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And Acheive The Wealth & Abundance You Deserve

“Things I’d been dreaming of for months and years came to pass in just one month

“Ever since I was a child, I had a constant fear of failure. Working with Eesha was an answered prayer. In just one month with her, I’ve manifested so many things that would have been unachievable for me six months ago. I’ve been offered a permanent contract at work, my partner got the job he’d spent three years waiting for – I can’t put a cost to all this. It’s invaluable.

~ Karen French, Energy Healer

Are You Ready To Greet Your Higher Self And Step Into The Full Light Of Your Being – While Achieving Generational Wealth?

Does This Describe You Now?

  • Your money flow is blocked?
  • You’re sick of trying methods that haven’t worked for you?
  • You’re stuck in a repetitive cycle that doesn’t seem to generate results?
  • You’re ready to make changes and take action?
  • ​You’d like to apply practical tools and processes to unblock your money flow?
  • ​You’re here to uplevel your vibrations and transform your life?

It’s Time To Activate Wealth, Like You’ve Never Seen Before With My…

Quantum Wealth Activation

Here’s what you’ll achieve thanks to Quantum Wealth Attraction:

  • Get rid of the unconscious money blocks for good!
  • FINALLY, change your mindset about abundance!
  • Transform the core beliefs that hold you back and fulfil your soul’s purpose
  • Navigate the energetic frequency of money

Get Access to Quantum Wealth Activation

And Acheive The Wealth & Abundance You Deserve

Quantum Wealth Activation

Hello my friend,

I know you’ve probably already done a TON of work on your personal empowerment and spiritual journey.

You are confident in your ability to serve others and you’ve been striving to follow your calling and achieve abundance. I see you and I celebrate that in you!

But it’s time to level up!

You deserve to experience the FULL freedom that comes from financial abundance.

Discover how to make money support your journey of alignment, growth, and discovery.

This is for you if you’re DONE with over-giving and undervaluing your worth and you’re actively seeking the energetics and secrets to quantum wealth building.

Here’s what you get to leave at the door:

  • Your limiting beliefs so that you unlock a “fastlane” to abundance
  • Negative self-talk so that you can start being yourself and get what you deserve
  • Excuses so that you’ll be able to take action right away
  • Your story about why it won’t work so that nothing is going to stop you from abundance

It’s Time For True Abundance And To Achieve Quantum Wealth!

Get Access to Quantum Wealth Activation

And Acheive The Wealth & Abundance You Deserve

What others are saying about Eesha Patel

Hi Eesha,

We are very much enjoying the exercises in the Quantum Wealth Activation program. Eesha’s meditations and clearings are amazing and very powerful! As far as financial providence goes, soon after we started the course I had unusually early relief teaching work at the start of the year and was offered a teaching contract soon after. I am constantly in demand for more teaching so we are definitely doing well in that regard. We are about half-way through the course and looking forward to the remaining sessions. We would highly recommend the course to anyone who would like to kick-start their journey to Quantum Wealth.

~Rob & Shellbelle

It’s Time For True Abundance And To Achieve Quantum Wealth!

Get Access to Quantum Wealth Activation

And Acheive The Wealth & Abundance You Deserve

About Eesha Patel

Eesha Patel is an international channeller, speaker, author, and healer. Eesha is the founder of Origin Activation Method, a powerful multi-dimensional energy healing modality that is currently being taught to world-class coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

In the last 5 years, Eesha has helped over 10,000 people awaken and step into their purpose with abundance. Eesha now helps 6 & 7-figure transformational leaders 10X their transformational abilities to make quantum leaps in their businesses for maximized profit, impact, and ease with Origin Activation.

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