the actual body part. This can cause major illnesses and dis-eases.

The mp3 will clear all energies including residual energies and detoxify the bloodstream.

ITEM 5: 24/7 Protection – MP3

(value $85)

Energies from others and your environment can affect you and your family.

Low vibrational and dark energies can impact your health, wealth, relationships and more.

With this mp3 you’ll receive 24/7 protection from all negative/dark energies wherever you go.


(value $120)

Many people hold onto psychic attacks consciously or subconsciously.

This mp3 will make you feel safe and fearless to let go of curses, blackmagic, implants and entities.

It will support you clearing emotions before, during and after letting go.


  • Soul Retrieval Group Call Recording – MP3
  • The Limitless Power of You – MP3

Package A

You will receive:

6 Powerful Quantum Body Awakening MP3s


2 Bonuses


2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A Plus…

25 minute Psychic Clearing Session

30 minute Silent Remote Healing

2 Bonus Group Call Replay

25 minute Psychic Clearing Session

This session is a 25 minute session and we’ll connect via Phone, Web Call or Skype.

We will dive into the whole being, which means your body, soul, spirit, energy field, chakras, hara line, and mind.

I will repair all holes and tears in your field and or chakras.

My Guide team and I will be Clearing all negative and Dark energies that we find to be present.

We will be checking and clearing negative energies in and around you…

  • Those living with you including pets
  • Your home including property, banking accounts, business, car/other forms of transportation,
  • Your place of work

We can also work on any 2 issues that are unique to you.

How is it so different and unique to any other healing techniques:

  • My Guide Team and Your Guide Team come together during the Healing process to provide a safe place and healing through your entire Being.
  • My Guide Team and I Connect with Your Whole Being as One to clear the energies through light language or Toning
  • My Healing Modality works through all space, time and dimensions including parallel lives. We will clear Ancestral ties and In womb contracts.
  • You don’t have to do anything, just allow and let me do the work.

30 minute Silent Remote Healing

Silent Remote Healing is for Children of all ages, Adults and Pets

Silent Remote Healing is the work through Dipal’s Guide Team consisting of Ascended Masters, Angels, Hindu Gods and Goddesses who are ready to serve you. They will work on any problem that you have whether it is relationships, finances, career, spiritual growth, mental health and/or physical health.

Once you sign up for the 30 minute remote healing and time you wish for the healing you will receive a confirmation email. Set your intention at that time for what it is you would like to be worked on. If you forget to set your intention it is ok The Guides will also be scanning for blockages. You can sit in silence, meditation, work, or sleep. The Guides will be working on you for the time you signed up for. There is no written or verbal interaction during or after these remote healing.

During the silent remote healing the guides will be scanning, connecting, clearing the following:

  • Scan your energy field, body, hara line, and mind
  • Connect with your energy to help clear all blockages
  • Clear past lifetimes, ancestral, karmic, and present energies
  • Clear entities, black magic, curses, voo-doo, hexes, implants, energy vampires
  • Clear your home of blocked energies
  • Clear any physical, energetic, spiritual blockages
  • Clear negative thought loops
  • Clear pain blocks
  • Clear pranic energy (life-force energy) blocks
  • Clear all manifestation blockages
  • Clear all financial blockages
  • Clear relationship blockages
  • Clear all energetic cords
  • Clear forgiveness blockages

The Guides will REset and REalign all energies for all area or areas you are requesting for during the healing.

If you are sensitive to energy healing you will feel different sensations as the Guides work on you for example tingling, heat, cold, pressure, lightness in your body, calmness and support

Once healing is complete you will have a sense of peace, harmony, balance and joy.

Remediation and mitigation of a health challenge or a specific situation that is in need of Divine attention or support is now Available for you, your loved ones, children, and pets.

Once you sign up for the 30 minute session you will fill out a form for areas you would like worked on. If you forget something it is ok. The Guides will be scanning and clearing all energies. These energies are easy and gentle and yet powerful.

You will receive a silent recording of the session after your healing is completed.

2 Bonus Goup Call Replay

1. Clearing Psychic Attacks for Your and Your Family

First 30 minutes will be Group Process and Healing and the next 30 minutes will be Q and A.

We all know that we aren’t just affected from our own psychic attacks but our loved ones are also being affected.

It’s time to clear everyone in your household so that you can finally live in harmony without being subconsciously attacked by dark energies that are holding onto your loved ones.

2. Closing All Portals of Psychic Attacks

First 30 minutes will be Group Process and Healing and the next 30 minutes will be Q and A.

Psychic attacks can enter through holes, tears and portals within and around your energy field.

This group call will address any Portals that are open for you and close them so that these psychic attacks cannot penetrate through your field and affect you anymore.

