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Artist, Musician, four time Author and widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing

Transformation through Sound Healing

Vibrational healing with sound is the most powerful subtle energy healing modality! Sound interacts with us on every level. It combines with our emotions, alters our brain waves and slowly changes our physicality. Sound is reputed to be the medical modality of the future by Edgar Cayce and other great seers. The future is now!

Like a laser, sound energy clears subtle energy meridians, channels and negative blockages – often with immediate physical and emotional effects! Identify frequencies that your body needs for healing and ways to easily listen to them.


Contacting Angels & Masters

Guided meditations for contacting Angels, Ascended Masters, and guides


  1. Sound Energy – How it changes YOU – Body, Mind & Soul!
  2. Angels & Ascended Masters
  3. Your Birthday, Frequency & Colors
  4. Relating Frequencies to Physical & Psychological Issues
  5. Absorbing Beneficial Gifts through Sound
  6. The Rainbow & Angel Meditation Garden – Feeling Angel’s and Master’s Energies
  7. Meet & Greet Your Guides: Angels & Masters
  8. Communicating with & Strengthening your Relationship with Angels & Masters

This CD teaches how sound energy influences us – on physical, mental and emotional levels. In one meditation you bathe in the subtle energies of the angels and masters, and in yet another, you are taken on a journey to meet your guides, usually a group of angels and masters that can help you in a variety of situations.

Contacting Angels and Masters includes subtle energies in the background:

  • Channeled Energies of Ascended Masters & Angels
  • Schumann frequency – Associated with Healing & Grounding
  • Frequencies of Master Numbers
  • Chakra Tones, Crystal Tuning, Elemental Sounds
  • Sounds Associated with Sacred Geometry
  • Music in the key signature of the Ray of the Angel or Master

Become “enlightened” regarding how sounds and colors relate to angels, masters and yourself! Discover your fundamental frequency and how to keep that tone in balance.

  • Select Angels and Masters to personally work with YOU based on your needs – to aide you – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • After guided meditations, recognize and absorb subtle energies for healing and enlightenment – energies associated with angels, masters and the rays, next learn ways to communicate and recognize their communications to you!
  • Finally, take a guided meditation to meet and greet your guides, angels and masters that are aligned with you to guide and protect and deduct you!

Crystal Realms

Enchanting Music
With Frequencies of uplifting Flower Essences and Crystal Healings

Bathe in crystalline frequencies dancing in mesmerizing music. Absorb enchanting music embedded with frequencies of uplifting emotions, a dozen flower essences and twelve crystals!

The flower music, inspired by exquisite feelings received from the glory of the flower kingdom, delights you with positive emotions – a yummy and transforming state of consciousness. With enough listening repeats, make a habit of these energetic states, slowly transforming your energies to that of a powerful and evolved person. Feel & Heal! Arise!

The crystal music transports to you to the crystal & fairy realms! Revel in the magic & mysteries of fairies and the wonderful world and power of crystals. Also enjoy musical guest appearances from the water world: whales, dolphins and giant turtles!

Fantastic Music with Frequencies of Crystals that bestow:

  • Calmness, Trust, Acceptance, Emotional Harmony, Relaxation & Love (Moonstone, Adventurine & Clear Quartz)
  • Logic, Intelligence, Abundance, Joy & Clarity (Adventurine, Sodalite & Clear Quartz)
  • Unconditional Love (Rose & Clear Quartz)
  • Emotional Harmony, Relaxation, Love, Abundance, Joy & Clarity (Lepidolite, Moonstone & Clear Quartz)
  • Protection, Calm, Vitality, Health & Devotion (Carnelian, Garnet & Clear Quartz)
  • Protection, Abundance, Purity & Transformation (Citrine, Amethyst & Clear Quartz)

Healing Flower Symphonies Vol I

The Healing Flower Symphonies are a remarkable collection of original compositions containing the vibratory healing benefits of 12 Flower Essences. Each track of the Flower Symphonies provides the healing potential of the associated flower. (Listening to the frequency of an item can bestow the same benefits as ingesting the physical substance.) The symphonies begin by releasing the negative aspect of the emotion involved. This beginning takes you into the dark side of the emotion to enable a cathartic release. The music then transitions into the successful triumph and mastery of the emotion (as in transforming fear into trust). The net effect is a wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience coupled with a complex musical composition – together resolving the emotional challenge involved and strengthening the desirable emotional health of the listener.

