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Self Mastery Series


3 Week Money and Abundance Online Gathering (Oct 29, Nov 5 & Nov 12)


2x Individual 30min Power Sessions

Package A

Self Mastery Series

Some of the most fundamental blocks that we experience in our daily lives will be addressed. As you evolve with the clearings, activations and downloads you will experience more spiritual freedom, more optimism, feelings of wellbeing and joy. As we continue to cultivate these higher frequencies they become part of who we are. Allow your soul to guide you through the process of discovery, healing and mastery available to you in these powerful recordings.

NOTE: The recordings are not intended to diagnose illness nor are they a substitute for effective medical treatments.

Spiritual gifts of Lemuria

Lemurian civilization was a heart based tight knit community where people gave and received love, communicated with animals, trees, the elementals, etc. They were cooperation based and lived in harmony with other beings, visible and invisible. When we reconnect to these experiences from our past and remember them we bring them back into our being as a template for us to create a heart based and harmonious society where we can work together for the well being of all. This is very empowering.

Clearing the pain body

We will clear the constricting energies from your fields that cause physical and emotional pain in a gentle effective manner, bringing in divine love, laughter and play.

Clearing the mental body

This recording will address overthinking, tapes, other people’s limiting concepts and ideas and much more.

Clearing the emotional body

The recording will address and release limiting emotions like fear, anger, sadness, remorse, guilt, shame. All the low vibration emotions causing a distortion will be cleared allowing your own divine frequency to come through.

Pleiadian energy healing for the physical body

We work with your internal organs, endocrine glands, body systems (ie. digestive system, reproductive system, circulatory system, etc). We will work with hydration, balancing the breath cycle for optimal oxygenation, bringing in the divine blueprint for optimal functioning of our physical body and much more. *Energy healing is not a substitute for medical care.

Rising above Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer patterning

This recording clears the limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions behind the codependency patterning where each role is interchangeable. (It’s also known as the drama triangle).

Bringing ease to “Try hard” patterning

“Try hard” is a disempowered repetitive loop where the individual has a goal but their limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions get in the way of achieving success. After trying hard to reach their goal and having a series of failures, the individual gives up. After a time, because the goal is still desired the individual starts over trying to reach their goal. Resolving this patterning could result in more abundance, happiness, joy and feelings of well being. Stress patterns will also fall away.

Becoming comfortable being seen and heard

This recording assists you in stepping into your power in a bigger way, increasing feelings of self confidence, spontaneity and flow.

Making empowered decisions

This recording takes the stress out of decision making, opens us up to our intuition and aligns us with confidence. This recording works to bring inspiration and opportunity for best possible outcome.

Clearing your most prominent money block

The clearings go deeper with each listen. We will also bring in more harmony and flow into your present and future timelines for blessings of prosperity and abundance.

Harmonious Relationships

Parental patterning and relationship patterning are the two focuses here although as you become happier all your relationships will change.


Bonus #1: Activating your three primary matrices

When we activate the three Primary matrices within our energy bodies, limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs are naturally transmuted. We could experience more feelings of expansiveness and well being, more ease in our daily lives, more clarity of purpose, more feelings of connection and guidance from our spirit guides and other benevolent beings. A variety of physical issues, resolution of relationships or an increase in money flows, etc. could also result.

Bonus #2: Divine Sequencing for prosperity and abundance

The Divine Sequencing process can be used to create any outcome. One just has to bring to mind the outcome they wish to create and listen to the recording.


You will receive:

Self Mastery Series

  • Spiritual gifts of Lemuria
  • Clearing the pain body
  • Clearing the mental body
  • Clearing the emotional body
  • Pleiadian energy healing for the physical body
  • Rising above Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer patterning
  • Bringing ease to “Try hard” patterning
  • Becoming comfortable being seen and heard
  • Making empowered decisions
  • Clearing your most prominent money block
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Bonus 1: Activating your three primary matrices
  • Bonus 2: Divine Sequencing for prosperity and abundance

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97


Package B

Three Week Money and Abundance Online Gathering

Three 45 minute live group calls
Daily remote clearings for the two week duration

Mid-week 15 minute one on one support call with each individual

October 29, November 5, November 12, 2022

(Limited to 12 people)

