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Professional Full Trance Medium who has been working with her Spirit Guide Chung Fu

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Strengthen the Bonds of Love & Release the Ties that Bind


“Strengthen the Bonds of Love & Release the Ties that Bind” Live Series


Package A + 60min Private Session With Ascended Master Chung Fu

Package A

Strengthen the Bonds of Love & Release the Ties that Bind

The Divine Fire is burning, the old that no longer serves is disappearing. From within, courage is rising, boosted by the great fire within the earth, the fire of all fires.

As you awaken into this new era it is time to fully let go of the old and bring forward the new forms, structures and expressions which naturally and effortlessly create the new earth.

As a Spirit Fire Warrior you will be guided by the ascended masters to rebirth from within all you ever dreamed of.

This journey begins with a preparatory teaching about the power of tie cutting, launching you the fire creator to take up your power of sovereignty and embody your full higher self.

You will be surrounded and witnessed by fire deities, ascended beings, your guides and ancestors as you fiercely embark on a journey of soul retrieval and healing ceremonies.

Strengthen the Bonds of Love is a Live Interactive Online 3 part course with Ascended Master Chung Fu. The intention of this offering is to support you in clearing your light body and strengthening your power of self love, forgiveness and gratitude so that you may achieve your divine purpose here on earth in these new times of transformation.

This unique offer includes live channelled transmissions, starseed activations, exclusive and downloadable guided meditations and practices, a BONUS 3 hour transmission, and access to a global community dedicated to personal transformation and Deep Soul Connection.

  • Are you feeling in your deep belly the urgent need and desire to free yourself of old blocks and pain?
  • What blocks can you identify in your emotional body? These blocks can become your great opportunities for transformation.
  • What do you long to transform in your life and in the world?

Come and join us in these 3 LIVE Events of magical change!

1. Initiation in the Shungite Temple – Finding the Light in the Dark

2. Fire Ceremony – Tie Cutting & Transformation

3. Grounding your New Visions – Celebration of Creativity & Gratitude

1. Initiation in the Shungite Temple

Finding the Light in the Dark

Saturday 27th February

7am Sydney / 9am New Zealand / 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm UK

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In this preparatory session you are focusing your mind to go within and identify places of pain and old wounding that you may feel are blocking you at this time. The Shungite deities bring light into your deepest places.

In this first session you will be guided to identify personal places of fear, pain, or anger, and invited to go deeper, and discover their origin within you – the original wounding.

The signs of such negative attachments or blocks are, for example, feeling triggered into anger, irritation, pain or fear in particular situations or with particular people.

Chung Fu will lead you to the etheric Shungite temple deep within the earth to receive the strengthening and empowerment of your light body, energising your lower chakras in order to bring stamina and resilience for your ceremony of release.

I AM Re-membering, I AM healing, I AM letting go of the wounds of the past

2. Fire Ceremony of Tie Cutting, calling in the Guides and Helpers

Freeing yourself from the Ties that Bind

Saturday 13th March

7am Sydney / 9am New Zealand / 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm UK

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In this second session Chung Fu will lead you through a strong and deep Tie-cutting Fire Ceremony. You place into the fire the energy of all that you no longer need and this is transformed into positive power for your life.

In this Ceremony your Higher Self and all your guides are called forward to witness you and hold you safe as you take full responsibility for your life and your part in creating everything that you experience, positive or negative. In doing this practice you are asked to see the good or useful purpose in everything, and to discover the gifts within any negative blocks and painful emotions.

Very often sensitive beings searching for soul connection are of open heart and mind and easily absorb the energies of people and situations around them. This could include unresolved ancestral content, painful memories from past lives, or even pain and negativity from other people’s emotional and mental bodies.

Throughout the ceremony these mysterious riches are given in gratitude to the transformative spirit fire beings in the inner temple of your heart.

Chung Fu reminds you that these fire beings are connected to the Cosmic Central Sun, that they are creator beings, and that they will transform your gifts to them into gifts for you.

Everything in the fire will be transmuted and transformed into its opposite.

In the wholeness of this ceremony, you are blessed and liberated and assisted to make the necessary changes in your deep soul consciousness, and to make new choices for your life.

I AM Whole, I AM the Living Spirit Within, I AM One with the Cosmic Central Sun

3. Grounding your New Visions

Celebration of Creativity & Gratitude

Saturday 27th March

7am Sydney / 9am New Zealand / 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 8pm UK

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In this session you will be guided to feel your gratitude to your divine allies and feel the arising of courage within your heart as you work to manifest your visions of the New You on the New Earth.

