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Spiritual Teacher, Claire-Sensory Guide, Energy Healer and Sound Channel

Soul Cleanse and Renewal

Your beautiful soul goes through so many challenges in any incarnation. We move through expansion, growth, lessons, and illumination and more.

Many of us carry a karmic load from the lifetimes of soul evolution, and end up losing sight of the lightness, clarity, and power of our pure Spirit. This package is designed to reconnect you at the core level to the unity field within you. It includes sound, insight, and energy to assist you in gifting yourself with the awareness of your own masterful presence so that you might more easily navigate the soul’s journey.

Item 1: Sound for the Soul

Extended Sound Alchemy Transmission (40+ minutes) for deep cleansing, release and nourishment for your soul.

2min Excerpt:

This is an extended sound alchemy track (downloadable mp3) with powerful and pristine crystalline vibrations to quickly connect you with your presence. I use this track in my own meditative practices, and find it to be one of the most powerful tools I can choose for deep relaxation, expanded states of consciousness, opening up the inspiration highway within, and for remembering the truth of my nature. I am so grateful to share it with you!

Item 2: Insight for Ascension – Masterclass Livestream

Live event – August 10, 2021

This live masterclass will focus on the information and energy you need to bridge the connection in your awareness between your human self, your soul, and your spirit. You may ask questions in real time, as well as join in a sacred circle of community of like-hearted beings who are as committed to their full ascension as you are! Replay available.

Item 3: Energy for the Spirit – Group Heart Field Transmission

Live event – August 30, 2021

Our second live event is a group Heart Field Transmission, shared via video broadcast with a 2 day replay available. This powerful energy is a direct bridge to the unity field of Source consciousness. We elevate our vibration beyond the “level where the problems are created” and into

Item 4: Illumination for the Heart

10-days Individual remote Heart Field Transmissions

10 consecutive days (M-F) of personalized energy transmissions.

Gift yourself with these 10 days of individual remote Heart Field Transmissions. This is a huge influx of spacious, healing light for your mind, body and soul, so that you receive the pure illumination of your own divine heart. You will receive an mp3 of sound alchemy to listen to each day to focus your energy as you receive the transmission remotely (without video or phone contact).

Soul Cleanse and Renewal” Program

You will receive:

  • Item 1: Sound for the Soul – Extended Sound Alchemy Transmission (40+ minutes) for deep cleansing, release and nourishment for your soul.
  • Item 2: Insight for Ascension – Masterclass Livestream – Live event
  • Item 3: Energy for the Spirit – Group Heart Field Transmission – Live Event
  • Item 4: Illumination for the Heart – 10-days Individual remote Heart Field Transmissions

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What others are saying about Christine Laria

Heart Field Transmission

“So much gratitude. Wow wow wow. I am calm and alert and feel open and loving. It is like that transmission cleared the rest of any residue of PTSD. This transmission lifted me to a whole new level of spaciousness and love, and seemed to have a deep healing on my physical nervous system.”

~Karen Wecker

Heart Field Transmission

“I felt a tingling in my head, an awareness of a powerful energy, and a deep sense of universal love.

I have also sensed a loosening or opening, and a “melting” of my physical form around the edges, and a sense of merging with the vastness of the field.”

~Janis McCallen

Heart Field Transmission

“I received this transmission on behalf of my newborn who was crying 12 hours a day. He’s a totally different baby! He just snapped out of it and became really present. He’s so much happier now.”

~Natalie Larson


“Profound, powerful, useful”

~Eli, New Jersey


“It was such a healing call…A reminder to trust all that I deeply know. I am feeling quite different …..my strength and knowing are more present.”

~April, British Columbia

Distant Energy Session

About Christine Laria

Christine Laria is a spiritual teacher, claire-sensory guide, energy healer and sound channel. Her passion is guiding people to realize and live as the master within themselves in full presence, freedom, and love. She lives on the big island of Hawaii where she partners with the transformative energies of the islands for bringing in the next wave of enlightened human consciousness. She is also the pioneer of the Heart Field Transmission, a new dimension of healing and awakening for the planet.

In her many lifetimes in this one, she has played the roles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, muse, dancer and dance teacher, classical soprano, university music professor, choral and orchestral conductor, Carnegie Hall soloist, author, featured guest and speaker, nationally televised CBS Special music director, energy healer, channel, coach, photographer, and mermaid.

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