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Become an Empowered Love Manifestor

Healing & Activation Package: 2 Options

Are you ready to call in a relationship that is drama free and allows you to truly be yourself?

Do you want to stop abandoning yourself just to feel loved?

Do you long to feel cherished, seen and heard?

Maybe you’ve only known relationships with conflict, drama, chaos, codependency, narcissism and fighting.

Maybe you’ve been burned and just maybe, you’re a little bit jaded.

Maybe you don’t even know what Empowered Love is!

Empowered Love

Attract mutually loving compatible relationships where you FEEL SEEN, CHERISHED AND SUPPORTED


LEARN TO TRUST MORE AND OPEN YOUR HEART TO MORE LOVE AS YOU release wounds and pain from the past that is weighing you down, past hurts, betrayals, stuck energy, beliefs and ideas of not good enough

FEEL POWERFUL AS YOU reset to a higher frequency of LOVE


FEEL EXCITED AND LIGHTER AS YOU release fears, beliefs and energetic patterns that keep you small or make you want to hide

Tap into DIVINE CLARITY and learn to express yourself with JOY THAT LIGHTS UP YOUR LIFE and RIPPLES out to everyone around you!


What if there is a way to attract love and friendships that allows you to remain true to yourself? Get the support, energetic alignment and healing tools you need to start making this a reality!

Become an Empowered Love Manifestor Activation Package includes two options:


Live Your Truth Series + Empowered Love Training Series


PACKAGE A + a paradigm shifting 60 minute 1:1 session with Eleanor MacDonald

Package A

Live Your Truth

(Be Empowered) in your Body, Mind, Spirit and Love

5 Source Encoded Audio Healings and Activations designed to help you

The Source energy within these audios will intelligently and intuitively work with your energy field to bring about your greatest desires for love and self-empowerment.

1. LYT Energy

Empower your energy field from the burdens of interference, expectations, chaos, lower vibrations of the world around you and specifically from loved ones, colleagues and/or neighbours. Feel lighter, empowered and more able to take charge of your energy boundaries to give you the confidence you need to live your own life and attract Empowered Love.

2. LYT Mind

Empower your mind from disturbing thoughts, repetitive negative and/or limiting beliefs, judgemental opinions and fearful scenarios running around in your head, so you can hear clearly the word of the Greater Mind of the Universe itself. Being in charge of your mind is everything! Loving thoughts bring self-empowered choices, and attract higher versions of love into your life.

3. LYT Body

Empower your body of heavy, stagnant energy pockets, less than optimal or imbalanced physical symptoms, pain, chronic disturbances of sleep, functionality, mobility and vitality. Meet your body in the realm of energetic, optimal, brilliance and smooth homeostasis.

4. LYT Emotions

Empower your emotions of spiraling negativity, recurring, funky moods and despair, hopelessness and/or fear, panic, low motivation and self-esteem, being dictated by past traumas, wounds and patterns. Lighten and rise to access levels of more joy, expansion, happiness and light-hearted giddiness and fun.

5. LYT Purpose

Empower your soul calling from chaos, distractions, working hard, overwhelm, being pulled in every direction by life, your schedule and constant needs of others. Unburden yourself of duty, obligation and over-responsibility to jump into the arms of your destiny, untethered and free.

Empowered Love Training Series

Includes 4 training videos on my healing process to become aware, accept and connect deeply to yourself so that you can be who you truly are AND magnetize loved ones who cherish you.

25 page workbook to work through the videos, including affirmations, and a proven process to attract a loving soulmate into your life!


You will receive:

Live Your Truth Series

(Be Empowered) in your Body, Mind, Spirit and Love


Empowered Love Training Series

Value: $1375

93% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A


a Paradigm Shifting 60 minute 1:1 Session

with Eleanor MacDonald, Healer and Relationship Empowerment Coach, to fine tune the teachings and multi-dimensional healing from the 5 recordings

Using her laser sharp psychic/mediumship abilities and access to Source Energy as a Healer, you will receive:

  • Loving support
  • A life-changing dose of Clarity around your hidden patterns, wounds and loops you may be stuck in
  • A clearing and reset of your energy field
  • A boost of excitement/Life Force
  • Get ready for a powerful package to align you with the kind of love that fosters support, intimacy, freedom and connection!