This is a final ceremony of letting go and forgiveness of what has been, of Gratitude for what has been transformed.

Chung Fu reminds you that it is time to work again with the creator fire spirits who connect in to the Cosmic Central Sun. You are supported in calling on Divine God/dess to help you manifest and celebrate the new visions for your life.

The practice of the Ho’oponopono helps you to ground everything you have moved and received in this tie cutting adventure.

I AM Love, I AM the Creator Fire, I give thanks <3

Each Live event will last 2.5 – 3 hours including Q & A – more than 15 hours of transmissions to enjoy!

All live events will be recorded and available as downloadable Mp3s as well as Video.

Between each of the sessions Chung Fu will also be making available extra meditations and practices. Through these you can maintain a strong and consistent connection to the journey and can explore more deeply into your own feelings, ideas and intuitions to integrate and prepare yourself for the following session.

You will be invited to write and share your experiences with fellow students in a membership discussion area – enjoy the companionship and support of the group and make new friends!

PLUS a BONUS Recording with Sally Pullinger and Ascended Master Chung Fu!

Grace, Gratitude and Good Faith

Developing Deep Rooted Resilience to Be the Flowering Lotus in the Mud

In this 3 hour recorded transmission Chung Fu shows you how to propel yourself back on to the sparkling diamond pathway of your true higher self and draw the power into your roots from the fertile mud of the seeming chaos of your earthly life. He reminds you to have faith in yourself and to view everything in your life as a gift and a blessing on your path.

Chung Fu, whose name means Good Faith and Inner Truth, loves the symbol of the Lotus that flowers against all odds. The Lotus grows in the mud, its roots representing human life. As you grow and develop through your human experiences and suffering, the evolving flower of your higher self rises above the mud. This requires Good Faith in yourself as, like the Lotus, you must filter from the mud of your life the nutrition which feeds the Gracious Blossoming of your being.

Chung Fu encourages you to choose a hopeful and uplifting mind-set and create emotional resilience and Gratitude within the challenges of your daily life. This gives you the strength and wisdom to meet the endless stream of negative information overload at this time on earth, as you become the Deep Rooted flowering Lotus radiating Hope and Faith to all around you…

A Zen verse says, “May we exist in muddy water with purity, like a lotus.”


You will receive:

Strengthen the Bonds of Love & Release the Ties that Bind LIVE Series

February 27th, March 13th, March 27th, 2021


BONUS: Grace, Gratitude and Good Faith Transmission

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

Everything in Package A +

Private 1 Hour Session With Ascended Master Chung Fu

In Person / Skype / Phone

Come and spend some precious time with Chung Fu, an ascended being from the worlds of light, speaking directly to you through deep trance medium Sally Pullinger. Experience conversing with this kind, compassionate, insightful, humorous, loving spirit guide whose special chosen purpose is to help you connect to your soul and your true purpose here on earth.

Chung Fu is an ascended master, which means he is no longer choosing to incarnate at this time, though he says he will do so again at some point in the future. He has explained to us that he has created an astral body that he uses in order to come emotionally close to us all.

Chung Fu creates a really deep personal connection and friendship with his students and clients and is able to see into the soul and read the akashic records in order to look into past lives helping us to understand the causes of present and long term wounding and pain.

He explains that his main purpose in communicating with us at this time is to help us grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally strong in order to meet the extraordinary challenges of our present-day world. He tells us we have been born at this special time because we are part of a big wave of humanity coming forward to create change in the world.

Chung Fu helps us to understand the enormous power and support available to us on the inner plane, and to develop our light bodies in order to be able to better receive the love, wisdom and guidance of the light beings working with us. Once we open to this deep soul connection, he brings us simple tools in plain language that is easy to understand, and encourages us to make space in our life to literally re-build ourselves in places that are weak or broken.

He says that with practice and application we can completely rebuild our mental and emotional bodies and expand our light bodies to be able to fully encompass and contain the power and presence of our higher selves. He often refers to his techniques like a coach talking to a training athlete, explaining that if we want to get strong, then do the exercises, do the practice, do our spiritual workout every day and we will become spiritually, mentally and emotionally fit and well!

Chung Fu is happy to support people exactly where they are so nothing is too mundane or too cosmic to talk about…

You do not need to send questions ahead of time. Though by the nature of thought and energy – as you are forming and thinking through your questions Chung Fu is no doubt hearing you even now! With regards to a session though – please just feel you can ask about Anything….the truth is you can also come with NO questions and you will soon be talking about the heart of your deepest issues…Chung Fu has a way of getting in there 🙂

As much as possible just feel very comfortable and natural – as though you are approaching a wise old friend who you know will accept and understand anything you share and bring forward…and will gently show you ways forward or inward… or both!

