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“Say YES to Being You” Retreat (Recordings available – hosted on September 18)


PACKAGE A + (2) Group Power Session replay Mp3’s with 3+ hours of accelerated healing

Package A

“Say YES to Being You” Retreat

You’ll be immersed in a 4- hour Group Power Accelerated Healing Field. This Power Field personally reconciles your Soul’s history, awakens your consciousness to its next levels and brings embodiment of your choices and intentions for this retreat + additional personal healings on what you’ve been working with on your path.

  • Supporting, calling forth and embodying your DEEP levels of YES to being yourself fully.
  • Clearing related fears, traumas, past-life and this-life stuff that’s been part of your old no’s and old self.
  • Reconciling related outdated ways of being, Soul-history, karmic patterns and choices.
  • Using your POWER OF YES to create a multitude of healing and awakening.
  • Break through, leap forward through thresholds of consciousness and Be YOU NOW!

Date & Time:

Saturday September 18th

Recordings downloads are available now


1st Session: 12:00p- 1:15p

15-min break

2nd Session: 1:30p-2:30p

15-min break

3rd Session: 2:45p-4:00p

Retreat Mission:

  • Support you in being who you are fully.
  • Reconciling and healing the many subtle emotional/physical/mental/spiritual layers of the old parts of you who want to say no to being you.
  • Activating and embodying your next levels of true-self on your personal path of healing, awakening, embodiment and expressions of purpose.
  • Strengthening your POWER OF YES, self-connection, empowerment and alignment with yourself.


Choosing to be who you FULLY are is the bedrock of Self embodiment. Being truly committed to being who you are MUST be your deepest innermost priorities. The foundational choices of moment-to-moment self honesty, honoring your truth, being and living your truth continuously builds upon itself. Thus you start feeling, being and embodying your deepest knowing and heart’s rightful path. What stops you from saying this deep yes to being yourself? Fear and hurt. You’ve experienced thousands and countless experiences in your Soul’s history that makes it feel terrifying and unsafe to say yes again. And yet, you are still being asked by Life to be you. We are all being asked.

This retreat accelerates your healing, reconciling and clearing of the old hurts and traumas so you can feel safer, stronger, inspired and deeply supported from within to say yes to being who you fully are again. We’ll instantly remove original energetic roots, reconcile Soul history, release disempowered ways of being and empower you to make new choices that support you on your path of self-embodiment.

  • This Retreat works with the specific awakening paths of those attending.
  • Your True-Self knows the details of your path and what’s needed for foundational, true change for saying yes to yourself.
  • The True-Self within each participant collaborates, brining the specific information for healing, awakening, embodiment, teachings and the flow for the entire Retreat.
  • Our sacred Group Power collaboration always works spontaneously, addressing and healing your innermost priorities in each moment.

Focus for each session: Accelerated-quick healing, clearing, awakening and reconciling the old. Activating and bringing forward your next levels of Self ready and waiting to say YES.


  • Making all the energy connections needed for feeling and embodying your deeper yeses to being yourself. Connecting with multi-dimensional parts of you, life-themes and outdated ways of being related to your your next levels of embodying your yes.
  • Getting your system ready for deep clearing, accelerated healing, alignment and leaping forward.
  • Deep healing, awakening and clearing of the old layers begins.


  • Deep and fast healing, clearing, awakening of the old layers ‘sitting on top of’ your yes to being yourself.
  • Reconciling, healing and clearing specific Soul-history, karmic patterns and choices directly relating to you saying yes.
  • Clearing ego-identities and relationship dynamics with self and other.
  • Guidance, information and teachings to support your many layers of yes.


  • Continued guidance, support, deep healing, clearing, awakening and self-connection in all the areas we worked with in the first 2 sessions.
  • Integration within the mind/body/spirit/ from all the break throughs, healing and awakening that occurred throughout this retreat.


You will receive:

“Say YES to Being You” Retreat

Recordings available – Hosted on September 18th 2021

Value: $295

70% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $88

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A


(2) Group Power Session replay Mp3’s with 3+ hours of accelerated healing

1. Group Power Session MP3:

Accelerated Clearing & Self-Connection


  • Connect deeply with yourself.
  • Deep healing for being seen.
  • Clear blocks, old pain, reconcile Soul history, clear outdated energetics.
  • Activate, ignite, align with your true-self and empowerment.
  • Receive guidance for your path, current energies and changes…
  • Leap forward NOW.


With all this deeper awakening, personal stuff coming up, inner/outer shifts and what’s happening in the world… there’s so many deep emotions being felt, powerful inner/outer changes afoot, a reconciling, a purging and our physical body’s transforming into higher energy/consciousness right now. Whew! So much happening at once. The more you can connect with yourself, clear off the old and change what no longer serves you, the easier this time can feel for you.