1. Clematis Flower – turning avoidance of reality into enjoying the moment

2. Centaury Flower – changing feeling obligated into freely helping

3. Sceranthus Flower – going from indecision to decision

4. Water Violet – taking feelings of isolation and changing them to the feelings of companionship

5. Rock Rose – from feeling panic to courage

6. Agrimony Flower – lifting the feeling of insincerity and transforming it into inner peace

Healing Flower Symphonies Vol II

The Healing Flower Symphonies are a remarkable collection of original compositions containing the vibratory healing benefits of Flower Essences. The two CD Volumes each contain frequencies for six unique healing flowers. Each flower radiates unique positive energy, such as trust, patience or sincerity. For example, a rose emulates beauty and the daisy feels cheerful. Feelings are contagious, and we can harness flower energy to personally develop positive feelings. To cure the doldrums, pick daisies. To enhance feelings of beauty, listen to the roses.

From primitive tribes in ancient times to modern visionaries such as Dr. Edmund Bach, people have received powerful benefits from ingesting the flower essences. Each flower addresses an important primary positive emotion common to everyone, such as impatience, doubt, demanding love. Each track of the Healing Flower Symphonies provides the healing potential of the associated flower.

In addition to the actual frequencies of twelve flower essences, each track offers powerful, emotionally healing music. The net effect is the wonderful blessing of the flower essences in a vibratory experience, coupled with a complex musical composition; this both resolves the emotional challenge involved, and strengthens the desirable emotional health of the listener.

1. Impatiens Flower – turning impatiens into patience

2. Vervian Flower – taking inflexibility and upgrading it to bloodymindedness

3. Cerato Flower – converting self-doubt to self-trust

4. Gentian Flower – lifting doubt and creating trust

5. Chicory Flower – changing demanding love into the feeling of giving love freely

6. Mimulus Flower – changing fear into fearlessness

Cosmic Streams – Activating Ancient Energy Centers

Cosmic Streams is an Unrivaled Chakra Meditation Experience. This CD is a guided meditation for clearing Chakras using 17 Ascended Master techniques.

  • Tune Chakras with Special Frequencies, Rhythmic Patterns, Colors, Elements, Emotional Subtle Energies and Affirmations
  • Clear all Chakra layers and dimensions
  • Harmonize and balance all major Chakra levels, including higher energy connections
  • Align Chakra harmonic patterns using vowel sounds, musical instruments and Tibetan bowls
  • Chakras are linked with specific glands – the control centers of your body. Activate and clear the Chakra/gland subtle energy connections.
  • Elevate spirituality through Channeled Subtle Energies of Ascended Masters and Angels

Cinnamist Past

Cinnamist Past is a unique collection of works ranging from 15thcentury Irish music to Modern American Blue Grass to original works by Mattson & Hall. The remastered tracks are inspired instrumental interpretations featuring the beautifully flowing, sonorous violin of Jill Mattson. Ken Hall plays inspired piano selections and all instrumentals are performed by the duo. Cinnamist Past is an inspiring collection remarkable in its breadth and variety. The songs will lift and warm the soul. Your heart will want to dance and sing as you experience old favorites and listen to new creations.


The Lost Waves Of Time

The Lost Waves of Time is the mind-blowing story of how music – (the sound vibrational matrix of infinite variety) – literally shaped human history.

Music has always molded our world – much more than we can imagine. The mirror of music reflects a culture’s deepest social and moral values. Using their understanding of music’s power – ancient man shaped his world and maintained his creation for millennia. Pliable music was the foremost ancient tool to perform unbelievable feats.

This book reveals – more than anything else – what the conventional history books never will! Almost no one knows this story – and I doubt academia would dare to tell it!

100 More Things that you should know about Sound Healing

This book contains fascinating information to alter the way you ingest sound and allow it to alter your emotions, thoughts and even physical health! Information from antiquity and their secret “magical” uses of sound to ground breaking modern science teaching how to use sound as a precise, free or inexpensive powerful tool to transform our lives.

Video Class

Contacting Angels & Masters

We are surrounded by Angels and Ascended Masters residing “across the veil” in other dimensions. Use vibrational techniques to access dimensions of angels and other realms – for communication, information and healing. Identify portholes to gain information from other planes of existence for better decision making and improve communication with your guides. These techniques expand your multidimensional capacities, enhancing your understanding of unseen beings, energy and worlds.

Experience hands-on exercises to access different dimensions and times to reach sources of discord and illness. Like cascading dominoes, if you don’t eliminate the source, negative energy is continually created – forming endless healing requirements. Identify and transform your multidimensional energy.