When spirit calls a group together it is a powerful thing. We ask that each individual commit to attending live and to doing the homework as we are creating a synergistic container to assist people in the best possible ways. I will speak light language into the limiting beliefs for each attendee around money and abundance. We will use the Divine Sequencing process to accelerate healing and positive outcomes, such as…

  • Build conscious intent to assist in creating desired outcomes.
  • Open to more money flows, opportunities, harmony, grace and ease.
  • Clear limiting patterning around money and abundance from family of origin, genealogy and past lives.
  • Enhance our ability to give and receive.
  • Do a manifesting process each week.
  • Enhance intuition to attract more guidance and positive outcomes.
  • Introduce more love, laughter and play and much more.

An mp3 will be sent to each attendant with instructions on how to best work with the energies before the class begins. We will share progress with each other and support each other as we reach our goals. A recording of each session will be provided. We ask that you do a daily journal to keep track of your progress, insights, inspirations and positive outcomes as well as the limiting patterning that is coming up to be healed. The daily energy transmissions and weekly one on one coaching and 45 minute group healings will resolve and release the limiting patterning for each participant. We will have an online gathering at the end to celebrate and bring closure.


You will receive:

Three Week Money and Abundance Online Gathering

October 29, November 5, November 12

Limited to 12 People

  • Three 45 minute live group calls
  • Daily remote clearings for the two week duration
  • Mid-week 15 minute one on one support call with each individual

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $177


PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted.

Package C

2x Individual 30 minute Power Sessions

Two divinely guided ½ hour healing sessions that will accelerate you on your journey to self mastery. We will work with the matrices of your physical and energy bodies using the Divine Sequencing process. Other outcomes could be…

  • Release trauma and stagnant energies
  • Clearing limiting belief systems
  • Uplift and harmonize your energy bodies
  • Bring in ascension codes
  • Cultivate peace, joy and harmony, etc.

Processes to clear your past, future and parallel lives, clear your genealogy, retrieve and heal soul fragments, clear interfering frequencies, etc. will be utilized. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to the root of your most troubling issues.


You will receive:

2x Individual 30 minute Power Sessions

1 Session is allowed per customer

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $127


PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted.

What others are saying about Donna Hill

Recently, I had a session with my friend of many years, Donna Hill. Donna works on the clearing and the integration of some our deepest ‘timeline’ issues.

She helped me to integrate some old ‘ancestral’ energies around ‘fear and control’. She read my field completely and helped me heal and merge my ‘pure light’ into those spaces that once felt fear. All this is done to quickly shift this old space into healing. Donna works with you deeply to help, listen, engage and love. Plus she’s available to follow up with you and give loving kindness.

~Darius Barazandeh, Austin, USA

Donna is a powerful healer. She is compassionate and intuitive. I’ve had just three sessions with her and have been able to shed long standing destructive patterns and I have even been able to come to clarity regarding a situation I have been facing in my personal life. I am a healer myself and have experienced many healers. I have to say that Donna is a healer of the highest degree.

~Jaymini H, Albuquerque, USA

I enjoyed the process and I feel more expansive every day.

~L.B Los Angeles, USA

I approached Donna for a healing session because I wanted some help feeling more comfortable with my own self expression. I was in the process of stretching way out of my comfort zone, and while I felt safe doing so, I wanted to feel more confident. She was offering a complimentary 20 minute session in a modality she created, called Divine Sequencing, and I saw her post just as I was looking for ways to address the issue. The strength of her connection with her Galactic and Archangelic guides was evident throughout the session, and she further inspired my trust in the way she explained her process while she was working. My photo shoot the following day (that I had been quite nervous about) went very well. I am noticing my attitude about myself shifting and strengthening, and am starting to act with more confidence, taking stronger action in my projects and activities. I would definitely recommend Donna’s healing to anyone looking for energetic assistance.

