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Ascension 101 Package


60min 1on1 Soul Attunement Session


3x Live Group Sessions: Moving Forward With Ease on Your Ascension JourneyFeb. 2, 7 & 13

Package A

Ascension 101 Package

Ascension is mostly about accelerated growth and change. We are also integrating all our past and future lives into our earth incarnations at this time. For many, our challenges seem to be greater now than they ever have been. However, the advantage of this acceleration is we now have access to very high frequencies that can assist us to clear limitations and give us access to our creativity and gifts. We can also very easily connect with benevolent beings who love us unconditionally and assist us on our journey..

Effective daily spiritual practice is the key to moving forward with ease. This is your Ascension 101 Package. It is the basics for clearing denser energies. The clearings are very effective. Included as well are recordings to connect you with your HIgh Self, your Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael and other benevolent beings to bring to you what you need specifically on your spiritual journey. As we spend time in the higher vibrations energy blockages in our lower bodies naturally fall away.

ITEM 1: 7 Minute Daily Clearing

We will clear your physical and energy bodies of stagnant or discordant energies. We will deeply ground and circulate the earth’s energies through your field, surround you with white light and send these balanced and healing energies forward to bless your day, bringing in more harmony and ease or unexpected blessings or information.

ITEM 2: Daily Clearing ~ Longer Version

Soul is often very active in the other planes while our bodies sleep. In this recording we do a thorough clearing of your physical and energy bodies. We bring in balance and grounding. You will receive a gift from Archangel Michael to assist you in bringing harmony to your day. If you prefer to do this activation before bedtime it will assist you as you travel into other dimensions and also will assist with deep restful restorative sleep.

ITEM 3: Grounding

Often we have to ground many times a day. As we tune in and tap into the earth, we are being anchored and stabilized. For sensitive starseeds, especially, the earth’s energies are very healing. The earth supports us in our ascension, therefore grounding is uber important!

ITEM 4: Lightening Up: Clearing Fear, Anger and Sadness

There are only three emotions, fear, anger and sadness. Feelings of guilt or shame (for example) have one or a combination of these emotions at the core. This activation will free up your energy and allow you to reset on many levels. You will feel lighter, overthinking will be reduced, pain levels can decrease, the body will begin to function more optimally.

ITEM 5: Healing Chamber to Clear Grief and Loss

Many people are experiencing loss during these unprecedented times. Some of them are loss of friends and family members, loss of jobs, loss of stability. When the historical limiting beliefs are cleared it frees up energy to deal with the losses and disappointments that occurred in this lifetime.

ITEM 6: Meet Your High Self

In this adventure you will meet your High Self and together you will travel to 5D and stand on the precipice of New Earth. With your High Self. You will do a life review of your most significant life experiences, gleaning wisdom and understanding and lightening up your karmic load. You will meet with Ascended Masters who will offer you spiritual gifts to assist you on your journey.

ITEM 7: Soul Empowerment Train

An empowering journey with Divine companions. You will travel through all your incarnations retrieving your soul power. Instances where you gave you power away or where your power was taken from you will be healed. Divine beings will break any soul contracts where you have been lied to, tricked, manipulated or coerced so you no longer are vulnerable to this type of manipulation. On your return journey you will retrieve your experiences of joy, empowered lifetimes, enlightened states of consciousness, flow states etc., then enter an integration chamber to accelerate your integration time with grace and ease.

ITEM 8: Starseed’s Journey Home

Many of the starseeds feel like they don’t belong on the planet. This journey will attune you to your home star or planet. You will connect with your star family, exchange gifts to help further your spiritual path, gain insights and wisdom and feel the love and support of your star family. As we remain in the higher vibrations, the denser energies that hold us back naturally fall away according to our individual soul wisdom.


BONUS Light Language ~ An Invitation to Bliss

In this short recording we are gathering in all your joyful and blissful experiences and bringing them into your field.

BONUS Light Language ~ Assistance with Your Greatest Challenge

In this short recording we will break up and begin to clear one of your challenges, bringing in more balance, harmony, insights. Please focus on only one area at a time and give the energies time to work.


You will receive:

Ascension 101 Package:

8 Recordings + Two Bonus MP3s

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $67

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

60 minute 1on1 Soul Attunement Session

As a soul reader and with the assistance of benevolent beings, we will tap into your soul frequencies to explore your heart’s desire. We will clear out and empower you in various areas of your life and tap you into the soul frequencies that will bring the most harmony and abundance for you on your earth mission. We work with your genealogy and past lives, as well as alternate timelines and other dimensions. We can clear curses, interfering energies and blockages or whatever is holding you back. We can explore your earth mission, assist you with relationship challenges, assist you in travelling to your starseed home or assist you in manifesting your heart’s desire, etc. In my sessions we work to integrate all changes into your physical and energy bodies to give you the most benefit from your session.


