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Heal The Witch Wound

Do you find yourself stuck in business, relationships and life in general?

A block within you just can’t get past?

Are you frustrated because you know how much you have to give yet can’t seem to express it?

Fear not for this isn’t something you’re stuck with! This is the Witch Wound. A collective wound affecting divinely led women who are meant to shine their magick in the world yet the collective traumas from the witch trials of the past are blocking you from the Prosperity that’s yours by birthright. This witch wound is soul-based trauma imprinted within that’s keeping you inside the box.

Are you ready to step out of the box and reclaim your Sovereign Feminine Power?

Nowadays, when we read, watch, or think about the witch trials, it’s always with a grim fascination and an air of mystery.

Even just looking at depictions of witches from those time periods show a caricature of evil that blends the silly and macabre. But all this does is place a barrier between the perceived safety of modern life and a harsh truth about what the witch trials actually were.

The witch trials were a mass murder of women.

They were a vast femicide that spanned Europe and the Americas that saw thousands of women senselessly persecuted, tortured, and killed in some of the most horrific ways to die.

Some estimates place the death toll around 60,000. Others suggest it was far more.

To put that in perspective, that’s more than the death toll of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.

No one was safe from the witch trials. Women could be accused of being a witch for almost anything.

What’s worse is that women were often tortured into turning on each other, even members of their own families.

And that’s how we wound up with these collective wounds. For centuries, women were persecuted for daring to live outside the box that society had built for them.

This collective trauma leads to blocks that can manifest as a life lived in fear and hiding to avoid accusation, economic oppression, self-sabotage, betrayal and a disconnect to your inner wisdom and magick.

Sound familiar? Sister, you are not alone. You’re reading this for a reason. You’re being called to face this wound and heal from it in a safe, supportive coven of beautiful souls ready to embark upon their life paths free of these heavy, traumatic burdens.

Don’t let your Witch Wound make you second guess yourself! Join in this special offer so we may heal and rise together!

Package A

Heal The Witch Wound

What you get:

  • 3 x powerful 90 min+ trainings with Violet Healing processes for lasting change (Value $597)
  • 20+ page Workbook (PRICELESS)
  • Playlist (PRICELESS)
  • Altar Guide (PRICELESS)
  • Bonus Activations! Kali-Ma Cord Clearing, Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads and Joan of Arc Unshakable Faith & Solstice Ritual (Value $297)

Total Value $597

88% Discount

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $69

Package B

Heal The Witch Wound

What you get:

  • Private 60 min Priestess Power Session to break the chains and step out of the shadows (Value $300)
  • 3 x powerful 90 min+ trainings with Violet Healing processes for lasting change (Value $597)
  • 20+ page Workbook (PRICELESS)
  • Playlist (PRICELESS)
  • Altar Guide (PRICELESS)
  • Bonus Activations! Kali-Ma Cord Clearing, Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads and Joan of Arc Unshakable Faith & Solstice Ritual (Value $297)

Total Value $997

80% Discount

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $197

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “1on1 Session” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Desirée Dunbar

Since working with Desirée, I have felt like the chains and shackles have just released and now I’m doing things I never thought I would do… like going Live online. So I know I’m out of the broom closet and owning it!

~Wanda Huntington

I was in a transitional period in my life, and I reached a barrier, realizing that I cannot go on by myself. I needed some more guidance and somebody to teach me. I needed a guru. Since training with Desirée I have a clearer vision of what I’m here to do. I’m more in control of my emotions and my life. No more repeating negative patterns. I now know I have a choice and I have my self empowerment back and feeling my energy and my strength. When you do the training… everything starts working for you.

~Ksenia Malyshevskaia

Before meeting Desirée I was so used to living in my masculine energy, because that’s what is rewarded in society. I was so out of touch with my own intuition and my own body. I would reject my own femininity. I was working at an investment firm. Five years went by, and I was miserable inside and I did not know why. I kept making excuses. My mental health got really bad… until I found Desirée…and I was learning to unlearn all this programming and release the shackles and step into flow, power and intuition. And now, it’s night and day.

~Melissa Robles

The level of magic Desirée helps you bring back is huge. You realize it was always there but it was very far back… and now it’s all coming to the surface. I’ve realized that the world and nature and all of us are connected, and lone-wolfing doesn’t make sense. I had been trying to do it all on my own but together with all these like-minded, conscious mind, I realize that yeah, I really am part of something bigger.

~Anna Billiald

About Desirée Dunbar

Desirée Dunbar is intuition-activating Priestess Path Mentor for transformational coaches, witches, and women who want to come out of the broom closet and make a difference.

After dancing professionally in the Martha Graham Lineage for twenty years on stages from Paris to Bogota and mentoring hundreds of elite young dancers, she realized she was ready to not only support dancers but all women ready to reach their potential body, mind, Spirit and Soul!

Dancing for her was her way to communicate with her Soul and touch the hearts of her audiences. She also has a non-profit organization to provide local seniors with opportunities to come together in community… and dance!

She grew up with counter-culture parents in a log house in the woods and was taught to love and co-create with Mother Nature from a young age. The forest, creeks and and nearby lake were her playground and where she first found her magic.

She is a Scorpio through and through and can’t help but catalyze transformation wherever she goes! She loves dancing with trees, time with her King Matthias and heading to the family summer home for swims in the glacier fed lake and evenings by the campfire, beneath the star-filled sky.

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