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Multidimensional Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Quantum healer, Accredited Training Provider


THE RISING OF THE NEW YOU – Releasing the original traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension


Package A + 30-45min Private Session with Dr. Oltea Iulia


Package A + Package B + LIVE HEALING TRAINING  – April 22nd

Package A


Releasing the original traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension

4 Recorded Audio Healings

  • Clearing of the Past Lives at Soul Level of the Original Traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues, Self-Doubts
  • Clearing of the Actual Life at Soul Level of the Original Traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues, Self-Doubts
  • Ancestral Healing and Womb Healing of the Traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension Process
  • Karma Clearing of the Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension Process


You will receive:

The Rising Of The New You

Releasing the original traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension

4 Recorded Audio Healings

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $88

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

30-45 Minutes Private Session on any Issue

In your private session, Dr Oltea will be using shamanic healing techniques and advanced energy medicine, and Soul Healing Acceleration to heal your issue or challenge.

She will work to clear the root of the issue, which typically involves releasing past lives, karmic conditioning, entities, emotional pain, clearing dark force interference, and bringing back your soul essence and gifts from
the Higher Levels.

A private session lasts 45 minutes, and you will be provided with a recording of the session.


You will receive:

30-45 Minutes Private Session with Dr. Oltea Iulia


The Rising Of The New You

Releasing the original traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension

4 Recorded Audio Healings

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted.

Package C

Includes everything in Package A + Package B, Plus…


Raise Your Vibrations By Releasing Any Fears, Low & Negative Vibrations From Your Field

Start Mastering Your Mental-Emotional-Spiritual Self In The Ascension Process

Efficient Core Emotional Healing Techniques

Friday, April 22nd

8am PST / 9am MST / 10am CST / 11am EST / 4pm UK / 5pm CET

Saturday, April 23rd

1am Sydney / 3am New Zealand

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Recording will be provided


You will receive:

Live Healing Training

April 22, 2022


30-45 Minutes Private Session with Dr. Oltea Iulia


The Rising Of The New You

Releasing the original traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension

4 Recorded Audio Healings

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $197

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted.

What others are saying about Dr. Oltea Iulia

Hola Moncef,

I just had my session with Dr Iulia & all I can say is WoW!!!I have worked with many healers over the years. Some with noticeable results…but they didn’t seem to get to the root of the issue. At least not enough for me to feel & see significant results.

After working through some limiting beliefs…I can’t afford this, it probably only works for others but not for me, etc…I decided to sign up for Dr Iulia’s 30 day remote healing and a private session!

I could feel her clearings even before our session. I have always felt darkness follows me. Dr Iulia explained I was correct & she had already cleared that by the time of our session. She said she even had to clear the ground under the building I live in!

The issue that I asked her to work on during our session, was a significant one that I had worked on with other healers. It was a family issue that has caused me great pain for years. While she was working on it, I experienced huge releases. I felt the energy working throughout my body.

At the end of our session where, among other things she said she cleared a ‘concert hall’ of discarnates from me, she asked me to think about the issue. That issue that made me want to break down & cry at the start of the session, no longer triggered me! In fact, I felt a smile on my face & in my heart! In fact, I was able to joke with her about the issue!

Dr Iulia was so spot on in the details of my present life & explained issues from past lives that continue to effect me.

I believe spirit put her in my path to…finally…heal me. I am excited to continue to work with her in her Healing Trauma program!

If you are ‘on the fence’ about whether or not to have a session with Dr Iulia, like I was, I strongly encourage you to make the investment in yourself! She is amazing & her gift is invaluable!!


Hello Moncef, I got package C with a 1on1 session and training with Dr. Oltea. I have been working on clearing 1 particular issue and have done a few sessions with other healers. The session with Dr Oltea was very good. She went deep and I feel so much relief. I need to keep listening to her session for a week but I do see much change.


Dr. Oltea is amazing! Her concepts and insight are so different. I found her session to be so powerful. I received immense healing and/or relief on much of my energetic burdens.


This program was very complex from removing the weight loss traumas related to the mockery that caused the onset of fattening and self-con dence and discouragers to overeating but with Dr.Oltea I started to lose weight and feel much healthier and with a certain balanced regime based on my body and for my metabolism but here the natural remedies have also spoken to me Dr.Oltea has spoken to me given some supplements of the highest quality and loaded precisely by it exactly for the good of the body for weight loss.

And taking the chores out of this program also had a bene cial role for my self-con dence but also for not being ashamed of my own body how I would look or what I was wearing.

I’ll tell you with Dr.Oltea all my life about weight loss has changed radically for the best.

