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Package A

“Good Sex”

Online Audio Course

In one sense, “good sex” is intensely pleasurable and fun. In another sense “good sex” follows a strict set of moral principles. Sadly, we’re often taught that these are mutually exclusive – that moral sex is bland and boring, and that hot sex is inherently sinful. In Good Sex I teach that both definitions can hold true at the same time. Sexual expression can follow a clearly-defined set of humanistic spiritual principles and still be massive fun.

Good Sex helps unleash your sensual charisma – your radiant confidence and power as an embodied sexual being. Imagine savoring sex and romance completely free of the baggage of failed relationships and old traumatic experiences. Imagine the joy of intimate communion and shared vulnerability with sexual partners. Imagine loving yourself exactly as you are right now and allowing others to love you as well. You can enjoy all of this and more by embracing a collection of liberating mindsets and a bit of energy healing.

With engaging lessons and empowering challenges, Good Sex will help you let go of your sexual trauma, limiting beliefs, and other baggage so you can enjoy the rich and fulfilling sex life you deserve. Plus, you’ll get full transcripts of every lesson, downloadable audio recordings so you can listen to the lectures podcast-style, and awesome surprise bonuses.

Lesson 1: Letting Go of Dogmatic Limitations

Have you structured your sexuality around someone else’s rigid set of rules and regulations? Do you live your life burdened with phony expectations and limitations? Break free and live your truth with confidence.

Lesson 2: Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Understand how traumatic experiences can scar you deeply, causing you to relive them over and over again.

Lesson 3: Abandonment and Betrayal Trauma

Our deepest fear as human beings is abandonment and our deepest pain is betrayal. Learn how to release yourself from their grip.

Lesson 4: How to Heal Trauma

Tips, tools, and techniques for releasing traumatic memories.

Lesson 5: Self-Disgust and Warped Body Image

In a beauty-driven society where shame is weaponized, self-esteem is easily crushed. We’ll discuss the consequences of low self-esteem and the power of self-love.

Lesson 6: Sexual Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt lead directly to sexual repression and despair. Learn how to purge them forever.

Lesson 7: The Consequences of Sexual Repression

Repressed shame, guilt, and self-disgust never just disappears. They become pressurized until they explode outward in unhealthy ways.

Lesson 8: Shadow Projection

The people we attract into our lives can be like walking mirrors who reflect our true nature. We often project our brokenness onto others and punish them for it. Learn how to recognize this pattern and purge it from your life.

Lesson 9: The Desperate Quest for Validation

Everyone needs to feel seen and affirmed, but for those burdened with sexual trauma and shame the need for validation can become self-destructive.

Lesson 10: Addiction to Sex and Romance

We’ll explore the mechanics of emotional addiction so you can reclaim your authentic confidence.

Lesson 11: Obsession and Jealousy

Understand basic jealousy as an essential component of your emotional guidance system, and recognize the triggers that can cause jealousy to explode into a painful storm of anger, suspicion, and mistrust.

Lesson 12: Misogyny and Toxic Masculinity

An exploration of the mechanics of sexism, and toxic masculinity, in both their overt and subtle forms, including internalized misogyny.

Lesson 13: Balanced Masculinity and Femininity

In our wholeness we’re both masculine and feminine, and typically it’s shame that makes us reject one or the other. Find joy in your wholeness.

Lesson 14: Sexual “Power With” vs. “Power Over”

Learn how to not just stand in your sexual power, but to share it with others.

Lesson 15: The Physical Body and its Energetic Matrix

Your body is a massive network of interconnecting energy channels and hubs. Learn how to manage the free flow of energy through your system for enhanced sexual performance and pleasure.

Lesson 16: Neurotransmitters and Hormones

Become familiar with the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate your libido and your moods, and learn tips on how to regulate them.

Lesson 17: The Power of Self-Love

Discover the joy of loving yourself as you are right now.

Lesson 18: The Principles of Good Sex

We’ll explore universal spiritual principles and how they apply to sexual expression.

Lesson 19: Radiant Sensual Charisma

Charisma is the radiant energy that you exude at all times. Learn how to amplify it with confidence and self-love.

Lesson 20: Empowered Sex

We’ll explore a list of crucial mindsets for empowered sexual expression.

Lesson 21: Living with Sexual Power

We’ll finish with a summary that draws together many of the themes we’ve explored in this course.


You will receive:

“Good Sex” Online Audio Course

21 powerful video lessons, plus challenging exercises so you can embody the material

Value: $279

54% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $129

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

Sex Harmonics Audio Attunement Package

A collection of 17 powerful audio attunement sessions (plus surprise bonuses) using the Light Bridge healing technique. These attunements bring you into harmonic alignment with powerful mindsets and energies held by Higher Self. Listen with headphones for the best results.

