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Medical Intuitive, Ascension Guide, and Master Energy Healer

Live In Your Light Body

Essential Energy Tools to Accelerate Your Ascension

Need a Powerful Vibrational Reboot?

Strengthen your Energy and Thrive as an Empathic Soul!!!

Delete Programs of Fear, Lack, and “Not Enough”

Clear Chronic Stress

Reconnect to Your Divine Sovereignty

Fire Up Your Light Body and Restore Your JOY!

This powerful program from Janet Doerr will teach you the tools and techniques to:

  • RESTORE and POWER UP your clear energy field with simple, but long-hidden sacred geometrical forms.
  • RELEASE entities, energies, beliefs, implants, and other energetic interference, and KEEP your energy field, home, property, and bank accounts clear.
  • REVITALIZE your physical body by deleting programs which siphon your life force.
  • RELEASE traumas and dense energies from other timelines in seconds with your new crystalline fifth-dimensional light wand!
  • RESTORE your CONFIDENCE to handle discordant energies if and as they arise.
  • RECONNECT with specific beings of light who will help you at a moment’s notice.
  • REPLACE an emptiness or sense of longing with SACRED energies as we REINSTATE Divine Mother God in your heart space.

Clear the Energetic Noise and Manifest Greater Health and Joy!

After working with over 1,500 clients seeking help for health concerns, Janet Doerr noticed some patterns. Janet found herself repeatedly addressing energetic situations that were creating so much disharmony and “noise” in the energy fields of her clients that they were not able to manifest the vibrant health and joys of life they would love to experience.

Janet’s work often involves clearing entities, energies, chords, attachments, oaths, and vows, and removing implants and programs which siphon a client’s life force energy.

Janet also discovered that some of her sensitive clients felt that their empathic abilities were more of a curse than a blessing. She realized that without a toolkit of energy skills and awareness, many of her clients would continue to soak up the dense energies around them like a sponge.

Janet created this new program to teach the many energy tools she uses each day to support herself, her family, and her clients. This program enables you to keep your energy field clear and strong each day!

Empower yourself with a tool kit of energetic tools to address challenging energetic experiences quickly!

Release the underlying energies from other timelines in moments with your own crystalline light wand! Restore your confidence in your ability to handle discordant energies yourself, or by requesting the Divine and Galactic assistance which is available to you just for the asking.

Blown Away! So Much Cleared… Experienced A Shift Like Never Before

During my phone session with Janet I was taken on a journey that included past lives, attached entities, angels and guides.  It’s astounding that you can live with a health challenge for so long and do all the right things to make it better but it never gets resolved.  I’m blown away as to how much was cleared in one hour with a shift I have never experienced ever before.  Janet also made many recommendations for appropriate foods and supplements that will support my health moving forward. I have been to many energy healers and medical intuitives over the years but no one holds a candle to what Janet did for me.  She is the real deal and blessed with a magnificent talent!  I am so grateful I found her and I can’t recommend her highly enough!!!
~Sue D


Live In Your Light Body Program + Vibrational Energetic Support Package 


PACKAGE A + “Shift your Energy to Manifest Your Desires” + Shift from Overwhelmed Empath to Perceptive Master! Programs + LIVE Group Q&A (June 29) + Bonus


PACKAGE B + 90min Semi-Private Group Energy Healing Session with Janet Doerr

Package A

Item One

Live In Your Light Body – Five Empowering Masterclasses

5 Videos, 5 MP3s & 5 PDFs

Total Runtime: 15 Hours, 41 Minutes

Value: $810

Come and EMPOWER YOURSELF with the energy tools, knowledge, awareness and wisdom Janet uses every day to for herself and her clients!

This comprehensive five-part, interactive audio-visual program is now offered to you in recorded form. You receive fifteen and one-half hours of instruction from medical intuitive and energy healer, Janet Doerr.

Following the instruction, energy clearing and activation portion of each session, Janet takes callers and provides individual support.

All of this energetic assistance is now available to YOU as you listen to the recordings.

Your purchase includes:

  • Web links to watch and listen to the replays of all five masterclasses
  • Downloadable PDF access of the visuals presented in each session for quick reference later
  • Downloadable access to the Mp3 audios of each session to listen while travelling or without internet access

Session One – 3 hrs. 3 minutes

Part One: Firing Up Your Light Body – Sacred Daily Practices

Learn the powerful, 15-minute energy process Janet uses to start each day. This practice includes simple and sacred tools taught in the mystery schools.

