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Intuitive guide & assists in clearing negative emotions, chronic health conditions, emotional and mental self-sabotage

Med Bed Light Language + Abundant Business Program

Brenda Lainof is an intuitive guide and assists in clearing negative emotions and chronic health conditions, emotional and mental self- sabotage. Once she intuits what is creating unease in your body, Brenda energetically works with you to dissolve that unease, dis-ease and low frequency vibration.

Brenda work with numerous modalities and uses the most appropriate modality that it is needed at the moment. Every client is different and she taps innto you as to what you are READY FOR!

If you have tried everything through the traditional Medical channels, working with many other healers and alternative health cures then chances using any of the modalities in combination with Light Language can help you get cleared using proven holistic pain-free, drug-free healing techniques!

It’s not a miracle cure, and you still need to consult with your doctor and medical practitioner – but Brenda can help accurately identify and assist the body to self-heal with the appropriate modality and download applicable Light Language.

There are many health issues whether long term, low level or recurring ailments may have a root cause in a variety of issues…..physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological and psychic level.

Brenda says,

I have helped many listeners of Telesummits and radio shows, who were where you are Now get their issues resolved.

I specialize in helping YOU with what your SOUL is requiring assistance with!

I just a had session with Brenda using Body Code and Light Language. What an Amazing combination of energy that brought my body back up 100% in the areas she worked on Very very Powerful and Grateful that this can be used together for truly fantastic results

~Penelope Creighton-Ward Alberta, Canada

Hi Brenda, I wanted to give you a quick update. Thanks to you my left arm feels more normal, all that’s left is the thumb. I also tried your layers method on my lower back. I have this chronic nerve pain in the lower right back near my pelvis for more than 20 years. I’m so amazed that it’s diminishing! I can walk normally without favoring my right leg and I feel so much more balanced. This is a huge improvement for me. Thank you for the insights!!

~Rimi Yoshida, Singapore

Just listened to the ll digestion, I checked the function before 60% after 98%. During the audio I got a rush that started at my head and traveled down my torso. Then a warming feeling in my gut area. A moment or two later had some gut movement. We will wait and see now. Thanks again!

~Eddie Masters

Thank you for generously helping me heal my laryngitis. Borrelia miasm! It makes perfect sense as I had Borrelia once. God Bless You!

~Martina Liberson, Sweden


Brenda’s Med Bed Light Language Audios


PACKAGE A + 60min 1on1 session + 21 Day Light Language for An Abundant Business Program

Package A

Brenda’s Med Bed Light Language Audios

These Med Bed Light Language audios will assist with your healing and help YOU to self-heal from physical, and emotional issues.

1. MedBed Black Sheep Clearing

If you feel like you are “black sheep of YOUR family” this clearing may be for you! Never feeling part of the family, perhaps blamed for things that are totally out of your control, this MedBed will help clear out MedBed Black Sheep Energy and curses attached.

2. Med Bed Hormone Balancing

MedBed to download specific hormones that your body requires in these intense times as stress plays HUGE role in creating imbalance as to our hormones. Daily balancing hormones essential to our physical health and mental well being.

3. Med Bed Metabolism Detox & Collagen

MedBed increasing rate metabolism exactly what your body requires, strengthening lymphatic system, assisting liver rejuvenate, boosting collagen production.

Immune System

“Oh, precious ones! What an amazing experience I just had with Brenda and going into the MedBed! I felt the energy right away! My intention on using the MedBed tonight was to increase my immune system. It was at 87% when I went in and was at 99% when we finished! I could feel the energy going all through my body– a gentle, sweeping, calming yet energizing feeling! Wow! Wow! Wow!”

~Evelyn Kessinger, USA

Endocrine System

“I had my monthly session with Brenda! We decided the priorities would be to go back to some basics and support the Endocrine system. (The adrenals and many oher organs and glands)…Even though I’m a Reflexology therapist, herbalist, Health practitioner, and Energy worker, I felt out of balance and somewhat on edge and low energy. We are all going through much more change and grieving this year and this system is your foundation and is really taking on a lot now. We need to support these bodies we are in too. We did the MedBed and some light language. It increased already to 10% more vitality. I felt a shift and I felt like I was in my 50’s instead 65. I feel I am absorbing my herbs more now, at peace and calm again this morning, and throat and thyroid have improved another 6% overnight. I will listen to this twice a day for the next while. I encourage all of you to do a monthly maintenance with Brenda and get your Endocrine System checked and boosted right now. Self care and self love! We are not finished this year yet and the World and Earth need us more than ever…..”

~Denise DeLeeuw, Canada


You will receive:

Brenda’s Med Bed Light Language Audios

  • MedBed Black Sheep Clearing
  • Med Bed Hormone Balancing
  • Med Bed Metabolism Detox & Collagen

Value: $200

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $77

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

You will receive everything in Package A


21 Day Light Language for An Abundant Business Program


60min One-to-One Private Session with Brenda

60 Minute Session that will include a Recording of Your Own Light Language to use On and On-going basis!

21 Day Light Language for An Abundant Business Program

Experience the benefit of Light Language downloads direct from Source with 21 Days of Light Language for an Abundant Business with powerful business building, confidence boosting and inspirational affirmations designed to empower you to greater levels of abundance within your business and ultimately life!

Each pre-recorded audio contains powerful Light Language downloads direct from Source that are meant to assist you in downloading the affirmation into each and every one of your trillions of billions of cells! It will happen in an instant, it is that easy!

Imagine soaking in all that support, inspiration and abundance simply by listening.

When does the program start?

You can join any time and get instant access to the workbook and recordings to use at your own pace.

What you’ll receive:

  • 21 pre-recorded audios each focusing on a different affirmation. Listen in order or whenever you need a boost.
  • BONUS workbook book to help guide you through the initial 21 Days.

Are you ready to experience greater levels of clarity in your business?

Are you ready to experience increased levels of inspiration?

Are you ready to receive more abundance in your business now?

60min One-to-One Private Session with Brenda

It is said that at first the Universe whispers and then it shouts, until eventually it stops you in your tracks and you surrender to your new path.

It was the most recent near-death experience where I knew, without a doubt, I had to make some drastic, immediate changes in my life and recent and stand in my power, no matter what!

Are you ready to follow your new path? Let me guide you on that journey!

In a 60 Minute Private Session, I will can help you clear negative emotions and assist in healing chronic health and other issues such as self-love, self-care, relationship, abundance issues and manifesting miracles. I work with a multitude of modalities such as Emotion Code, Body Code, Medical Intuitive, Reiki, and will download a LIGHT LANGUAGE (of which a recording will be provided that you can use on an on-going basis to take your clearing to a deeper level) to assist with your healing. My clients are sharing that having this additional to my private sessions is helping them see results taking place ten times faster than it was possible before (healing 10x).

I am here to assist YOU to self-heal from physical, mental and blockages, or any issue or challenge you want addressed and cleared.


You will receive:

21 Day Light Language for An Abundant Business Program


60 Minute One-on One Session with Brenda


Brenda’s Med Bed Light Language Audios

Value: $561

65% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $197

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your 1on1 Session – whichever comes first.

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