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Emerge from the Shadows of Time: 5 Activations


The Joy of Awakening: 5 Activations + Bonus


Way to Peace Series: 6 Modules

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

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Item 1 – Emerge from the Shadows of Time

Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center
Carefree, Arizona

May 27th- 29th, 2016

$250 Value

Join Kenji on this 3-day retreat, via live recordings, from his weekend of transformation and rejuvenation in Carefree, Arizona. Shift out of your un-conscious pain and fear into a space of allowance, clarity, bliss and freedom!

This journey will be one of self-discovery, release, and clearing, in order to raise your energetic vibration to the level of neutrality where miracles occur and life flows with ease and grace.

  • Align with your heart energy
  • Enhanced clarity and focus
  • Heal traumas and anxiety
  • Awaken spiritual gifts and intuition
  • Enhance feelings of love towards others
  • Confidence in your relationships, health, business, and well being

Activation 1: Your Journey Begins


Start your journey and inhale; relax every ounce of yourself and breathe in all the intentions for this retreat.  Allowing this excursion to bring you all the benefits you desire as you go inside and align with the amazing connections and healings to take place.  Use the breath to bring in and set the stage for this magical multi-activation voyage, allowing all possibilities to be present and welcomed.

Activation 2: Clearing the Path


As we continue on our path, we ground our body to the earth; positioning and protecting and aligning ourselves to the amazing energies we connect to.  Inviting the 7 rays of light to illuminate all that we are becoming aware of, both in our physicality and the Quantum.  Connect your heart with that of the great central sun while igniting your pineal gland.  Create intentions to release any past traumas, opening your third eye to clarity and recognition, enabling you to move forward in this life path.

Activation 3: Propelling Forward


Are you feeling Stuck? Need assistance in money, business, and relationships? Tune right into this activation to propel you forward into the life you deserve.  Detach from all the negative surroundings including the problems of the world and reclaim your own space.  Take a moment to release your shadows, representing pain, fear, anxiety, and worry. Letting them go and breathing in miraculous consciousness. Awaken your entire body, while bringing in the earth mother to help release all the extra pain you may have been carrying. You are on your way to an enlightened path, your angels are here to guide and help you safely on your journey.

Activation 4: Rebirth and Awaken


Connect once gain with your 4 Arch Angels, as you feel your body relaxing and merging with the earth. Surrounded by guides, angles and soul family to help support this experience you are encountering. Calling forth your star brothers and sisters of light to raise the frequency of your field and connect with the power of the Phoenix. Bring healing to your whole cellular and physical body, any parts that may need repair while relinquishing any trauma that is left. Allow this amazing clearing from the beginning of this lifetime, and breath in your own essence. Completing you and restoring all that has been released, removing all sacrifice and pain and ascending into a higher realm.

Activation 5: Emergence


Detach and remerge with the golden arc of light to divulge into the deeper dimensions of your being.  From this greater perspective we can download all the golden sun energy right into the heart of your pineal gland.  Enabling access to unlimited information along with your own Akashic and Soul records.  You have access to all the power, knowledge, and guidance allowing you to see all that is needed and wanted. Envision your pyramid of the Pineal, Pituitary and Thalamus glands as your trinity and embark all the power that is there for you.  Put your Ego aside and take control as the director of your life, the pilot of your lightship, the creator of all of you in all your dimensions and parallel realities.  Feel the energy, feel the love and emerge as the full complete source you were meant to be.

Item 2 – The Joy of Awakening

Value: $250

The Joy to Awakening Summit is a series of highly vibrational meditations activated by calling forth the ancestors that have done ceremony in the magical land of Sedona to bring forth the drums of rebirth, the drums of resurrection, the song of nature in its rebirth into a new Earth.

Wherever you are physically, you can allow these vibrations of the Earth combined with the pure Source energy, The I AM, Christos, to activate in and around your body to create balancing and support of your internal process for awakening to your original essence, signature vibration.