~Filep Krisztina Renata

Thank you so much dear OLTEA for your power healing for my granson he healed very quickly

~Mentele Carmen

1/ Trauma program was related to urine loss when I was little I had a problem and that problem came back I contacted Dr.Oltea and I said if she can help me with healing sessions or program and it went very well and since then I no longer have those problems with urine loss and no tampons needed anymore for this. She helped me a lot in this program.

2/ The second program is related to the trauma with acne-related skin since I’ve been in this program with Dr. Oltea my face is happy bright and  ne before this program everyone was mocking me about the way I look was ashamed of how I looked but now since with this program I feel very good and much more confident. I thank the DR. Oltea for this program with all the extraordinary positive benefits.

3/ Program 3 is based on the biggest trauma program of all my life for the liberation of the soul but not only but also mine on all levels. My trauma clearing program had started since a time but already feel amazing differences and every day more and more I find myself, the traumas of abuse or lack of trust are very creepy but with Dr. Oltea’s program it’s much better the confidence in me has increased enormously, fears I have learned that I have to assume my responsibility and face any situation I am no longer afraid of abuse of beatings and much much more. Before this program I was very afraid and of a hand raised on me but now it is no longer me.

All these traumas and that are still on me could`ve been cost me my life if Dr. Oltea did not appear in my life. Each session with her is very strong and full of new moments of recovery both as a person and soul but also the power lost due to all the traumas of these lives and from other reincarnation.

Every soul deserve to be freed from the chains of the traumas and past choices, soul contracts which we remember or not. This program changes me a lot and I am glad that I made this choice and to have such courage. I start to be me.

And in this program at each end of the week, a coaching session is done that discusses concerns and questions about the day with the trauma session of that week and homework is given for the development and help of the conscious and to balance all the energy bodies.

~Moldovan Margareta

Panic syndrome, dark force inferences..? she lifted out in a few occasions. The panic syndrome to any medical device and elevators which I had since years and I tried with another professionals to be over them…she lifted out in just a few sessions. And it`s gone forever. Never came back since 3 years. SHE CHANGED MY LIFE. She helped me overcome my negative experiences, fears, traumas, and much more. I thank her all my life and I feel deep gratitude for what she has done with me. She is real professional, serious, compassionate, very effective in all her sessions. She assisted me in lot of different emotional core wounds. I RECOMMEND HER TO ALL WITH FULL TRUST.


In the beginning, I thank Dr. Oltea & Thanks God who sent her in my life, I was a man who was thinking many times to suicide, Or sell his body , She have saved me many time, And started healing me with sessions from simple to complex yet powerful, What she gives from energy healing sessions – as distant healing sessions, as in person and holistic healing nothing can buy it, She changed my life for better, She changed my opinion about life & The meaning of it, Thank you Dr. Oltea, Thanks God.

~Walid Farouk

About Dr. Oltea Iulia

Dr.Oltea Iulia, with an academic background, M.D., PhD, medical doctor, pathologist , former University lecturer, she is an internationally accredited multidimensional master energy healer, shaman, quantum healer, accredited training provider. She came in this lifetime with healing abilities like healing hands, feeling, sensing, seeing energies. As she was aware of these she continued and developed all of her skills. After an NDE (near death experience) in 2006, extremely traumatic awakening she got into her true life’s purpose – Energy Healing, including recovering from the traumas, abusive relationships and more. She got her Internationally accredited Certifications in Holistic Healing Services, Energy Healing, Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Master, Reiki Grand Master, Science of Crystal Healing practitioner, Shamanic healing practitioner, Modern Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, Quantum Reiki, Past Lives Healing ,Quantum Healing, Health & Prod Coach, Mindfulness-Based-Cognitive Behavioural-Therapy-Practitioner, Mindful Mental Health practitioner.

In the pursuit of her calling, she left her University career and embarked on an adventure as a healer.

She has gone through the Dark Night of the Soul for years working to overcome all of her traumas. At first, she mainly used other traditional methods which do not work out as they should. So she decided to do it through energy healing combined with scientific methods. This is how was born her healing modality S.H.A Soul Healing Acceleration which connects to All That Is and All Realms helping clear all unwanted energies, emotional pains and states in the fastest, easiest, deepest way possible.

She is the developer of the Healing modality Soul Healing Acceleration which helps spiritual people to go from deep core wounds like traumas, anxiety, depression, feeling lost, feeling cursed, disempowered to break free from the Matrix, from the conditioning of a fear based society, money blocks, relationship blocks, feeling stuck to feeling amazing, free from within, empowered, liberated from within, shining their Light living their lives to the fullest.

She is on the Soul mission of the Divine Feminine Empowerment supporting this way the Ascension Process, which is happening right now at the planetary level.

She was born in Romania , Europe and she is living in Egypt near the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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