Learn and practice steps to:

  • Clear your field and raise your frequency.
  • Fill up with your Spirit.
  • Connect with beings in the higher realms.
  • Fill yourself with the highest frequencies of light available to you in the moment.
  • Prevent yourself from being an empathic sponge and absorbing the lower frequencies of others.

Part Two: Amplify Your Aura and Clear Fear

Janet leads an energetic process to release fear held in the body core, allowing the heart to expand.

Janet fills holes and repairs rips and tears in your aura.

This Masterclass also teaches you how to:

  • Work with Sacred Geometrical forms to power up your energy column and clear your field each day.
  • Tune and balance your chakras in minutes.
  • Call in your I AM Presence and invite your Spirit to join you for the day ahead.
  • Ensure you are connecting your energy to the fifth-dimensional crystalline light grid, instead of tapping into and connecting with a heavier fourth dimensional Earth grid.
  • Request angelic assistance to clear your energy field as a daily practice.
  • Release any beliefs you may hold that your empathic abilities are a curse or a burden.
  • Transform your awareness of your God-given gifts into a state of Mastery.

Fantastic class. I really appreciated the new way of grounding into the disk, with the columns and the crystalline grid, toroidal field and bringing in my I AM presence into my lower body. Splendid! Thank you for your generous heart


I am now happy to be an empath – much more now that I understand how to keep my field clear. Wish I’d had this process a week ago before my high school reunion. Oh boy…thank you for helping me understand my energy and how to maintain it.


Session Two – 2 hrs. 20 minutes

Clearing Energetic Interference and Establishing your Sovereign Energy Field

In this session you will be taught to clear entities, energies, implants, devices, and programs which may be siphoning your energy.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize the clues that you may be experiencing energetic interference, or have entities or other people’s energies in your energy field or home.
  • Call upon a number of Divine beings of Light for assistance.
  • Identify or notice an implant or device in your field or space.
  • Discern who to call upon for assistance to remove these energies from your field or space.
  • Release programs in your field that are siphoning your life force energy.
  • Identify and then declare null and void non-beneficial oaths, vows, beliefs or contracts you have made.
  • Work with two specific color rays of light to quickly clear and purify your energy field.
  • Identify gemstone allies to keep your field clear and protect from negativity.
  • Use prayers and decrees to clear your field, home, cars, and bank accounts and strengthen your sovereignty.

That was a beautiful clearing, Janet. Thank you! Very powerful.


Thank you, Janet. The process you took us through cleared some stuff I didn’t even know was still present. It felt so liberating to feel it all go.


Session Three – 3 hours, 45 minutes

Embodying Your Sovereignty – Lessons from a High Priestess

Janet found that as her frequency and energetic power rose, she was occasionally met with experiences with “dark forces” that challenged her energetic awareness and abilities. As one grows in frequency and holding higher levels of light, one may come into contact with powerful beings or darker energies.

Janet will share her learning from these experiences. Despite using the skills taught in the prior class these experiences called for even more!

You will receive advanced strategies to address such experiences, including how to use:

  • Advanced Sacred Geometry and additional specific rays of light.
  • Temples of light to create and surround yourself with a highly protected and sovereign space and frequency.
  • Worm-holes and vortexes to skip to a higher dimension without the energetic interference.
  • Your energy of divine sovereignty in a more powerful way to stay out of fear or judgment.

“That was so complete Janet. Thank you. Definitely will be listening to that again and again.” ~Sylvia

“That was a fantastic process. Thank you so much!” ~Cindy

“Thank you, Janet for your help and this once again wonderful call!” ~Marita

“Thank you, beautiful and generous one, Janet.”  ~Laura

“Thank you, Janet and our group for a special and sacred session.” ~Cindy

“Thank you, Janet and all the callers. Just amazing call.” ~Mehar

Session Four – 3 hours, 22 minutes

Reconnect with Mother God to Anchor the Divine Feminine in Form

Based on her observation that many of her clients’ close their crown chakras, Janet created this beautiful session to bring in the balanced awareness of the Divine/Source/Creator/God/Universal energy as including the trinity of Father God, Mother God, and the Holy Spirit.

You will be guided to release any heavy energies that discourage you from joyfully expanding your communion with your divine God/Goddess Self and sacred God/Creator/Source/Divine/Universal energy.