You will receive:

60 minute 1on1 Soul Attunement Session

with Donna Hill

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $107

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted.

Package C

3x 60 minutes live group sessions

Moving Forward With Ease on Your Ascension Journey

(Replays will be provided)

Wednesday February 2nd

Monday February 7th

Sunday February 13th

11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK / 8pm CET

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In these powerful experiential activations we will invite many benevolent beings to join with us in three powerful sacred circles. These group calls will be very synergistic as each soul holds codes and information that will assist the self and others on their journey. The group energies will continue to build over time, increasing our ability to hold more light in our beings, clearing stagnant energies and bringing in more abundance, insights, creative abilities and opportunities. We will do a group manifesting exercise at the end of each call.

Group Call #1 : Attuning our Body to Divine Frequencies

When we have a strong physical body we experience more grace and ease in our lives. Together we will work with your guardian angel, Archangel Michael and other Archangels and Ascended Masters to connect deeply with the earth mother, bringing in wisdom and guidance as she accelerates her own ascension. We will clear the cellular memory of our bodies, work with the glands, organs and organ systems (etc) to upgrade the body consciousness to function optimally. We will work with the Divine frequencies at the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions, assisting our cells, atoms and molecules to transition to crystalline with greater ease. The group will also assist the earth mother and all sentient beings as part of our offering. We will do a group manifesting exercise at the end of the call.

Group Call #2 : Accepting our Divinity as a Sovereign Soul

We will align with the Christed energies and merge into Yeshua’s heart field, expanding into unconditional love. We will create a sacred container to bring forth our most difficult energy blockages to be cleared. We will come before the Spiritual Councils to review all soul contracts, breaking and dissolving any that no longer serve us. Specific vows, oaths and curses that are affecting each of us will also be addressed. We will bask in the wisdom of the benevolent beings, calling back our own sacred power and standing tall in our truth. We will do a group manifesting exercise at the end of this call.

Group Call #3 : Attuning to Divine Abundance Frequencies

We will work with Archangel Michael, St. Germaine and other benevolent beings to explore the “currency of the heart.” We will claim our Divine gifts and relish in the joy of offering them to the world. As we do so, we learn to receive the gifts of appreciation and heart currency in return. This is the new financial system based in integrity and love, an abundance of all things that enrich us as Sovereign beings. In this experiential activation, we will work with the currency of the heart, learning to give and receive love in genuine ways. We will do a group manifesting exercise at the end of this call.


You will receive:

3x 60 minute live group sessions

Moving Forward With Ease on Your Ascension Journey

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $57

PS: Due to the nature of this program, that the sessions are all done Live, and that Donna puts so much energy into them, refunds will not be available for this package.

What others are saying about Donna Hill

“A Powerful Catalyst”

Recently, I had a session with my friend of many years, Donna Hill. Donna works on the clearing and the integration of some our deepest ‘timeline’ issues.

She helped me to integrate some old ‘ancestral’ energies around ‘fear and control’. She read my field completely and helped me heal and merge my ‘pure light’ into those spaces that once felt fear. All this is done to quickly shift this old space into healing. Donna works with you deeply to help, listen, engage and love. Plus she’s available to follow up with you and give loving kindness.

~Darius Barazandeh

Donna has a unique talent for healing that is above and beyond anything I have ever known. She works with the angelic realm, utilizing the seen and unseen worlds for lasting change. I am a single mother with four kids, living in a small town in Arizona. When Donna first offered to work with me I had no idea what to expect, but soon found that the results were revolutionary. When Donna has a session–hang on to your seat belts because life is about to change!

Donna’s Wealth and Abundance Session, for me, could not have been more timely. Things seemed just about as bleak as they could be. I had been depressed because our family car had been declared dead by our mechanic and I had lost my job because the Spa that I worked at as a therapist sold to a private owner. After Donna’s Wealth Healing session, I felt different immediately. Emotionally there was a beautiful lightness of being, as if I was floating in a sea of abundance. Somehow I just knew that everything was going to be ok. There was a calm in our household, that was surprising, since we were all stranded without a car 10 miles from the nearest grocer. The very next day we received an income tax return check in the mail a whole month early! And shortly after that an anonymous check appeared in the mail for $3,000, which to us was a fortune! It was from an anonymous party who said they wanted us to get a car. I know that these blessings are the direct work of spirit, propelled by Donna’s session as the catalyst. Now our lives have continued on in a way of steady, upward

~Charlotte from USA

Donna Hill is a highly intuitive healer who was able to help assist me as I was going through a challenging time in life. She has a special gift in the way she connects with and communicates with the Spirit world. She is able to bring in healing energies with the assistance of our own guides and she most vividly and accurately shares visions and messages that come through.

