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Empowering the Spirit ONLINE


60 minutes Individualized Transpersonal Session

Package A

Connecting Star Consciousness with Earth Consciousness:

A Zoom Course to Activate Your 5D Frequency

Begins November 14, 2021 for 10 Sundays 4:30 – 6:00 PM EST

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For thousands of years, our star ancestry which provided us with a high consciousness nature, was shut down. During this time, most humans were only able to access two out of our 12 strands of DNA. Stuck in the duality of lower dimensional frequencies, suffering abounded. Now is the time to reverse this, to reclaim who we are meant to be and more actively participate in creating New Earth.

This 10-week course will take you to a deeper and more personalized experience of this very exciting evolutionary passage as outlined in my book, Activating Your 5D Frequency. Next course begins Sunday, November 14th, 2021 4:30 pm – 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time, and will continue for nine Sundays at the same time, skipping Christmas week. All classes are recorded.

Each weekly class, based on a chapter from Activating Your 5D Frequency, will include a guided meditation, teaching and group sharing. You will tap into your ancestral memory and inner wisdom to:

  • Understand and shift fears keeping you from your 5D birthright
  • Experience yourself more fully as a multidimensional being
  • Transform beliefs that keep you stuck in 3D consciousness
  • Activate and connect with your unique contribution to creating New Earth
  • Share a group experience of visioning with your 5D global team to bring the 5D frequencies onto our plane

I truly loved this class…every week was a true adventure in exploring our potential as living as 5D humans and realizing that this is an achievable goal. I found Judith to be a fun loving and wise guide. She offered great insight about each of our individual experiences with our meditations.

I especially loved the meditations and listening to the participants share their experiences which were so varied and interesting. Everyone expressed their authenticity and I found it so meaningful to be a part of a group of that is passionate about bringing about conscious evolution.

~Debbie DeVere

North Carolina

Over a year ago, I read Activating Your 5D Frequency and enjoyed and benefited from the material that Judith so eloquently shared in a practical and enlightening manner. The 10-week course was so helpful to actually participate and go deeper because of the exercises and meditations that Judith guided us through. It took me to more expanded levels of awareness and understanding regarding my own multidimensionality and the energetic and frequency changes on the planet.

The sharing of other students from all over the US and other parts of the world was also inspiring. I felt uplifted by our shared humanity and compassion as well as the often brilliant concepts and insights that they conveyed.

~JoAnne Jakeman


I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Judith and the great people that I met in this course from all around the world. It was a intricate mixture of Judith sharing her wisdom with the class then after a thought provoking meditation; we, the class, would share our experiences (if you wanted to share). Judith had a lovely way of assisting all of us with different issues that arose. You could tell that she genuinely cared about her students.

What I liked best about this course is the knowledge I received from it. I will be processing it for a long time to come. Judith made it very interesting and timely. The time in the class always passed so quickly.

~Ellen Dees



You will receive:

Connecting Star Consciousness with Earth Consciousness:

A Zoom Course to Activate Your 5D Frequency

10 Sundays 4:30 – 6:00 PM EST

Begins November 14, 2021

Value: $225

38% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $140

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

Empowering the Spirit ONLINE

A Self-Directed Course to Awaken Your Full Soul Potential

As part of the evolutionary shift occurring on the planet, we are being guided to activate the full power of our Spirit, calm our ego and live from our heart’s wisdom in order to fulfill our soul’s sacred contracts. This online course will teach you to ignite your Soul’s full potential through an original process of self-inquiry designed to activate deep levels of healing, self-awareness and higher states of consciousness and to provide models of how to live in alignment with New Earth frequencies.

Empowering the Spirit ONLINE follows the structure from my book, EMPOWERING THE SPIRIT: A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential. This is a 12 module course will teach you how to align your individual expression with your soul essence and soul contracts. This is a self-directed course and ideal for those who love to journal and who connect with their inner wisdom through guided meditation. Each chapter of Part One of the book has 2 classes. In addition, there will be many supplementary exercises and meditations. You will be amazed at how deeply you will be able to go in your own process. This is offered to you at Print edition of the book is recommended. Purchase.

