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Founder of Transformational Healing™ — Transformational Healer & Intuitive Channel, using sound and light codes to uplift, resolve trauma and welcome in Spirit


Auric Imprint: A 5-part channeled course


PACKAGE A + 50min Private session with Adalina 

Package A

Auric Imprints

A 5-Part Channeled Course

Redesign your aura to be one of joy, attraction, and prosperity!

This channeled course works with your Spirit Guides to first heal your aura, and move forward through this space of Higher Self and auric projection.

The Arcturians and Pleiadians lead this course and present healing and manifestation in every session.

Each session contains a Transformational Healing™️ process to retrain your brain, open your soul to new concepts and deliver exactly what you need to create the life you want.

This channeled course includes the following modules:

  • Session 1: What Color is your Aura?
  • Session 2: The History of the Arcturians
  • Session 3: How to Protect your Aura
  • Session 4: Love for Light Leaders from the Pleiadians
  • Session 5: The Lemurians, our Roots and Manifestation Practice

Join us to transform your auric imprint into your true starseed origin. Manifestation flows easily from this place!

It is recommended that you use one session per day or one session every few days as the energy can get intense, and you want to allow your body to come back to homeostasis in between sessions.


You will receive:

Auric Imprints

A 5-Part Channeled Course

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Package B

You will receive everything in Package A


50 min Private session

with Adalina

As a mental health expert with over a decade of experience, Adalina leads her clients to retrain their brains to allow for lasting healing, as well as the discovery of unique, spiritual gifts. Using light and key codes of sound, Adalina works with your inner network of neurons to find resolution for trauma and to recondition your brain. Overcoming PTSD, life-long physical ailments and tapping into their own gifts in several sessions, her clients report that years of traditional talk therapy were wasted versus the technology of Transformational Healing™. Many of Adalina’s sessions have led to mentorship in further discovery and application of one’s spiritual gifts, and creation of spiritually led businesses.


You will receive:

50min Private Session with Adalina


Auric Imprints

A 5-Part Channeled Course

Value: $547

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $377

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

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What others are saying about Adalina East

Auric Imprints Course

The Auric Imprints Course is perfect for anyone who wants to function at a higher energetic caliber. Our auras, our electromagnetic fields impact our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Adalina is a crystal clear channel and the ancient/intergalactic wisdom, knowledge and information shared in this course, along with powerful healing each week has transformed me more than I thought possible in 5 weeks. I am a better person because of it. Changing the world by changing ourselves, healing the world by healing ourselves is some of the most honest and noble work we can do. This course could not have come at a better time. I am eternally grateful. Thank you Adalina.

~Nicole Elong

Auric Imprints Course

The Auric Imprints class was FANTASTIC. It is just bewildering to me … how soft and gentle you are Adalina … but then sometimes the classes just shake me to the core and other times lift me high into the ethers. And I never see it coming!

And as the days and weeks are unravelling now, I am feeling and incorporating and understanding the aura work more and more and MORE. You are the gift that keeps on giving!

~Kimberly Christie

Private Session

My session with Adalina was one of the most transformative of my life. I have been working with a money block since I was a teenager. In one session, Adalina pointed out the root of this block and worked with the Pleiadians to clear it. I received a new client that will pay my rent for 6 months!

~Julia L.

I just want to say that taking this course and the Divine Guiding Light course have been life changing for me. I have been opened up to new and extremely beautiful experiences. I could feel the energies coming thru. I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of this course. A huge thank you to Adalina & her team for the beautiful work they are doing. I have learned & healed so much because of your guidance! Thank you 🙏🏽 thank you 🙏🏽 thank you 🙏🏽 💕🥰


Adalina has been my mentor for several months now. I have learned how to channel, read the Akashic records. I am at the beginning of using my own healing modality, creating it for the first time. This year has been the best of my life!

~Karina L., Milan, Italy

Adalina has been mentoring me in reaching my Spirit Guides for the last several weeks, and what a difference! Through her trance channeling and Akashic records reading, talking to collective consciousness and my Higher Self, I have received clear strategies to develop a new life. I just got the job of my dreams! Thank you, Adalina!

~Karen B., Business Owner in NY, NY

I perform 8 shows a week as a professional dancer. I don’t have time for standard therapies anymore. I have healed most of my injuries through Transformational Healing™ in online sessions with Adalina. I highly recommend it.

~Cara B., Broadway Dancer in NY, NY

Adalina’s work is very powerful. Just what I needed the most during this uncertain and confusing time. She effortlessly relieved any anxiety or tension I may have unconsciously and by helping me connect with a loved one to give me more insight and guidance on how to heal a broken relationship with family members. An hour to reflect, breathe and learn. I’m eternally grateful to Adalina, now and always.

~Donie Y., Marketing in LA, CA.

About Adalina East

Adalina East, M.S., is an international lecturer, educator, mental health expert and healer, working with a global clientele to recover from trauma and bring forth inner guidance. Founder of Transformational Healing™, Adalina draws upon her neuroscience and counseling backgrounds, as well as her spiritual gifts to lead others through a spiritdriven process to retrain their brains and reawaken their bodies, creating profound change. Adalina’s decade long career with the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organizations brought her to serve thousands of people in eight countries to overcome trauma and welcome innate wisdom to heal.

Driven by her conviction that anything can be healed, Adalina works with clients to recircuit the neuronal pathways throughout the brain, transforming traumatic memories, illness and long-standing health issues into higher vibrational energies. Through this healing process, intuitive gifts are often awakened and developed through Adalina’s Multi-Dimensional Mentorship Program, created specifically for Light Beings in this particular time in our Earth’s history. Participants in the program have ranged from doctors, nurses, Fortune 500 entrepreneurs, work-at-home moms and much more.

In addition to offering online classes, channeled tones, or sound harmonics for healing, and hosting teleclasses, Adalina travels as a guest speaker, multi-dimensional mentor and consultant to bring Transformational Healing™ to where it is most needed.

Adalina experienced a spiritual re-awakening when involved in a health crisis of her own, leaving her unable to move her physical body for over a year. As a child, she had learned about healing from her Native American grandmother, a third generation healer, medicine woman and spiritual medium. Through training under her grandmother’s expertise, Adalina rediscovered her abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant and claircongnizant, realizing that she could channel Spirit Guides such as Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, the Mary Magdalene collective as well as star collectives such as the Pleiadians, the Sirians and more. These multi dimensional beings brought forth clear instructions on how to heal herself, as well as the development of Transformational Healing™ and its ability to lead others to heal themselves too.

Adalina received multiple Master’s degrees from the University of London in the United Kingdom. A specialist in trauma recovery, she is certified in traditional therapeutic techniques, as well as metaphysical healing modalities such as yoga and meditation, ThetaHealing and herbal medicine. She currently lives in Los Angeles and enjoys learning languages, reading about neuroscience, singing and spending time outdoors. Speaker of five languages, Adalina works remotely and in-person with diverse clientele from around the globe.

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