A closed crown chakra may arise if there is an aversion, block, or fear of connecting to Source/Creator/God. The root of this may be teachings and energies of ancestors, past lives, and current life religious teachings about who and what God is and how to connect with God. Perhaps you have felt in your heart that what you were taught isn’t quite right, isn’t the whole story, or you feel a sadness or disconnection from God/Creator/Divine energies. Some feel fearful of who or what they are connecting with and so close their crown chakras in self-protection.

In this experiential session, Janet will work with you to:

  • Uncover and release fears, oaths, vows, belief systems and implants that control or limit your ability to connect fully with God/Divine/Creator/Universal energies.
  • Release fear and trauma energies from other timelines.
  • Release judgment from having used your energy in a way that created harm to anyone or anything in any other timeline or moment of now.
  • Re-establish and awaken within your heart the sacred flame of Father God, Mother God, and the Holy Spirit.

Session Five – 3 hours, 14 minutes

Magic Light Wands, Light Portals, and Other High-Powered energy tools!

Our awareness of our energy system is expanding, and our ability to access more of our innate gifts and abilities is emerging. This session will help you to become even more aware of your energy field and give you tools and techniques to amplify your light body, so that you can hold and thus work with more light.

Janet leads a process to help you identify if you have closed down the back of your chakras and leads you to open them up again. Having the back of our chakras clear and open allows you to experience more synchronicity in your life and to enjoy receiving more magic and miracles!

Additionally, as we open and activate our twelve-dimensional, solar chakra system, we can now work with new rays of light, beyond the traditional ones that correspond to the seven-chakra system of the third dimension.

In this session, you will receive the Sacred Gift of two crystalline light wands and attunements that will allow you to work with each one. Your own magic light wands! The first wand will speed your release of old and dense energies, while the second one will help you rapidly clear your mental body of belief systems and thought patterns which no longer serve you.

You will also learn:

  • The properties of some of the color rays and the Divine Being(s) you may choose to work with for a given ray.
  • Some of the properties of one of the most brilliant and shimmering light rays and how to use that ray for clearing and as a portal to higher dimensional consciousness.
  • How to perceive the presence of non-beneficial portals, and to clear portals in your home or field.

“I felt the portals all clear. Thanks for sharing the process.” ~Claire

“Thank you, Janet, for your generosity and sharing of your gifts. You are a beautiful light and teacher and I appreciate your patience and guidance. You are a true blessing for us.” ~Susan

“Thank you, Janet, for this beautiful high energy workshop and your very warm ways. Thank you and many blessings.” ~Marita

“It feels lighter and brighter here. This has been fantastic information and I am full of gratitude. Janet — thank you so much!” ~Cindy

Janet activates your potential just by being in her presence.

Janet is a master teacher. She holds your empowered self in her mind’s eye as she works with you. She is a regulating force who models a grounded approach to healing, discernment and service. She personalizes each session with the aim to match what would be optimal for that client, at that moment. This co-creative experience truly honors the client’s innate wisdom. Janet is not only a wealth of information, but she activates potentials just by being in her presence. I have now had several sessions with her. Thank you, Janet!

~Kate, Alberta, Canada

You are a teacher’s teacher to be sure, capable of unpacking every nanoparticle of meaning

I’m sending you deep gratitude for sharing your wisdom so generously and holding open the sacred space for my personal transformation and learning. Your style of mentoring collapsed hours and made them seem like minutes as you gently allowed me to move into greater confidence as an intuitive healer. From a simple question, it seems as if you glimpsed my entire mindscape surrounding the question, dove in to provide answers and then stretched my sensibilities just enough to learn further. I’m thrilled and amazed with all the tools I’ve added to my energy work practice. You are a teacher’s teacher to be sure, capable of unpacking every nanoparticle of meaning elegantly and clearly. I will be forever grateful for your powerful transmissions…I am truly feeling the blocks to accepting my abilities have been dissolved and I can move forward more decisively in my business.

~Paula Springer, Gut Health Educator, Coach and Intuitive Healer

5-week Program Is Unparalleled

I have been a hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner for over 13 years and in that time, I have taken MANY online webinars from a variety of people: many who are considered Rock Stars in their field. But my experience with Janet’s 5-week program is unparalleled. So much wonderful information from a woman who is sincerely committed to her work and to helping others. Thank you, Janet … you are a treasure and I can’t wait to see what you do next!