Kenji Kumara guides you in this 5-part series to make way for transformation of your Divine blue print, strengthening the connection between your conscious self and your soul, and to set a new intention of how you want your life to be from this new point of view, and to experience an awakening of tremendous joy within you.

The body may have a reaction to these activations, be aware this is normal and you may need extra rest and nourishment.

This series also includes a bonus of the Sedona Hiking Activation. Listen to it and receive, as though you are physically sensing the exhilaration of, the energies of the Sedona Rocks.


Allowing the sounds, vibrations and Source energy from these spiritual meditations to move you into the Quantum field of Oneness, you can match your frequency to the Chakra system that overlays the major vortex areas or you can look at it like a Tree of Life imposed around the sacred sites in and around Sedona. Either with the Tree of Life or with the Chakra system, which will affect the power points that overlay your physical body, you can allow yourself to feel the electromagnetic current, from the Earth and the Ancients.

You will be invited to revisit your council on the inner planes, review your lesson plan for this lifetime, your lifetime’s projects, goals, opportunities, conditioning from ancestors, DNA, patterns from ancestors; positive, negative and neutral. You will be invited to release energies that are not yours, and come to a place where you can move from making decisions to “creating choices.”

Activating the Divine spark of light within, you may tap into your inherent skills you came to use in this lifetime, abilities, talents, and gifts that you planned to use, you may also recall how you came to choose your life, your challenges, your condition and how your spiritual guides talents and how your team was assigned to your lifetime.

As you purify and cleanse and accept powerful balancing energies, calibrating new levels of awareness with each listen to these activations, you will be better prepared to experience resurrection, and greater abundance, new creative choices… more harmony… intelligence… humor… Divine guidance… and an “Awakening to Joy” greater than you imagined possible. Awakening to new miracles around you and the incredible feelings of joy in each present moment.

NOTE: It is recommended you listen to these sessions starting with the first one and in order. Then as you become more in tune with what you are needing choose the waves that feel appropriate in the moment. Please allow yourself the time to let your body accept the energies at a pace that is appropriate for you. Drink sips of water after each meditation, and allow rest and nourishment as needed.

Kenji’s recordings are evergreen, so they can be used forever with the same benefits. We also suggest drinking water before and after listening to the activations. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery, using power tools, and/or while driving. Please be grounded before driving your car or operating machinery.

Activation 1: Ground and Expand


To begin this Joy of Awakening Journey, ground yourself in the earth through your feet. Imagine drawing in the Red Rock healing energy. Feel what it’s like to walk the land in the desert among the Red Rocks as an ancient Earth Walker.  Call in the power of the land to support you and heal you. Open and draw in the expansive powerful energy of the sky and the wind. Clear the clutter within and free yourself. Begin the journey to heal, shift and move your life to the next level, to joy.

Activation 2: Healing Your Past


Engage the breath to relax your brain waves and draw in the energies from the heavens. Relax deeply and let the 4 pillars of light and the Red Rocks support you. Call in the Council of Light, your divine team in this life, as you heal your past, clear your energy field and are spiritually reborn and resurrected.

Activation 3: Deepen the Journey


Release ancient ancestral energies and collective grief and sorrow. Allow the light to clear calcified, frozen, dense energy stored in your physical body. Call forth your spiritual lineage, the guardians of the Red Rocks and sacred geometric forms and structures of eternal peace to heal your inner child. Reset the original 8 cells at the base of your neck to the vibration of divine harmony, peace and oneness. Become fully present in the NOW moment, breathe in pure consciousness and align your vibration directly with your divinity.

Activation 4: Connect with the Light of Joy


Breathe into the still point behind your heart-space and detach from tribal consciousness, your emotional body and your intellect. Breathe into your own knowingness and connect directly with your soul. Turn up the light of your soul, complete all that remains undone in this life and connect with your full potential. Reset your magnetic field, spinal column, nervous system and endocrine system to the time prior to the illusion of the fall of man from the Garden of Eden. Receive downloads of new geometric codes that override this old programming and reconstruct your ability to act consciously and from your freewill. Heal with Divine Mother Consciousness and merge with your Soul. Forgive all and draw in the light of compassion for self and others. Become one with the light of joy and the wonder of life.

