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Intuitive Life Coach, Life Force Energy Amplification

Unlock Your Inner Power to Manifest a New Reality Now!

The Soul Expansion Program

6-Week 1on1 Program

Awaken the power of your Life Force Energy to create a new reality with focus and ease

In this 6-week 1on1 program I’ll show you how to connect to your intuitive Higher Consciousness, and become confident with your inner voice to make decisions and choices that feel just right!

You’ll learn to easily decode the body’s signals and sensations, and to realign your body’s field of perception to your life’s goals with confidence and ease.

Be prepared to experience an expansion of consciousness as you become more confident with your perception of reality, build calmness and focus as you transition to a new state of homeostasis and inner peace.

The sessions are tailored to your individual perception and goals, however this is what you can expect to experience:

Week 1

How to connect to your Higher Consciousness power, access your creative Life Force Energy, and learn to trust your inner voice.

How to distinguish between the overactive mind and your intuitive self.

How to deal with negative emotions and feelings in a loving and compassionate way, and gradually learn to let go of them.

Week 2

How to dowse and muscle test on yourself to interpret signals and sensations from your body’s information field with simple and clear steps.

How to identify beneficial and detrimental energies found in foods, relationships, work, health, home etc. to boost your Life Force Energy, and remove any stressors in your daily routine.

We begin working on a goal of your choice and apply these techniques to realign your intention to your perception.

Week 3

How to shield for added protection from external interferences and unwanted patterns.

We continue working on a goal of your choice by using the Light of Creation to release old patterns, and identifying the specific organ/s where the Life Force energy flow needs realignment.

Week 4

How to identify negative energies in relationships (vampirism, psychic attacks, negative thoughts, spells etc) and dissolve them in the organ/s in the body that have been negatively impacted.

Work intuitively with the Sphere of Creation to resolve the goal of your choice and bring it into your reality field.

Week 5

Learn to work with sounds, colours, images and words to bring the goal of your choice from the field of imagination to your everyday reality field.

Learn to step outside the timeline to resolve your goal with harmony and ease.

Week 6

How to scan for undesirable energies in your living space (home, office, garden etc) that might impact your well-being and the goal of your choice (geopathic stress, detrimental objects and materials, harmful energies left by previous occupants to name but a few), and learn to transform them with love and compassion.

Along with sessions’ recordings, you’ll also receive a handout with the exercises, and do’s and don’ts to ensure you benefit the most from the experience.

You will receive:

The Soul Expansion Program

6-week 1on1 program

Original Price: $630

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $535

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PS: Due to the 1on1 nature of this program, refunds are not allowed once the program starts.

What others are saying about Eliana Barosco

I could feel the energy at work making it very real for me. After the session it started to rain cats and dogs which I perceived as a release or cleansing of something from my energy field that no longer served me and was holding me back in many ways…..Eli helped me release negative energy from my immediate environment and I was so relieved and grateful for seeing the environment change for the better not long after.

~Anna, UK

I just experienced the most radical transformational session of MY ENTIRE LIFE!
It was with someone far away from where I am. She’s in London and I am in Los Angeles, during the session she asked me what it was that I would like to work on, and then she took me through the most amazing internal light show that I have ever experienced. This experience was on a whole different level!

~Monika, USA

About Eliana Barosco

My name is Eli and I’m an intuitive life coach. I’ve been gifted for as long as I can remember: as a little girl the world to me was just a wonderful playground: talking to trees, animals and beings from other dimensions was just another day at the office:) Unfortunately because of social conditioning and bullying at school I parked my gifts for years, just so I could fit in the ‘normal’ world. Sadly the pressure to conform built up in me, to the point that in 2012 I became very ill, and was forced to reconsider all of my life’s choices. After several months spent in depression and contemplating suicide, I had an awakening when my spirit guides came to me in the form of Light Frequencies. I gradually started reconnecting to my true self, and learned to integrate my intuitive abilities back into my life.

My life’s mission now is to help people work with the physical body to amplify their Life Force, by removing detrimental energies and stressors that block the clockwise cycle of creation in their field of perception.

Remember that anything is possible!

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