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Meet Our Speakers

Adalina East

Founder of Transformational Healing™, International Lecturer, Educator, Mental Health Expert and Healer

Donna Hill

Angelic Communicator, Soul Reader and Quantum Healer

Tamaey Gottuso

Sought-after Metaphysician, Transformational Leader, Ascension Guide, and Spiritual Mentor

Brenda Lainof

Intuitive Guide & Healer – Light Language

Marlenea Johnson

Master Manifesting Coach and Dream Life Activator

Daniel Scranton

Channeling & Sound Healing

Amy Flynn

Transformational Teacher & Intuitive, Source Channeler of “The Collective”

Dr Oltea Iulia Munteanu

Multidimensional Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Quantum healer, Accredited Training Provider

Emily Ghosh

Intuitive Guide and Multidimensional Business Mentor

Laura Maesaka

Intuitive, Multidimensional Healer | Channel of Light Beings | Spiritual Coach | Sound Alchemist

Matthew John

Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Healer, Starseed Guide, Medical Intuitive

Crystal Randhir Priya

Trans-medium Channel, Metaphysical Teacher, Energy Healer, Intuitive Integrative life Coach, Hypno-&-Sound therapist, Kundalini & Reiki Master/Teacher

Mijke Ketting

Multidimensional Energy Healer, Channel and Medium

Beth Rachel

Energy Educator, Shadow Alchemist, Intuitive Channel, Multi-Dimensional Healer


Healing Music Artist, Intuitive Channeler, Light Language & Ancestral Clearing

Theresa Vee

Wellness & Transformation Guide for Sensitives and Empaths, International Speaker, Angel Communicator, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive

Catherine O'Connor

Founder of Divine Temple, Sacred Architect, Scribe of infinite knowledge and Divine Love, Initiated into the Lineage of Thoth

Dr. Leslie Kalyn

Blueprint fixer, self-evolution expert, and human advancement facilitator

Jennifer Lynn

Spiritual Consultant, Shamanic Healer, Soul Midwife, Shamanic Druid Priestess, Intuitive Reader

Solara Rose

Energy Expert, Psychic Advisor, Founder of Infinity Collective, Liquid Nirvana & The Diamond Octave

Bonnie Serratore

Expert Energy Clearer, Master Tracker, and Spiritual Accelerator

Sheryl Ann Noday

Trance channel for Siria Family (Sirius) and other high frequency Beings. Healer, Medium, Teacher and Magical Realism Painter

Marla Torres

Inspiring women who are living in survival mode to reclaim their Divine Power and thrive

Moncef Afkir

Host of “Your Divine Uniqueness” Show, and Holds the space for groups to facilitate a deeper connection to True Self

Your Opportunity to Shift and Rise:

Those masters and teachers are here to help you:

  • Release the limitations that hold you back from living your heart desired life
  • Connect to Your Own Divine Guidance
  • Open and discover Your Unique Gifts
  • Get more clarity and confidence to step out, live your true purpose and make an impact
  • Bring more Love, Joy and Abundance to your life and to people you love

You Choose What to Pay:

Permanent Access to the Complete Set Of Calls

Access the recordings of All Live Q&A and Activations

 40+ Hours of Digital Recordings to Download (MP3)

Listen Anytime in Any Device

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