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Multidimensional Intuitive Channel and High Frequency Healer & Activator

Heart Field Expansion


Gabrielle Spencer

Your Heart Is Your Connection For Everything…

Join Gabrielle for a new 4-part WORKSHOP series to expand your heart’s energy field!

Your heart’s energy field (electrical and magnetic) is at least 5,000x times greater than your brain’s, yet you rely on your brain to imagine what you want to create!

Discover what it means to expand your heart field by embodying your soul’s divine frequency for access to The All That Is while being the light of the world as you play your pivotal role in the conscious evolution of the planet and universe.

** Release the limiting creations of your mind ** Discover Your Superpowers

** Heal the Fabric of Your Being

** Learn to Flow Into the Fabric of the Universe to Create in the higher dimensions & bring your creations into the 3D

“Using the meditation in this program I shifted my heart frequency from 200 to 350!” Susie M.


I’ve Reduced The Price For This Live Workshop

Normal price: $1497

Your price: $127 (for a limited time)

You will be emailed the instant download of the entire program! Available in mp3, video and pdf.

Here’s what you will receive…

You are the LIGHT


  • Expansion of your light and consciousness
  • ​Merge your Light and Power
  • Shift beyond the egoic / mind identity to empower your life and abundance
  • ​The “one thing” you know about your purpose (even if you feel unsure)

“Thank you with all my heart!! What a beautiful reading..and what a beautiful soul you are! You’re the real deal!! Shelly E.

Your Soul’s Wisdom


  • Embodying your Higher Self and greater levels of Light
  • Align with your Soul’s wisdom, creativity, compassion, empathy and love to expand your heart’s consciousness
  • Become the gateway to the “ALL”
  • Understand your purpose and spiritual path to Mastery in your current reality

“During the second caller that you helped, tears began pouring down my face…I was sobbing! Then, within minutes, I felt lighter and freer than I have in this lifetime! Thanking you hardly seems to do justice to the peace and joy I now feel…just wanted you to know that your presence is a gift to this world! Your newest fan, Nicholle V.”

Unify Your Mind, Heart and Soul


  • Your mind is a master illusionist
  • Ancestral & genetic lineage heart & mind healing
  • ​Shift the programming & pathways of creating with the mind to creating awesome outcomes through your heart
  • Embody sacred geometries and ancient harmonics for unity consciousness

“WOW!! Thank you! Thank you! When you addressed my question, my eyes were fluttering uncontrollably and I was overwhelmed at first and crying. Towards the end of the energy clearing I felt like on top of the world. I am really enjoying this process. Thank you for all that you do. Peace, love and light!” Juliana G.

Keys to Your Soul’s Divine Frequency


  • Unlock the ancient truth’s of creation and manifestation
  • Unblock your ability to receive
  • Your true manifesting power accessed
  • Heart / Soul / Mind activation to “transform, shift and create like a master”


**Two Live Soul Awakenings Inner Circle Masterclasses**

You will receive an invitation to join the Inner Circle for two live masterclasses. The masterclasses will unify and uplift your energy frequency. With a high vibration your emotional frequency will be focused on creating a positive flow of abundance in all areas of your life!


Disempowering Fear mp3

What happens when fear grips you? When your mind expands on your fear’s you become immobilized! Shifting yourself out of the disempowerment of fear FREEs you and empowers you. Listen to this mp3 to release fear from every level of your multi-dimensional self, to shift into a heart open and aware space to experience your life from Source perspective!


Full Heart Opening Allowing Your Heart to Sing mp3

Learn to close portals, protect you and your home, and disperse negative energy. There is also a teaching on bringing your frequency to that which you want to create. You will experience a greater connection through your heart to the Cosmic Heart and the Great Central Sun. Pre-work for the workshop to get you started for the amazing events yet to come!

“The Keys To Your Soul’s Frequency session was so powerful that I received a breakthrough! Thank you so much for putting this series together!” Ashley H.


You will be emailed the instant download of the entire program! Available in mp3, video and pdf.

Normal price: $1497

Your price: $127 (for a limited time)

About Gabrielle Spencer

Gabrielle Spencer is known as the “Practical Spiritualist” and the “Heart Harmonizer” who activates your soul’s mission-driven purpose, to maximize your impact in the world & ignite your legacy of personal and professional wealth & abundance.

She is a multidimensional intuitive channel and high frequency healer &&activator who accesses the ancient formulas, keys and codes needed to assist you to clear your multi-dimensional heart, spirit, mind and soul’s consciousness to connect you with your full force of gifts and abilities by dramatically raising your frequency.

She provides NOW moment guidance for your quickest path to clearing out what is keeping you from reclaiming your own soul’s purpose and abundance! Get ready to receive multi-dimensional and universal harmonics to shift you into the Conscious Wealth Creator you are meant to be!

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