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Light Activator, Master Alchemist in Ancient Spells and Lower Entities and Densities containment

Finally… Free Yourself From Entities, Shadows, Curses & More!

Entities and Shadows have been a constant battle for humans.

Their identifying patterns, often difficult to detect, can have you find ease in things and thoughts you would have never acted on before their attachments.

All attachments are experienced in the body. Your Solar Plexus triggers the points of entry and procures the proper nest to take hold.

They are parasites and contaminants preventing you from experiencing Purity and Clarity of thoughts in this evolution.

We have lived in a Martian Echo system for uncountable eons to which our dimensional system is finally dismantling from our space in the retirement of the 6th Ray which has had us fighting and killing without considering the damage in our intimate Echo system.

The challenge we are dealing with is How to release these unwanted performers which are willingly destroying the Pure clarity which is required in this time of destruction.

Being assisted by a long-awaited evolutionary condition finally capable of excavating from our thoughtforms precise points of active darkness from our shadows.

Self-compassion is required and the release of serving others first before self is a must.

Discover How Entities Strike When You’re At Your Weakest And You Usually Don’t Even Know They’re There!

Are you secretly being held back by…

  • Shadows
  • Entities
  • Malicious curses
  • Persecuted ancestral lineage syndrome
  • Inherited DNA patterns
  • Alien implants
  • Interdimensional karma
  • Satanic rituals
  • Serial self­ abuse

If Life Isn’t Amazing…
Something’s Holding You Back!

Andie Depass believes that a thin veil between life and death exists.

She also believes that all of us at some level experienced one of these issues above.

If not in your current memory bank, somewhere within your organism.

Your biosphere has a resonance, a current of awareness that will have you feeling anxious just hearing or seeing the words

How Do You Know Entities Are Affecting You?

When you’ve had an experience that created fear, confusion or anxiety is normally when Beings latch on to you.

If there’s something that you’re blocking out…

And often you’re not even fully aware that it happened because your mind does such a good job of hiding it.

So if there’s something you don’t want to think about, then this is often a tell-tale sign that the Being is aware of it and decided to hide it deep in your subconscious mind.

What I mean is you had an experience and it totally put you in a tailspin because you couldn’t deal with it anymore.

So It Gets Buried Deep Within You…

You’ve made an agreement with it.

It just needs to stay buried deep within your sub­conscious because you can’t deal with it at the time.

You believe that if you talk to your friends and family about what has occurred they’ll think you’re crazy, that you’ve lost it, and begin to leave you.

You never want to experience this again and so it’s never brought to the light.

Why Does It Stay Hidden?

Because at the time you didn’t have tools and resources to assist you mindfully.

Your system compartmentalizes the experience, leaving it unresolved so it becomes a shadow that’s following you everywhere.

So you rationalize that as long as no one knows “I am OK!”

Still, you don’t feel fine… and this has now taken residence in your sub­conscious and you are now performing under its authority.

Entities, Shadows, And Implants Need A Body To Play With

Your body is a very good host to something that is not yours.

Often an entity will choose you depending on the light frequency they perceive you from.

They will not attach themselves to a brightly lit human as they would be incapable to stay there.

So they can easily jump from one host to another.

What Makes You A Target For Entities?

Entities strike when you’re at your weakest.

They easily take advantage of someone who is depressed, angry, defeated, or lost in a numbing routine.

If you find yourself doing things you didn’t really plan on doing, it’s usually because that formless thought-form is using your body to get things done.

So if you know what you “should” be doing but struggle to actually get them done then an entity is probably involved.

Other Key Signs Of Entities…

Losing time is also a sign that you have something going on because Aliens are often involved in time-lapses.

So if you ever get to the end of the day and wonder where all the time went… you could be affected by Alien entities.

Plus going to the hospital, having surgery, dentistry, and such places are also popular hang­outs for entities looking for their next host.

Simply because you’ll be in your most weakened state while sick or ill as well.

So What Can You Do About It?

Because we are now in a Charged Vibrational Field of change and at the Dawn of a New Age… much is happening with the awakening of Souls who came here to facilitate this transformation.

Everyone is awakening at some level and we are all clearing darkness out of our fields.

Mutations of Light are now being restored and our Creator is given us these bodies to assist Humanity to the Truth of YOU.

Much needs to be achieved in a short time so it’s important to return entities back to their light.

To break curses, mindfully tend to your Dome, and restore the body health to optimum levels.

We all need to be purposefully mindful

All Shining Stars Had To Shed A Lot Of Debris Before They Began To Glow. So Do You…

All shining stars had to shed a lot of debris before they began to glow. So do we….

Expert Review

I Chose Andie because She is so Gifted!

