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What is coaching – personal session?

Michael is committed to guiding his clients uncovering their own intuition and helping them refine their discernment. In sessions, expect him to share tools, process, tips and tricks that he has learned over decades. He looks at the session as a collaboration between you, him, spirit and the divine.

Healing always come with feeling. Issues are the result of some traumatic event that was never fully felt and understood. Sometimes in sessions, foundational choices must be made or questions must be asked. Michael will not shy away from these tough conversations, but will hold a compassionate space. Our choices create our reality. Even choices/promises made many lifetimes ago can deeply effect our life and relationships today.

Each session is designed to bring you greater clarity, awareness and freedom becoming your true-self. We do this by understanding what is causing the root issues/themes. When you list the issues that brought you to a session, Michael is able to tune-in a see what Spirit wants to prioritize. Many times issues are like knots and have to be unravelled in a particular order. All issues have a frequency to them, like colors of a rainbow. The trick is to discern not just the white light, but the individual colors and their meanings. Everything has an energetic signature. Knowing categories of these energetic signatures helps Michael narrow down where to look and what questions to ask on the way to the issue’s root bringing clarity.

Michael surrenders using a combination of his feminine flow and his masculine man logic for spiritual detective work to understand what is at the root of the issue. Is there a foundational decision that needs to be made? Are you being truly authentic to your spiritual path? Does the land you’re on have a portal that is causing problems? Is it past-life trauma? Is it the problem issue/energy even yours? Is the issue rooted in your family lineage? Could it be an energetic implant, hook or chord? Or is it a promise that has turned into a curse? Inappropriately extracted energy? Some kind of binding with another? The possibilities are too numerous to list.

Once there is an understanding of what makes up the root, Spirit guides Michael on what strategy or questions are needed to heal the root. Depending on what created the root issue and how it has been added to over lifetimes, it could take time to fully heal the root or the issue could heal spontaneously. If the issue is a core issue for you, then the healing/learning may last a lifetime with multiple lessons where you get incrementally stronger with each success. Michael will channel divine energy into all of your discussed issues during each session to release what can be released. Michael channels four types of divine energy as is needed and appropriate. Each energy has its own flavor and works on an issue in a different way. Spirit guides Michael on which energy or blend works best to heal / repair / release an issue.

  • Christ light
  • God light
  • Angelic light
  • Creation light

What results can you expect from divine energy channeled in a coaching session?

Divine energy channeling is magic. Michael obviously cannot promise specific results. However divine energy is very effective at many things like:

  • releasing inappropriate energy in your system (hooks, chords, implants, etc….)
  • clearing karma, contracts, and generally funky energy in relationships (personal, family, business, community, land) unbinding, unwinding situations.
  • bringing clarity/ truth to questions and issues by releasing energy that is not yours.
  • releasing and healing physical issues by releasing the stuck emotional energy/energy.
  • rebalancing your energies
  • clearing your energy channels

What results can you expect from a coaching session?

The ultimate goal in embodiment is freedom and being in the full expression of your true-self. This is a journey. Sometimes a lifetime journey.

In each coaching session, Michael helps you clear as many roadblocks on your journey as is possible and that you are ready for. Michael’s objective is to help you heal your issues to their root. However, if karmic lessons are not fully learned and fully emotionally felt, they tend to just recreate themselves in your life and relationships.

It is Michael’s process to assist you in sharpening your discernment skills and use divine energy with Spirit’s help to release any and all energetic/emotional blocks as are possible.


Who is a coaching session best for?

The best clients are those that are committed to their spiritual embodiment path. They are willing to collaborate with their healers, guiding their own journey and are willing to ask the tough questions, feel the true answers and implement those life changes. Someone that wants to sharpen their intuition, discernment and process.

All are welcome with Michael at The Original Blueprint.


When is the best time to have a personal session?

You will feel the inner call with whom to work with and when to work. Be honest with yourself and trust your inner guidance for timing and frequency of sessions.

Issues release with awareness and feeling. So, do your own inner work understanding what the issue is and the layers involved. Michael offers a second set of well-trained, experienced and objective eyes.


Where do we meet?

We will meet via Zoom audio.


Why have a personal session?

Sometime external support is needed to shed a new light on a situation when you are stuck. You want to sharpen your intuition, discernment and process.

Many people work with Michael because they are at a crossroads in their life and deep foundational questions need asking. A client sitting after a personal session with these foundational questions, digging deeply into themselves, honestly answering and embodying their personal choices to these foundational questions is what makes these personal sessions so profound.

This special offer is limited to (1) Coaching – Personal Session per customer.

Please choose either a 20 or a 45 minute session.


One 20 minute Coaching – Personal Session with Michael Andersen

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One 45 minute Coaching – Personal Session with Michael Andersen

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Refunds are not available once your Private Session is conducted.

About Michael Andersen

Spiritual Life Coach/Guide, Intuitive Healer, Truth Finder — Original Blueprint: Living From Awareness, Presence and Heart.

Michael Andersen grew up in a small, one-stoplight town in Western Nebraska where on the wind-swept high plains the pioneer life/work-ethic is still in daily practice. Being a young man in this environment did not encourage him to be open to his emotions, femininity or be rooted deeply in his heart. The traditional male archetype was the only model: hyper-masculine, straight, does not eat salad, head of the household, hard-working, tough, logical, practical, non-emotional, non-feeling, non-spiritual, hidden.

At an early age he felt something amiss. He did not fit into the traditional male archetype. His intuition was strong as was his connection to the divine. No one around him seemed to be connected as he was. Everywhere he would feel and see people out of integrity with their hearts and truth. He felt very confused and eventually did what he could to fit in, which meant turning off his intuition, heart connection and true expression and painfully stuffing himself into the singular strictly-defined male box.

His ever-present, dormant gifts could no longer be ignored shortly after he arrived in Los Angeles, California in 2003 when the activations began. Unpacking and embodying his gifts became the driving force in his life beginning in the spring of 2004. His entire life rearranged and the sole focus of his life was spiritual embodiment which led down many a strange and wonderful road. It was not an easy path for him. It required many leaps-of-faith. He believed that his friends and family thought him mad.

It is truly the culmination of his life-experience, reigniting his direct connection with the divine, working with master teachers, countless activations, and self-embodiment that leads him to teaching and healing.

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