Session Focus: Accelerate personal clearing, healing, awakening, embodiment and anchor within.

Because there’s so much happening right now, Spirit wants to offer this special session for faster/easier clearing, awakening and embodying in the areas you’re needing most at this time. As you’re steeped deep within yourself and strengthen your self-connection, we’ll clear clear clear like crazy! We’ll clear blocks, ego identities, past pain and reconcile Soul history. We’ll activate your next activations, leap you through thresholds of consciousness and raise your physical vibrations to meet all the healing you’ve been doing. You, the Group, will bring the specific layers for accelerated clearing and the info for guidance for support for your path at this time. Heal faster, connect to your next deeper levels of self-empowerment, turn on, be YOU!!

2. Group Power Session MP3:

Clear Ancestral/Generational/ Spiritual Traumas in DNA



The material in your DNA is constantly expressing/emanating energy and consciousness in your system. This unconsciously favors your experience of yourself. The ancestral, generational and spiritual history that’s held in your DNA is ready for clearing. As we clear out the old, your True-Self’s energy and consciousness will simultaneously embody in the DNA.

Session Focus: Clearing Ancestral/Generational/Spiritual traumas out of your DNA

Your ancestors, past life parts of you and spiritual energies ready for DNA release will join us. The Group’s collaborative field of consciousness will bring the precise life-themes and layers ready for release. As the old releases, it makes space for the True-You to step forward and embody in your DNA and in the aspects of you needed now on your path. The clearings and releases will happen in all the areas you are ready to embody your True-Self more deeply.


You will receive:

“Say YES to Being You” Retreat

Saturday September 18th


(2) Group Power Session replay Mp3’s

with 3+ hours of accelerated healing

Value: $405

73% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $108

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

What others are saying about Ambujam Rose

The 6 months of Group Power Healings I’ve done with Ambujam have been transformative beyond anything I could have imagined! I am grateful!!!

~Kathy, NM

Absolutely transformational! The fastest way I found to uncover who one truly is! Blocks, fears, traumas…..everything that needs to go from way, way, way, back. You just have to sit and be and Spirit does the rest! AMAZING! I wholeheartedly recommend Ambujam’s Group Power Healing sessions to anyone wanting to free themselves!

~Gwyneth, UK

I started attending Group Power Healings a few months ago and my life has ALREADY dramatically changed. I had allergies that would turn into sinus infection, one after another for more than 10 years. After ONE Group Power Healing the allergy is gone! I can finally Breathe! Each Group Power Healing feels like she’s speaking directly to me and I feel so much love. Ambujam is a gem. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to know the truth about themselves.

~Carole, UT

Ambujam is a powerhouse! She goes straight into the energy that needs to be shifted out. Highly recommend her incredible Group Power Healings to everyone because they speak directly to you! There has been a huge releasing shift within me, an upgrading of my consciousness and understanding, as well as a reduction in physical aches and pains. Magic!!

~Julie, AU

I have participated in Group Power Healings just recently with amazing and sometime subtle results that grow and expand over time. I feel like she’s speaking directly to my Being every time. Her ability to connect with the group consciousness, our teams, guides and the higher realms is truly amazing! The guidance, clearings and healings are spot on! If you are looking to connect with someone whom is the real deal, authentic, funny, loving and kind please be open and allow yourself to receive healings from the Divine through Ambujam.

~Maggie, NC

If you want tangible quantum up-leveling with ease and grace, Ambujam’s Group Power Healings deliver and more. They are powerful, fast, and provide the individual the perfect heart-based, heart-aligned experience for where you are now and leap you into the next level.


Ambujam’s Group Power Healings are one of a kind! Having attended many, I always feel deep peace inside after a session. Always spot on! An enlightening experience helping you CONSCIOUSLY grow. She greatly assists the Soul’ s Ascension path in a way that can be truly felt as profound changes in “real life” on many levels!

~Barbara, Germany

About Ambujam Rose

Leap through thresholds of consciousness NOW that would normally have taken weeks, months, years, lifetimes!

Ambujam is an Embodiment Activator, Wayshower, Guide, and Healer. Ambujam’s one-of-a-kind Group Power Healings accelerate your path of personal healing, awakening and embodying your true-self. Her powerful mix of quick-focused energy clearings + spot-on guidance INSTANTLY pulls out the roots of complex spiritual issues, life themes, reconciles Soul-history and removes ego-identities. Your energy frees up for faster embodiment, your true-self activates, you self-empower and energize your heart’s rightful path. Ambujam’s Group Power Healings have accelerated the path to freedom for over 20 years. Her dedication to embodying her own path continuously creates her work to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity.

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