Package B

You will receive:

25 minute Psychic Clearing Session


30 minute Silent Remote Healing


6 Powerful Quantum Body Awakening MP3s


4 Bonuses


2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the private session–whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Dipal Shah…

“My Ex-husband Stopped Attacking Me at Night”

I am going through a rough court case with my ex-husband and I am very afraid that he will take everything away from me including my kids. I went to Dipal for help. She mentioned to me that he has entities and they are taking over all his cognitive thinking and heart space.

At times I mentioned to Dipal that I could feel my ex-husband’s energy even though we are not living together. I have tried all kinds of clearings but this one was different. Dipal said I had these huge tears and holes where his energy was coming in from. It was attacking me at night. I knew when she said that, there was a reason I would awake in the middle of the night. Once she has closed the holes and tears I no longer awake at night and I use the mp3 to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I also noticed I am no longer as afraid as I use to be. Thank you so much Dipal for everything you do.


“No More Asthma”

During my session with Dipal as soon as she cleared the pineal calcification I saw a beautiful indigo light and I then felt pulsing. It was very beautiful. Dipal removed implants from thyroid some time ago since I use to have asthma but not anymore. I love doing healings with Dipal and love all her MP3s and her profound work.


“My Brother Started To Shower and Eat”

My brother needed help and I knew Dipal could help him. I have been working with Dipal for 2 years or so to help various family members but this time I needed help for my brother. No one in my family believes in this work except me. He looks as if he hasn’t been fed, sheltered, or even cared for. He doesn’t like to shower or take care of himself in any way. I asked Dipal to see if she can help because He was losing weight and I feel like I just want him to be well enough to take care of himself. I asked Dipal for her help. Dipal could see that the place where my brother was is where there were lots of old spirits and entities that had taken over his body and mind and spirit. Within a few sessions she was able to clear the entities and all kinds of implants. I couldn’t believe my brother actually took a shower and he started eating better. He looked like he was already on his way to getting better


“All The Burdens And Baggage Lifted Away Including My Job”

I felt so depressed and limited in my potential and purpose in life. I was working a job that I hated and had put on weight, I was dealing with fatty liver and thyroid issues. I was never motivated to do anything. I just couldnt’ find that motivation within me. I was so happy to use this new mp3 that helped me find that motivation to do something for myself. As soon as I used this mp3 I could feel the clearings happening within and around me as if I was carrying baggage and burdens for years. I couldn’t believe that this energy lifted so quickly. I continued to use this mp3 and see that even now I am clearing so much. This has really helped leave my job and figure out what I want to do. I am finding more balance and energy. I am so grateful to have Dipal as a part of my journey. Much love and appreciation to you and your Guide Team


“No More feeling uncomfortable in the Pelvic Area”

I had fallen 25 years ago and it hurt really bad. I couldn’t sit it was so hard. It got better . I could feel something like a balloon that inflates and deflates in my pelvis. Coming on 8 years now full of pain. I had catscans done and the pain got worse. I lost 12 kilos couldn’t eat or sleep . When I would stand up the pain would go away but lately its constant. Dipal saw that my tail bone was broken before I even told her and she saw an implant behind the tailbone. It was very small that all other healers kept saying they did not see an implant. As Dipal was working I could feel this balloon like feeling settling down quicker and getting smaller in size. I could feel the shifts are taking place. I knew Dipal and her guides and are on the right track. I haven’t felt this great in a long time. I finally feel like i’m going in the right direction. hair falling out bc on long term medication. I am so grateful to you.


“Workplace and Other Places Feel Safer Once Again”

I use this mp3 all the time on silent for protection. It has made a tremendous difference in my workplace, where I had a person sending me negative energies that was impacting my health. I would go home with a migraine or feeling extremely tired, it was alittle scary and annoying at the same time. I also used this mp3 in other areas and felt very protected at social setting and even the grocery store. I am an empath and like to give and give so I was helping others by holding their sicknesses or burdons. Everytime I would use the mp3 I felt so good and free leaving my home. I was finally comfortable.


“Ongoing Skin Issue Has Subsided”

I was having a repetitive skin issue that just kept popping up. I wasn’t sure what it was nor did I want to go to the doctors. I was afraid it was cancer. I talked to Dipal and she was able to verify that it was not cancer when she scanned me. She did however see it as a dark energy that was attached. She kept saying its ok to let go. I didn’t understand why she kept saying that until she explained that I subconsciously wanted to hold onto this energy. She made me feel safe and immediatly I let go this nasty attachment. All of a sudden I felt tingling and a cooling affect around my belly area and the area where the skin problem was. I am so excited and happy that Dipal was able to clear this energy for me.



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