Item Two

Vibrational Energetic Support Package

5 Mp3s – Value $268

Divine Clear Field – Daily Energy Hygiene – MP3 – 8 minutes

  • Start your day deeply grounded and fill your field with your I AM Presence. Janet works with Archangel Michael to clear your field of any energies which are not yours. Light up your energy column and connect with Source to keep the flow of Divine love frequencies flowing into your field throughout your day.
  • Janet invokes Arch Angel Metatron and sacred geometry to open, tune and harmonize your field.
  • The recording includes background frequencies from deep within a grove of old growth Redwood trees. These ancient beings offer to act as guardians, protectors, and guides.

Divine Love Elixir  MP3 – 8 minutes

  • This is the perfect Mp3 to listen to after any energetic release. Fill yourself and your field back up with Divine Love with the support of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Quan Yin.
  • Working with the plant and elemental kingdoms, this MP3 brings through energies to envelope you and saturate your energy field with a Divine embrace of Love. Feel yourself resting back upon the wings of your Guardian Angel as you receive.
  • This Mp3 contains the energies from deep within a grove of old-growth Redwood trees.

Soothe Your Central Nervous System  MP3 – 14 minutes

  • Janet brings in energies to soothe and strengthen your central nervous system.
  • Relax and enjoy the cooling and calming energies as all nerve fibers receive an energetic upgrade.
  • The energies on this Mp3 restore the coating on each nerve fiber of the nervous system, called the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath transmits light information throughout the body.
  • This Mp3 can be listened to while sitting or laying down. It can be played with reduced volume and on loop to support the body at any time nerves feel frayed and calming is desired.

Ancestral Energy Release  MP3 – 20 minutes

  • Work with the Fire Element and your ancestors to release ancestral patterns and energies.
  • Release ancestral energies such as fear of speaking up, belief systems limiting abundance and prosperity, lack of self-confidence, inhibitions, and prohibitions about feeling joyful and having fun.
  • Use this Mp3 when you notice any repeated patterns in your life that you would like to shift. Repeating patterns in your experience and your habits may have their roots in the ingrained energies passed down to you from your ancestors and may have been acquired or reinforced during childhood.
  • You can use this Mp3 even when you are not consciously aware of patterns, beliefs or thought forms you would like to release as a new set of energies will be released with each listening.
  • This Mp3 is intended to be used multiple times, such as on a weekly or occasional basis. Ancestral energies will be released in layers, in Divine Timing and in accordance with the direction of your I AM Presence.

Opalescent Light Bath  MP3 – 12 minutes – Value $88

  • Receive an infusion of eighth-dimensional light frequencies.
  • This activation of opalescent light frequencies forms a sacred space around you, assisting you in keeping your field clear of lower frequencies.
  • Saturate your being with these new high-frequency energies, rebuilding your energetic matrix.
  • This activation will support you in embodying more of your I AM presence and stepping more fully into your power.
  • These frequencies expand your multi-dimensional awareness, accelerating physical healing and life transformation.

Reaching out to Janet has been my best decision of the year thus far!

Her program is full of all kinds of wonderful information that’s clear and concise. I love the downloadable PDFs of each telecast; most helpful to review notes at any time. Janet’s voice during the calls and mp3 meditations is calming, assured, full of wisdom and strength, without judgement or heavy handedness. For truly connecting body, mind and soul, I know I’m in the best hands. Thank you, Janet.



You will receive:

  • Item 1: Live In Your Light Body – Five Empowering Masterclasses – Value $810
  • Item 2: Vibrational Energetic Support Package – Value $255

Value: $1065

91% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

Includes All of Package A PLUS:

Item One – Recorded Three-part Mini-Series: Shift your Energy to Manifest Your Desires

Three Recorded Advanced Mastery classes. Each Mastery Class has portions of interaction where you will be reflecting, writing, and applying the concepts to your personal situations.

Following the presentation and energy exercise portion of each session, Janet takes callers and provides individual support.

All of this energetic assistance is now available to YOU as you listen to the recordings.

Session One: Follow the Path of Least Resistance (Runtime: 2 hrs. 20 minutes)

How to create your desired experience from a place of flow vs. resistance. How to ensure you are creating what you desire instead of creating problems and speed bumps along your journey! Listen ready to reflect on your current experiences and transform your path to better flow. Includes a PDF of Janet’s slides for later reference.