“Andie is coaching me to learn how to be in the Present NOW instead of in the future or the past. She is also helping me release judgment about anything and everything that is in my Present which I find challenging. She is a Gift from God as a Coach!”

~Joanne Justis,

Chaldean Mathematician

Here’s what the package includes:

  • Procrastinate, Abandoned, Tormented MP3 [$99.00]
  • Sinister, Struggle, Self Pity MP3 [$99.00]
  • Controlled, Destroyed, Rigid MP3 [$99.00]
  • Regret, Sad, Sorrow MP3 [$99.00]
  • Rebellious, Reckless, Offended MP3 [$99.00]
  • Powerless, Persecuted, Punished MP3 [$99.00]
  • 30 Minute Personal Coaching Call with Andie [$300.00]

This series of recordings will have you consider where have you lingered in this incarnation. And provide you tools and assurances to clear many dark zones to which you have not considered yet.


6 MP3s to help you get to the bottom of what is harming you + Bonus

Discount: 84% Off
Total Package Value: $594

Special for “YDU”: $97


6 MP3s + Personal 30 minutes call with Andie DePass + 2 Bonuses

Discount: 78% Off
Total Package Value: $894

Special for “YDU”: $197

Package A

ITEM 1 : Procrastinate, Abandon, Tormented

Value: $99

MP3 – Length: 22:42 minutes

A deep dive into recalling energies that have been negatively affecting your powerfulness. These Entities have been introduced as a virus in your system. Begin to remove them with this MP3.

ITEM 2 : Sinister, Struggle, Self Pity

Value: $99

MP3 – Length: 19:13 minutes

Begin releasing diminishing frequencies and resonance in your field. Clearing densities attached to you from different Karmic threads.

ITEM 3 : Controlled, Destroyed, Rigid

Value: $99

MP3 – Length: 18:56 minutes

Understand that each release created a higher frequency to resonate and enjoy bringing you to a place of absolute Self Love.

ITEM 4 : Regret, Sad, Sorrow

Value: $99

MP3 – Length: 15:08 minutes

Release diminishing thoughts, feelings, vibrations, and emotions. Creating more space in your field while gaining the opportunity to see what is possible when you disconnect from the frame and dismantle diminishing thoughts.

ITEM 5 : Rebellious, Reckless, Offended

Value: $99


Become aware of yourself. Find a focused space within yourself to enjoy the freedom and create new levels of INTUITION.

ITEM 6 : Powerless, Persecuted, Punished

Value: $99


Release passive-aggressive behaviors out of your light field, cellular system, and body. Continuing to manage confidently and willingly the release of these negative Entities.


Gracious, Transparent, Genuine – MP3

In this audio, Andie DePass leads you through a Meditation focusing on adding new Frequencies and Abilities. Learning to be Gracious, Transparent, and Genuine.

Package A

You will receive:

6 MP3s to help you get to the bottom of what is harming you


Bonus: Gracious, Transparent, Genuine – MP3

Value: $693

84% Discount

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A Plus…

One 30 Min Private Consultation with Andie

30min Private Consultation with Andie

Value: $300

The session will be recorded

Clearing entities, lineage, scanning field, and body for any darkness. Activating your BIODOME, giving a new approach to your well being


Lingering, Poverty and Money – MP3

In this audio, Andie DePass leads you through a Meditation focusing on recognizing the awareness of becoming available to an elevated version of yourself. You will learn to let go of financial traps and accept your divine right to abundance.

Package B

You will receive:

One 30 Min Private Consultation with Andie


6 MP3s to help you get to the bottom of what is harming you


2 Bonus MP3s: Gracious, Transparent, Genuine + Lingering, Poverty and Money 

Value: $894

78% Discount

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $197

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the private session–whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Andie DePass

Andie completely changed my life!

“My experience with Andie DePass was truly life changing. I took Andie’s class, I had a 1:1 session, and I can say first hand her process is extraordinary.

Her intentions for your growth are Divine. Combining her years of knowledge and research, with her compassionate nature, she will help you to reach further than you could imagine and become your highest and best self. ! She will take you to your Truth, she has a way of tapping into whom you really are, even if you forgot, and help you realize you are a beautiful soul.

She makes learning, growing and change a joyful process. Change and being honest with yourself can be ugly and Andie makes it doable as she walks with you at your own pace with a smile on your face. She is pure joy.

Her tools are so very effective. She will give you new spiritual routines to do on a daily basis to strengthen you along your path. I resonated with Andie and her powerful tools brought me such love and peace. Using her tools with consistency, you will be so amazed on how you can shift your life immediately.

Andie’s work is for everyone, if you are new to a spiritual path or if you are well on your way, no matter, she has the personalized healing for you!

