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Founding Member of the Elohim High Council of Light, working closely with Melchizedek, Ascended Masters and Angels

This package aids those ready to experience deeply transformative session. For all booking sessions, it results in the release of a myriad of energetic patterns which no longer serve.

Working with Sarah and the Golden Keys of Creation, you can expect age old issues created, to be removed and replaced with beautiful energies, that enable those in receipt to move forward with exuberance and light.

The Golden Keys are held within the Akashic Realms.
These healing sessions offer a multidimensional healing to YOU, so YOU may transmute old vibrational energies, experiences and patterns that no longer Serve.

The sessions remove dense energies from the past, from the beginning of the soul’s inception into experience. Healing thousands of stories at once and their detrimental vibrations.

By working with these Golden Keys, individuals can release old energies and patterns that no longer serve them, thereby facilitating healing and growth on multiple levels.

Channelling some of the highest frequencies of light to aid the collective, working directly with Elohim, Creator of all there is.


90min 1on1 Key Healing Session
An Outstanding Value. Highly discounted key session! to aid you heal insecurity from within.


2.5 hours 1on1 Key Healing Session
Heal ‘yourself’ deeply from within. Clear current and past insecurities. A discounted Key session to aid you heal insecurity deeply from within.


60min 1on1 Golden Key Healing ~ Akashic Records Session
Delve into your past to clear current insecurities that stand in your way of living with contentment.

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90min 1on1 Key Healing Session

Normal Price $197

32% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $133


2.5 hours 1on1 Key Healing Session

Normal Price $282

21% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $222


60min 1on1 Golden Key Healing ~ Akashic Records Session

Total Value $114

13% Discount

Special for “YDU”: $99

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What others are saying about Sarah Massiah

I had a session with Sarah in May. I was just feeling so lost in my life. I didn’t realize that I had so many past life issues to deal with. I was also holding on to events that had happened in my childhood. Everyday things get clearer. I can see now that I am on my right purpose in life. I have to let the feelings go that I can fix everyone’s problems.

I am starting to put myself first to help others. Thank you so much Sarah for my new awakening.

~JW on Starlighttherapies

My session with Sarah was phenomenal, as someone who has been working as an Intuitive breakthrough therapist and teacher for over 15 years and I couldn’t believe how powerful my session of keys from the cosmos with Sarah was. Sarah’s manner is calm, intuitive and supportive throughout the session. The modality she has channelled and works with is of a very high vibration and worked deeply on a multidimensional level. I had been experiencing some pains in my neck, during the session Sarah connected with cause of the issue at a multidimensional level and used her technique of working with my souls akashic records and keys to literally rewrite the stories held in my DNA and release the tensions in my neck which were actually about past perceptions that I had carried into now. I experienced deep shifts within my body and energetic system as Sarah intuitively released the causes and I felt the new alignments going into my system, the process was also very visual as I connected with different planets and reclaimed ancient knowledge. She also assisted my in clearer communication with a new guide and after the session my neck pain had totally released and I felt a new sense of clarity and shift in awareness that settled over the next few days. I can’t recommend Sarah’s keys to cosmos modality highly enough, if you want to create real change and step more fully into your light, definitely give it a try!


I have had the amazing fortune to have received the Golden Keys and Akashic Record reading from Sarah. Both were extraordinarily life changing and insightful. Both times I have woken up the next day as a completely ‘different’ person and I can’t thank her enough for the gifts she has and shared with me. Highly recommended.

~TB, June 2022

Pain Has Disappeared
Great treatment. Pain has disappeared in my knees and back significantly better. Thanks

~Janet on Starlighttherapies

Sarah you are brilliant!!
I had a keys session with Sarah.
Sarah worked with me through the session and supported me throughout. We discussed moving forward which was relating to my knee pain that I have had for some time. Sarah cleared old stories and made room for the new ones to be written, all for my highest good.

Following the session, I felt tired and in the following days I felt a definite shift in my attitude to moving forward and letting go of the past. Those old beliefs have changed. And I am amazed the pain in my knee has gone too. ‘It works’.

Sarah is a kind, compassionate lovely person who is dedicated to her work. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who feels that they would benefit from changing their story to make improvements to their life journey.

Thank you, Sarah, for the truly wonderful experience. X x.