Session Two: Creating your Reality with Impeccable Language (1 hour and 30 minutes, plus two additional hours of recorded Q&A.)

Every word we speak holds a frequency, and that frequency is creating our experience, along with our emotions, beliefs, and intentions. Come learn how to ensure your language is supporting the intention of your creation! Come embody your mastery and powerfully signal to the universe that you are ready to receive. Includes a PDF of Janet’s slides for later reference.

Session Three: Align Your Subtle bodies with your Intentions (120-minute class followed with one hour and fifteen minutes of recorded Q&A – Total runtime 3 hours 14 minutes)

We manifest most quickly when our energy is fully aligned with receiving our chosen experience. Come learn to notice whether the energy in your subtle bodies is aligned with your choice, notice the disconnects, and learn methods to shift into alignment. Includes a PDF of Janet’s slides for later reference.

Item Two – Bonus Masterclass: Shift from Overwhelmed Empath to Perceptive Master!

120 minute recorded masterclass, followed with recorded Q&A. 2 hours, 33 minutes total

Do you sometimes feel your empathic abilities are a burden? Come learn how being empathic is a beginning step in developing more of your energetic mastery. This class will teach you have to transform your empathic abilities into powerful gifts of perception! Includes a PDF of Janet’s slides for later reference.

Item Three – Second BONUS – LIVE 90 minute Group Q&A!

Wednesday, June 29th, 1pm PT, 2pm CT, 4pm ET, 8pm UTC/GMT

Click Here for Time Zone Converter

Bring your questions! Receive Janet’s personal laser energy support and intuitive insights on your health or life situations.

Item Four – Reduced Price Individual Session

Receive a $100 off coupon for a Private Individual session with Janet, off her normal rates (an effective 33% discount). Coupon redeemable with purchase of a one-hour private session when purchased directly from Janet. Coupon is good for 180 days, and has no value unless redeemed.


You will receive:

  • Item 1 – Recorded Three-part Mini-Series: Shift your Energy to Manifest Your Desires
  • Item 2 – Bonus Masterclass: Shift from Overwhelmed Empath to Perceptive Master!
  • Item 3 – Second BONUS – LIVE 90 minute Group Q&A! – June 29th
  • Item 4 – Reduced Price Individual Session


  • Item 5: Live In Your Light Body – Five Empowering Masterclasses – Value $810
  • Item 6: Vibrational Energetic Support Package – Value $255

Value: $1815

82% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package C

Package C includes everything in Package A & B, plus:

90 Minute Semi-Private Group Energy Healing Session with Janet Doerr

4 participants per session

Value $88

Complement this powerful comprehensive package of 5 Masterclasses in package A, and four more Masterclasses and the Live Group Q&A and Energy Healing session in package B, with a Semi-Private Group Energy Healing session with Master medical intuitive and energy healer, Janet Doerr.

Receive the insights which will help you transform your health or life experiences!

Bring your question or area of focus.

In your semi-private session, Janet will first lead a group energy process of approximately 15 minutes, tailored to the needs of the four participants. Janet will then provide you, and each participant, with individual intuitive support and laser energy healing. (Each person will receive 15 minutes of individual support).

The magic of semi-private group calls is that each attendee receives messages and energy healing from listening to questions and Janet’s work with each of the other attendees. Energy shifts can be remarkable, as groups are guided to come together to maximize the healing for all. Janet then ends each semi-private group session with a closing energy process.

Semi-private group sessions are held over the phone or Internet web call using a conference service. Sessions are offered to support people in all time zones. All sessions are recorded and access to the recording is provided following the session.

VALIDITY DATE: The right to receive a semi-private group session under this offer expires five months after date of purchase. If the purchaser has not scheduled and attended their session within 150 days after date of purchase of Package C, the session is forfeited. Please be sure to schedule your semi-private group session to receive the gift of working with Janet!

“We all learned from what each other shared.”

“Thank you for a powerful session, Janet. That was amazing.”

“This session was remarkable. I am so grateful that I signed up for this.”

“I learned something from every single person here. Amazed, in awe, and thankful.”

“I felt such beautiful energy from all of you here. Janet, you are such a beautiful, Divine, Goddess, Master. I always learn so much from you and feel such love and support. I am just so grateful.”

“This has been so remarkable. I don’t have the words.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the clarity you brought in for me. It was like a download. So grateful for all the wisdom you imparted to each one of us.”