Track 1: Self-Love

This Light Bridge attunement session helps you love yourself exactly as you are right now, even if there are aspects of yourself you’d like to improve. Feel the joy of unconditional self-love now.

Track 2: Purge of Sexual Shame

Is the shame that was weaponized against you as a child or teenager still echoing in the back of your mind? Purge it now so it no longer haunts you.

Track 3: Purge of Sexual Guilt

How much of the guilt you carry is actually justified? Have you been punishing yourself for things that were beyond your control? Use this session to release yourself from the grip of guilt, and the expectation of punishment that often goes with it.

Track 4: Sexual Trauma Healing Session

Sexual trauma can weigh you down for lifetime. This session will help you erase your traumatic imprints and clear the karmic loops that cause your traumatic experiences to repeat over and over again on autopilot.

Track 5: Healing the Trauma of Betrayal and Abandonment

Few things are scarier or more painful that abandonment and betrayal, and the scars they leave behind cut deep. Let go of the pain and fear forever with this healing session.

Track 6: Shadow Integration

Let’s invite all those broken, repressed, fragmented, and rejected aspects of your personality to emerge from the darkness for acceptance and healing.

Track 7: Purge of Dogmatic Imprints

What bogus limitations or expectations have you embraced that were dogmatically imposed on you by others? Liberate yourself from other people’s rigid rules and regulations and enjoy life on your terms.

Track 8: Trust and Self-Confidence

Experience the joy of deep emotional security, as that’s understood and experienced by your Higher Self.

Track 9: Healing for Sex or Romance Addiction

This Light Bridge cleansing session releases you from the clutches of addictive behaviors and helps you channel some of that energy into more healthy activities.

Track 10: Oaths and Vows

Does a past life monastic vow of celibacy still haunt you today? Are you still hung up on marriage vows or promises made to people who are no longer in your life? Are your relationships unsatisfying because you feel driven to sacrifice yourself in service to your partner? This cleansing session helps you finally let go of obsolete oaths and vows.

Track 11: Divine Masculine-Feminine Balancer

Both the divine masculine and feminine principles exist in everyone. Embrace both and find your unique level of balance with this soothing session.

Track 12: Gender Conditioning Alignment

Purge any and all vestiges of sexism, misogyny, gender bias, and homophobia in this cleansing session.

Track 13: Hormone Balancer

In this Light Bridge energy session we’ll soothe and balance the entire brain, paying special attention to the neurotransmitters that regulate your libido and your moods, as well as their corresponding hormones.

Track 14: Your Sexual Energetic Matrix

Everything in the universe is energy, including your physical body. This session helps you release blockages in your body’s chakras and energy channels so you can enjoy vibrant and electrifying sexual pleasure.

Track 15: Physical Healing for Sex

Experience belief sculpting and energy healing for any physical condition that impedes your sex life.

Track 16: Bully and Troll Management

Do you shy away from living with authenticity out of fear you’ll become a target for trolls and bullies? This Light Bridge session will help you manage offensive behavior by others with grace and ease.

Track 17: Sensual Charisma Attunement

Sensual charisma is your joyful, radiant power as an embodied sexual being. Embrace your sensual charisma and sexual confidence now, as they’re understood and enjoyed by your Higher Self.


You will receive:

Sex Harmonics Audio Attunement Package

17-track audio package featuring Light Bridge attunement sessions

Value: $179

46% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Combo Packages


Combo Package:

Good Sex online course


Sex Harmonics attunement package

Value: $458

59% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $189

2-Payments Plan (30 Days) available at the Checkout Page


Deluxe Combo Package:

60min Private Session with Patrick


Good Sex online course


Sex Harmonics attunement package

Value: $638

56% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $279

2-Payments Plan (30 Days) available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “Private Session” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Patrick Prohaska

Patrick is a powerful intuitive, amazing healer, and brilliant teacher. His knowledge of how energy works in relation to the body and mind is vast and he communicates this information in a way that is easy to ingest and understand. Patrick is a passionate way shower, guiding us to understand and transcend our past so we can create the health and well-being we desire. I am grateful for all I have learned from him as a client and student. He helped me awaken my true gifts and nature.

~Suzanne B, Atlanta, GA

OMG!!!! That was A M A Z I N G !!!! Every call that I am able to participate in is so ENERGIZING….My entire body tingles at the end of the sessions. YOU are truly a gift to all mankind and I wish everyone were receptive to your talents. WE all need YOU…whether WE know it or not. I’m writing this email because THE VERY MOMENT you clicked off my phone ran out of juice. Talk about what was meant to be…… I love you Patrick! THANK YOU!

~Jeff L., Los Angeles, CA

My session with Patrick was deep and inspiring. He is an accomplished intuitive and his insights and impressions were accurate and full of helpful guidance. The energy I felt during the session was rich, relaxing, and healing. I’m very grateful and looking forward to another session soon!

