Meet Your Divine Healing Team – by Vandana Atara Aura

Jan 20, 2018

We have so much invisible support from beyond this world, this dimension and the timelines that we’re living on currently, more than we can ever imagine possible and yet we’re not taught in this reality how to call upon them for assistance. We’re actually taught quite the opposite of human reliance, relying on other humans, which yes, we can receive healing from physical humans on the planet, but it doesn’t always work out for our highest good and sometimes there are misunderstandings and sometimes the assistance is conditional, or maybe we can even call upon a healer or shaman but there are other circumstances involved.

When you’re going straight to source and you’re calling in the celestials, the angelics and the healing teams, it’s your divine birthright to receive the healing. And they want to serve you completely and unconditionally, that is their role. Their unique role is to serve, support and comfort you and to also help you remember how to heal yourself. This is on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic level. So, it can really be any type of healing assistance or divine intervention that you need that might not be available in this dimension or it might not be accessible for you at the time. It is their joy and honor to serve you and to come visit you, whether it’s in dreamtime or to download messages on how to make those changes in your lifestyle or your diet or what types of relationships would serve you.

They’re really here to assist you and that’s their unique job. What’s beautiful is that once you learn how to communicate with them and call them in, they will always come to your side, they are available 24/7. And their job is they’re our healing partners. This is a time of co-creation and collaboration. It’s all about giving and receiving, stepping into and embodying our divine feminine and masculine side. So, we’re all going through this together. And I realize that this is such a time when we’re being called upon by the universe to really take better care of ourselves and our bodies. But I also wanted to just let you know that this the perfect alternative for when things aren’t working out well in this realm, whether it’s physical treatments that you’re going through, whether it’s a chronic disease, or it’s just some type of an imbalance or trauma energy that still lies unresolved. Whatever the block is, we can call upon them anytime to clear the blocked energies of trauma energy and all of the symptoms that are attached to it, so we can fully and wholly receive.

And many of us are not even taught how to receive. There are these unworthiness programs running in the background controlling our lives, and just feeling not enough to receive the healing that we’re worthy of receiving just because we’re alive. It’s our divine birthright. So, that’s why we have to call upon a higher power source, we have to unplug from the 3D, the old paradigms of relying on other people like “oh please help me” or victim consciousness or “I don’t have the tools or the consciousness to do it myself”. We actually have all of that, but we can go straight to source, because we’re intimately a part of source, we’re all connected, and we can never be disconnected.

Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana Atara Aura

Divine Channel & Light Ambassador of Accelerated Light Healing. CEO & Founder of Vandana Light Healing

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