Activation 5: Reprogram and Awaken to Joy


Draw in electromagnetic currents from the Red Rocks and the earth. Call in the power of the ancients, the natives and indigenous people and disconnect from all vibrations from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions. Merge with the quantum field and open the Akashic records to access data about any physical conditions that no longer serve and options to treat and clear. Call in the energetic frequency of joy into the area of concern and the entire physical body. Use all of your senses to draw joy into the brain. Breathe in miracles from the soul level. Complete the reprogramming and awaken fully to a state of flow.

Bonus Activation: Vortex Hike


After experiencing the energizing presence of the highest vision for your life, Kenji brings us full circle! A sense of true peace and gratitude sustains in our being, not only from the blessings received in this activation, but also from the joy of giving. We complete the meditation by sending gratitude and light back to our ancients, back to the symbol of the Raven, and to Mother earth, while we affirm the density in the earth and hearts of all, be lifted.

Item 3 – Way to Peace Series

6 Total Courses, 1.5 hours a piece

Value: $299

Many seekers are hungry for the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients and how they can apply ancient truths into their daily lives. Do you know why you are Here?  Are you seeking clarity of mission purpose?  Are you ready to establish a spiritual practice and learn the art of meditation and self-healing?

If you are ready to embrace Eternal Peace in every fiber of your Being, and are ready to learn the art of receiving, giving and the Way To Peace, then this course is for you. If you are ready to L.O.V.E. (Living One Vibrational Energy) and are willing to step forward to receive your gifts of knowing and being, then the time is NOW.

I have designed this 3-month course as a platform for you – the way-shower, the world-server, the gifted individual – to remember that which you are, in the field of Grace, in the company of Heaven and Earth so you can re-start and re-boot your divine computer, the Soul, into new beginnings and miracles. Miracles are your natural birth-right. You are as God created you.

We will build the “foundation” for your spiritual practice. The foundation consists of re-building and re-calibrating your core, brain, nervous and endocrine systems, your organs, meridians and nadis, magnetic field and subtle bodies. This is highly technical work and is likened to building the scaffolding of a building. The “housing unit” needs to be strong enough to withstand storms and unexpected events.

The photon energies are becoming very intense and magnified, and so does your foundation need to be able to handle the intensity and higher frequencies of new earth transformation. The quality of your ascension process depends on a strong structure so your journey can be one of joy and love, rather than conflict, confusion, and doubt.

So now we begin a course-correction that will change your life forever. Are you ready?

The curriculum consists of lecture, Q & A, live immersion activation and homework assignments in your spiritual journal. The 6 sessions will be recorded for your downloading.

Module 1

– Aligning with Earth Mother and the Elemental Kingdom

– Building the foundation for peace

– Body awareness

– Magnetic Field re-construction

Module 2

– Energy work on the endocrine system and organs

– Brain re-calibration and meditation

– Energy work on the brain and nervous system

Module 3

– Spiritual Anatomy-subtle bodies

– Kinetics Process

– Energy work on the meridian-nadis-chakra systems

Module 4

– Q & A on the 3 previous The Way to Peace classes

– Release of all energy that is not yours

– Release of pain, judgment, thought forms and emotions from others

– Release of environmental pollution affecting digestion, power center and sleep

– Seal created for protection from electromagnetic pollution

– Liver, kidney and adrenal glands cleansed

– Divine balance for power of the body

– Thalamus, spleen and pancreas recharged

– Reproductive organs aligned with the Moon

– Hormones reinvigorated, revitalized and activated

– Thyroid and parathyroid aligned with the Moon

– Endocrine system energized

– Divine balance and harmony for the nervous system

– Brain recalibration

– Brain function upgrade with New Earth consciousness

– Psychic channels modulated with Divine balance and harmony

– Quantum lubrication of joints, eyes and chronic pain, tension, stress and old injuries