You will receive:

90 Minute Semi-Private Group Energy Healing Session with Janet Doerr – 4 participants per session – (Value $88)


  • Item 1 – Recorded Three-part Mini-Series: Shift your Energy to Manifest Your Desires
  • Item 2 – Bonus Masterclass: Shift from Overwhelmed Empath to Perceptive Master!
  • Item 3 – Second BONUS – LIVE 90 minute Group Q&A! – June 29th
  • Item 4 – Reduced Price Individual Session


  • Item 5: Live In Your Light Body – Five Empowering Masterclasses – Value $810
  • Item 6: Vibrational Energetic Support Package – Value $255

Value: $1903

90% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $227

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “Semi-Private Session” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Janet Doerr

She identified many energy adjustments and clearings that I could immediately feel working

Janet was everything and more than I thought she would be. She identified many energy adjustments and clearings that I could immediately feel working. I am also an intuitive and it is awesome to have someone like Janet to be able to find those energy blocks that I just can’t see for myself assuring that my energy field is back to its vibrant and vital complete health. I am so grateful and thankful to Janet and you will be too when you work with her! Love and Light!

~Catherine Pagliaro


Released ancestral grief and darkness from my lungs and heart

I would like to thank Janet for the amazing private session. I released so much grief and darkness from my lungs and heart 2 days ago all from my ancestors. I feel so much more empowered and energized. Janet is a Master !!!! I feel like a different person today and yesterday. I have been downloading codes and symbols for the past 2 nights after working with her. I have so much more energy and so look forward to the sessions. I feel she can help so many people. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my incredible healing. Blessings.

~Sandra H.

Made a Huge Difference in How I Now Deal with My Challenges!

Wow!! Your healing session was an amazing experience. You were quite accurate in identifying what was going on in my life. The energy healing made a huge difference in how I now deal with my challenges. Your loving and compassionate energy gives me hope and confidence in my ability to move from surviving to creating a reality filled with abundance. Thanks for the healing and I honor your contribution to raising the level of consciousness on this planet.

~Joan P. Thomas

New York

Quite brilliantly opening my eyes, my mind and heart as to what my body and spirit needed.

Janet Doerr is one of the most integral, tuned in and tuned up intuitive healers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Actually I’ve never met anyone quite like her. (And I’m not easy to impress.) Quite brilliantly opening my eyes, my mind and heart as to what my body and spirit needed, that I felt in full alignment with, and then bringing in the Cosmic Realm for a specific transmission, which was a step beyond. This is one committed woman with the utmost integrity and joyful spirit.

It was an honor and privilege to work with Janet and no doubt will be for you who are reading this!

The most amazing and wonderful session. Janet cleared my throat chakra.

I just had the most amazing and wonderful session with Janet. I feel so blessed and am very grateful I found her. I’ve had problems all my life with my throat chakra. I’ve had great difficulty not being able to form words properly, not wanting to speak up, choking on my words, pronunciation, not being able to say what I feel and not speaking my truth. Janet discovered it was coming from my past lives. We worked through it and she cleared the blocks. I feel truly blessed and so wonderful right now. I highly recommend having a session with her. She is a gift from God.



Back Pain Reduced by More Than Half

My personal reading was amazing last week. I have had lower back pain for more years than I can count. Finding out that it comes from many past generations of trouble with child bearing from both sides of my family surprised me. I have had my own issues with that. The back pain which has been at a 9 or 10 for as long as I can remember, has been cut to a 4. Bringing in the angels and my guides to help stop this negative progression is life changing for myself and my children. Janet also gave me some important information on nutrients that my body is missing. Speaking of my immediate family, they all have had their own important readings. My nineteen-year-old son has taken his own reading to heart, changing his diet and rethinking some life issues that he was having. Thank you, Janet, for your help in making our lives richer and healthier.


Manitou Springs, Colorado

The information you gave me about my body was spot on!

What an amazing session I had with you yesterday! I woke up this morning still vibrating from the energies that I received and the information you gave me about my body was spot on. What I love about Janet is that she will guide you through exactly what your body needs to heal itself through her incredible intuitive abilities and guidance from the Archangels as well as your higher-self, guides and Angels. And to top it off, Janet is so kind and loving. When we spoke I felt as if I had known her all my life and we were best friends. We covered so much in so little time from my nutritional needs, to past life traumas and healing them and to clearing the root of a current issue my body was going through that is totally gone this morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for having met you. Your gifts and your knowledge are so empowering and truly a blessing to us all. Much love to you.