To work with Chung Fu is to enter into relationship with a tireless and loving overseer and guardian who makes his presence known in both obvious and subtle ways in our lives. Many of his students, clients and friends hear him talking on the inside, and after working with him for a while often find they have personal access to the wisdom, understanding and love that flows through this beautiful being from the Source Divine.

I came to Chung Fu literally on my knees; my health was so bad I thought I was on my last Winter. My healing journey with Chung Fu has been deep, and at times demanding, but so infused with love that I felt held in both body and soul. I met my authentic self for the first time, learned to hone and develop my gifts through development work and later trance, and reclaimed my body and my soul. From feeling very close to the end, I now run my own successful practice helping others to heal through horse-human and human-human connection. My life has completely changed through this deep, compassionate, unswervingly honest, soul work.

~Ella B


It’s hard to talk about Chung Fu because what he is and what he does is so deep and so beyond the mind it is hard to find the words. All my life I have been looking for the highest source of truth, of divine authority and of course that is something I really need to find within myself. However Chung Fu is the closest I have found yet. As a guide to the spirit world and the emotional world Chung Fu is unparalleled in my experience. On top of all this, his compassion and humour are immense. Such a nice guy!! The wise grandfather we have all dreamed of.




You will receive:

Private 1 Hour Session With Ascended Master Chung Fu


Strengthen the Bonds of Love & Release the Ties that Bind LIVE Series

February 27th, March 13th, March 27th, 2021


BONUS: Grace, Gratitude and Good Faith Transmission

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $249

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Private Session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about SALLY & CHUNG FU

What a truly amazing journey Chung Fu escorted us on in the crystalline realms! There was an in-depth explanation of how crystals are made up, sacred geometry and the different properties various crystals contain. We were given valuable personal advice on which crystals each of us needed to work with.

Such a wealth of knowledge was imparted including information which is not accessible elsewhere to my awareness. We were even introduced to various oversoul deities connected to specific crystals.

From beginning the course I felt an acceleration and upliftment of my vibration which seems to have remained at a constant high level. I was introduced to so many kind, beautiful and supportive souls on the course. This has been a wonderful life changing and life enhancing experience.

Much gratitude and love to Chung Fu, Sally, Sophie and Jerome.

~Janet, UK

This course has been the best thing I have done in a long time. The knowledge and deep healing I have gained is priceless. The beautiful souls I have met in our journeys are so precious to me. This group has helped me heal deep wounds… for this I will always be so grateful. Chung Fu has given us so much knowledge, guidance and love. Sally, Sophie and Jerome have gone beyond measure to help heal and support me. Their generosity has been amazing. I am so happy to have been guided to this course and can’t wait till the next. Thank you.

~C.T, Australia

An amazing course. So many things I could say.

For now I am appreciating having a much greater understanding of the connectedness of all things, of the aliveness of the universe and every single item in it. Before I had lots of crystal and gemstones, and admired them for their beauty and colour and to some extent their gifts, but Chung Fu has opened up a whole new level of their beingness. I hadn’t realised there were oversouls like Amonshungine who have guarded these crystals (Shungite in this case) for many many millennia and who could communicate from within each and every tiny piece of the crystal we hold. On some level I felt it was so, but not consciously till this course.

And how amazing it was that Chung Fu arranged for us to journey to Venus, and then to find when trying it out later that I could be there in a blink of an eye!! Such wisdom has been imparted to us all. And we are all connected with each other and the whole universe in a grid of Light – and that wonderful Cathedral of Light that Chung Fu guided us to create together, that we can use anytime for our own healing and those of others – beautiful.

~G.C, UK

This course was one of the most profound experience I have had…I like to say that I am still having…I met with the most amazing beauty and energies of magnificent crystals – frozen forces….yet when I followed these energies in reverse I climbed higher and higher through the most beautiful and exciting journeys Chung Fu gifted us with. I moved though the different frequencies, the shades of colors, the different vibrations – becoming one with them. I felt the joy that these amazing crystal beings are emanating…they are alive and my perception is changed forever! Crystals are throughout the whole universe, from the lowest to the highest dimensions…they are conscious and some are downloaded with the knowledge of creation itself. Thank you Chung Fu – you offered to me a great expansion into new dimensions through your gentle and loving guidance allowing me to open and receive. My Love and Gratitude to you is immeasurable. Peace <3 


This continues to be the most incredible journey of self-discovery, growth and personal and spiritual development. Quite literally indescribable……….thank you so much Sally and all those that support this amazing work with Chung Fu…

~ Chris H, UK

There are no words to express the deep understanding and infinite peace received from being ‘Seen’ on such a profound level through working with Chung Fu. Life has got clearer and infinitely more real and exciting since I met this circle.