~SC (July)

Golden Keys Sessions

I felt at ease straightaway with Sarah, I feel her compassionate energy, her kindness and her passion for helping people. Sarah’s Golden Keys of Melchizedek is a powerful healing system as it reads from the Akashic records and brings changes into the records so that the individual’s life experience can become more positive moving forward. I have personally experienced some powerful energetic shifts in myself during and after the sessions. I have noticed that I attract more positive situations in my life, my response to old situations has completely changed. I feel more integrated as an individual with a more positive mindset. I highly recommend that you try Sarah’s Keys session for yourself to have a direct experience of this amazing healing therapy. Thank you Sarah, I am so very grateful to you. Blessings.

~Claudia on Starlighttherapies

I would just like say that I had some sessions with Sarah Massiah as well as completing my Akashic training with her.
Throughout I found Sarah to be both very professional and supportive. During these sessions we cleared many issues that I had been experiencing which turned out to be as a result of Shocks’.

Since having cleared these, I feel completely different (for the better) and have a better understanding of why these issues arose. I am now able to react to any triggers in a much calmer and positive manner than before.

I would absolutely recommend Sarah Massiah to anyone that wants to heal themselves and gain a better understanding of The Akash.

~MLR., October 2023

About Sarah Massiah

Sarah is a Founding Member of the Elohim High Council of Lightworking closely with Melchizedek, Ascended Masters and Angels.

Understanding The Elohim High Council of Light:

The Elohim High Council of Light was founded by Creator at the time of Creation, when all sentient beings were given free will, when Creator’s children were born into existenceThe Council is overseen by Melchizedek.

The formation of the Elohim High Council of Light was necessary, as was the need to give all Souls free will to choose within a duality.  Creator, knowing this free will choice was imperative, so that all may grow in Love and into a greater version of Self, as Creator’s Child. Knowing many would fall into unconsciousness of whom they were, the duality of existence was born, many experiencing separation. All from Love as without such duality and choice, nothing would be.  No Souls, no planets would exist, all just vibrating on One Energy of Love, for infinity.  Nothing to experience, no way of becoming a greater version of expressing Self through Love.  The Elohim High Council worked directly with Creator to ensure there were certain Rules and Laws of Creation that were in play, so that Creation would continue, and that at the correct time Laws could be enforced.

Creator Created the Keys of Creation, ‘The Golden Keys from Melchizedek’

So, when the time was right and enough of Creator’s Children called for change across the Cosmos, they may be used to aid many Souls return to the Light.

The Keys are directly linked to the Akashic Realms where experiences are held, logged and monitored.

They enable Creator to change stories that have played out for eons of time, and are used in conjunction with the Laws of the Universe to release many from unconscious acts that have affected many of Creator’s Children across the Cosmos.

Sarah reports how she volunteered at the Beginning of Creation to walk the path of duality and dip her toe as one with all Creator’s Children, so she could bring the Keys here to Earth to aid the grand opening of the New Chapter.

A NEW CHAPTER ON EARTH, and Across much of the Cosmos.

Sarah works multidimensionally to aid all of Creator’s Children, no matter the planet or universe.

She has dedicated her life to aid clients to awaken to whom they truly are as Creator’s Child.

Sarah utilizes the New Healing Modality, which she developed working directly with Creator

Sarah Massiah is an award-winning author whose first book, ‘The Cosmos, Ascension and the Golden Keys from Melchizedek’ won the Mind Body Spirit Book Awards in the channelled category.

She has just released Book Two in the Series. ‘Healing From Within and the Golden Keys from Melchizedek’

Sarah won the South of England Prestige Award for ‘Best Holistic Practice’.

She is the Founder of ‘The Golden Key Energy Healing System’ which works directly with Creator.

This fast and uplifting healing modality enables those in receipt to clear stories from the beginning of the soul’s incarnational, multidimensional soul journey.  Stories that hold them back within the Akashic Records, as well as contracts held with Creator.

Such contracts aided the duality of existence and the continuum of life.

Now at this time, ‘the Time of Ascension on Earth,’ Creator wishes many Souls to be freed of the burdens of their pasts.

Now is the time, so they may walk forward in Glorious Light, knowing they ARE Divine Beings of Light and Part of Creator, without separation.

Sarah reports it is the wish of Creator that souls walk forward with Glorious Joy, Love, Peace in Mind, Heart and Soul.

Sarah Massiah had been working as a qualified nurse for over 20 years. She gained much experience with working with the most vulnerable groups within society. Her educational background in nursing gave her an excellent base. She then went on to study many energy healing modalities.

Her books can now be bought from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other large online retailers.

She especially enjoys aiding clients to “Step into their Light and lay down a New Resonance, a New Vibration, one of Divine Love, Joy and Sense of Inner Peace,” she reports.

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