~Peter B., Menlo Park, CA

I’m so glad for Patrick! You are helping me so much! I keep being amazed what continues to surface, and I’m so appreciative that you can get to the root causes and help me to finally be free. I’m so glad you keep creating more products, and doing all these sessions and interviews. So many of us need your help and to know of you! Best to you and thank you, thank you!

~Alice G., California

Your healing sessions are so powerful and effective. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of them. Your calls are always what I need to clear. They are so on point. Thank you! You are the most powerful and gifted healer I have come in contact with. Truly incredible.

~Amy R., Carmel, IN

Chicago, Illinois

(My session) lasted for an hour and Patrick worked conscientiously the entire time. He removed many subconscious blockages and downloaded positive beliefs…. He helped me with exhaustion which was my main complaint. He also helped me with muscle aches and pains which was my second complaint. He also helped me with balancing my left and right brain which caused me to feel “out of it” and which caused me to feel unsafe driving at times. The session was positive and non-threatening. I also used to have a feeling of a dark cloud hanging over me all of the time. Now I feel lighter and I feel joy. I got that and I didn’t even ask for it! All in all, it was pretty amazing!

~Ruth D., Godfrey, IL

All I know is: I have tried many techniques – many – and I have found Thrive Energetics to be the most profoundly immediately confirming. I have experience with other sacred kinds of activations and still, these are the ones I recommend. And Patrick is the best at healing that I have found. Others talk, he delivers.


Thank you so much for our session 5 days ago. It really has changed a lot for me! And I feel I am still in the process of discovering this ‘new me’. My body feels so more calm and harmonic, I would think, that has to do with my hormone balance that you restored, and also the stored feelings in my stomach/abdominal, that you cleared out. I have much better sleep, and feel more refreshed, as you said I would, that’s amazing, because I didn’t think I had a problem there. I also feel my cravings for coffee and sweets are a little less, and my appetite is more balanced. I did have severe pain and stabbing sensation in my left shoulder for some days, and also headaches, and hot flashes, but it is gone now. I think I am less sensitive to other people’s energies in general, but I will have to test that more. I am a bit shocked at how accurate it was, what you were saying about the dynamics with my mother and how that has affected me throughout my life. And I also feel some fear, that she could jump back in and suck my energy again! It’s just shocking, that you can be so controlled by other human beings, to the point that you have little ‘free will’!? … I think it was amazing what you could do in a session, in so many areas of my life, just one of the shifts would have been amazing in itself!

~Anelie, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thank you, Patrick! That was a great call! I have had a recurring headache and am feeling a pronounced relief since the call. Lots of ah ha’s and realizations about self-worth and clarity. The breaking of recurring difficult experiences/patterns that just ‘seemed to recur’ which you addressed at beginning of call was HUGE for me!

~Katie V., California

There are so many good things I could say about Patrick’s energy healing style, such as being highly intuitive, effective, innovative, compassionate…but I’d only be echoing what others have already said. I am very happy to say that he solved one of my life-long issues, as well as brought me closure on another major theme in my life. I really appreciate his unique abilities to solve others’ problems and will definitely keep him in mind the next time I need this type of work done. I would definitely recommend working with Patrick, he is a highly gifted healer more people need to experience!

~Deb G., Austin, TX

In my continual quest for spiritual understanding, as well as my attempts to integrate this understanding into my everyday life, I’ve turned to Patrick as a resource with the utmost gratefulness in my heart. Through Patrick, I’ve come to realize that a backdrop of energy exists behind the physical world, and by accessing this energy, I can actually thrive in the here and now! Patrick is well versed in so many areas of humanistic, spiritual, and energy work that I consider him to be a genius. Most importantly, however, is his character. I find his “bedside manner” impeccable. He’s kind, compassion, generous, patient, astute, and humble. His services and teachings are truly worth exploring.

~Steven T., San Francisco, CA

About Patrick Prohaska

As a teacher, healer, and author, Patrick Prohaska has helped thousands of clients and students shine with personal power, joy, and authenticity. He specializes in personal empowerment, consciousness expansion, trauma recovery, and sexual healing. Patrick is the creator of Light Bridge, a revolutionary system for healing and personal transformation that blends Law of Attraction life coaching principles with belief sculpting and energetic activations. He has a Bachelor’s degree in history of science and a Master’s degree in the religions of ancient India, and has studied many healing systems, including Ayurveda, Reiki, Theta Healing, aromatherapy, and more. Patrick is the author of Brain Cells: Escape Your Mental Prisons and the forthcoming Dream Yourself Awake: The Power of Lucid Living. He lives in Southern California and is available for lectures, seminars, and workshops around the globe. When he’s not teaching or assisting a client, you’ll probably find him hiking in the wilderness.

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