You feel Seen on a soul level and what came through was for me one hundred percent accurate. During our personal phone session I felt the healing energies coming in and my body felt grounded and peaceful. There were also some questions that got answered in terms of my chosen path in life, in which I am very grateful.

If you are looking for more clarity along your life’s journey or wish to clear and balance your body – mind – spirit, I will strongly recommend all services offered by Donna Hill.

~Ingvild from Norway

When I have a session with Donna I always come out feeling so much better. My mind is clearer, my heart is clearer and I feel more grounded. I feel understood and supported. Donna is connected to spirit and always picks up on exactly what’s going on. She helped me with physical health issues, ancestral clearing and also connected me to my animal totem in a deeper way. Sessions are light and often filled with laughter. I appreciate every time we have a session.

~Sonia from Canada

My 10 year son has always had severe oral tactile defensiveness as a part of his sensory processing disorder, which makes feeding him a nutritionally balanced diet very difficult. We went through all the doctors and therapies that were available to us with very little forward movement and even less hope. When I realized that my son’s issue could be helped energetically, I tried a few practitioners who gave good insight, but nothing concrete was ever attempted, until Donna worked with him. After a few energy sessions, crystal healing techniques and the myriad of healing modalities that Donna has to utilize, my son was making some visibly noticeable changes. Over the last 6 months he gained 5 pounds and has gone from “Nope not trying it” to trying new foods where he actually is chewing, swallowing, and repeating it more than once. He is enjoying brand new foods which is something I haven’t seen him do since he was a baby. This is HUGE!! I really believe Donna has made a huge impact on all of our lives by her humble service and amazing God-given healing talent. She is so intuitive, very patient and thinks out-side the box, which is what we needed. So refreshing! I highly recommend Donna and her healing services. She has helped not only my oldest, but all of my family members including myself and I can say that without her and the grace of God, we would be in a different place health-wise right now. God bless you Donna and thank you.

~Margaret from USA

I am a physical empath. Recently, with all these strong ascension energies hitting me on many levels and feeling people’s pain daily it was too much for me to handle. I was at a breaking point. Donna Hill sensed that I wasn’t doing well and we did a distance healing session. In less than 5 minutes after she started I already started to feel much better and calmer. I was really amazed at how quick her healing worked. She continued the healing, working on many levels. Through her feeling and insight she helped me realize many things that I needed to work on and also on how to deal / work with the ascension energies so it doesn’t affect me as much. I am so thankful for what Donna did for me. Days later I’m still feeling much better. She opened a door that I thought was closed. She knew exactly what to work on and where some blockages were. Anyone looking to work with a great person / healer, this is the person . Thank you again.

~Yanick from Canada

Donna is a powerful healer. She performed a healing session on me and I felt so much release and love. Her compassion, understanding, and love were heartfelt throughout our entire session together. Really one of the most powerful healers I’ve experienced personally. Thank you Donna!!

~Melissa from Canada

I have known Donna for four plus years. Donna has been instrumental in my ascension and making peace with my generational healing. I’m always astonished by the incredible well being and healing after each session. For me Donna is a caring, loving and highly intuitive vessel to help others in their spiritual walk.

~Tim from USA

Donna helped me learn about energetic boundaries and taught me exercises to increase the male energy connection in my soulmate relationship. I also participated in a group abundance energy session, which was very successful! My vibration related to money was increased and allowed more confidence in spending and receiving.

~Andrea from USA

Donna is a sensitive and loving healer and multi-dimensional technician. Before my healing I was feeling very lost and in much despair. Donna helped me connect to source consciousness and fill my being with light. I highly recommend her as a healer and companion on your journey of transformation.

~Sarah from USA

About Donna Hill

Donna Hill is an angelic communicator, soul reader and quantum healer. She has always felt a direct connection to the spiritual realms. Donna’s spiritual awakening began with an exit point in her life in the mid 80’s, a high speed motor vehicle accident where both her and the driver walked away with very minor injuries. At this time she also began to explore the healing arts. Donna’s formal training began in 1986 in imagery, inner child work, psychotherapy and aspects of Neuro Linguistic Programming. In the early 90’s she was called to work with crystals and stones. In the years that followed she also included BodyTalk, Energy Balancing, ThetaHealing, NLP, Reflexology, Flower Essences, nutritional supplements, prayer, light language, akashic records reading, shamanic practices and quantum healing technologies.

Donna has synthesized these healing tools with her spiritual evolution to create a soul infusing process from the Zero Point or Unity Consciousness field. She perceives the world energetically in a flow of love. Donna has the ability to see into the physical and energetic bodies of the people she works with. During the process of “seeing”, a natural evolution and process of reconnection and deep transformation occurs. Donna works directly with Archangel Michael, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, the Pleiadians, the Lyrans, and often other Archangels and Ascended Masters. People with jaguar, wolf or corvid totems often feel called to her work.

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