You will you be able to start (and finish) this course whenever it is convenient for you. Included in the course is personal feedback from me to help deepen your process when you post on the student bulletin board.

This course was a deeply personal and insightful journey into my psyche. Each lesson opened more doors into the unconscious longings that stirred just below the surface. With Judith’s inspiring meditations, along with the written words online and in the book, I found new directions with which to focus my energies and creativity. I also discovered things about myself that I did not know and found answers to questions that have plagued me for many years. I highly recommend this course as a way to work into a higher vibrational path. I loved the bulletin board and the interaction with other students as well as Judith’s thoughtful responses. I look forward to Judith’s next offering online.

~Ruth S., IL

After breaking my foot and having to slow down, the Empowering the Spirit on-line course was perfect for going within and reflecting on what was happening in my life. For two months I gave myself the luxury to be with me, to focus on what I was dreaming, visioning, creating, mis-creating and letting go of, to make room for more of my spirit to show up. It was perfect. Judith has a wise and gentle, but firm approach to the difficult terrain of beliefs and conditioning. Her transmissions led me to exactly where I needed to go to find the cobwebs in the corners of my psyche, and lead me back out again. Her teachings on consciousness remind us of why we are really here on earth. My soul feels lighter!

~Anyaa Mc., NC

Empowering the Spirit is a truly transformational process. Through reading the book and taking Judith’s online class, I was able to uncover old patterns and beliefs that have been holding me back from discovering my soul’s purpose and potential. The curriculum gives each of us a spy glass to see how our egos and childhood beliefs have interfered with the direct links to our spirits and intuitive wisdom. Judith then gives us the tools to acknowledge and work through the blockages that keep our energy from flowing freely and inhibit us from accessing our connection to Spirit. Although there is no magic pill that can reset our systems so we live in harmony with our intuition and spirits, this book/course provides insight into how we can each take steps to empower our spirits and arrive at a higher level of being. Through meditations, journaling and self-observation, Judith helped me peel back the layers of “self” and see that I am part of the interconnected divinity of the universe. Everything I’ve ever searched for is within me, I just have to adjust the way I perceive the world to see it. The journey isn’t over when you close the book, but it will be a handy reference if you get lost along the way. I highly recommend this book/course to anyone who is interested in exploring themselves and the universe. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

~Michelle M. CA


You will receive:

Empowering the Spirit ONLINE

A Self-Directed Course to Awaken Your Full Soul Potential

12 Modules Course

Value: $297

50% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package C

60 minutes Individualized Transpersonal Session

Identify and begin to transform blockages and fears that keep you from expressing your soul’s gifts and missions in this lifetime.

Through looking at your astrological birth chart and transits, a questionnaire that you will fill out ahead of time, along with Judith’s psychotherapeutic expertise and intuitive guidance, you will experience a new sense of personal clarity and vision, as you connect more strongly to your soul’s purpose.

I have had the privilege of attending one of Judith’s multidimensional workshops and found myself so fascinated that I booked some individual multidimensional potential sessions with her.

The sessions were remarkably powerful and transformative. They have helped me connect with insights regarding some patterns that blocked my growth and to make deep and significant perceptual as well as behavioral changes and which have brought much healing. I highly recommend these sessions to those of you who are seeking deep healing and greater understanding of our multidimensional nature.


New York City


You will receive:

60min Individualized Transpersonal Session

Value: $375

68% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $120

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: No Refunds are available after the private session is conducted.

About Judith Corvin Blackburn

Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, DMin is an award-winning author, internationally known teacher, transpersonal psychotherapist & Shamanic Minister, who has been inspiring people to step into joy, purpose and inner authority for over 45 years. Her passion has been to guide & empower individuals to heal their wounds and reclaim their true soul nature, so that collectively we can transform Planet Earth into the loving, peaceful, creative place it is meant to be. She is author of three books, Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook to the Journey into Higher Dimensions; Empowering the Spirit: A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential, and Journey to Wholeness: A Guide to Inner Healing.

She offers online and zoom classes to empower one’s spirit and to activate our higher frequency potential.

Check out her website: www.empoweringthespirit.com. for more specifics, and get your FREE gift, a downloadable Soul Contracts Meditation by signing up for her inspiring newsletters.

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