~Suzanna V, UK

An amazing family, working with these guys has changed my life. They inspire me to want to reach deeply within to become truly authentic and connected. It’s not all plain sailing but worth every penny and every tear.

~L.M, UK

I have absolutely been blown away by my sessions with Sally and Chung Fu. As a follower of a more spiritual path, this absolutely cut through to the core of what I needed to do, what was required and why I was in the situation I was in and added so many deeper meanings to the events of my life, like no other session, treatment, spiritual dedication, prayer or ritual I had ever undertaken. It gave me an understanding that would have been hard to achieve without this special meeting of what I see as spiritual light and love from a higher source that allows you to see into all the corners and illuminate them for healing and progress. I have been truly blessed by this.

I have never before had such an opportunity to explore my spirituality and my humanity in a truly compassionate way and with an honesty and openness that can only be achieved when a remarkable space has been created, this is the space that Sophie and Sally and their family have created with Chung Fu. This is a blessing and gift and facilitates healing and learning but there’s more, Chung Fu I’m sure will chuckle when I say he is the icing on the cake!! To have the opportunity to converse and be taught by a teacher who has journeyed through many lifetimes pursuing an understanding and clarity of the universe is awesome, to then witness his wisdom and insight to each individual within a group is humbling and beautiful. Much love,

~Lisa G, UK

Meeting Chung Fu profoundly changed my life. He gave me such soft and unconditional love and spoke with such wisdom and ‘seeing’ that I was able to begin to trust and gently, slowly, to be able to look at what I had not ever dared to look at before in myself. I am eternally grateful, so humbled and so delighted as I see myself healing and ever daring to fully claim and begin to truly live this life that is mine. It is ongoing…..

~J.D.P, UK

I am aware of the presence of Chung Fu being here for me whenever I call on him. I do this often, when I have conflict and distress. The response comes in different ways through conversations or surprise meetings, and I am able to at least understand the dynamics of the issues. Over the course of the years since my first meeting with him I have slowly but surely moved out from under the burden of helpless victim. Thank you all for allowing this illuminating presence to be there for me.

~N.E, UK

I have been having wonderful communications with Chung Fu (Old Chinese) for nearly 22 years. This has enabled me to transform my life with the always unconditional loving, wisdom, and encouragement, information and humour of Chung Fu and also my guides and other amazing Beings that I have connected with through Chung Fu. This on-going experience is the most important in my life and for my family. I am eternally grateful to Chung Fu and to beloved Sally for her amazing dedication and commitment to serving Great Spirit in this way.

~Araura B, UK

About Sally Pullinger

Sally Pullinger is a professional full trance medium who has been working with her Spirit Guide Chung Fu for over forty years. She lives and works with her family in Glastonbury (UK), believed by some to be the Heart Centre of the world.

Sally became a medium when she was 28 years old after the tragic death of her husband which led her on a deep personal healing journey. She was guided by wonderful healers and was trained by trance medium Ivy Northage and her guide Chan who were well known both in the Spiritualist Association and College of Psychic Studies in London.

In the early years Chung Fu communicated mainly to family and friends and then in 2000, Sally and her family opened their home to host groups and individuals wishing to work with spirit.

Since then Sally and her children, Sophie and Jerome, have facilitated many people through a deep process of spiritual self-development. Sally runs self-development groups in partnership with her Spirit Guide Chung Fu, also working deeply with individuals one-to-one, helping both men and women to integrate and heal past wounding and liberate themselves into their true deep soul connection. They now also offer online courses and programs.

Sally and her family believe strongly in the power of community and extended family to support and heal the afflictions of the heart suffered by many during these times. Through the intense initiations that her family has undergone, they have made a conscious choice to work together to share these rich and real teachings, practicing within their own family and community the principles Chung Fu teaches, of personal truth and honesty, of love that holds space for the healing of each other’s shadow aspects. Sally believes it is possible to create a new way to live upon the earth together in harmony peace and love but has no illusions about what it will take to achieve this aim.

Sally is also a self-initiated Priestess of Avalon and in recent years has been blessed with the ecstatic experience of Goddess Isis coming into her body when she is in trance, as well as other aspects of Divine Mother and is always delighted to share this.

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