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A Gifted Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach and Ocean Light Language channel


Own Your Powerful Truth” Program + Ocean Light channeled message


PACKAGE A + 60min Pure Potential 1on1 Session + Connecting to your Heart Power

Package A

Own Your Powerful Truth

You matter and it is time to step up with your mission!​

For Wayshowers, Leaders of the New Earth and everyone with a soul mission who wants to raise their confidence to be seen, heard and speak their truth with more grace and ease.

Do you ever stumble when asked “and what are you doing professionally”?

Do you fear loosing family, friends or clients if you shared your truth freely and fully?

Do you feel uncomfortable about your next step, wether that is sharing a video, broadcasting live, sharing outside of your community or showing up on podcasts and telesummits?

When we are holding back, our heart and soul can not express, and the message comes across as mixed energy. Also, it costs a lot of energy to hide and twist ourselves, and we loose fluidity and often even our wellbeing.

Your soul wants to express freely as love in action!

Would you love to

Get that weight off your shoulders and own your truth more fully?

Speak about your gifts as naturally as you share what you ate for lunch?

Invite others into your services full of clarity, confidence and trust?

Simply be ALL of who you are, and share your message with grace and ease?

To me, there is nothing more liberating than fully owning our truth and freely sharing it with the world.

In this course with powerful frequency transmissions and down to earth tools and practices, we will 

Dissolve what is holding you back to fully own and speak your truth

Shift limiting beliefs around sharing your gifts and message

Learn how to stay in flow with flow with sharing you, without imposing on others

Receive tips on how to feel supported and encouraged as opposed to criticized

Get guidance on how to put it all together for your ongoing journey

You will receive

  • A course guide pdf
  • Call 1: Heal old programming which is holding you back in shining your light
    (unworthiness, fear of being seen, lack and limitation and much more)
    85 Minutes of teaching, tools, healing, activation and transmissions
  • Call 2: Activate your higher calling, your power and your gifts more fully
    75 minutes of teaching and high frequency activations
  • Step by step guide for your ongoing journey with additional support

    2 Bonuses:

    • Heart expansion & gratitude meditation
    • Recording on how to proceed when feeling stuck

    It is time to fully own your powerful truth and get your amazing message out into the world, with confidence, clarity and flow!

    The world needs You, your gifts & your message now!

    Additional Bonus

    Ocean Light channeled message for guidance and flow

    A light encoded 6 minute channeled message and vibrational experience for moving into more joy, peace, guidance and flow and shining the light more fully. Recorded with soothing sounds of gentle waves in the background.


    You will receive:

    Own Your Powerful Truth
    Online Course


    3 Bonuses:

    • Heart expansion & gratitude meditation
    • Recording on how to proceed when feeling stuck
    • Ocean Light channeled message for guidance and flow

    Value: $130

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    Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

    2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

    Package B

    You will receive everything in Package A


    60 minute Pure Potential 1on1 Session with Natasa


    Bonus: Connecting to your Heart Power Light Language Activation and Meditation

    60min Pure Potential 1on1 Private Session with Natasa

    Ignite your life, mission and leadership from a place of love, power and fluidity!

    You can use this session to go deeper on the topics of the course, or to receive guidance, healing and transformation in any area of your life.

    Allow yourself to be held in a pure space of infinite divine love as you dive deeper with Natasa in this 60 minute personally tailored 1:1 session to release old wounds, beliefs and limitations that are keeping you back, and re-align to your highest expression of joy, love, power, flow, abundance and to the gifts and pure potential of the divine creator being that you are in truth.

    The whales and dolphins will often come in to work with you, sharing their incredible wisdom, vibration and healing powers with and for you, and helping you ground in the new frequencies.

    Gift yourself with the experience of Ocean Light and Energy Healing, activating your DNA and all of your being to the pure frequencies of source, and receiving intuitive guidance and down to earth coaching to embody this new state of being and express it into your daily life and soul mission.

    Reclaim your power and embody your true essence!


    Connecting to your Heart Power Light Language Activation and Meditation

    Receive this pure Transmission of divine frequencies to open your heart to the highest expression of who you are, an activation for creation from the quantum field of unity and love. 

    Length: 15 minute.


    You will receive:

    60min Pure Potential 1on1 Private Session with Natasa


    Own Your Powerful Truth
    Online Course


    4 Bonuses:

    • Connecting to your Heart Power Light Language Activation and Meditatio
    • Heart expansion & gratitude meditation
    • Recording on how to proceed when feeling stuck
    • Ocean Light channeled message for guidance and flow

    Value: $427

    54% Off

    Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $197

    2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

    PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your Private Session – whichever comes first.

    What others are saying about Natasa Stojanovic

    The clarity from ocean light language is too amazing for words. To clear so much so quickly and it’s not something that happens and then disappears, it’s lasting. Words that had tightness and tripped me are light and easy now.

    Natasa is so present, not just with me but the message she carried. I know without doubt it was as I was meant to receive it, without question. We’re often led to believe that it will take a long time to clear something but it’s not necessarily true.

    Working with Natasa is as light as air, as deep as the deepest ocean all wrapped in love and care. You know your highest good is above all.