~Barbara Mitchell

Grief, Resentment and Suffocation Literally Lifted from Lungs

I’m very happy to be working with the amazing Janet Doerr! I had my session with her and this came as a big surprise to me: a whole big chunk of grief, resentment and suffocation was literally lifted from my lungs… I didn’t expect such a huge shift! Not only was I giggling away (after coughing, crying, blowing my nose, spitting… sorry!) but I noticed I was less out of breath, more willing to move and enjoy my body, and generally in a very uplifted mood even when outward circumstances prove to be challenging: THANK YOU dear Janet!”

After a second session, Caroline wrote:
Your ability and intuition literally make me fall over!!!I can’t help feeling that through you, one of my biggest dreams has come true: meeting my very own Fairy Godmother! Or should I say Fairy Source Mother!!! Just the sound of your voice quiets me down and seems to wash away worries and anxiety! Thank you for being here!

~Caroline S.


Health Concern Is Now Resolving Itself — Her Intuition Was Superbly Accurate

I met Janet Doerr at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Portland and was immediately struck by her humility. I knew that one day if I needed some help, I’d feel 100% comfortable reaching out to her. Well, after the diagnoses and recommendations of two NDs and an MD didn’t work for a minor yet concerning health challenge, that day arose. Janet’s insights resonated with me, I adjusted my diet, and the health concern is now resolving itself. Janet also shared her insights about other life circumstances that she had no way of knowing about consciously; her intuition was superbly accurate! Much gratitude for you and all you do!

~Dave Markowitz

Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author

Feeling considerably better after only a few days

I have been feeling considerably better both physically and emotionally after only a few days following the guidance from our session. I particularly appreciated your kindness, enthusiasm, and positive approach to all of life’s varying challenges. You gave me information I wasn’t aware of that because I had a history of chicken pox and mono, I might still have the Epstein Barr virus in my body. This really resonated with me, as my past history, health experiences, and depleted immune system were definitely a match. The recommended book on this subject was a big help.

~Mikaelah Cordeo

Ascended Master Channel, Author

81-year-old Mother free of headaches

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for sharing your intuitive gift with me and my Mom. My Mom is 81 and taking a massive amount of medications, and for the last year, she has been suffering from debilitating headaches. The doctors tried every test imaginable but couldn’t figure out what caused the headaches. Using your gift, you clearly got that she was magnesium deficient and suggested Epsom salt foot soaks along with various magnesium-rich foods. When I flew home to Chicago a few weeks ago, I prepared an Epsom salt foot soak for my Mom and the very next day, she awoke without a headache! She was amazed that such a simple solution could have such a powerful effect. She has been soaking with Epsom salts daily & has been headache free ever since.

~Kristen Fischer

One of The Most Amazing Energy Clearings Experienced in Years!

Yesterday, I met an amazing woman at the eWomenNetwork Portland luncheon, Janet Doerr. In a moment, Janet saw into the depths of what not just my body needs to be healed but also the emotional part of me that needs to be healed. I experienced one of the most amazing energy clearings that I have had in years! Self-sabotaging lies just kept bubbling up that needed to be cleared out and the energy release (sadness, tears and pain) that came with it was intense. Lies and pain that I didn’t subconsciously even know was hurting me. I stood there with her while she held a sacred space for me to release … she was my beautiful angel yesterday! Thank you Janet Doerr for the beautiful gift!”

~Amanda Bresee

About Janet Doerr

Janet Doerr is a Master Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer.

Janet uses her multi-dimensional gifts of perception to uncover the root cause of her client’s health issues.

Janet works with people in an empowering way to identify the underlying energies which can include suppressed emotion and limiting beliefs, ancestral energies, traumatic experiences, oaths and vows, and attached entities.

Janet clears discordant energies and restores her client’s Divine Blueprints.

People who work with Janet report rapid shifts in health conditions, reduction in pain, regaining a peaceful state, improvements in relationships, and feeling more empowered.

To achieve these powerful transformations, Janet works with many beings in the non-physical realms including archangels, masters, goddesses, and Galactics, such as the Arcturians, and Pleiadians. Janet applies her masterful use of a wide range of healing techniques to provide transformative

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