If you want your life to look different, I highly recommend Andie DePass.”

~Annette Lowe


“This past week I was blessed with a session with Andie Depass..pure grace… Am still in the midst of processing the gift of Andie…

At first, our Skype was acting up then the phone!! I knew then there was powerful energy among us!!

Two weeks prior I had shamanic spiritual surgery..it was this shaman that recommended to connect with one who can remove curses or heavy darkness…I was surrounded and engulfed by darkness prior to the surgery…

Initially Andie became very ill upon our contact..sorry Andie..yet at that moment I knew that finally someone could see and feel that roaring ugly dark thing that has followed this being..Huge relief..

With that Andie through the Divine forever erased deleted removed that energy..that heavy dark ugly thing is gone…

After years perhaps centuries, one can see where this would be much to process…Yet there is feelings of hope deep hope that all will be well now..that there is an approaching peace..there is release with sadness..there is faith that home so desired will be presented..there is gratitude and deep hope and deep breathes..

Today is a day of rest..everything feels so different..

Thank you, Andie…Thank you for your amazing gift thank you for sharing …”

~Caitlin S Wolf


“I would like to thank Andie Depass from the bottom of my heart for my session today. It too was an OMG experience.!!!!!!! She cleared 3 entities that has played havoc with my digestive system for the past 3 years.

One entity did not want to leave and she took it on herself.I am a healer myself and during my sessions I feel the clients emotions and would belch in varying depths during the sessions.

I too had imprints that affected my visibility as a healer and not wanting to be seen.

I am elated with the session today and so look forward to the classes offered with this purchase. If anyone is questioning having a session with Andie I would definitely recommend her because she is very unique and
truly gifted with a very generous and Loving disposition.

She also recommended eating food of the season and no gluten (glue). She has so much information to share.

With much Love, Light and Gratitude . Blessings..

~Sandra Howie


“OMG!!! I purchased Andie DePass’s package. Just finished my 30 minute reading with her. She is truly amazingly gifted. She immediately focused in on my purpose here, what a gifted healer and spiritual messenger/teacher I am and how I’m supposed to be doing this on a world stage. While I DO feel that and everything she said resonated with me, I asked why that isn’t happening just yet. She immediately got the imprint I came into this world with that is blocking my trajectory and my soul’s purpose. As soon as she said it, I knew it was spot on. Now, that it’s clear, I can move forward and BE VISIBLE and of service for the good of all in the way it was intended for me to be. Can’t thank you enough, Andie!!! If Andie’s perceptions are accurate, in the future, I may be one of the people you have on your show, Eram!!! Can’t wait for your classes, Andie!!! Much love, light and blessings”

~Sharon Rinaldo

Andie completely rewired my DNA and cut ties with all the people whose energy I had taken on throughout my life. Afterwards, I felt divine presence and such joy!

“Thank you so much, Andie Depass for the energy activation during our session today! Andie completely rewired my DNA to cut ties with all the people whose energy I had taken on throughout my life. Afterward, I felt divine presence and tingling up and down my spine and so much joy! I was a little dizzy but very energized. She said I would no longer get triggered and could easily observe and allow things to pass so that those things can move out of my body permanently. I was ready to get to the core of my being so I could be free to move into my highest state of self and really get to know who I am. I bought Andie’s package before I began my new job yesterday and I could already feel the energies working. It turns out I love my new job and the people are so nice. I’m so excited to start her classes next week and see what unfolds in my life. I just know things will get even better!

~Linnea G Jordan


“Hi All, I also had my session with Andie Depass today, actually just now. I have to let you know that I bought the package without listening to the call. Eram Saeed sent the access to the package on Sunday night before the call. Based on the energy of the email and her picture I knew I had to work with Andie Depass. On the call, she helped clear me of two entities and created space in my energy to help me create my dream. I was able to see, feel, know and create the image of me creating schools in this African city in Ghana. My friend Christina and I were standing there, hugging each other, thanking God and each other for the school and the students and teachers filling in the school for first time first day. The sun was shining its golden light out onto the school, the priest was blessing the building, and Source was blessing the whole space. It was my dream come true and I know it will. There was so much energy filling me up and love filling up the image. The visualization was real and I knew in my heart that this will be true. My knowing said so. Andie also gave me advice to love me and to practice loving me. I intend to see what’s right about this in my future. I intend to speak out for myself to be able to make this dream come true. It feels like the great plan is coming together into the highest manifestation i could ever ask for in my life. I love Andie. Thank you Andie so much. It is so real so true and so created. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Love Gratitude and Light always!”