    ~Jill C. Brown

    Creator of Soul Avatar

    I have had the blessing of doing 2 sessions with Natasa thus far and found both experiences to be profoundly life giving. As a psychotherapist and healer myself, I was impressed by Natasa’s capacity to go deeply into spirit to source the energy to transform generational trauma energetically. She is incredibly attuned. Her work and radiant presence are transformational and life giving. I truly found her a joy to work with.

    ~Susan Beth Dorfman LPC

    I the feel prepared to walk my path and be the light I am, to share my gifts. I am prepared to powerfully be me.

    Thank you Natasa from the bottom of my heart.

    ~Claudia Sasse

    New Earth Leadership guide

    I highly recommend Natasa.

    She is a skilled and dynamic intuitive and guide. She beautifully creates a potent safe space to engage in.

    She adroitly and delicately aids in recognizing blockages, releasing them, and resetting to harmony.

    Natasa’s masterful use of light language, tones, song and frequency are an important component of how she gently aligns and restores.

    You always leave a session feeling encouraged, refreshed and with deeper clarity.

    ~Alice Langford

    This heart activation has begun to bring about a big shift and trust in myself and life when nothing else was seeming to budge the constant fear I was feeling. A deeper connection to the universe beginning to emerge and trust in my own inner experience. I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful experience…

    …You speak from a place of so much love and I’m only beginning to understand you are reflecting the love I’ve always had within me. Such a blessing after so much pain and being ready to give up.

    ~Alisa Bruzonsky

    This course (Birthing a New You) came exactly in perfect timing, since for a while now I am on my path to my new me, or is it rather my original me? This course has promised very important tools, to stay aware on that path. The freedom to listen to the audio recordings whenever it is quiet and aligned with my daily family life, and the offer to shortly touch base with Natasa fit my life situation perfectly.

    During the whole course, I was supported with important Information, a clear structure, a heartfelt welcome and Exercises for my daily life. In the activations I was lead by Natasa’s agreable voice. Her authentic and life affirming way flowed to me through time and space, and opened new worlds within me and in all the space outside of me. Safely held and guided, I then grounded again in my daily life with new consciousness of my own power and energy.

    For me, birthing also has to do with pain and letting go, and from that place new beginnings can arise. I am grateful for Natasa’s birthing support to follow this path as gentle as possible and in trust and connection to all that is. I am now much more connected to myself!

    ~Katharina Friedrich

    In personal contact and sessions with Natasa, through her beautiful voice and attitude, I find a space of love and acceptance in which I can deeply be in contact with myself in a truly authentic way. I perceive her inputs as a supporting way to follow my own path in a way of acceptance and love.

    Her group, her videos, sessions, articles and reflections have helped me to start feel in a different way themes about I had been working on for a long time. Then I realized I had always been trying to ‘change myself’ to become a ‘better person’. Through Natasa I started to clearly feel that, as she writes “It is about a change of consciousness. It is about love. It is about awakening to self love and living from and in your heart.”. That’s what I was missing: “Unlearning my social programming and stepping into my true power! Loving myself unconditionally and embracing all of who I am. Following my heart.” I started to learn accepting all my experiences, because these are steps on my life’s path, what a beautiful and liberating feeling. And after a deeply difficult situation I said my first “Wow!” (as once she told me), I thought “Wow! This was an exercise!” and I felt so in love and peace.

    I’ve started learning to fully accept who I am, without judging myself, to see my beauty as human being and being thankful for this, to really and deeply love myself… and that makes me the ‘better person’ I always wanted to become… and in reality, I just didn’t see it, I already was it! Thank you.


    Through our sessions I could release my trauma, which I could not do in years of support from a psychologist. Due to her empathetic nature, Natasa has opened a huge oasis of trust for me, which gave me the opportunity to look deep within, to allow that which was so burdening to heal, to be joyful and aware of how I am treating myself.


    The session with you was very valuable to me. My fear of bears, which I had after witnessing the Accident at the bear park is gone.

    I wish you a lot of success with your work and hope that many people will be able to benefit from it.


    About Natasa Stojanovic

    Passionate about Ocean Light and the power of our Sacred Heart, Natasa is a gifted energy healer, intuitive coach and Ocean Light Language channel.

    She helps New Earth Leaders, healers and lightworkers follow their true heart’s calling and embody their radiant vitality, innate power and authentic expression in their life and mission.

    Natasa brings through pure Ocean Light Language, highest frequencies of sound, information and light, to help you see, heal, love and integrate all parts of your magnificent being, and activate your DNA and whole being to the next level.

    Her message is one of healing, activation, expansion and grounding through pure loving presence, clear choice and reclaiming the power of our sacred hearts.

    She is guided and supported by many light beings, in particular the energy and wisdom of the Ocean Light, whales and dolphins.

    Together they bring through Light Codes of unity, power, freedom, connection, flow and love.

    In order for the frequencies to be embodied for a new creation of reality and integration into daily life, she combines her multidimensional gifts with energy healing and down to earth coaching.

    Apart from her mentioned gifts, Natasa is trained and experienced in various modalities of Energy Psychology, Mind Body and Energy Healing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), coaching, and Experiential Learning.

    Natasa has 25 years experience of working with people.

    She is a mother of a beautiful 9 year old boy and has a deeply embodied connection to the Ocean and Mother Earth.

    Her mission is to support humanity in awakening and co-creating New Earth through elevating consciousness and activating our pure sacred hearts and unlimited potential stored in our DNA.

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