You will receive:

60 minute 1:1 session with Eleanor MacDonald


Live Your Truth Series

(Be Empowered) in your Body, Mind, Spirit and Love


Empowered Love Training Series

Value: $1774

91% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $167

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Private Session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Eleanor MacDonald

I have worked closely with Eleanor and am amazed at the transformation I have made in my life since working with her! Eleanor is a capable and grounded guide who has walked with me through great change in my life and helped me manifest the life I was dreaming of. Eleanor both inspires and keeps things real in a grounded sense, and I love this blend of energies! Her listening, witnessing, humor, insight, and guidance have been incredibly valuable to me as I navigate the shifting waves of my life.

~Ali Singer, USA

Eleanor’s knack for bringing to light the most pertinent issues and weaving seemingly unrelated items together for clarity is amazing and effective. On difficult issues, I would feel myself resisting but her steady and caring demeanor allowed her to stay on track and get results. Before seeing her, I would spend countless hours thinking about my family and friends and interacting with them in a draining and unhealthy way. Afterwards, no more. And it’s a concrete change. My mind is now incredibly free to focus on my goals and have fun. I also became aware of how “I AM” already what I profess I am lacking – this was huge! I am definitely more LIT UP and excited about life! I am Victorious!

~Rick Holland, USA

Working with Eleanor has been life changing. She has a wonderful way of showing up for her clients in a supportive, non-judgemental and empathetic way. She helped me identify patterns and behaviours that were holding me back from having the life I truly desire. She helped me see that I have the power to create the life I want for myself. I’m forever grateful for having met her; she’s the real deal. If you’re in a place where you need support in connecting to yourself, becoming more in tune with your power and higher self, I highly recommend working with her!

~Allison Wilson, Canada

Working with Eleanor was everything and more. Eleanor’s amazing ability to dive deep and immediately uncover core issues, is absolutely remarkable. I also felt lighter during the session, like a weight had been lifted away. The entire session left me feeling very blissful and happy. I’d love to do this again. Thank you Eleanor. Love and hugs… xo

~RC, Canada

Working with Eleanor I immediately felt clearer and energized. Her warm and kind nature, keen insights, wisdom and intuitive gifts were the perfect combination for me to unlock anything holding me back. Now, I feel open, ready and totally worthy and deserving of true love!! Thank you, Eleanor, for your amazing support and encouragement, and the tremendous impact you have already made in my life!!!

~Amrita R. M., USA

There were things I didn’t realise were suppressed Emotionally, and it’s also really helped me to step into my true authentic self. I couldn’t be happier with my growth from working with Eleanor. I love working with you and having you walk beside me on my journey 🙂 🙂

~Belinda Higgins, Australia

Since working with Eleanor, the shifts in me that have resulted from her work have not only been profound, but lasting. Eleanor has an intuitive ability to see the blindspots, and once awareness is brought one can only but rise up in one’s truth and integrity.
I cannot recommend her work enough. She has gifted me with remembering who I am and I am deeply grateful. May you and your work grow Eleanor, as you shine your light onto this world.

~Angeline E, Namibia

About Eleanor MacDonald

Hey, I’m Eleanor, International Healer and Relationship Empowerment Coach.

I work with people pleasers who can’t see themselves ever having healthy relationships and desperately want to get off the toxic relationship merri-go-round. I teach them how to get exactly what they want, which is to feel cherished for being themselves while enjoying loving relationships.

My life-changing tools to cope with narcissists, emotional overwhelm and taking on the weight of the world have been on world renowned self-help summits, such as Beyond the Ordinary, where I have appeared as a repeat guest.

Through my online membership program, POW! Empowered People Pleaser Academy, I give you the safe space, healing process and support you need to feel alive and at home with you, and have a few belly laughs along the way!

When I’m not helping people pleasers go from lonely and/or trapped to feeling alive and ok with being yourself, you can find me having a laughing fit with the Love of My Life, geeking out on documentaries and savouring Food Competition TV Shows. Meet Eleanor and learn more at: www.trulyeleanor.com

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