~Ellen Carnahan, Ontario Canada

I have worked with Donna Hill for the last two years. She is a very caring, strong and compassionate healer and angelic channeller. It’s always an amazing experience working with her. She’s helped me clear my genealogy and past lives in romantic relationships and some current family issues. We have also worked with money issues, cord cutting and manifesting. There’s always been a powerful solution to everything we do. Donna goes beyond in encouraging me and does bring a lot of funny moments to break the ice. Every session I’ve ever done with her has always been powerful. I am always grateful for her help.
~Sean M, Canada

Donna helped me learn about energetic boundaries and taught me exercises to increase the male energy connection in my soulmate relationship. I also participated in a group abundance energy session, which was very successful! My vibration related to money was increased and allowed more confidence in spending and receiving.
~Andrea from USA

Donna has a unique talent for healing that is above and beyond anything I have ever known. She works with the angelic realm, utilizing the seen and unseen worlds for lasting change. I am a single mother with four kids, living in a small town in Arizona. When Donna first offered to work with me I had no idea what to expect, but soon found that the results were revolutionary. When Donna has a session–hang on to your seat belts because life is about to change!

Donna’s Wealth and Abundance Session, for me, could not have been more timely. Things seemed just about as bleak as they could be. I had been depressed because our family car had been declared dead by our mechanic and I had lost my job because the Spa that I worked at as a therapist sold to a private owner. After Donna’s Wealth Healing session, I felt different immediately. Emotionally there was a beautiful lightness of being, as if I was floating in a sea of abundance. Somehow I just knew that everything was going to be ok. There was a calm in our household, that was surprising, since we were all stranded without a car 10 miles from the nearest grocer. The very next day we received an income tax return check in the mail a whole month early! And shortly after that an anonymous check appeared in the mail for $3,000, which to us was a fortune! It was from an anonymous party who said they wanted us to get a car. I know that these blessings are the direct work of spirit, propelled by Donna’s session as the catalyst. Now our lives have continued on in a way of steady, upward

~Charlotte from USA

Donna Hill is a highly intuitive healer who was able to help assist me as I was going through a challenging time in life. She has a special gift in the way she connects with and communicates with the Spirit world. She is able to bring in healing energies with the assistance of our own guides and she most vividly and accurately shares visions and messages that come through.

You feel Seen on a soul level and what came through was for me one hundred percent accurate. During our personal phone session I felt the healing energies coming in and my body felt grounded and peaceful. There were also some questions that got answered in terms of my chosen path in life, in which I am very grateful.

If you are looking for more clarity along your life’s journey or wish to clear and balance your body – mind – spirit, I will strongly recommend all services offered by Donna Hill.

~Ingvild from Norway

Donna is a sensitive and loving healer and multi-dimensional technician. Before my healing I was feeling very lost and in much despair. Donna helped me connect to source consciousness and fill my being with light. I highly recommend her as a healer and companion on your journey of transformation.
~Sarah from USA

When I have a session with Donna I always come out feeling so much better. My mind is clearer, my heart is clearer and I feel more grounded. I feel understood and supported. Donna is connected to spirit and always picks up on exactly what’s going on. She helped me with physical health issues, ancestral clearing and also connected me to my animal totem in a deeper way. Sessions are light and often filled with laughter. I appreciate every time we have a session.
~Sonia from Canada


Self Mastery Series

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97



3-Week Money and Abundance Online Gathering

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $177



2x Individual 30 minute Power Sessions

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $127


About Donna Hill

Donna Hill is an Angelic Channel, Soul Reader and Quantum Energy Practitioner who brings through high frequencies and soul infusions for deep transformation. She is a natural intuitive and healer who also accelerates energy processes through the sound of her voice. She has the ability to speak into the heart of energetic blockages, which shifts stuck issues very quickly.

Donna had a spiritual awakening in 1983 which lead to her exploration of the healing arts. Her formal training began in 1986 in imagery, inner child work, psychotherapy, dream work and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In the early 90’s she was called to work with crystals and stones, then later included modalities such as BodyTalk, Energy Balancing, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Reflexology, Flower Essences, herbal remedies as well as prayer and Shamanic practices. In 2014 Donna has been involved in planetary healing and has opened to communication with the high councils of several extraterrestrial races, as well as the loving guidance and deeply transformational presences of Yeshua, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Archangel Michael. In 2018 Donna incorporated light language to her repertoire. In 2019 Donna was invited to hold the Christ Consciousness energies for the planet. In 2022 the Pleiadian Star Councils gifted Donna with a powerful new modality called Divine Sequencing which accelerates healing on all levels. She is currently writing a book about her healing journey and the evolution of her life’s work.

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