Download information from different realms to return to your divine, energetic blueprint. Realign to the truth of who you were meant to be!

Use downloads from Angels & Masters to enhance your communication and energy, and to accelerate your manifesting.

Use frequencies and vibrations to amplify your manifesting. Like the Pied Piper, use sound to attract what you want. Add to this, vibrations & crystals to amplify your healing and manifesting. (BYOC – bring your own crystal!).

  • Contact Angels, Masters and Spirit Guides Receiving Angels’, Masters’ and Guides’ energies
  • Channeling Ascended Master & Angels, ancient Gods
  • Contacting Star Beings (Pliedians, Sireans, Archturians)
  • Listen to Languages of Light – powerful vibrational energy
  • Increase your Psychic Abilities
  • Use Frequencies to eliminate Negative Energy
  • Understand & incorporate the Frequencies of Angels and Ascended Masters
  • For Ascension and Enlightenment – use a Rainbow of Frequencies and Energies
  • Clearing/ activating/ directing /communicating with crystals. Bring heavenly energy into yourself.

Fun exercises work not only on you, but they can be used in conjunction with many healing modalities! Use sound to realign to the truth of who you were meant to be!

Close to an hour and half of classroom instruction. The class is an all day workshop, when you stop and do the exercises.

My first conversation with Jill about her research into the powers of vibrations – sound and music was so awe-inspiring that I found myself practically floating on air — in the rarefied orbit of some unaccustomed altered state.

Judy Stitt

I have attended many seminars around the country….I would say that the upcoming event with Jill Mattson is one that YOU SHOULD NOT MISS!!!!! Jill’s vivacious energy and DEEP KNOWLEDGE of vibrations, music, sound and light and how these elements affect our TOTAL BEING….coupled with Jill’s sensitive psychic nature; is presented in a lively, very informative, fun way…..she takes and includes ALL questions into her class never breaking stride………by far …THE BEST .. class I have been to EVER!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Whicker, PHILA.

Hi Jill, Thank you so much such an abundant weekend workshop. Your teachings are clear, bountiful & mind bending…. Hugs to you


Jill, WOW!!! Awesome info! You are extraordinary at explaining complex subjects in understandable layman’s terms. I hope you know what a rare gift it is to be able to do that. There are so many experts in many fields who simply cannot translate their knowledge into terms the public can understand. You make highly advanced topics easy and fun to understand – making lasting impressions!

Laura Peirette

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1 Payment today and 1 payment in 30 days

What people are saying about Jill Mattson


I had a deep, lingering sadness that lasted for almost six years.  After trying many energy healing modalities and not feeling successful, I found Jill’s work by coincidence.   I listened to Jill’s Healing Flower Symphonies for three months, and felt a shift from sadness and helplessness to joy and empowerment. This is huge!  I love the symphonies and continue to listen because I know healing can be a process.  Finally, my ship came in with the name ‘Jill’ on it.  Thank you.

Kris Mitlas


I recently broke my kneecap and I immediately start listening to your Healing Flower Symphonies. I could really feel the resonance in my body and kneecap. There were particular emotions that really resonated. I listened every day for three months to volume 1 and II. I have also been doing visual and energy work on my knee. As a result of all your beautiful music the surgeon says that he cannot even see where the break was!

Vicki Dynes


Wow, your music is really incredibly healing! After listening to your CD, “You are Stardust”, I felt the divine mother energy surround me in a large dose of unconditional love. Thank you for the blessings of your healing music. Peace,



Jill, I was feeling light headed and dizzy from the Expo until I listened to your music for just a few seconds, and the dizziness was gone.  I could feel beautiful energy just flow through me.  It is great.

Rhonda B

THIS IS SUCH A POWERFUL COMPILATION OF THOUGHT – I want every paragraph to be the lead paragraph on the front or back of the book.  Just reading the first few pages takes me back to the PEACE that entered my being when I had a near death experience which totally changed my perspective of interacting with everything in my environment.  Ancient concepts of who we think we are woven into the mind numbing reality of trying to live in a world off-track.

Jill skillfully points out that Sound is more than listening, she encourages you to absorb the Music, become the Space, be the Color and join the Light. 

Sharry Edwards, Founder BioAcoustics

About Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!  

She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a four – time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  

She offers an online Sound Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound! Free music & School of Sound Healing at www.jillswingsoflight.com

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