Module 5

– Brain nourished

– Body and magnetic field soothed

– Hidden energetic and emotional blockages purged

– Injuries and physical trauma corrected and purged

– Brain reset and updated

– Nervous system, emotional body, magnetic field, brain and solar plexus recalibrated

– Tune-up of mind/body connection for New Earth

– Release of all energies unknowingly taken on from humanity and your family unit

– For your pet: Release of all human energies taken on

Module 6

– Body restored and reset

– Life reset

– Adrenal glands recharged

– More access into your innate wisdom and knowledge created (As you clear the body more divine information will be embedded in the physical body)

– Flow of the vibration of eternal peace encoded into the systems of the body

– Chakra System reset with the physical body

– Direct connection from Source to experience your presence in your life (Source energy now the driver of your lightship)

Once you sign-up, you will instantly receive


Emerge from the Shadows of Time: 5 Activations


The Joy of Awakening: 5 Activations + Bonus


Way to Peace Series: 6 Modules

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

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What Others Are Saying About Kenji Kumara

“I love Kenji’s work. Both his teachings and his guided meditations have such authenticity and integrity, and are always offered with his special playful humor. (He never takes himself too seriously which, to me, is a mark of a true teacher.) I especially appreciate how consistently and masterfully he creates a sacred space and then guides us so smoothly and easily into deep meditation in the Quantum. Thank you, Kenji! You are a such a gift to us!”


“Highly recommend Kenji if you’re ready for miracles jump in the water of transformation to live your passion and service to world!”


“It is with my deepest honor to write this recommendation. His current profile does not begin to represent the mastery that Kenji exhibits in his work. He is out of this world in his method, his modality and the results of his healing. He was the first Master that made me able to feel energy. Now, when I listen to him teach, I still remember why I am such a fanatic; he is eloquent, unabashed and so knowledgable with such a remarkably smooth and relaxing voice it turns his meditation into medication. I am on this path, thanks to Kenji and other light weavers.”

Evette Rhoden

“At times I thought this Quantum lightweaving was too much for me… but instead it’s made Me realize who I am. Kenji, what you give to us all is nothing short of miraculous! You are brave, courageous, selfless and rare! With all my being I thank You!”

Rose B

“WOW WOW – my spiritual connection today is THRU THE ROOF. Man I am going to keep rocking it out with the activations. Kenji – you are seriously amazing!”

KN, Vancouver, BC

“I am always, I mean always fascinated by how you construct the activations. It is pure genius. Big time RESPECT for your creative genius in having each new activation be something that “hooks” me in. Also they are so right on that I feel like they are just for me a whole lot of the time! They are not just healing, each one is a really fun magical mystery ride. Thank you so much for all your help Kenji”

Jeannie S.

About Kenji Kumara

Sharing the joy of awakening with the world, Kenji Kumara is one of the world’s leading visionaries and pioneers in the field of energy consciousness. He is a world-renowned speaker, teacher, facilitator, and intuitive healer, and has directly helped guide and teach people from every corner of the 
globe into a new light and understanding of their spiritual potential. Kenji has developed a unique energy wave consciousness called, Quantum Lightweaving ®, that makes the shift simple, effortless and easy.

An acclaimed speaker, Kenji Kumara keynotes for seminars, radio and TV appearances, workshops, and conferences, and has been voted favorite presenter for many events. Known for his ability to keep it simple, with his humorous, and grounded style he continues to attract those in search of higher awareness and self-mastery. He has been highly praised for his unique ability to help people understand their life’s purpose and claim their true destiny.

His dynamic approach to activation challenges the conventions of the old paradigms that are no longer valid, by integrating shifts of wave energy consciousness. This quantum wave experience is a simple approach that helps people to change their thinking, reconnect to their spirit, and see the world with a new perspective of joy and bliss. Kenji is passionate about empowering and inspiring people to tap into their unlimited potential. The result has been helping people to overcome major difficulties, deep transformation and conscious energy shifts, simply with ease and grace. Kenji Kumara has dedicated his life to service as a clear and inspired channel for ascended healing energy frequencies, and serves as a quantum catalyst for self-realization and mastery.

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