~Sandhya D Srivastava

“Since taking Andie’s Entity class I have felt a gradual and steady release of layers of imprints and patterns that have been running my life and which left me depleted and rarely feeling like myself. I knew that I have not truly felt like myself for tens of years, except for rare occasions of clarity and joy. Even though I was used to this way of living, I felt a deep sense of longing for being back in my own skin and being myself.

With Andie’s graceful assistance and work I am returning to my own true self. In a one-on-one session she really got the ball rolling with removal of some entities that had been occupying my valuable personal life and distracting me with concerns, emotions and reactions that I had taken on from them. This enabled me to continue with more clarity to begin living as the person that I am. This also helped me see additional areas of my life in which I have been living out the patterns of others. I had been so frustrated, depressed, and resentful, feeling that I was living so, so many other people’s unfulfilled lives for them and never having my own. Now it’s possible to take the reins and say, “No more, there is something better, there is my own self and a real life to live.”

I especially appreciate her calling on the angels, ascended masters and more for their presence and assistance as we do our work. It is a reassuring reminder that the universe is “peopled” with many loving beings who work with us and beyond.

Andie’s two classes contain powerful activations for returning to oneself, removing entities, imprints and the residue left in the system by occupying forces. I have used these activations again and again to further the work we began. Also, the gracious Q & A calls with other class members have been so instructive and healing, focusing on specific situations which most everyone can identify with and receive help with. She also provides support, always replying to any questions I have had. It’s wonderful to know I can ask and receive help.

Andie is a master of her practice and I am very grateful to be working with her. Her voice alone contains a healing quality and it’s clear that she knows what she’s looking at and how to proceed when she works with energy. Thanks Andie!

~Kathleen K, US

About Andie DePass

Andie DePass, PhD., The Light Activator, is a Master Alchemist in Ancient Spells and Lower Entities and Densities containment and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy and Divinity.

She is a Quantum Energy healer, gifted writer, an inspiring coach, dedicated teacher, and transformational guide. She has helped thousands of clients over her decades of work. One of her greatest gifts is that she enables her clients to become master manifestors.

Andie focuses on going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived within the foundation of Christed love so that you can heal with grace and ease.

As a Certified Coach, Andie specializes in aiding those who’ve experienced sexual and physical abuse, particularly the removing and deactivating of the Male Microchimerism Virus. This Virus is connected to all humans through their DNA. Through extensive research, hands-on work, and powerful energetic upgrades, Andie possesses a unique understanding of the Virus and depth of knowledge other healers don’t. She specializes in the electrical, cognitive, magnetic energy of Male Microchimerism in the mental and emotional aspect of the body. She alone understands how its electromagnetic charge functions, what that means for you, and how it affects your Sovereignty in your Body Identity.

As a Metaphysical Coach, Andie has a deep connection to the universe, the ever-shifting energies, and takes a unique approach to understand what it is to be part of the Great Awakening.

Andie discovered her gifts early as a result of a traumatic childhood. She learned as a child that she could always step out of her body when in danger. As a little girl, she was sexually abused on a daily basis for years. During those horrific events, she would remove herself from her body for safe keeping and waited and watched from the corner until the violence ended and she could return to her own body again. She also called upon Mother Mary, her mother, Mother Ana, and Archangel Michiela (which is also known as Michel) for protection.

But Andie found this tool draining and exhausting to use and so she learned and developed others tools in order to survive. This necessity has given her the experience needed to enable her to develop the proper tools for you to use personally in order to achieve your desired results.

Andie is a birthright healer and descends from a family of healers. She’s the great-granddaughter of a medicine man from the Iroquois tribe from the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec Canada. Her mother was also a member of the Rosecrutian. As a child, Andie found Pentagrams and spells both exciting and scary all at the same time.

Andie DePass is a great reader and avid researcher! Her interests span a huge array of topics and she reads everything she can put her hands on Easter Island, Michel de Nostradamus, the Pyramids, Adam’s Calendar, Dr.Michael Tellinger, The Rainbow Body with William Henry, space weather, and so much more! She’s taken training and certification courses through Drunvelo Melchizedek, Human Design with Richard Beaumont, Bob Proctor –Body Code just to name a few! One powerful training with her friend, Sally A., through Harv Eker Warrior Camp had her bending steel rods with their throat — which they did! After all when you expect miracles, you produce miracles! If you’re looking for a healer who’s in touch with the intellectual as well as the celestial, then Andie is the one for you!

Are you ready to begin to recover from the abuse and trauma you’ve suffered? Be heard, be nurtured, be connected, and have someone present with you in your moment of need? Would you like someone to celebrate your wins and hold you when you’re low? A guide to show you aspects of yourself you never knew and help you into the next moment? Breathe you in a new direction? Then welcome to the first step of your transformational journey!

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